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Ethiopia’s despot picks a fight with Egypt

Ethiopia’s beggar despot who survives on Western handouts is provoking Egypt by throwing accusations that Mubarak’s government is supporting Ethiopian rebel groups, according to Reuters (see below). We are accustomed to seeing dictators pick fights with external “enemies” when ever they feel the heat from domestic troubles. It is thus not surprising that Meles is going after Egypt since he is currently facing growing public anger and simmering tension that could explode any time. Meles uses the Nile issue only as a political tool, not as a matter of Ethiopia’s national interest. It is to be remembered that when Meles came to power he went to Cairo and signed an accord (read here) with Mubarak that gives Egypt a veto power over any agreement on Nile. Regarding his chest beating, let’s not forget that it took only 3,000 Somali ragtag fighters to kick his 20,000 troops out of Somalia. If war erupts between Egypt and Woyanne, which is highly unlikely, Ethiopians will be neutral spectators. — Elias Kifle

Ethiopian PM warns Egypt off Nile war

By Barry Malone

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Egypt could not win a war with Ethiopia over the River Nile and is also supporting rebel groups in an attempt to destabilize the Horn of Africa nation, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said in an interview.

Egypt, Ethiopia and seven other countries through which the river passes have been locked in more than a decade of contentious talks driven by anger over the perceived injustice of a previous Nile water treaty signed in 1929.

Under the original pact Egypt is entitled to 55.5 billion cubic meters a year, the lion’s share of the Nile’s total flow of around 84 billion cubic meters, despite the fact some 85 percent of the water originates in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya signed a new deal to share the waters in May, provoking Egypt to call it a “national security” issue.

Meles said he was not happy with the rhetoric coming from the Egyptians but dismissed the claims of some analysts that war could eventually erupt.

“I am not worried that the Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia,” Meles told Reuters in an interview. “Nobody who has tried that has lived to tell the story. I don’t think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that.”

The five signatories of the new deal have given the other Nile Basin countries one year to join the pact before putting it into action. Sudan has backed Egypt while Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi have so far refused to sign.

“The Egyptians have yet to make up their minds as to whether they want to live in the 21st or the 19th century,” Meles told Reuters in an interview, referring to the fact the original treaty was negotiated by colonial administrators.

“So the process appears to be stuck.”


Stretching more than 6,600 km (4,100 miles) from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean, the Nile is a vital water and energy source for the nine countries through which it flows.

Egypt, almost totally dependent on the Nile and threatened by climate change, is closely watching hydroelectric dam construction in the upstream countries.

Ethiopia has built five huge dams over the last decade and has begun construction on a new $1.4 billion hydropower facility — the biggest in Africa.

Meles accused Egypt of trying to destabilize his country by supporting several small rebel groups but said it was a tactic that would no longer work.

“If we address the issues around which the rebel groups are mobilized then we can neutralize them and therefore make it impossible for the Egyptians to fish in troubled waters because there won’t be any,” he said.

“Hopefully that should convince the Egyptians that, as direct conflict will not work, and as the indirect approach is not as effective as it used to be, the only sane option will be civil dialogue.”

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in July called for a scheduled November meeting of the nine countries to be attended by heads of state. Meles said that would not happen now.

The last meeting of all sides ended in stalemate and angry exchanges between water ministers at a news conference in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

“Ask the Egyptians to leave their culture and go and live in the desert because you need to take this water and to add it to other countries? No,” Egyptian Water Minister Mohamed Nasreddin Allam told Reuters at that meeting.

78 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s despot picks a fight with Egypt

  1. This chimp again tries to fool us ,even the hungry Ethiopian kids in the street of Addis are well aware of the chimp from dedebit as they are saying on my visit for two months the goat lives on his own world, and he dont have no clue
    about Ethiopia and Ethiopians except looting along with his gang members.

