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Meles Zenawi’s daughter pukes

The 22-yea-old daughter of Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi {www:puke}s from over-eating and drinking…
Meles Zenawi's daughter Semehal
… while over 80,000 resident of the capital city, including children, survive by eating trash (see here) at the city dump. See more photos here about the over-fed and {www:over-indulgent} children of the ruling Woyanne junta. The photo above shows Semehal puking at the side of a road after a night of partying at an exclusive night club where children of the ruling tribal junta throw lavish parties several times per week. The little girl in the photo below looks for food to eat at the Addis Ababa city garbage dump.
Ethiopian children surviving on trash

113 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s daughter pukes

  1. The children of Ethiopia are at loss because daily fight off dogs,cats,and rodents for survival.

    Ethiopians,what would you do if the robber’s daughter was yours?

    Ethiopians don’t know what went wrong with the robber’s daughter.She has access to computers and millions of dollars,but she is armed and dangerious.

  2. Meles children deserve indvisual right. We should leave them alone. we all did not chose to be a sun of some one.

    I wish Ethiopian review does not post such things.

    But God help little kid. Let us work for a better day for every one in Ethiopia.
    “Say No to racism”

    God Bless Ethiopia!

  3. 55 GOBEZ don’t be “terati” you stupid tegadalites run fast to destroy and now take that junk that comes with it even though you all tegadalaite are illiterate and stupid.

  4. If I remember right, Meles’s daughter was having a high school graduation party at Sheraton Hotel in 2005, the same day her father’s personal Agazi Army were pouring down deadly bullets on young Ethiopians. Some of the young Ethiopians that were killed on her graduation day were the same age as her and some of them even a lot younger. Now, she is a full grown adult with a BA degree of some sort and probably working on her masters degree how to manage her fathers looted money. I agree with some of you that she has nothing to do with her father’s sin, but now as an adult, she is a fair game unless she comes out and make a statement against her father’s crime as Fidel Castro’s daughter had done. And she needs to come out and say thank you to Ethiopian people for her privileged life and for paying her school tuition, her car, clothes and room and board and for the amount of alcohol she consumes.

  5. Meles is a public figure though self-appointed and elected. Anyone who is elected into a public office, let alone the weyane who rather selected itself, is normal to be scrutinized. The family members are also not immune from scrutiny, particularly, if engaged in an appropriate way at the expense of the public finance which otherwise  should have been used to help the poor vulnerable children who need it the most for their basic necessity. 
    No doubt that her dad is a monster but she didn’t help promote her monster dad’s image by engaging in such an extravagant & immoral act while fellow Ethiopians are tortured, starved & killed. It’s also as rediculous arguement to suggest the priority of the human right for privacy of this girl at the expense of the basic human right for life & basic dignity of  thousands & millions of the voiceless. 
    Pictures cannot lie but the other side of the arguement  is that great care should be taken not to blame one simply as result of guilt by association (via family). I say this because of  famous Eritrean experience. A simple example out of hundreds that helped Eritrean revolution succeed can be a man working for Derg who got so many jailed, tortured & killed, led an immoral life. His son had a choice to have good life & follow in his father’s extravagant life style. Inspired by his mother’s moral guidance, he made a principled stand. He joined the EPLF to sacrifice against what his immoral father was doing. The father blamed & abused his mother. The wife started to work for EPLF undercover, while pretending to support her husbands indefensible cause. If EPLF had tarred the whole family with the same brush simply as a result of “guilt by association”,then the revolution would have been severely weakened. Even the derg polit bureau member and governor of Keren, Mussie Bekit had one of his sisters as formidable EPLF fighter. Bad should always be countered with good, from within or without. EPLF was born out of men in their early 20’s, not only dreaming but also pioneering new vision and literally executing it. Even now, so many family members openly come out and declare their position against a weyane sponsored puppet stationed in Mekele.
     Isayas Afeworki’ children did their SawA National service including military service like any other Eritreans non of his family members enjoy previlage unlike Meles.  His favourite daughter graduated this summer in sawa while meles’ daughter leads an extravagant life. One can only lead by examples by walking the talk. The US might have declared “IN GOD WE TRUST” on their bills, but do they walk the talk as it says in the bible that “……Faith without deeds is dead” 18.Some may argue, “Some people have faith; others have good deeds.” but I say, “how canyou show me your faith if you don’t have good deeds? I’ll show you my faith by my good deeds” James 2: 14-25
    While the US has nothing to show for all the talk, their puppet weyane might also be articulate ( chole) in the talking department but he has no legs to walk the talk as his daughter also demonstrates that literally when her legs fell her after an extravagant night. 
    So I’m sure, in Ethiopia too, as long as the majority public are united with a clear vision, no doubt many children would sometime in the future break out of their parents’ brutal ways to open the floodgate for many more to follow. eventhough, It’s always good to call a spade a spade, one should refrain from accusing onother without any evidence simply as a result of guilt by association. Here the evidence is clear. Hypocrites have got to be exposed. Dick Cheney campained against guy marriage but the press revealed that his daughter is a lesbian & doesnot necessary support her dad on that issue. Elias is doing a simple reportage based on a glaring pictoral evidence depicting the two extremes of life of thousand of children scavenging for their daily bread in  contrast with the ruler’s daughter totally wasted in the middle of the street, not to mention wasting the public finance that should otherwise be used to help feed, educate and shelter those vulnerable children of God.
    The children need to be aware that it’s their right to be treated with dignity & opportunities. And the publicshould understand that it’s their duty to help their fellow human beings. The reward will come from above. It’s emphesised in the bible that Jesus says he suffers with those children and not helping those children is tantamount to not helping him.
    So does Islam advocate, a religion of peace, charity and central to helping the vulnerable.
    Ethiopians and Eritreans don’t lack morality but more emphasis should be made on the actions.
    My mum always used to say “Actions speaks louder than words.”
    Have a blessed weekend!        

