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Wikileaks dispatch exposes Meles Zenawi as a mercenary

U.S. diplomatic dispatched that are leaked and now posted on confirms Ethiopian Review’s report that Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi was hired by U.S. Government to invade Somalia in 2006. The proxy war was spearheaded by U.S. head for African affairs Jendayi Frazer who conducted the disastrous invasion over the objection of her own colleagues in the State Department and the Pentagon. The 2006 invasion of Somalia succeeded in eliminating the benign Islamist group UIC, but it also led to the birth the al Queda-affiliated al Shabab. In short, al Shabab is the creation of Jendayi Frazer and Meles Zenawi. Al Shabab is now being financed by Saudi sheiks and it is purchasing its weapons from Woyanne and Uganda officers, as reported here by French journalist Alain Lallemand for LeMonde newspaper. Over 20,000 Somalis were slaughtered and over 2 million were made homeless as a result of Jendayi Frazer’s adventure and Meles Zenawi’s prostitution. — Elias Kifle

The following is from

WikiLeaked Cable Confirms U.S.’ Secret Somalia Op

2 December 2010

It was an off-hand compliment during a January 2007 dinner meeting between Abu Dhabi crown prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, plus staff, and then-U.S. Central Commander boss General John Abizaid. But Al Nayhan’s jocular praise, as reported in WikiLeaks’ trove of leaked diplomatic cables, is a rare admission that the United States played a central role in the disastrous December 2006 Ethiopian Woyanne [the ruling party in Ethiopia] invasion of Somalia, a move that ultimately emboldened the very Islamic extremists the U.S. and Ethiopia Woyanne had hoped to squash.

“The Somalia job was fantastic,” Al Nahyan interjected between discussions of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the prince’s desire to buy Reaper drones for his air force. At the time of Al Nahyan’s comment, the dust was just settling from Ethiopia’s Blitzkrieg-style assault toward Mogadishu. Some 50,000 Ethiopian Woyanne troops, supported by T-55 tanks, Hind helicopters and Su-27 jet fighters, had cut a bloody swath through the lightly-armed forces of the Islamic Courts Union, an alliance of mostly nationalist Islamic fighters that prior to the invasion had controlled much of Somalia.

The Somali attack had surprised outside observers. Ethiopia Woyanne and Somalia had been rivals a long time, but no one had expected such brutal fighting, and so suddenly. It was fairly obvious that Ethiopia had received significant help — even urging — for its invasion. For one, Ethiopian Woyanne air force did not appear capable of coordinated air strikes in support of on-the-move ground troops; it seemed likely that the Su-27s were piloted by Russian or Ukrainian mercenaries — a time-honored tradition in Africa. What’s more, Ethiopian Woyanne’s army didn’t possess the intelligence or logistical skill for long-range operations. Those, not coincidentally, are particular American strengths.

Washington certainly had a motive to get involved in Somalia. There was growing concern in the White House and the Pentagon that Somalia’s Islamists might ally themselves with Al Qaeda and turn to international terrorism. Already with two escalating wars on its own plate, the U.S. was in no position to openly lead its own large-scale attack on Somalia. It’d have been far simpler to simply sponsor somebody else to do the dirty work. Enter Ethiopia Woyanne. [Ethiopia has nothing to do with the invasion of Somalia.]

In early January following the invasion, USA Today’s Barbara Slavin reported on Washington’s extensive behind-the-scenes support for Ethiopian Woyanne troops. “The ties include intelligence sharing, arms aid and training,” Slavin noted. A couple days later, The Washington Post’s Pauline Jelinek, citing anonymous sources, described U.S. Special Forces accompanying Ethiopian Woyanne troops. CBS news revealed that U.S. Air Force gunships were active over southern Somalia during the Ethiopian blitz. Through all the reporting, U.S. officials remained vague or silent on the subject of Washington’s involvement. All the same, evidence was mounting that the U.S. had played a leading role in the Ethiopian Woyanne invasion. Journalists only strongly suspected it, but Abu Dhabi prince Al Nayhan apparently knew it for certain, if his praise of “the Somalia job” was any indication.

Three years later, it’s clear the Ethiopian Woyanne invasion was a bad idea. The attack rallied Somalis of all stripes and politics against the invaders, ultimately boosting support for fringe Islamic groups that now had a clear enemy in the Ethiopians Woyannes and their suspected American puppet-masters. Violence mounted as the Ethiopians Woyannes settled in for a bloody, two-year occupation.

When the Ethiopians Woyannes withdrew in 2009, the Islamists rushed to fill the vacuum. A year later, the Al Shabab Islamic group, successor to the Islamic Courts, conducted its first international terror attack. Last month, a Somali-born American teen plotted to explode a bomb in Portland. Today, U.S. Special Forces continue to target terrorists in Somalia. There are arguably more of them than ever, thanks in part to the botched Ethiopian Woyanne invasion. “We’ve made a lot of mistakes and Ethiopia’s Woyanne’s entry in 2006 was not a really good idea,” U.S. diplomat Donald Yamamoto said in March.