  2. Meles is picking a fight on purpose so that Egypt could start the war and devestate Ethiopia. Meles wants exactly that so that Ethiopia can be weaken. The truth is he doesn’t care about Nile unless he gets money out of it and its consequences.

  3. The Historical accounts referred by #17 Dan are really very interesting. I am sure the Egyptians also have accounts of their own of the said battle. The ways things are run nowadays are different from how political affairs are being conducted then about 150-160 years ago. I don’t think this weasel has the same national fervor as that of the warlords who ruled Tigray in the 1870’s. If war breaks out between these two bloodsuckers, you can say Oromay to TPLF. And there will be no Mubarak dynasty either. That is why there will be no war between these repulsive human figures as long as they live. They will just keep sickening us with their foul smell. Boy they both stink!!!

  4. DAN #15 and DAN #17

    On both of your accounts about the number of men in the Egyptian army is grossly exaggerated. The real number is less than 50 men the first time and less than a 100 the second time. Honestly, a battle to repulse an invading army took place at the battle of ADWA under the leader ship of Minlik the II. The rest of the exaggerated story often decimated by the tribal-junta is to tell us that they are supper human and evincible.

  5. Both Meles & Mubarek are lackeys of the Uncle Sam. They can fight over who should be the favourite servant but it has more to it than meets the eye.
    No doubt that the water should be utilised fairly an appropriately by all the Nile reparian countries. But Meles definetely hasn’t got the interest of the people of Ethiopia at heart. As far as Weyane is concerned, the poorer Ethiopians are kept, the better manageable & controlled they can be. A genuine Ethiopian would have had a vision where it could use the downward potential energy of the water flow to generate green energy and sell clean energy to the region in exchange for Sudan & Egypt using the water that they can’t be denied for obvious reason of the nature of gravity. It is a water life cycle that nobody can alter unless want to face a calamity. First & for most the rains are formed as a result of precipitation of water vapour that evaporates & rises to make clouds. These clouds move to a low until they reach a low pressure area like the highlands of Ethiopia & falls as in a form of  rain creating lakes & reservoirs. Some of these water evaporate back, some are used for agriculture, some sink in to make ground water and some excess ones flow back down the hills to the sea to complete its water cycle. We drink some but we give out water vapour To the atmosphere each time we breathe. So do the plants ….. as much as plants consume water to make food, they also give out an equal
    Amount of water vapour(if not more) into the atmosphere  at night time. The argument is not about denying Egypt the water that naturally flows down and flow back to Meditranian sea. It is about fairness and mutual
    Understanding. But these two plonkers are only interested in ruling and enriching themselves and their family by impoverishing their own people. The Weyane lyche is the most hated entity that clung for the last 20 years sucking every living cell out of Ethiopia and its people and yet claim to have won 99.6% of the vote. Mubarekh has grown old & nearly dying in power where he has been for over25 years and he wanted to pass power to his son. But Mubarekh had never claimed such rediculous figure as that of weyane’s 99.6%
    Weyane would only want to use the Nile issue for its own political agenda that it’s accustomed to. An empowered people are difficult to control where as impoverished people are easy to Brainwash, manipulate, control & easily buy their votes for only a sackful of wheat. Weyane has no interest in the well being and raising the living standard of the people as we had seen its effect in Latin America where they ask for more rights each time they secure other basic rights ….. that eventually culminated into getting rid of their US favoured tyrant elite leaders out of power and eplaced them with their own choice, unswerable to its people, not to Washington. Weyane called ty later dictators where as their hand picked tyrants were glossed as “democratic”. It’s ironic.
      US must have advised weyane not to repeat the Latin America scenario at its own perils. So that weyane live happily there after by continuing suppressing the people.

    God bless your struggle for a just justice.     

  6. Folks: We just need to remember how the dictator mad white lies, threatened, manipulated, outmaneuvered, bribed and sent poor unemployed Ethiopians to war with poor Somalia claiming that Mother Ethiopia has already been invaded and the invading armies are marching towards Addis Ababa.