  6. Elias! your relentless effort in exposing the prevailing harsh reality in the present day Ethiopia is greatly appreciable .There is nothing wrong in bringing to light the stark truths.keep continue exposing the paradox of life in woyanes Ehiopia.

  7. very sick. the ugly woman is not a child. she is over 21. indulging with the looted money while the poor trash eating children are dying everyday is unacceptable. leba ye leba lij.

  8. The truth matters Ladies and gentle men. The truth is always bitter and a very hard to swallow kind of a pill hence people on the other side of the isle are usually angry. The picture is exactly what you see and what you get. That is the reality that we all Ethiopians are. The off spring of a serpent is a serpent. The Melese regime or family for that matter, don’t give a dam about Ethiopia.
    By the way , Not only is she the daughter of a serpent but also she is just as ugly. I hope you die from over eating and drinking just as the poor Ethiopians are dying from starvation.

  9. Elias, you realy rattle the cage hard all these Woyane foot soldiers cried hard at your post, Guys just he is a journalist at his best, if you don’t like it Sorry just contact the Woyanes law firm at DC.

  10. It is really sad to see this picture. I cried bitterly. Can we find sponsor for this little angel?
    As to the first daughter let her and her friends enjoy now Her father and his party TPLF steal from these desperate people. God shall intervene.

  11. I don’t get this?

    Why some people gets upset in this post. Showing picture of ” royal family” and their subject in comparison is not only fare game but a moral responsibility.

  12. YE EBAB LIJ EBAB NEW. I have no sympathy for this bastard. If she is not she will be a declared criminal, that is for sure.
    Mother Criminal + Father Criminal = daughter criminal,
    Elias you have done a great job. Well done brother

  13. Elias, even though there are points that I don’t agree with you, in this case u are absolutly right to expose any member of the ruling dictators who are benefiting and regurgitating at the expense of the people of Ethiopia’s misery. It is a known fact that whenever this kind of articles come out, those ready woyane cadres come forward behind the disguise of the internet looking like true Ethiopian, using moderate words to convience us that it is immoral, and unethical to use this kind of articles. Their masters are pursicuting and imprisoning innocent people at trumped up charges, case in point Birtukan Mideksa, here they are trying to teach us about moral and ethics. Look, u are living in a free world and u get a free ride, a free plate form where u can forward your morale nonesense. Why don’t you tell that to your brutal dictators. After all she is not a child anymore. She is a gun totting 22 year old ADULT.

  14. Elias,you are a sick bastard person i have ever seen in my life time.Why do you want to write always about the bad things of your peopole?What ever the parents do ,their kids are not to blame.

