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Al Amoudi files lawsuit in London against Ethiopian Review

By Elias Kifle

Ethiopian billionaire businessman Ato Al Amoudi has filed a lawsuit against Ethiopian Review in a U.K. high court. The lawsuit claims that the magazine:

…has gravely injured the reputation of the Claimant, has exposed him to public scandal, contempt and odium and has caused him considerable embarrassment and distress.

I am glad that Ethiopian Review has caused this much harm to the scumbag Woyanne blood sucker. More is coming at him once the trial starts in court.

Some of the witnesses mentioned in the lawsuit are Woyanne Ambassador in London and other embassy staff.

I’m not sure why Al Amoudi decided to sue me in a British high court since Ethiopian Review is based in the U.S. Also he might have spent over $10,000 to a private investigation firm to find me and serve me with the lawsuit. I was having lunch at a restaurant today when a 7-foot, 250 lbs man claiming to be a former FBI agent served me with the court papers. Apparently, he and his partners have been tracking me across eastern United States since mid December. They could have just called me and I would have gone to their office to pick up the papers. I myself was eager to face the bozo in court. (Click here to read the charges)

Ethiopian Review Legal Fund has been reactivated to fight back the lawsuit. Click here for more information.

165 thoughts on “Al Amoudi files lawsuit in London against Ethiopian Review

  1. We scares him by kidnappas his wife’brothers in 1996 in Stockholm Sweden.We need monay from him but we done a mastek.Don’t worry ER next time he will pay a high price this Weled Kilb Shormutta wahid.

  2. hey Elias, i am REALLY EXCITED about you and Al Amoudi!

    i can see and feel your sleepless nights over the last few days.

    I know its tough to fight with A Billionaire, not to mention being alone. as you know diaspora are just talk, no action. they can’t even afford $50. oh men, what a mess!

    you see Elias bro, i have told you PERSONALLY so many times, don’t be jack ass. but you didn’t listen.

    I told you don’t mess with woyane, but you ignored me.

    Elias, Eliye, Elu…is there any thing i can do for you?
    let me know.
    yours old friend

  3. This is a double edge sword. On the one side of the edge, it plays to the benefit of Elias and Ethiopian review as a news media outlet. On the other hand, it could jeopardize Elias’s vaguer to fight the Weyane. I believe that this going to play in a positive way should Elias show that what he claimed to be as a true development regarding the accuser’s daughter in UK. If however, this could be proven by the accuser as a character assassination, then it might have a ramification that could question Elias’s credibility.
    In any case, I hope that the accuser’s plot fails.

  4. What is going on in this world? Can’t you see what this person does to our country if not that means you are on denial. Ethiopia is growing and he is one of the main reason. Gossip is not gone help any thing or stop one country development. Face your court case and you will be punished by the law you big mouth

  5. Sheik Al Amoudi took away our farmlands and used them to feed thousands of the Saudi Preances.You Ethiopians are amazing today;and today,we thank our dear lord,God for giving us the strength to defeat and bring Sheik Al Amoudi to justice for all the crimes committed against the irreplaceable farmers and their pricelss families.

    When we look back for the last twenty years,Sheik Al Amoudi has remained a nightmare to millions of families and their childreen.The Sheik is the frontline messanger of the international brotherhood;therefore, we will continue to fight him ruthlessly until our farmlands are free and the little girls are safe.The Sheik must know this,what is legal and illegal or what is legal and legal is absolutely illegal in our motherland,Ethiopia.And is a crime punishable by the law of Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

  6. What kind of good name has almoudi? He is an idiot arab who is with out higher education. He is a well known lootter and land grabber by displacing millions of poor ethiopian’s farmers to feed his arab’s families . He has submitted the case in london because all his stolen funds which he has been stolening from the throat of poor ethiopians including ethiopian’s golden are being hidden in brtish’s bank. That is why britian is the only country which doenot have any financial deficits. Most the african’s dictators are hidding their stolen funds in british’s bank. Almoudi who borned from his poor yemen’s father and poor his poor tegere’s mother in wollo did not have any foundation to became one of the richest man on earth by stealing ethiopian’s natural resources. When he came to ethiopia and started to build sheraton addis, he did not have enough money to build at least one hotel that is why he was hidding some hwere in westren country untill the son of Yidenekachewu tessemma invested his money and finished 75% of the construction. The future owner of all his fake companies and all business will be the poor ethiopian’s people. Ethiopian’s laywers like Dr shekspher and Prof A. mariam will hand this criminal looter by any case and he will be kicked back to his friend nazewai.

  7. Elias is a coward man. The practice of selecting postings that suit his ego is no less than the muzzling/mugging policy pursued by african dictators. What kind of journalism is this? How come you failed to say any thing to Isayas on the issue of disappearance? loser.

  8. Elias, you should know that Almoudi is not an Ethiopian.

    I often wonder, why Almoudi who identify himself as a Saudi Arabian chose to live in Ethiopia? If he loves Ethiopia, why doesn’t he consider himself as an Ethiopian? Is the Saudi Arabian Almoudi in Ethiopia because of beautiful virgin Ethiopian girls, Ethiopia’s beautiful climate, it’s gold, coffee and her other natural resources? How can any human being that lives in one of the poorest country in the world gets richer and richer year by year where millions of Ethiopians are expected to die for a lack of a cup of water and a piece of bread a day? No one in the world should be allowed to be a billionaire until starvation is eradicated from the face of the earth.

    Matthew 19:25–It is easier for a camel to go pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

  9. first you are not a journalist but an ativist, takink little Elias to the court doesn’t add for Al-Amoudi nothing but for Elias it is a fame. please don’t call yourself a journalist because you are not.

  10. Elias,

    I would like to pass my appriciations to those involved in passing the story among Ethiopians.

    Elias, it is sure we will come out victorious! and assure you that we will continue to support you in the roads ahead.

    God Bless you and your family!

  11. Selam Ato Elias! Am a person who strongly advocate free press. what the shake try to do is very LAUGHABLE…but don’t undermine him as a business man… talks.he is the right hand of the BOUUCHER agazi leader and a modern laundary machine for woyanees BLOOD money,,A STOLEN money…ELIAS go strong we are with you….

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