    And the fact of the matter is that no one was invading or even thinking of invading Ethiopia from the outside let alone crossing the Ethiopian boundary.

    What we saw next was poor heavily armed Ethiopians mass murdering poor starving Somalis some who were also fighting the invading and even killing and displaying large numbers of them on the dirty streets of Mogadishu city.

    At the end, the empty chest pumping dictatorial invading leadership was roundly beaten, humiliated and sent back home with its tails between its legs. That is the net profit we Ethiopians gained from such reckless war mongering and war maniac incurable serial killers who always plan and go to war to shed innocent poor human blood for the purpose of legitimizing their very existence on earth filled with nightmares but otherwise empty and totally hollow contents.

    And the majority of Ethiopian people including myself have always rejected war mongering and war mania that has only negative contributions to our practical welfare and well beings.

    In the recent years Ethiopia has lost TWO HEADS, that is to say, Eritrea and Haile Selassie. And now the dictator is busy arranging matters so that finally Ethiopia may lose even the whole headless body trunk. We need to resist in unity within diversity in order to save what is left over.

  7. I think Meles completely forgot that even if he is the west’s favorite for now, he will never be as a close mubarak is to them. True, they mistakenly think he is their ally on terror, but Mubarak is their ally on the middleeastern case of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Arabs, Mubarak is the guy who sold his brothers and sided with America and Israel all this along, so Meles betam teshewidoal, betam biwodutim, Ye Mubarekin yahil aydegifutim.. so he miscalculated badly, if he goes on attacking Mubarek, he will fail, cause the west is with Mubarek, this has nothing to do with Ethiopian or Egyptian people, as both people do not have a say in these two countries, their rulers, decide by themselves, no democratic proccess at all so , let them individually fight it out, and leave out the people out of it… greedy Meles, was lucky that Bush was in power when he got his support from the west, if i were him i will thread carefully, but the dedeb weyane doesn’t know any better!

  8. Ethiopians,the gods that made Egyptians must be crazy.The Egyptian armies tried as many times as they could to conquer Ethiopia and to spoil the spirit and soul of Ethiopians,but the entire Egyptian armies were utterly defeated and were left scattered dead all over the holy lands with their filthy mouthes opened and stuffed with frogs,insects,and gavels.Those gods that created the Egyptians must be insanely crazy.

    Polite,well mannered,the undisputed and uncontested patriotes Ethiopians defeated the Egyptian armies for once and for all.Yes,indeed;long live Ethiopians!!!!!!!!! Amen,amen,amen and amen.

    May our dearest lord,God rain endless calamities upon our dirty enemies both Egyptian rulers and Meles Naziawi.We sall fight,fight and fight our common enemies to their eventual demolition.Yes,we will.

    Egyptian gods are gone;so will Egyptan ruleres’ third hand Zinawianrobbers.

    You,see,Ehtiopians,today, the enemy that we are fighting tooth and nail is the byproduct of Egyptians’ filth;we shall completely defeat both,Egyptian rulers and Meles Naziawi simultaniously;yes,we will and we shall.

    Ethiopians,we shall maintain centuries of victory on Egyptian rulers and their armies.God bless the sons and daughter of the uparalled patriotes.

  9. Hi all,


    – Egypt will die without the Nile
    – Egypt Will do what ever it can to protect the water supply
    – Egyptians don’t hate Ethiopians in fact they don’t care a lot !
    – Egyptians will go to war only if they have to, the history of the last 40 years says so
    – Egypt is the strongest power in Africa
    – Egyptian air force is almost 30 times the size of the Ethiopia’s
    – Egypt army using state of the art weapons
    – Egypt modern army is one of the strongest in the world
    – Egyptian Navy will be in a picnic blocking Ethiopian only exit on the red sea [ we done that before ]
    – Most of African military leaders got their education in Egypt’s military academies
    – Egypt has and will have great international support if they go to war for water ! its like self defense
    – Egypt will not go to war directly we will use our diplomacy to try to solve it and this will help our image when we go to war if we have to
    – if Egypt goes to war with Ethiopia, already poor Ethiopians will go ages to the back and Egypt will pay tiring to help the next regime

    and finally as a normal Egyptian, I don’t hate Ethiopians ! but if I get any doubts that Ethiopians will try to interrupt the Nile to Egypt FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, I will be the first one landing on your beaches

  10. East or WEST, We will use nile. Our people will not and should not die of hunger when we are having all this big rivers. It is by far better to die fighting Egypt for Nile than to die of hunger!

