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Woyanne arrests Addis Ababa ‘bomb suspects’

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is no doubt that the Meles regime itself is behind the bombings.

ADDIS ABABA (Xinhua) — Suspects of terrorist bombings have been seized over the past months at a few places in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, said the Federal Police (Meles Zenawi’s private death squad) on Saturday.

Police said in a statement that they put under control some of the suspects while activities to track down on the others continued.

A mini-bus exploded on May 20 in central Addis Ababa, in which six passengers were killed and five injured, police said.

Police said they have managed now to identify the remaining suspects. Meanwhile, they said suspects of bombing at two filling stations in the capital city on May 14 have been seized.

One of the seized ones who goes by the name of Yisak Gute is the most notorious terrorist who coordinated terrorists acts, solicited money, faked documents, among other things, said the police statement.

Yadessa Serbessa Bonsa, who had received training outside Ethiopia, coordinated both bombings, police said.

15 thoughts on “Woyanne arrests Addis Ababa ‘bomb suspects’

  1. It was Weyanne who is terrorising our people & not other oposition groups.Meles regime has always involved in such ruthless criminal acts in order to divert people attention from main & crusial demands,the resignation of the TPLF government which lost totally the credebility of 80 million ethiopians in 2005 election.
    Woyanne can not fool any one. The time has come,the end of this brutual tyranni.
    god Bless ETHIOPIA !!!


  3. OMG this guys are in hurry to destroy Oromo
    from Ethiopia. I dont know what is inside the Vessels of Oromo Intellectuals and Politics or may the urinate their Bile .

  4. That is TPLF’s an usual lies. Any othere Ethiopians could not do such an evile job against innocent ethiopians. only the foreign mecernarry TPLF ,who are working day and night for the destruction of ethiopia in support of ethiopia’s hsitorical enemies like egypt and sudan. So all those bombs were planeted by TPLF killers.

  5. It is all fake! Woyane is doing just damage control and or way of arresting antiwoyanes.

    If you wait a little they may say it is a plan of G-7 incollaboration with Andenet. Wait and see guys.

  6. Meles I’m sure you read what we read so let me tell you something your days are numbered,I wonder what goes on in your little brain of yours. I don’t want you to get killed, in fact i want you to live a very long miserable life with agony and suffering.I hope they will make you cry like a baby in prison. You will not be allowed a visitation right by your family members but your ugly wife will be screaming in the other side of the prison. Your visitors will be the victims off your crime including the family members of the murdered civilians of your merciless act.

  7. I don’t really support killing civilians, it is of no worth. I would be very much happy if the people who did this are caught and punished by the victims’ family. The victims have nothing to do with the government, they were just returning home to their families from a work. It is a shamefull act. It is like killing innocent poeple in Ogaden, Oromia, Addis, and many other places.

  8. What the Tigre “Woyane” are doing to the Oromos and Somalis is equivalent to genocide. Mark my words the end of Meles ‘ll force Oromos and Somalis among other Ethiopians to retaliate against those who are commiting crime against humanity. It is ironic that not only the criminals will pay for the seventeen years of Crime against Ethiopians but it will have a trickle down effect on their cheerleaders!!!

    This is what Mesfin and his disciples call “not Enemies” – Woyanes and the cheerleading Tigres are certianly enemies of the Oromo – sooner or later they will pay for this!!!

  9. Der Jaleta
    Bro make no mistake .Please don’t generalized all Tigraway is woyane which is wrong . Off course you may be confused why Tigreans are so silentr what ever happen in Ethiopia even the land given to sudan . You may think because they support it which is not the case the problem is every Tigraway spy each other by divide and rule policy ( Agame spy Raya,Adwa againist Tenben etc )and there is a formal cell leader for each 10 group of people we call it ” Gujele” if somthing happen in Tigray the chance of the issue known by the killer squad is 10000 x faster than the rest of ethiopia .This does not mean other ethiopians not spied they do but the case of Tigray to serious as the mafia group knowingly abuse the grand Struggle for freedom and affraid the people. Let’s focus on the junita @ 4 KILO and unite aginist our common enemy

  10. How else can minority genocidal Wayane stay in power if it does not accuse all of its victims turn by turn according to its self serving current political climate?