  15. Elias,
    We do oppose Meles Zenawi. We are all striving for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. Meles’s army has killed kids and women in the streets of Addis Ababa. We are all opposed and dismayed by what Meles Zenawi did to shame and humiliate a strong innocent woman politician Ethiopia never had – Bertukan Mideksa – to break her and our will – which we all think is such a low class thing to do. No matter what they do we should teach the weyanes that we always take a higher ground – even if they senselessly humiliated an innocent woman on public television only because they have the gun. However, this girl is an innocent citizen – an Ethiopian Citizen. Neither the streets in Addis nor the Agazzies are her responsibilities. She is just born in to a wealthy family with power and she is living in it. So let’s take the fight to where it should be. This is a website that is quoted by Newsweek and the like. It should live upto its standard and we all want this website to be taken seriously whenever we have more important things to say. There are so many human rights issues and corruption going on in Ethiopia to report and discuss. Please take a high ground and remove this picture – this is not to please the TPLF or anyone. It is THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!! We are not struggling to attack innocent personalities. The kids of red terror killers are not responsible for the red terror, neither any kid in ethiopia for what their parents do.

  16. y u guys r so sick to report zis aimless reports. zis is sick. u guys have to work for the betterment of ur country. don’t make z good sides ugly while they are not. zis is insane. MP’s daughter is just one citizen she aint the picture of ethiopia. let her have fun enjoy. ohhhhhhhh so u want her to beg for grain is that what u want? u guys disgust me. u’ve no sense of ethiopian in u. if u were ethiopian u’d’ve told of the good things and the development.

  17. Bravo Elias!

    All those who now are shedding crocodile tears are just hypocritical liers. It is ok for the midget pimp to humiliate our symbol of freedom Birtukan, and suddenly it is not ok to humiliate him. No, we don’t buy that!


  19. to ben says

    Don’t even dare to ask who my god is unless you are a devil with horns and tails. Stay put, I ain’t talking to you at all. Yes I can see that you are a blood thirsty vampire. Hailesellassie’s childern and even some of powerful derg kids were spoiled and it is normal for most young kids to go the same way she is going. Your types pukes into retirement what is the big deal. Attack meles and his gang and wait till this girl grows up and decided her destiny. Your big mouth knows how to creat enemies but when it comes to saving the country your mouth is in you a**.

  20. the way you write the news is shameful please try to read how to make news. make it general not hate and personal. we have no problem whether she it and drink so much

  21. 65. Ethiopiyawiw says:

    No. 65 has a very good comment. A child is innocent. whether from a criminal or good family, as a human being should have a right. This girl has a right as an ethiopian and she is not responsible for anything. We have to strive to build a system where innocent people are protected. If meles has to be hunged be it but leave his children alone. Dont be genocidal. You are behaving like a fools where they kill any family memeber when they fail to find the perpetrator. Otherwise we will destroy our ethics and even our country. A friend of mine told me that if he finds mengistu’s son or doughter he will kill them because he killed his dad. I had a very long talk with him that he is wrong and he was conviced after a nerve racking and long discussion. A doughter could later in life realize that her dad is wrong could turn into revolutionary person who is against the system. A son of a hero could turn into a traitor. People always come out different but no guartantee. The Ethiopian revolution in 1974 was led by some of the feudal lords children. When people get good education sometimes they turn against their own. So let us realize that and some of your ignorants go to school you may change and become different cool people too instead of mean and cruel useless people.