  11. We all know that life in Egypt depends on the Nile. And, we can’t blame the Egyptians to fight for their existence. So What is the purpose of this so called “Ethiopian” call for war. It is nothing more than a smoke screen designed to divert attention from the fierce resistance waged by Ethiopians in opposing the outrageous land leases, the silent genocide, rampant corruption and many atrocities being committed in broad day light, by the so called government.

  12. Meles Must be on drugs,Egypt produces its own weapons,Tanks anti tanks missiles and they have hundred of factories producing small and medium weight weaponry,if they were supplying the onlf meles and his dumb coward army would have no chance fighting especially if they supplied them the egyption made anti tanks rocketts.if egypt has a war with ethiopia does meles actually understands that 50% of ethiopian wouldn’t fight the egyptions????the somali’s,eritreans,sudanese and even djbouti would side with egypt???for a country who can’t even secure its own territory this reckless talk would get ethiopia wiped out,egypt has chemical and bilogical weapons by the tonnes and they would drop every ounce of it in ethiopia if war erupts egyptians don’t mess about when it comes to war.meles is truely dumb as known from long ago but picking a fight with egypt????well at least know they will probarly help the onlf since they are getting accused.

  13. The PM Meles cannot sleep in peace whithout singing the songs of ” REBELS ” . The Ethiopian rebels are haunting him . He exploits any opportunity which comes across him be it internally or externally. The last 20 years has showed us that the PM has accused all Ethiopia’s neighbouring countries for ” supporting the rebels ” . For many many years, if not all most Ethiopians know that Egypt 100% and Sudan 70% are depending on the both White and Blue Niles for survival. Why today it became a burning issue for the PM ? Is it really for the benefit of Ethiopia or for the benefit of TPLF gangsters ? I leave the answers for fellow Ethiopians.

  14. 61# WE WILL USE NILE,

    You are trying to be a funny furry and tiny cunning fox wow wayane dressed in sheep skins and foaming to eat what you assume to be uninitiated sheep community.

    Didn’t you have RIVER NILE for centuries later on including even the whole of Eritrea and its entire superb coast lines and marvelous sea ports and still kept Ethiopia and the 80 million Ethiopian people one of the most wretched and one of the least developed beggar empire under the sun?

    You are pumping your chest and foaming to got to war with Egypt just for the sake of attention diversion so that the occupied and exploited poor Ethiopians may start dancing at your fake and disgraceful dishonest drumming. You are trying to focus our attention on irrelevant and distant Egypt and forcing us to keep forgetting to fighting the real enemy which is Wayane’s ONE MAN dictatorial oppression and blatant exploitation.

    That is exactly what Wayane have done with the wars with Eritrea and Somalia, devastating Ethiopians and only deepening the miseries and wretchedness of the nation. On the other hand the war has highly enriched Wayane tiny elites through the war economy and everything to the Wayane front thieves misleading propaganda playing on the old antipathies.

    The war is not against Egypt but against Ethiopians as usual.

    In the heat and fog of the fake hypnotizing war propaganda, Wayane will empty the national bank, collect world wide philanthropies, sell and lease the entire Ethiopian fertile agricultural land areas, arrange its scape routes and safely prepare places of settlement while we dance and cry for war and blood.

  15. # 65. Temesgen / Wunet,

    First of all, you can not and should not conclude I am supporter of woyane just because I support the idea of using our river. If any Ethiopian is not going to support the idea of using Nile, he/she is not Ethiopian for me.

