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President Girma comes out against Meles land give away

The figurehead president of Ethiopia, Girma Woldegiorgis, has ordered the Minister of Agriculture, Ato Tefera Deribew, to stop selling forest land in Gambela to foreign investors.

This is the first instance of Girma Woldegiorgis speaking against any policy of Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi. The land give away brings hundreds of millions of dollars in hard currency to Meles, and for Girma to take a stand against it in such a public way is a major development.

Girma’s unequivocal instruction to the minister of agriculture not to sell forest land came as we are currently learning about a growing tension between the new foreign minister and deputy prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Meles Zenawi. Reportedly, disagreements are arising over control of local resources. Hailemairam seems to be unhappy about the exploitation of southern Ethiopia natural resources by TPLF companies at the expense of the region’s population who are not getting any benefit.

The following is Girma Woldegiorgis letter (click on it to enlarge):
Girma Woldegiorgis letter opposing foreign land grab in Ethiopia

20 thoughts on “President Girma comes out against Meles land give away

  1. Little too late. Where was he when the rest of Ethiopian land was sold for pennies. i think we have to remove this blook suckers before the wind of revolution dies.

  2. Yes! Protect Girma W/Girorgis! I am sure they will assassinate him. They may not now but when AU meeting is over. Ethiopians neeed to rise up against this junta asap!

    Manex replies:

    RIPMr president.anyway yetebalew derese.they eliminate him.

  3. Laughable tokenism and much ado about nothing. Where is his token comment concerning the ongoing huge land grab all around Oromia or is he also playing the minority political card just like dictator Meles? Wish him good and Girum luck though. :)

  4. Thank you Elias,for staying on top of events.

    Certainly the current wind of change that is sweeping N. Africa,and the Middle East can afford dessenting view to come to the fore that other wise could have been impossible to contemplate withen in the Weyane apartid. In the upcoming planned demonstrations in various western capitals the turn out is crucial; artculation of the on going political repression,the political motivated torture in Ethiopia and the massive land grbing to foreign entities need to be publicized and its very indetail worked out for the event.
    It is also important to note the stark policy differences that is surfacing between deputy prime minister Hailemariam and President Girma on the one hand and the Zenawi’s Weyane on the other .We need to exploit these developing events as in the comming event.

  5. Girma Woldegiorgis’ letter is a farce. It is the work of Woyanes to make them look like democratis and as if the nominal so called President of “The Republic of Ethiopia” has any power to stop TPLF’s agenda for the sale of Ethiopian land to foreign investors. We know Girma Woldegiorgis is a toothless old dog and snile puppet with no authority to enforce any of his orders. We should not be fooled by this at all.

  6. I believe that Ato Hailemariyam Desalegn is much better than the previous Deputy Prime Minister cause he is educated and he believes in God. He wont be manipulated like robot by TPLF.

    Meles Shall not sleep till he kicks both officials as he thinks he has been humiliated and says HOW DARE YOU!

  7. President Girma will be fired or demoted by MELES soon or sooner. How dare he say that to the prime minister Meles. Doesn’t he know that he is there at the favour of PMMZ. His fate is sealed now and his career over. He should be replaced by Hailu shawel…

  8. ቆይቶ መንቃትም ጭራሽኑ ከማንቀላፋት ይመረጣል። ይበርቱ ፕረዝደንት ግርማ!ወያኔ ሃገርዎትን ለጨረታ ሲያወጣት ዝም አይበሉ። ቻይናና ህንድ ስብዕና የጎደላቸው የሌላው እንባ ግድ የማይሰጣቸው አሳሞች ናችው።

  9. Some bright light from the heaven must have hit these folks. I congratulate both of them for waking up from their deep slumber. May the good spirit that woke them stay with them and give them the B… to fight on.

    Small move at a great moment lets not discount it. All of us know the old man had no teeth and the young man unsure of who he is…. But they have seen the light and I personally welcome it. All in good time, lets also learn to accept good deeds, they could grow…..

  10. ፕሬዝዳንት ግርማ እባክዎን ለታሪክ የሚሆኑ እንደዚህ ዓይነት መረጃዎችን ለሕዝብ ይፋ የሚሆኑበትን መንገድ አሁኑኑ ቤተመንግሥቱን ሳይለቁ ያስቡበት። በኋላ እንደ ዶክተር ነጋሶ የእግር እሳይ ይሆንብዎታል። ከታሪክ ተጠያቂነት ነጻ ያደርግዎታል።

  11. I am wrestling with myself if I have to authenticate the letter or not. If that is true then the old man’s days in the office or on this earth are counted. They gonna spike the medication he is taking for his hypertension or diabetes and will blow up in his seats or will not wake up one of these days. I am saying this with all the respect due to an older person. I am holding back!! I am really struggling in holding back!!!!!!

  12. Be careful my fellow Ethiopians! Both Girma and the minister are nothing in the face of the CRIME MINISTER MELES, But he wants them to look like conflicting each other as if such deals are done by someone else and he is free of any such deals. I highly doubt that this letter of request comes out rather from CRIME MINISTER MELES office and released in this old’s name.

  13. In fact the president (Girma W/Giorgis) is not so simplistic as most of us think. Given that the constitution doesn’t give so much executive power to the office of the president, we shouldn’t expect much from him. But, there are a couple of other occassions when the president has expressed his opposition to some of the sinister actions of the Woyane government.

  14. Girma, You seem trapped in a negative set of mind and don’t seem to be willing to empathize with those who differ with your view, be it Tecola Hagos and now President Girma.This my way or the high way, or I know it all attitude mentality won not benefit Ethiopia, not does it help to remove the autocratic Melsee by democratic contender. It appears you stack in the past and appear to be content in it. As for me I want to move forward, and I am willing to live all Tultula blowers behind me.

  15. Remove this disabled president. The right of Gamebelas must be respected and that is their issue.

    We know that the more forest a country has the more aid money from big nations they will get. So from economic point of view it does not make sense to sell this to a foreign company who are known to abuse their employees like the greedy Indians. By being friendly to Indians we will never be in par with any advanced nation. Indians are cheap, less competetive.

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