  22. Some disturbing individual , Gobeze#55 has issued a threat saying…. 
    ‘This dumb ass “ahya” is calling his death. Let us see what is coming in the near future.’
    It’s oxymoron to bring in the ‘AHYA’ factor but as far as the threat & cold blood assassination is concerned, weyane is only 2nd to the CIA. 
    Gobeze is so dumb that even a donkey would dare call him ‘AHYA’ for he couldn’t even figure out that his own boss, meles, being the ‘AHYA’ & gobeze himself the ‘WERENCHILA’. Perhaps he is an agazi death squad waiting to be given a foreign assignment. People in Ethiopia have to take as many pics as possible with digital camera, mobile phone or any other way and share it so as to spot and get this savage squads under public surveillance.
    Another comical weyanite, ironically, calling himself “The truth” (not truth), Called Elias, “a sick bastard person that he had ever seen in his life time.” Perhaps he is Meles-blind. He’s so comical that he even asked  what he’d probably consider as an intelligent question. The weyanite Einestein asked Elias,  “Why do you want to write always about the bad things of your peopole?” 
    What good thing that is beneficial to the people can Mr “the truth” tell us. Let’s hear it if you ever have any.
    With a meles-blind eye & a cuckoo blocked ear, this plonker with a brain as thick as three planks of woods, couldn’t see that the reportage is balanced and pictorially evident with good innocent and vulnerable people(children) searching a meal if not 3 meals a day promised by meles in contrast with a your girl, perhaps with a bad upbringing, doing what some of your sick people consider a good thing wasting herself alongside with wasting the public purse that, otherwise, should have been used to help those children. For a blind ‘Werenchilla’ like you, you are not expected to understand the logic behind that. No one would have cared if she was splashing her own or parents’ hard earned money.
    It’d be too late by the time you get that.
    Jesus promised the kingdom of God to the poor and almost ruled out the chance of the filthy rich to inherit the kingdom of God as difficult as a camel going through a needle hole. Eventhough one might not rule out the Midget Meles trying his chance through a needle hole. 
    James  2:6 says”…. But you dishonour the poor! Isn’t it the rich who oppress you and drag you into court? Aren’t they the ones who slander Jesus Christ, whose noble name you bear?
    It’s time to come to your senses before it’s too late.

  23. Zegenu #59

    I felt the same way as U did.
    I wake up this morning with vivid picture of that small girl.

    It is not that hard to relieve this young girl from this misery. I know there are hundred thousands kids out on the street . But it is her picture amid the trash that made us sick/ ashamed

    If somehow we find this girl, I will contribute my share to help this kid out. A price of daily cup of coffee can sponsor this girl.

    Now, the hardest task is finding this kid. Elias, you shed the miserable life this little kid endures to the world. Please help us finding her….

  24. Elias …………

    I have no words. You are doing great. Let others talk and you keep up the good job. I am surprised reading some of the funniest comments above. Some of the weyanes dogs are going mad and want to divert the issue here.
    Guys Elais did not mention any crimes of Semehal. He just post the fact. One thing you idiots must know is if I am the daughter of a President/PM, I should know that I amd subject to scrutiny. YOU CAN NOT HAVE THE CAKE AND EAT IT.

    Either be an ordinary guy and do what ever you like or wine and dine in the palance and get f..ked by the media 24/7.

    Weynedo minew indate ayinet and hulet lela binoren tiru neber. Indezih asaririlin.

  25. It is funny that many of the ppl writing above are woyanes?? Why is that? I go only once in a blue moon to Aiga forum.
    Meles was an alchoholic in her age when he was in somalia,so she is.He had a gun on his hand on her age,So she has it.What left now for her is messing east africa ,terrorizing elderly ppl and children; robbing the wealth of the nation;mass killing and harassing the entire PPl in Ethiopia.It is good to discuss about her as she is our future killer ; )

  26. The brutal dictator of North Korea’s oldest son opposes his father, I wonder, what Meles’s daughter and his other children think of their father and their mother. Let’s hope that their children don’t turn out to be as evil as their parents. Let’s hope at least one of the tyrant’s children recognizes the horrendous crimes of their father has committed on innocent Ethiopians and the thousands and thousands poor Ethiopian soldiers that Meles scarified their lives in Eritrea and Somali for his own gain. I wonder if their conscience will ever bother them later in life knowing that they were raised with the looted money and blood of poor Ethiopians.
    I also wonder about the other brutal dictator Mengestu’s children, what they think of their cold-blooded killer father. By the way, I want Mengstu’s children to know that, their father was a lesser evil than Meles, nevertheless an evil man.

  27. I don’t get the fact that some folks are sympathizing with this chick. The point is that she would not have been in the position that she find herself in from over eating and drinking if she was born from the poor family as the one who is eating of the trash. Ato Melese might have less than 10 years to live but who do you think will take all the reaches that he robbed from the Ethiopian people? The truth hurts to those who are on the Dictator side. It is what it is and pictures talk lauder than words which in this case is exactly what it is. It is a clear contrast from those who have and haven’t, actually comparing from those who are victims and victimizers by taking from the victim in this case the poor child.