    First commiting direct genocide and mass murder turn by turn against the Amharas, the Sidamas, the Oromos, the Somalis and other Ethiopians.

    Then playing on their past feelings of grienvances, dividing and forcing the same victims to kill and work against each other, thereby only benfiting Wayane killers and prolonging its life span.

    Next, pick up each one of the victims turn by turn and accuse them for violence and terrorism being deliberately articulated by the professional and known Wayane terrorists operating nationally and internationally for the last some 45 years both in urban and rural areas.

    What a cunning fox dressed in sheep skins?

    May be the timing, framing and articulation of the fake propaganda is directly and indirectly meant to help people like prof. Mesfin and his type of new Wayane supporter’s “peaceful struggle” just to pamper the Wayane dictatorship and help the butchers keep its power monopoly after its big supporter Mr. Bush soon leaves office, closing firmily the finacial pipeline.

    The funds being blindely squandered by Mr.Bush currently on human butchering African dictators may be soon helping poor Americans in their educational, healthcare, housing, employments, etc, well beings.

    Lie Wayane lie Big as usual! Run Wayane run Fast up to China and back! But for how long?

  11. The Meles regime is immoral and treasonous and need to stop making Ethiopia’s neighbours scapegoats in order to prolong its stay in power. The weyannes don’t see any problem with ceding Ethiopian land to Sudan. Therefore everyone should know that Meles Zenawi and his gangster regime is behind the bombings in Ethiopia and no amount of spin will change this fact.

  12. Look at the timing of the arrest of the “suspect terrorist bombings”, the World Criminal Court judge is in Addis in order to seek to bring the Sudanese president to justice for his support of genocide in Darfur. From the bomb blast killings you remember there was one victim, an American scientist. It is he who counts for Meles, not the poor Ethiopians who perished alongside that scientist. And if you see the other development, what is the “shire gud” of the “Bandira day” taking place in Ethiopia? Hasn’t MEles given a huge chunk of land to Sudan recently? Hasn’t Meles said that the same “bandira” is “cherk” like worthless thing? Hasn’t a donkey seen dressed with Ethiopian flag while parading in a recent TPLF celebrations, and Meles seen enjoying it from the tribune? These are all fake things in order to deceive the World while the brutal dictator is continuing his act of dismemberment of Ethiopia, to achieve his goal, which is building “Abay Tigray” on the ashes of Ethiopia!
    Ethiopian compatriots please wake up and let us save our mother land: combine all means of struggle!
    Ethiopia should prevail,
    Thank you

  13. This isethnic cleansing against Oromo in its purest form, perpetrated by the genocidal regime of Meles Zenawi. Meles must understand that in certain future he will face a charge for crimes against humanity, just as we have learned over the weekend about his friend Omar al-Bashir. We Oromo expect no justice from the international community whatsoever! We will take the matter in our hands and don’t hesitate to exterminate a group that has preyed on our people. The time will certainly come. A prerequisite is that, the inept, half baked and indolent OLF should wither away, which has strangulated our struggle for too long, for Oromo to defend itself!

  14. The bombings were orchestrated by weyane. It was a deliberated game that was organized by Meles Seytanawi Tribal Organization (TPLF) to divert the international community as if Weyene who is terrorizing its own people as a member of coalition of anti terror ally with the US and Europe. The Meles gangster group has done this kind tragedy many times in different parts of Ethiopia to get the attention, while the Ethiopian people clearly knows who were the organizers, and participants of the bombing. The meles dictatorial fascist has continuously accusing OLF by keep arresting those Ethiopians who are ethnically oromo but have nothing got to do with the bombing. Even from the recent arrest of Meles seytanawi private squad report, the name of the fake suspect tells us simly it is game to accomplish two things by the Meles controlled weyane idiot illegitimate members, one is to accuse OLF as a terrorist organization and secondly to silent many civilians not to join any parties against weyane, especially the oromo people form joining OLF and other parties against weyane.

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