22 thoughts on “Wikileaks dispatch exposes Meles Zenawi as a mercenary

  1. Elias ,well we don’t need wiki-leak,its all about America.The good news is that we already had our wiki-leak way before wiki-leak was founded, to expose all the atrocities committed on our people. You know whom am I talking about,right.? Ethiopian Review had been there for more 6 years now(from the time I started following stuff on it). The point is wiki-leak is about name but the real/the original wiki-leak is Ethiopian-review! Thank you Elias!

  2. “My people—infants are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, your guides mislead you and they have swallowed up the course of your paths.” – Isaiah

  3. This is the dirty linen of Meles Zenawi and his “boss” Jendayi Frazer. I remember her saying that its easy for Diaspora Ethiopians to write such allegation while sitting comfortably on luxury sofas. What a shame? Ethiopia has never bowed to foreign countries in the past but under the leadership of Meles the beggar, there is another black dot in our history book. Where is the international court? Where is Ocampo? Where is Hague? Here is an evidence that Meles Zenawi like his friend Omar El Bashir committed genocide not only against Ethiopians but Somalis. If there is any decent lawyer in this world, you have a criminal against humanity in Ethiopia and you need to prosecute him.

  4. Elias, you’re 90% of our revolution and all our anti-woyane efforts. We should make concerted efforts to publicize Zenawi’s genocides in Ethiopia and Somalia. You can take a lead in this, and now that you’ve such a huge following, you could make a difference.

  5. Ethiopia as a country and home of millions of the two great religions Islam and Christianity should have a foreign policy of not getting involved in any religious conflicts that is being ignited by Neo-colonialists and right wing and their servants with black and brown colors in the U.S.
    Unfortunately Ethipia is governed by a organized crime junta of tigray ethnic groups or the weyanes who are mercenaries of the so called western powers.It is very sad to see thousands of somalis being massacred by the weyane mercenary army that was given orders from U.S army personnel.The blood was shed by the somalis and the killers are Ethiopians(through the eyes of world), and this was echoed all over the globe as it was a war between Ethiopian christians and Somali islams,which is not it was a tragedy and a war crime that has been committed by East African mercenary groups that were doing the dirty work for America.
    Meles and his cronies who are low life known beggars can decalare war to just get American dollars or to satisfy their crazy egos and the people of the horn will be in a non stop cycle of violence.Somalis,Ethiopians,Eritreans and Sudanese are neighbors whom they have their own internal conflicts and are willing and capable of solving their conflicts by themselves.They do not want to be used by foreign powers and kill each other.
    At this moment Psycopath Meles is trying to ignite conflict with Egypt so that he can please his western masters and get some dollars.The good thing is his masters are very busy fixing their crumbling financial institutions.Hopely the people of the horn will overcome all obstacles and balckmails and make peace and progress.

  6. Elias – thank you for the information. Most of all a big credit should be given to the then opposition Parlamentarians who challenged Meles’s mad decision up front. They knew that it was a proxy war. They requested earliest withdrawal of Ethiopian troops. Our bold opposition Parlamentarians requested the government to provide information on how much money and support it received from the US as well as a detail report on the number of deathes. The drama at the Parliament, after the first week of the invasion showed us who are true opposition members. Lidetu was among the Parliamentarians who support the invasion.
    Let God save Ethiopia and Eritrea from their awkward leaders.

  7. What do you expect from the grandson and son of a traior? That person, the tplf headman, is traitor throughout his parental generation. None can be expected from traitors like him. His blood has nothing with Ethiopianism or narrowly with Tigrean people. He simply is a man who has spread his childhood psychological problems into the current Tigrean generation who blindly support him.

    Noone can deny the hardline supporters of the German Hitler. Today’s TPLF despot supporters are alike those Hitlermania supporters. It is shame and a huge crime to be such people. They were hunted down in every corner of the globe. The real difference between Hitler and Meles is the the first (due to his childhood psychological problem and a pretext of Arian race) targeted Mostly Jewish people and burned them in Holocoust(buring a proud and wealthy Jewish people openely). Whereas the TPLF despot (with all his aforementioned problems and Golden people PRETEXT)killed many Ethiopians through disease and hunger secretly.

    Shame is to tplfians; your meles shall not live forever. When he perishes like everybody else, you will notice the much more crimes he commited today that you blindly do not want to see or hear today. When the time comes, you and your children will be forced to realize your huge mistakes commited by the current tplfians.

  8. my brothers i have been in exile from my own country for more then 22years, but it’s time for me and other Ethiopians to stand up agianst this anti-christ! our historie is tooooo deeeep to get vanished. for our forfathers sake let us all unite and egnite the enternal fire that’s with in our soul’s, trust my words, we will stop genocide to happend upon our holy land! let god and im not talking about any speciall god, im talking about our god, muslim,christian,jews. OPEN YOUR EYES, WE ALL PRAY TO THE SAME GOD. IM SOON HOME SO DONT YOU WORRIE IF IT’S NOT ME THAT WILL BUST THE SEAL SOME ONE WILL. SIGNS OF THE TIME PEOPLE! TIME FOR ONE LOVE!

