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Meles Zenawi’s daughter pukes

The 22-yea-old daughter of Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi {www:puke}s from over-eating and drinking…
Meles Zenawi's daughter Semehal
… while over 80,000 resident of the capital city, including children, survive by eating trash (see here) at the city dump. See more photos here about the over-fed and {www:over-indulgent} children of the ruling Woyanne junta. The photo above shows Semehal puking at the side of a road after a night of partying at an exclusive night club where children of the ruling tribal junta throw lavish parties several times per week. The little girl in the photo below looks for food to eat at the Addis Ababa city garbage dump.
Ethiopian children surviving on trash

113 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s daughter pukes

  1. Your website has no limits of how low it can get. You are one sorry excuse of a man Elias you disloyal (thinking Eritrea is going to “save Ethiopia”) fool ass bitch made punk. I love the fact that you will never step into the country that you were born. You will forever scour these dirty trenches like the rat that you are bitch…

  2. # 100 Anonymous, you sound as if you care for Elias’ project of dismantling the pimp dictatorship in Ethiopia. You try a tired gimmick, you sound as if you basically support Elias overal goals but disagree with him on this. You cheating nobody but yourself. It is a good sign though to see that the pimp is losing his vocal supporters (paid henchmen). It is good that you don not dare support him openly.

  3. Anonymous#100,
    I doubt very much that you are a sixteen year old boy/girl, regardless your age, I am pleased that you are interested to know what is happening in Ethiopia. If you don’t know by now, Ethiopians are living in HELL under TPLF dictatorship. The behavior of Meles’s daughter and the video of trash eating Ethiopian children is a testimony what is really going on in Ethiopia, the have and the have not. Twenty years ago, Meles, his wife Azeb and the rest of their TPLF close criminal friends were penniless and now have become billionaires and multimillionaires by looting the poorest country in the world. Pictures don’t lie my friend. Looter Meles’s daughter and the other looters of TPLF members children are living large, going to the best schools and getting whatever their little hearts desire. In a way I feel sorry for these spoiled children that are already addicted with alcohol, cigarettes and possibly some other drugs that money can buy. Most of the time, unappreciative spoiled children that are raised with access end up being drug addicted and criminal of some sort and be problems for society.
    Elias is just reporting the truth, while the looters’ children partying, drinking, smoking cigars and enjoying life to the fullest with stolen money, millions of Ethiopians struggle to get one meal a day, as you have seen on the video many children go through the trash to find some rotten food and sleep with empty stomach. According to the UN report, 12 to 15 million Ethiopians depend on food Aid, and 7 to12 Ethiopians are expected to die of starvation. Instead of giving the most fertile land to foreigners, Meles could have done a lot for Ethiopia by growing enough food to feed Ethiopians and even extra to export to other countries. But, the most hateful man Meles would rather see Ethiopian children starve to death than seeing the children of Ethiopia get a fraction of what his own children are getting.

  4. The Robbers’ daughter can turn the wheels of the car that she drives back and forth;of course,she can;but she can not turn the clock back and say to her robbers father and mother:- i don’t want you to birth me.She was born in the wild and reared in the wild,and was not growen up in a normal family;therefore,how could she be behaving like a normal child.She sticks her tongue whereever and whenever she thinks it fits for the purpose it is stuck in her bad mouth.But at the age she is now,she must be knowning that everything and anything spent on her,all that huge expenses and all those tons of bills and many other expenses came from the billions of dollars and resources that were looted and stolen from Ethiopians;this,she must know well.

    As a person,the robbers’ daughter is fortunate and lucky because as an adult she must know by now that she is well trained in shooting and has guns and bullets in her purse and hands.

    Millions of dallar is at her fingertips like she has a lethal weapon in her hands;she has access to banks,she has access to guns,she has access to alchols,and she has criminal father and mother;so what is that she does not have?

    She does not have peaceful mood.

  5. Elias don’t be destracted by some apologists (undercover woyanes). The sibling of a parasite is also a parasite. When you remove a parasite you attack the whole colony. As far as I am concerned the whole extended family of any woyane is a fair game. We need to archive any and all available information for jugdment day — keep up the good work!

  6. Elias you did a good job. You have shown the gap between the elite and the poor. This is not about Meles’ daughter and the poor little girl we are looking on the picture. It’s about the life of the elite group and the poor citizens. It really reflects the reality. I hope most of your readers got the message. Bravo.

  7. Her heartless Dad did not show any regret for the killing of innocent children like the beautiful , Shibre. The bunch of Wussies who cry foul should remember the life of the massacared.

  8. #10 don’t you know what preety means??? All of her pictures tells us (yinageral photo) or show us who is she “inside and outside”. She is ugly like her… !!!. diros yeman liji nechina!!! sekaram, tifatam, Do you have any idea how many kids can get food to eat atleast once per day???

    ye-ethiopian hizbe deme(blood) newe yemititefaw.

    This message is not only for her, also the others who act like her. There are somany others yemitefu yebalesiltan lijoch. But God is watching every thing. We are waiting of his judgement.

    God bless all Ethiopian kids who can’t get food, shelter, and clothings. I always pray for them.

  9. The little girl is an Ethiopian and she is a homeless.She was born to a homeless mother whose father and mother,once upon a time were bread-winneres.Zinawians created a world for her and she lives in it.

    She is in a mess because she can’t read or write and she is hungry.

    Ethiopians,you have a wallet in your pocket,but she has nothing in her future.

    When Zinawian robbers came into Ethiopia,they were barefoot,but had a lot of guns and bullets to loot and kill Ethiopians.Time favored them and invaded Ethiopia.They did not waste time.They scattered allover and accross Ethiopia and quickly moved into the towns,the villages,the cities,and the neighborhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of the families.

    Ethiopians,as you know,she will be deeply in your debt, if you hold her hand and take her out of the world that Zinawians created for her.She is in a mess.

    Today,everything anything that is available above and below the lands,in Ethiopia is owned,controlled,and run by Zinawian robbers.Their children have access to millions of dollars,their children have access to alchols,their children have access to guns and bulletes and they are armed and dangerious.What does the little homeless girl have? God and you,Ethiopians.

  10. Foolish people do not criticize always….learn how to appriciate and remember that it is MELES who fought for our freedom…..otherwise we would be living in Hell….and his doughter is never to be jugded by his deeds anyway……

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