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USAID awards $50 mln for Ethiopia health services project

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WASHINGTON– The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded a $50 million cooperative agreement to U.S.-based Pathfinder International to fund a five-year program that will make sustainable improvements to key family health services and planning in Ethiopia.

The project will work in selected districts at national, regional, district and community levels to improve maternal, newborn and child health. It will operate largely in support of Ethiopia’s health extension program, training outreach workers to make services better and more available. The project will undertake efforts to provide child health services including immunization, improved access to nutrition and clean water, vitamin A distribution, treatment of diarrheal disease and pneumonia, and education on safe birthing practices and newborn care.

The program will also address a lack of family planning services in Ethiopia–apparent from the U.S.-based Demographic and Health Survey, which is widely considered the gold standard for health data in Ethiopia and many countries around the world. The survey indicates that the average Ethiopian man or woman would prefer to have 4.0 children, while the actual average is 5.4. Furthermore, 34 percent of married women in Ethiopia want to wait at least two years between births or stop childbearing entirely, but are not using contraception. The new program will respond to this need by training nurses and community workers on family planning methods and by offering a range of contraceptives.

In addition to supporting better maternal, newborn and child health across the country, the program also aims to ease population growth rates, and thereby alleviate the economic strain on Ethiopian families and a dwindling food supply.

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The American people, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, have provided economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide for nearly 50 years.

CONTACT: USAID Public Information, 202-712-4810
SOURCE U.S. Agency for International Development

4 thoughts on “USAID awards $50 mln for Ethiopia health services project

  1. Once the facist Woyanne regime is thrown out for good the first order of business for the next government of Ethiopia should be to throw out USAID. This organization is nothing but a tool for the US state department to kill a country’s economy. Eritrea did it a few years ago and is much better off as a result, I guarantee you there will be temporary growing pains once you throw away these NGOs and aid agencies who are nothing but a tool to destroy a country’s human resource and the ability to solve your own problems yourself. As long as a country is dependent on these entities it will never be able to solve its own problems.

    Despite the USAID being in Ethiopia for decades the problems in Ethiopa keep getting worse and as long as they are that way this organization will have fertile ground to paralize the Ethiopian peoples ability to improve their economy and social services. There will still be famine after famine while Woyanne will temporarily claim “double digit” growth in their bogus economy.

  2. The world have been hearing about donations and awards, supports, etc., that have been going on endlessely but the bitter truth is that all of their well publicised fancy awards, donations and grants of all sorts directly and indirectly end up in the private and secret pockets of the corrupt and greedy minority dictators.

    As long as we have an unrepresentative, illegitimate and

    undemocratic minority dictatorial corrupt bad government, the 80 million Ethiopian people will always suffer under ignorance, starvation, multiple sicknesses and diseases as well as alarming misery on this planet earth.

    So, please deal with the basic problems of governance and empowerment and enabling legitimate democratic state. Cheering endless crumbs and left over donations meant for temporary relief leads to no where!

    In Ethiopia, we have all the necessary resources for the realistic conversion of that country in to the real GARDEN OF EDEN ON EARTH.

  3. Just good for nothing because while the USAID is trying to build a healthy family, the so called weyane agazi army will destroy triple and quadruple amounts of family in a single day along with many other atrocities of weyane task forces duties. However if USAID has his own task forces to carry out its duties that would be a much better strategy to help out many ethiopians life who are already in danger with famine, malnutrition, and many other social problems that comes due to BAD GOVERNACE AND BAD POLICY OF WEYANE. My wish is if the US is stops directly supporting the weyane criminals financially, then our dreams will come true. Of course the so called EPRP monks have also to stop insulting and start fighting the weyanes along with many Ethiopians.

  4. There are similarities between running a country and a family. You wouldn’t want a stranger to come into your home and tell you how you should manage your family. You are more likely to succeed when you genuinely rely on yourself.

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