  9. Thanks Elias… for this wonderful report… keep it up. we need more, this report was not a big secret it just confirm it only, I was expecting worse… every one new any political order or so financial comes from 1st from US embassy AdisAbeba then follws 2nd from Woyanes office. so there must be so many dirty information to here…

  10. How amazing is that? Woyanne does not have the money to pay the Russian and Ukrainian pilots, it was paid for it by the financiers. Essentially we know who leads Ethiopia, the foreign financiers. Woyanne is there as a symbol to be seen as “Ethiopian” face, the order comes from US embassy and all the salaries of government employees comes along with the order paper.

  11. Exactly, the prostitute Woyane should have listened to Shaebia! But Meles had to pay back the US for his beggary through killing and maiming of innocent
    Somalians and Ethiopians alike who were ambroiled in this futile attack with tragic outcome.
    The Truth will always come out and let us hear what the midget meles is gonna say about this and the stupid jandayi frazer. it would be interesting to see the two criminals start accusing eachother now.

  12. The only leader who would not be touched by the scandal of WikileAks will be our President, Ne-bi Issaya Aforwki, who said NO to to POLITICAL PROSTITUTION. He told the master’s of political prostitutes, to go away and said to them “which part of NO don’t you get it? The “N” or the “O”. hehehehehe Yesterday, today and forever President Issayas. We say no to Prostitutes’ Democracy and yes to Benevolent fathers, leaders with clear vision to lead all the way to glory. Look no farther, CHINA!!! is a classic example. Yes it can be done with out Prostitutes’ Democracy.

    Victory and peace to the mass!!

    YES WE CAN!!!

  13. God bless you Elias. You are the nightmare of Weyane especially the head, Melese the psychopathic lair. Not only do Ethiopians rally behind you but also Somalis, Eritreans, Sudanese and most Africans. Your pen is mightier than the regime of Melse and his followers. Good job my friend!

  14. Zinawi,the robber,the most wanted criminal in Ethiopia and the openely known sick mafia in the world,will for sure pay the dearest price,eventually.

    Sick on the head,filled his heart with the deepest dislike towards Ethiopians,now counting his days to finally meet his bitter and burning fate in front of Ethiopians and the rest of the world for which he has been accountable for wicked and weird crimes he personally took charge and murdered quite a lot of Ethiopians.

    This is a holy promise Ethiopians make to their dearest country,Ethiopia;no single Ethiopians shall fall aslep while Ziawi the rober is being the fugitive.He shall be captured dead or alive because God’s hads are long and punishing.

    Invaded Somalia and later lied about it,invaded Somalia and later denied it,invaded Ethiopia and murdered and looted Ethiopians.

    Another characterstics of this hugely ugly rober is that sending the children of Ethiopians to the war he deliberately started in Somalia and caused the dead to be dragged on the streets of somalia.How could Ethiopians forget the crime this robber committed against Ethiopiasn?

    Well,this fugitive robber has lost his mind and will never get it back.

    Death to the enemy!!!!

    Long,Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!

  15. Meles is not taking order or Meles is taking order, read all about it:

    “Trust is in short supply on both sides of the developed-developing nation divide. On 2 February 2009, a cable from Addis Ababa reports a meeting between the US undersecretary of state Maria Otero and the Ethiopian prime minister, Meles Zenawi, who leads the African Union’s climate change negotiations.

    The confidential cable records a blunt US threat to Zenawi: sign the accord or discussion ends now. Zenawi responds that Ethiopia will support the accord, but has a concern of his own: that a personal assurance from Barack Obama on delivering the promised aid finance is not being honoured.”

  16. If he is doing all of this, are we waiting for Meles to run away some where els or what are we waiting for?. And How do we stop
    him? is really the question we should all ask before he couses more problem.

  17. Meles Naziawi is identifiable;although,he is a fugitive for now;he can not either be mistaken for sombody else nor can he go back to the cave he grew wild and cruel;for sure he will be captured in due time and face the ultimate fate of his.

    Meles Naziawi is not a mistry;he is a historical drop;he can’t either camouflage the eyes of Ethiopians;for sure,he will be captured.

  18. In the recently leaked Wikileaks cables, did it say anything about USA’s involvement in instigating Ethiopia in order to invade Eritrea? Because unless they had any military, economic, political, or motivational aid, from other countries, they wouldn’t have dared to invade Eritrea. For example during the war, Ethiopia was receiving satellite pictures and modernized weapons from the USA and Israel, to aid them in the war……. THIS IS NOT A SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!Long Live the Friendship between the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia…….Solidarity forever

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