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Sudan protesters persist despite savage police attacks

Protesters in Sudan regrouped and launch another protest today after the security forces savagely attacked and dispersed them last week. The following is by Reuters:

(Reuters) — Police beat and teargassed students protesting in Sudan’s Sennar state, the latest in a series of short-lived demonstrations partly inspired by uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, witnesses said.

Sudan police attack protestersAround 200 students, protesting against price rises and calling for change, tried to rally outside Sennar university on Thursday afternoon, before officers moved in with batons and then surrounded the compound, witnesses told Reuters.

Sudan has used armed riot police to disperse a series of demonstrations by young Sudanese across the north of the country in recent weeks.

Protests earlier last month focused on food prices and human rights abuses and broadened to include calls for political change after images of massed protests in Cairo, Tunis and other cities were broadcast across the world.

The protests, many around universities, have so far not been supported by wider parts of the population and have failed to gain momentum.

Also on Thursday police arrested dozens of people near the scene of a planned protest in the capital’s Khartoum North suburb, said witnesses. The demonstration, which had been publicized on the internet, did not take place.

Police set up road blocks in and around Khartoum to search cars and lorries overnight. A Reuters witness saw officers even checking inside bags of vegetables in one vehicle on the road from Khartoum to the town of Kosti.

No one was immediately available to comment from Sudan’s police on Friday, the start of the weekend in Sudan.

Sudan is facing an economic crisis marked by soaring inflation. It is also vulnerable politically after the south of the country — the source of most of its oil — voted overwhelmingly to secede last month.

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  1. Currently the Sudanese people are actually mourning about the departure of the south and the braking up of the marriage which may be very emotional and traumatic. And now the earth is again made to shake all over North Africa with the ripples reaching their door steps. Soon they can’t catch up!

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