    Second, you have to differentiate the interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians from the interest of woyane. Just to be against of woyane, I am not going to sell my country to Egypt. If you are a real Ethiopian and love your country, you should ask woyane why it took 15 years to use the river. It is not a secret to anyone that we have not used our water because of Egypt. Emperor HaileSelasse and Col. Mengistu tried to use it but Egypt was on our way. They even sponsor Somalia to invade us. They armed woyane and shabia so that there will be no peace in Ethiopia; if there is war in Ethiopia, the country will be weak to use the river. (the strategy the Egyptians used for years).

    This sad story of Ethiopia should end know. 10 million people should not go to hunger when we have so many rivers like Nile. Ethiopia and Ethiopians should not be the example of hunger on the Oxford dictionary or anywhere else. We should not allow Egypt to be the sole decider of our river. If it takes a war to use our river, it will be the only war woyane will fight for the interest of Ethiopia.

  16. Please do not distort facts. Meles did not sign any paper regarding recognition of Veto power on Nile. Just read the link. Even Mubarak never claims that. The fact remains that the current status quo on Nile use does work, and it is inevitable will change. This will happen with or without Meles.

    Independent reader

  17. 66# We will use Nile,

    The very fact that all your unilateral self serving attention diversion medieval tactics of creating and manufacturing enemies and wars as if Ethiopians did not have more than their shares of wars, violence s and devastation for the last some 20 years solidly confirms that you are either a Wayane or converted Wayane PDO agent.

    Our real enemy is undemocratic minority dictatorship and bad to the bones BAD GOVERNANCE which has nothing to do with Egypt. Egypt is on only a convenient scape goat being picked up for use by cunning fox Wayane dictators as fake propaganda manipulation.

    Ethiopia has had the whole of Eritrea and its entire coast line and port facilities including abundant virgin fertil farm lands currently being distributed to the world wide international commercial farming corporations at dirt cheap prices while the Poor and wretched Ethiopians are perishing from lack of farm land and lack of food crop production.

    So please go and spread your dirt cheap baseless lies rather than thinking that we Ethiopians are idiots and try to manipulate, make a fool out of us and insult our intelligence while robbing the national bank and national resources.

    For me some one who is absolutely dumb like like a garden tool and blind and cannot even see that dictatorship, bad governance, reckless corruption, and a host other down right incompetency are the PRIME CAUSES of the world known Ethiopian poverty and wretchedness while Eritrea was part of Ethiopia with all the ports and vast coastal areas including vast areas fertile agricultural land areas all over Ethiopia.

    May be you need brain transplant in order to see and be aware of available huge amounts of human , material, natural, land, etc. resources that are being stolen and mismanaged.

    I don’t believe any Ethiopian will follow your gone mad blood thirsty adventure but you may jump with your Talla bet buddies and see what Egypt can make out of you.

    You are going to end this century old sad story of Ethiopia by invading Egypt? Kikikikiki… What are you smoking? Brain transplant may help.

    Wayane and Shaebia fought for their rights and got what they have wanted.

    What were your or your papas and mammas been doing then rather than being filled with bitterness and utter confusion and crying after the whole thing has taken place and is now settled?

    If you think that it was Egypt who armed them and helped them to break your back and you couldn’t fight and defeat them then what makes you think that you may now defeat them specially after you lost Eritrea and all the ports and became weak land locked and primitive society of the wretched? Hmmm…

  18. # 68 Temesgen /wenetu,

    If supporting the idea of using our river makes me woyane, then let be it. I am sure there are so many Ethiopians who support the idea of using our river without the saying of Egypt. Will that make them Woyanes too? O ya Col. Mengistu tried to use Nile too, O he must be woyane too……….wake up dude. You need a reality check. May be you are Egyptian or one of Ethiopians enemy.

