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Boycott Aster Aweke – update

There is an update. Click here to read.

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By Elias Kifle

This week the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) that was created by the Tigrean despot Meles Zenawi is spending millions of birr to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

First of all, both ANDM, which was created 16 years ago in 1994, and its predecessor, Ethiopian People’s Democracy Movement (EPDM), which was created in 1980, were used to advance Tigrean People Liberation Front’s (Woyanne) ethnic apartheid agenda.

Second, ANDM is an anti-Amhara and anti-Ethiopia group that is led by Meles Zenawi’s puppets who are not even Amharas, such as Bereket Simon and Helawi Yoseph.

Third, ANDM is a criminal organization that has incited violence against Ethiopians of Amhara ethnic group in southern region of Ethiopia.

Fourth, ADNM’s raison d’etre is serving its Woyanne Tigrean masters. In the video on the left you will see ANDM leaders pledge to build schools in Tigray while Amhara children eat trash at the Addis Ababa city dump.

This week, Aster Aweke and some lesser known singers are scheduled to perform at the ANDM anniversary event in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

And next Wednesday, Nov. 28, Aster flies to the U.S. and dares to come to Atlanta to sing in front of Ethiopians, many of whom have fled Ethiopia because of ADNM and its puppet master the ruling TPLF.

I love Aster and enjoy her songs, but I join concerned Ethiopians in calling for a boycott of her performances from hereon until she apologizes and gives an assurance to the people of Ethiopia that she will never associate herself with Ethiopia’s enemies such as TPLF and ANDM.

There are many talented Ethiopian artists who will never sell their soul and betray their people for Woyanne crumbs (frefari). Let’s support them and boycott those like Aster and others who betray their country.

There is a well written article in Amharic about ANDM by Wondimu Mekonnen of London. Click here to read.

62 thoughts on “Boycott Aster Aweke – update

  1. There are times that art and politics go hand in hand, however as politics can be independent of art as it wishes, so should art. In fact art is to all people and it deserves even more independence. If and when the artist by choice, interest, inclination etc is a political singer, it is a different story.

  2. Brother Lucas:
    If Tilahun never sang in the presence of the goon from Adwa or any one of his leading coteries, then I will stand corrected. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me about that. I know her just from what I saw her once on NBC in late 80’s or early 90’s when she was featured on one of my favorite jazz musicians David Sanborn’s show. She was wonderful. She made me proud. In fact, I was somewhat chastised when I told someone I knew then. I was told she was a Neftegna singer and it was not in my interest to admire her. That did not prohibit me from admiring her. I hope I am not the only one who hates to lose her.

  3. Elias

    I hope you will post my comments. Here are my thoughts.

    First and foremost, I did not appreciate Aster’s willingness to perform in that concert in light my opposition to meles zenawi’s regime. I wish she didn’t agree to do it. But that’s just what I would have liked to see.

    However, it’s important that you be ethical as a journalist and limit your yourself to reporting and factual analysis, and let your readers make their own judgments.

    While I would have liked not to see Aster perform in that concert, I understand that her willingness to perform there is not tantamount to endorsing ANDM. She is nothing but a gifted artist we all happen to like, with perhaps no political value whatsoever. Even if she endorses Meles Zenawi, Ethiopians are not going to listen to what she has to say because they are the ones living the the nightmare of being ruled and divided by meles and his chronies. The moment she endorses Meles’s party, yes boycotting her would be legitimate, but now I don’t think so. She is probably doing it to make a living just like everybody doing a job they don’t enjoy out the necessity to put food in their table. So for now leave poor aster alone. By the way I don’t remember if you called for Neway Debebe’s boycott. What about Mahmoud Ahmed? Ask yourself.

    The other thing that bugs me about you is how divisive you are, and how venomous some of your comments are. Sometimes Glenn beck appears to be more balanced than you in his reporting and/or analysis.

    In this article about Aster, you are referring to Meles as a Tigrayan who is out there to benefit Tigray at the expense of the rest of Ethiopia. My friend, this only makes you look like a foolish or somehow delusional who sees things when they really are not there. If Tigray has an enemy it is no one but Meles. Meles works for Eritrea and Tigrayans along with their Ethiopian brothers and sisters are sick of it. However, Meles smartly uses your kind of foolish rhetoric to frighten Tigrayans into not cooperating with the Amaharas or the Oromos, thereby sustaining his tyranny. Your foolish rhetoric is not nothing but music to Meles’s ears. He wants the rift he created to get even bigger and he is lucky to have you as one of his helpers in doing so. I don’t know who you are and where you are from and I could care less. But have some conscience and be a positive force in uniting Ethiopians against the Eritrean elite ruling Ethiopia. Meles was mum when Shabya massacred kindergartners in Mekele. Sebhat said his government would be out in full force to defend Eritrea should it’s existence be somehow threatened in the future. These people are not Tigrayans; they are Eritreans, and I think it is time that you leave the poor but proud people of Tigray alone.

    Thank you for posting it

    Michael Mekele

  4. OH people there should not be compromise with weyane sympathizers or activists.We should not use our money to strengthen the dictatorial regime of MZ.Asters mission is quite clear . Therefore stop attending her show and inform friends to do so.
    Why not we See SHAMBEL BELAYNEH and others who stand for the people !!
    Let’s go for freedom than slavery !

  5. The more opposition tries to over rule over SPORTS AND THE ARTS, the more they alienate moderates and others.


    Assuming opposition compensates her in monetary value that her performance generates for her living, expenses etc, even still, to boycott an artist is like arresting the wings/their spirit.

    Believe it or not our artists experience the Hollywood syndrome of glamour, fame etc, and yet their very personal lives can be a different story. The least her funs at the other isle can do is, let her be free.
    Just like you are away from your country is in experience of freedom to write and express, you need to be aware not to pass the defining line.
    Most likely people despise Solomon Tekalegn (I do for these reasons) not necessarily just because he changed camp, but the way he changed: trying to tarnish names, integrity, and professional credit of those people who were very much his benefactors. The cheap way he praises as a sell out the mythic tell of the “eye brow” story as if prophecy is fulfilled and Aba Tebele Yerchun? the ultimate cynicism on our faith. He went wild and if material is his reward for his madness, each to his own, but he is an exceptional lesson to remember.

  6. Dear Ittu Aba Farda
    Please take it easy bro it is just noting. You don’t do harm to be forgiven you only use your privilege to comment. I agree with you as well Aster Aweke is one of the top singers in the country and I like her music too. Particularly the one she played before she left home I have lots of memories but these days she looks as if she is siding the minority regime may be it because of money but there are a lot of artists who distance themselves from woyannes and at the same time make money. So we want her to behave that way and we will bring our love back to her. She has to also know the money is coming from the majority, the people.

  7. Eden1 # 56

    Kudos to you sis. I second you. Performing is the way she makes her living. We need to be able to distinguish between her performing at events and her endorsing the party, in this case ANDM. You said it all and I won’t add anything.


  9. Eden1
    Thanks and I knew you had me in mind when you wrote that comment. And yes I sure will vigorously debate with you in the event we happen not to agree on some issues. Cheers!

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