    We all need to stop the rhetoric of biting each other and speak with one voice that enough is enough. We can not have this kind of extreme where one indulges by robbing from the people where as the other is eating from the trash. What have we come to!!! We should all be disgusted by the ruthless dictator who is systematically killing our citizens by different means, sometimes by the bullet and some other times by starving us.

    There is nothing indecent by displaying the truth. What is indecent is what you exactly see. Let us not go around and try to rationalize evil. Which ever way you put it, evil is evil.

  28. To comment no. 65,

    Your likes convinced the Ethiopian people to: “…to make civilized politics, to take the high ground, to do it peacefully… etc” and the results after 20 long years every f**ken person in the whole world knows it. I say this is a f**ken Ethiopian intellectuals cowardice at best,or outright Woyane at worst.

  29. Some of you are commenting to find someone to adopt this beautiful little girl, but since I had a horrible experience of growing up without a loving mother, in my humble opinion, if this young girl has parents, it is better to find a family that would sponsor her whole family without separating her from her poor but loving family. If some Ethiopians out there are willing and can afford to give $50.00 to 100.00 a month to send directly (without going some charity) to some of these children’s parents, it would be a great service to your country. Some of you might ask, why don’t I do it– I am far, far from what you call rich, but I am already supporting three different families with my very little income. Some of you who are rich and have more than you need, need to do something tangible for some of these starving children.
    Elias, please make sure these pictures are seen around the world. Please, send it to well known people that seems to have caring heart like Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O’donnell and the likes.

  30. Meles and anyone around him deserves no respect. Elias, you’re doing great job in puncturing the midget pimp’s image which he constructed at great expense by buying prizes, academic degrees, lecture invitations, etc. He uspends millions US$ to buy an image and you puncture it with just few lines. Bravo!

  31. Writer # 89,

    This young girl is emblem of Ethiopian poverty under Melese and his regime. People like her are trophy for Melese regime. It cashes millions of dollars in their name. Let us show this girl to ” the donners” and ask them where did go billions of dollars they sent to Ethiopia so far.

  32. ‘Just an external observer’ I disagree with your idea. You want to attack Meles by attacking his daughter. That is really studpid. Our problem is with the political system Meles created not with his daughter. How many young people go out and party all night long in Addis? Why hers is a big topic?

  33. There are thousands of gilrs of her age partying in addis whose parents are not woyanne. I think children should be judged by their own merits rather than their parents.

  34. Meles Zenawi’s daughter is 22 years old, thus she is not a child but a woman. I would also have problem with alcohol if a were the daugther of one of the world’s most brutal tyrants.

  35. Truth#91,
    Knowing tyrant Melese, I understand what you are saying. At the same time, videos, photos and stories of these desperate children can also be used to humiliate and expose the looter and blood sucker billionaire dictator Melese and his multimillionaire TPLF buddies. It depends how well it is reported.

  36. This girl has serious psychological problems and needs to be treated.It is unfortunate.As much as I hate her dad and the agazi killers, I kind of feel sory for her.She needs help

  37. #92 Anonymous, you make it sound as if we live in a democarcy and what goes in the US goes also for us in Ethiopia. In democracies, say the US, leaders do not abuse power and the public respects their privacy. They respect the public and the public respects their private life. Your pimp boss Meles is not playing by such civilized rules, he deserves what he is getting from us. You know what! We have been too kind to this idiot while he has been brutalizing us, but not anymore. Meles and those around him (that might include you) deserve no respect from us.

  38. Stone heads do not get it please think criticaly. It is not abaout the kid it is about the difference. Meles need to think about other kids as his own kids as well. You guys need to think is meles is engaged in reducing poverty in Ethiopia. Picture explains more than words. Otherwise Elias is doing his best in fighting this notorous slave government. Ethiopians specialy the Amharas need to do more help the rebel groups both financialy and moraly. Otherwise you will guys will remain screen tigers belive me.

  39. Do you feel accomplished? I ask this because I feel that articles like this deter you from your true goal which should be to educate and inform the public on the current political situations in Ethiopia and how they can be improved. I feel like you should be focusing on Meles’s policies rather than what his 22 year-old is doing during the night. Instead of criticizing his child, why aren’t you out there trying to help those starving children? I’m a 16 year old high school student, and I would like to know what is actually going on in my country, not what the leader’s daughter, who has no influence on the policies enacted in the country is doing.

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