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AU warns world court over prosecution of a`ql-Bashir

EDITOR’S NOTE: African Union (AU) is a corrupt organization that is created to protect the interests of African vampires like Meles and al-Bashir, not the interest of Africans.

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) — The African Union said Saturday that plans by the International Criminal Court to prosecute Sudanese government officials for alleged warcrimes could jeopardize peace efforts in Darfur.

In a statement released after a meeting in the Ethiopian capital, the body’s Peace and Security Council “expressed its strong conviction that the search for justice should be pursued in a way that does not impede or jeopardize efforts aimed at promoting lasting peace…”

The statement follows reports that prosecutors of the international court may seek the arrest of President Omar al-Beshir for warcrimes committed by his forces in the western province of Darfur.

The Council said it had been briefed on the ICC’s plans on Friday by the court’s deputy prosecutor, and “reiterated the AU’s concern with the misuse of indictments against African leaders.”

It said the UN Security Council itself, in a March 2005 resolution, had “emphasized the need to promote healing and reconciliation” in the region.

ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo announced on Thursday that he would unveil a new case on Darfur and name suspects next Monday.

US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack on Friday confirmed newspaper reports that ICC prosecutors would seek an arrest warrant for Beshir.

It would mark the first-ever bid by the ICC, based in The Hague, to charge a sitting head of state.

28 thoughts on “AU warns world court over prosecution of a`ql-Bashir

  1. Shame to African leader! They failed to democratise at will and with respect; and now all of them are going to do it by pressure. For Africa, now we can see two possible paths to democracy; the Kenyan model and the Sudanese model. There may be a possibility of different model (third) to work in Ethiopia.

  2. These bunches of African dictators want to defend some of the African criminal leaders instead of bringing to justice those who have been mercilessly oppressing their people. I hope the International Criminal Court goes head in its plan to bring to justice the killers of the people of Darfur and continue to plan how to include Meles Zenawi to its criminal lists.

  3. The decision of ICC to arrest the butcher of 300 000 Darfurians general Al Bashir is one step forward in the international justice.

    Those black Africans were denied their human rights, were displaced, murdered, raped. Now the Butcher is struggling to save his life by begging the Arab League to condemn the ICC.

    The Arab League has to stand for rightesnous not to be a shelter of criminals. Otherwise it will loose its credibility in the muslim world as well as International community.
    Why is Al Bashir begging Russians and chinese for his safety. Darfur is not by any means equivalent to Zimbabwe. Is the life of Darfurians good for nothing?

    He and his collaborators should face justice, so that other African leaders should take a lesson from evil doers.
    Blaming the West is simply an escape goat.
    Go ahead ICC.

  4. It is not a surprise, if a wolf barks for a wolf. AU the union of dictators has never had a voice for the misery of Africans. Remember, OAU did nothing when Idi amin and others made Africa like hell.

  5. Au warns this and that…are you kidding me? how could they say such thing? I thought all AU members are employed or servants of weyane since 1991. aren’t they the same organization who are abusing Ethiopia and the Ethiopian youth? are they the same organization who decided to be silent when the innocent Ethiopian people were mowed by weyanes agazi in their front door steps? are they the same organization who are molesting the innocent Ethiopian you in Addis and environs promoting prostitutions? are they the same organization who remained silent when nearly 200,000 youth were slaughtered in a senseless border war between the Ethio-Eritrea? aren’t they the same organiztion who were entertained by weyanes prostitutes when nearly 1 million Tutsis were slaughtered in the Rwandan civil war? aren’t they the same organization who desided to remain silent when the whole Ogadenia people are being exterminated by the same weyanes soldiers? aren’t they the same organization who decided to remain silent when the whole Somalia are being awash with blood shed after blood shed? Can anybody tell me what this organization did for the good of the African people since its inception other than being the playground of the west’s amature politicians. When all the guns of Africa are silent by the peace lovers African themselves these the same baboons will be brought to the court of law in their respective village and Africans will prosper; until then death to these disfunctional weyanes prostitutes lovers!

  6. This is a yellow light for my brother Meles that one day he could be like Basher.If he has true heart,this is just step one to look himself in the mirror and do change his course to 180 degree to peacefull coexistanse and econsilation.

  7. If AU officials try to defend a criminal who evidently perpetrated genocide, it is considered as “obstruction of justice” and this by itself is a crime for which ICC could charge them. This is good development for the whole continent!
    Weyne Melesena chifrochun men yiwatachew?

  8. IIC should stop it,s double standard. all criminals includoing the bucher of addis ababa [melese]must be taken to an international criminals court. no double standard

  9. Over 800 million Africans suffer from bad governance, oppression, rape, calculated and deliberate starvation, and illegal persecution by few hundreds (heads of States and their associates in crime).
    They are, without exception, the worst of the worst who are devoid of decenct morale fibre, and humanity.
    They denied their own peoples the abc (s) of life, the very basic requirement of humanity i.e the right to exist!.

    Their cries that they are heads of sovreign states and, therefore, the world have no right to interfere in their internal affaires shouldn’t be listened to because by granting that to them is affirming their untouchability by anyone. They should not be afforded what they themselves have not afforded to their people.

    Let ICC initiate prosecuting one after another and without exception.
    How glad would ordinary Africans be if they knew that there is even a slight possibility that their tormentors would be heading for the Hague to answer for their crimes.
    I know I would.