    As much as I don’t want war for my country, I don’t want hunger in my country either. There is only one thing worst than war, which is hunger. We Ethiopians don’t like war and we never started a war unless we are provoked. Tell your masters to give us what is ours, OUR RIVER.

    Also, please read the comments topic. It is about Nile. If you don’t have anything to say about it, don’t waste our time. Don’t just write for the sake of having lines and paragraphs that doesn’t even make sense. At some point, you even supported woyane and shaebia for fighting their own war. Are you serious? This was 15 years ago. Do you think we can forget who sponsor the whole war?

    By the way, I don’t smoke anything and if I need a brain transplant, I will need a donor; but not from anti-Ethiopia and moron like you.

  19. Zinawi,the robber sick on the head.What legal rights and moral grounds does he have to speak on behave of Ethiopians?

    Does the robber think Ethiopians are simply have guns held on their head,they are colonized?

    Well,this robber is just a thin,blank notebook of Egypt.They wrote him a cheque,they supplied him with weapons,and they helped him to invade Ethiopia.What good is Zinawi and Egyptian rulers are for Ethiopia.Does anybody knows how to use a pair of scissors? Cut the split tongues of this robber into pieces,man!

  20. 70#WE WILL USE NILE,

    Come guy/gal. Every one knows that the current world is a globalized and interconnected world such that events occur somewhere directly affects other events elsewhere. So, as a realist I don’t think that it is peaceful and fair behavior to cut nature given Nile River from Egypt, a country totally dependent on that river right from the classical times to the present, especially when we have overabundant fertile agricultural farmland being distributed to foreign corporations and money men. Araat Nexxib.

    When you are completely tongue tied and avoid mentioning the free distribution of fertile Ethiopian farm lands. These farm lands are being given to foreign money men while Ethiopians are starving from scarcity and unavailability of farmland.

    I think that you cannot be any thing other than those cunning corrupt Wayanes who actually distribute those farm lands while at the same time using the issue of Nile as an attention diversion and scape goat for the Ethiopian hunger and wretchedness of the last 20 years.

    After all the 99.6% vote robbery also needs attention diversion and emotionally appealing topics like River Nile. This appeals specially to medieval parochial corner patriots still seeing the globalized modern world from the pre medieval cave men point of views.

    Your sky high lies are truly amazing, when you fabricate and claim that Egypt organized, armed and helped Shaebia and TPLF to fight and defeat Ethiopia.

    The truth and the fact of the matter is that the Soviet union and China were the major supporters of these groups during the Haile Sellassie era.

    After the demise of Haile Sellassie and the ascendancy of Mengistu to power, the USA was the major supporter and backbone of the insurgency.

    Yes, absolutely I have nothing against Wayanes and others fighting for their rights and in what they believe in, but I have everything against their tiny minority misuse of power and power monopolization at the complete expenses of the entire 80 million Ethiopians being dictated and exploited.

    So please trust me I am not dreaming to bring back either Haile Sellassies’ or dictator Mengustu’s war mongering BAD GOVERNANCES to replace Wayane minority even more war mongering BAD GOVERNANCE.

    Rather than waiting for alms from “my masters” please learn to do productive activities with what you already have, otherwise I am afraid you might even lose whatever you do possess, for example the entire fertile farm lands being actively distributed to foreigners world wide, but of course unless you have a hand in the robbery.

    We need a 21st century inclusive, democratic, sustainable and genuinely peaceful good governance that converts that wretched society and the whole of the HORN in to the MODERN DAY GARDEN of EDEN and the vibrant ISLAND OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY. All the ingredients are there.

    You either catch the waves in good time, or the waves will surely catch you!

  21. #72 Temesgen /wunetu
    I don’t know from where to start ( since you keep touching so many topics), but let me try
    I am not saying, we should stop the flow of Nile. We Ethiopians have never said we should destroy Egypt. What we are saying is, let us divide the portion of the water so that all the Nile basin countries should benefit from it. So much water is being wasted every year. Instead of wasting the water, let us use it. There should not be “giver” and “receiver”. Since it is a natural resource, it is ours (all Nile basin countries). Egypt is saying, “All belongs to me”. This may have worked in the last 100 years. But, this kind of mentality is not going to work in our modern world. Egypt is looking at the negative side of using the water (if it has one) which is, we may attack them using the water. Is that really possible? If we start using the water, it means less hunger in the country. Which Egyptian industrial exporters can use the opportunity to export their stuff in to Ethiopia. A win-win situation for both countries.
    Huge amount of fertile land is being given to Indian and Egyptian investors. O ya, you didn’t know or don’t want to know Egypt is also in this land grabbing campaign.
    Let me go to my sky high lie (as you referred it). I didn’t say Egypt organized TPLF and shabia. Egypt didn’t organize them, but supported and armed both parties. You mean to tell me shabia leaders didn’t spend half of their life in Sudan and Egypt? Come on dude. Fool others. By the way, shabia didn’t defeat Ethiopia. Shabia defeated Derge. Get your facts straight. By the sound you are making, you are more to the shabia side. Are you shabia Temesgen? If you are shabia, worry about your own problems. You already have given share of your Nile River to Egypt as if you have enough natural resources. We, Ethiopians are not going to give our share of Nile river to anyone. And go and preach your good governance to your shabia masters and let me know what they think of it. I will be surprised if they even know the word “Good Governance”.

  22. #72 WE WILL USE NILE,

    My friend you can go to war if you are so desperate and want war but count us out of that stupid war. You sound like Constantine XI Palaiologos the last king of byzantine.

    Good lack!

    “Huge amount of fertile land is being given to Indian and Egyptian investors.

    O ya, you didn’t know or don’t want to know Egypt is also in this land grabbing campaign.” you wrote

    Ok, if that is the case why is the Ethiopian dictator and you (Mr. WE WILL USE NILE) actively drumming to go to war with Egypt while on the other hand and from the back door donating large areas of land to the same Egypt with whom both of you sleep in the same bed? kikikiki… what a cunning fox dressed in sheep skin and attempting to fully fool us.

    With regard to all of our neighbors such as Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, Egypt, etc. I definitely like to build peaceful and equatable friendly coexistence where we are interacting positively in all areas of economics, trade, sustainable developments as well as well-being and welfare for the impoverished population.

    I would like to covert the ongoing and bygone pervert image of the enemy and the gigantic waste of resources in to the permanent image of friendship just like we have in Europe.

  23. #74. Temesgen/wunetu,

    For the zillions time, Ethiopians are not urging to a war. Please read what I post before you start writing. That will save both of us a lot of time and energy.
    By now, I am sure you are shabia. This is Ethiopian Review. These comments are meant for Ethiopians. You can give comment, but please do it under your real identity. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Are you ashamed of being shabia? You should be. Because shabia, wayane all are the same.
    Now you want to see United Africa, just like European Union. Well, tell your masters not to start war with every country like a mad dog.
    You wanted a separate country and we gave you what you wanted. But still, you keep putting your hands where it does not belong. We Ethiopians are capable of dealing with our problems. We don’t need no external help. Especially from you. It seems like, “yeraswa seyar, yesew tamaselalech”

  24. Ethiopian review is a cacer of ethiopia, trying to destabilise ethiopia even it takes cooperating with egypiance. I want you to remember some thing always, ethiopiance are known through out histry to wipe out deseases like you. Dont forget that.

  25. #6o, Egyptian.
    First off, there is no beaches in ethiopia. only mountains and big poisonous snakes. We do not have to fight you at all because the snakes are enough for desert skirt-wearing people such as you guys. You have to imagine if 3 million Isrealis can kick your ass, what 85 million ethiopians would do to you? The project of the construction of the nile dam is underway, why don’t you try it as we speak, oh i forgot I’m talking to a skirt-wearing mother…

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