  10. That lunatic professional mass killer and genocide perpetrator who caused and still actively causing unimaginable tragedies to the poor and the wretched Africans must by all means face justice at last.

    Too little too late but it is better late than never!

    Humanity needs to stop Africa from turning in to the fortress and grazing ground for pathological mass killers and professional genocide perpetrating serial murderers.

    Al Bashir the mass killer is sensing the approaching day of the truth and starting to urinate in his blood stained dirty trousers and begging the so called AU and the Arab league to save his deeply sinful soul.

    The African people also need to fight and fight to the end the so called African Union (AU) which is turning itself in to the club and protection umbrella for the pathological killers and souless mass murderers.

    Africa needs the Union of the people that protects the rights and privilages of each and every ordinary African, enabling them, empowering them, nurturing them, and humanizing the lives and livings the people.

  11. It is not being in favour of Albushir that I am writting this small remark but to tell the truth is it because that there was justise in this world that is equally served that hundred of thousands died in Ruwanda,is it because that this court is healthy that condemend Mugabe and favoured Meles.By the way who is going to be prosquted for the mass murder that is happening now in somalia Bush or Meles?

  12. As you put it the organization is a memebership of vampires and traitors who steal from their own people- the begining of the end for those like Beshir, Meles, Kigami and many others who all have blood of he innocent children and mothers on their hand – they are just protecting themselves – as the Zimbabwe once said to the US member at the UN – instead of talking about Mugabe why don’t you talk about Meles of Ethiopia who is committing crimes on a daily basis on his people. If you touch one you touch all-

  13. The next will be the leader of the worst terrorist group TPLF = melese. IT is A MATTER OF TIME.AU is the collection of bloody criminals and dictators , they know tommorrow will be their day that is why they are trying to stand behind the second Adolf hiteler Albashir and protect them selves cooperately.

  14. These guys know they can’t carry on killing, there will be a day when they will face justice. They can say what they want when they are in power but that will end, just like it began some time ago.

    God help Africa

  15. Let us hope this will happen. This opens a new chapter in our history, in the history of Africa. Mengistu, Bahsir, Issayas, Meles should be brought to justice. We hope the International Court of Justice finds the strenth and wisdom to arrest Bashir. Sudan Hussein was hanged. Milosovic of Yugoslavia was brought to justice. Why not Bashir, who has massgenocided more than 200000 unarmed civilians and still uses the racist word of genociding 9000. A negro betraying his own race and calling himself an arab and above all preparing and carrying out massgenocide of negros. What a pig! Bashir worse than a pig! He should be brought to justice. If the AU continues to oppose, who cares! After all, it is a worthless organisation. The AU never protested against the massgenocide in Darfur. The AU is also responsible for it. China should also beresponsible. China has to leave Sudan and Ethiopia because it is destroying our society by supporting dictators like Bashir, or Issayas-Melese!

  16. Tesfaye #25,

    Don’t be the big fool of all the fools in terms of Issais Afewerqi because he is presiding only over 5 million peacewful people but still kindly preventing the the TPLF which is a mass killer and genocide perpetrator in the Ethiopia of 80 million and Somalia of some 12 million.

    What is your real problem, can’t you the simple correlation?

    If Isaias wouldn’t have been there and acting as a determined preventive and balancing force against the pathological Wayane mass killers you would’t have anything called Ethiopia by now, but only THE GREAT DEMOCRATIC TIGRIAN REPUBLIC ALONE.

    With out Isaiase’s balancing effect, Ethiopia would have simply been an extinct ex-empire just like the byegone Byzantine empire or the good Dynosaurus community in the animal kingdom.

    Mind you if it were not for Issaias’s balancing and preventive influences the violent minority TPLF who have been committing inhuman genocides against the Amharas, the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Somalis and other good Ethiopians would have had endless killing years.

    You see even the EU, Norway, etc. powers have recognized his constructive efforts and ssistting him to undetake his constructive role.

    So please don’t mix apples and oranges only because they happen to be fruits!

  17. No wonder AU opposes the prosecution of Al’Bashir. It is a collection of criminals. Imagine Meles, Mugabe, Mubarak and others who don’t hesitate to shoot any one who oppose them, support the conviction of their friend, who kills some 200,000 people. He is their hero. They might stand against any leader who is afraid to go against the will of his people.

    AU has never worked; is not working; and I doubt if it ever work for the African people. Its objective is to protect its criminal members.

  18. The so called African Union (AU) have always been a collection of completely useless and reckless brutal dictators enslaving, oppresing and exploiting the poor African peoples.

    We need to approach international and national human rights and humanitarian orgnanizations as well as lots of democratic governments and their agencies inculding the United nations and the International Criminal Court itself and express our support for the arrest of this endless mass killer.

    Injustice some where is injustice every where.

    New communications technology makes it possible for every common person to influence the course of events.
    People who have ample time may also plant the anti Al Bashir campaign in various social medias and chat rooms for expanding the campaign.

    This poor Africans the killer beast massacared and keep massacaring are our own African people and as such we need to be their eyes and voices too in as much as we can.

    How ever it is not a good tactic to add other dictators to the list at this particular point, but only concentrate on the despot under focus, otherwise the case may loose its rising potency. One step at a time!

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