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Birtukan week on Facebook

There is a grass root (net root) movement currently going on in Facebook that is calling on every one who supports the release of Birtukan Mideksa to change his/her profile photo to Birtukan’s picture.

Ethiopian Review endorses this call, which could attract an international attention if most Ethiopians and friends of human rights around the world participate in it.

The call is for September 8 until the Ethiopian New Year, September 11, 2010.

We join the net rooters in asking every one to upload Birtukan’s picture above as your Facebook profile photo starting on September 8.

20 thoughts on “Birtukan week on Facebook

  1. Hello Elias
    Can you please interview that big time looser Yared Tebebu guy who is talking like is is a peace maker now days. This guy always keep changing his mind since Kinijit times and still the same all old timer wiht no clue

    Thanks Elias

  2. Great idea Elias. Every person in the world should know what the criminal dictator of Ethiopia has done to his political opponent, the honorable judge Birtukan. This innocent, law abiding, well accomplished woman and mother shouldn’t be locked up in prison for life separating from her only 5 year old child and her elderly mother.

  3. In the finite space of my existence as an Ethiopian and above all as a human being, I have utterly failed you in every empirical measure for not standing by you.

    My Mandela Birtukan, I do not deserve you for the sacrifice you shed to restore my honor. As you face alone the wrath of Meles Zenawi aka the “brown Mussolini”, I went on with my meaningless daily shores and even question the legitimacy of your sacrifice. In that account my deafening silence parallels the Askaris (bandas) when the exact heinous crime was perpetrated against us during fascist Italy.

    May the almighty God, the one we call Alpha and Omega, enveloped with the infinite prayers of our holly fathers from time beginning, finally save you and the people you so dearly love.

    Forgive me


  4. Ato Elias,
    This is exactly what I was dreaming that you would come to do/embrace.
    Hence, I appreciate your change of heart and realising Birtu is a real leader that needs everyone’s support.
    Many thanks for the wonderful proposal!

  5. To show solidarity by itself is a noble cause. Are you out there, can we get help from advertising, marketing, public relation experts? Students, teachers, and other people who have different level of capacities could help maximize this good deed support of political prisoners in general and our Lady Liberty in particular to reach as many people as possible. We could alert people from in the country Ethiopia to join in some fashion of protest or expression for this novel cause. We could ask students to cut paper in to number of days our Lady Liberty was in a prison and release it on streets. On each piece of paper have our Lady of Liberties name. Our legal experts could file some type of legal action regardless of its perceived outcome in their respected areas. Radio talk hosts, newspaper editors and journalist could highlight the cause to reach as many people as possible. Teachers, writers could give their time into publishing the just cause to spread it across the Internet. May be we could include mother and child of our moral queen in making some type of statement. Some actions like hunger strike in every campus by concerned students may shine light on this just cause. Let us do it.

  6. It’s so funny some of you put anonymous on your comment. If you can’t stand what you believed what is the point talking behind door. Revolution doesn’t come with out fight and fronting your enemy. Please stand what you believed with out fear. If you have fear you don’t fit to fight. Just make my point. As a great freedom fighter said
    If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  7. As an Ethiopian I’m obligated and feel responsible to speak out about Ethiopian politics. We cannot just sit and watch when fellow Ethiopians get imprisoned for our cause. Our brothers, fathers, mothers and grand parents paid the ultimate price for protecting this land. Please let us do our part to bring justice to Mother Land.

    Yes, free Birtukan Mideksa and other political prisoners… For the time being Mr. Zenawi might be able to silence his political adversaries by sending them to jail for pointing out his weakness. Someone should not have to be incarcerated for having different opinion, even if it is, against the one we have. What mr. Zenawi is doing in Addis is embarrassing and it is due to Lack of quality in leadership and political immaturity. United, we stand strong… Sharing our responsibilities we can improve our lives and the lives of others whose life is depending on us. Please do your part to force mr. Zenawi to think of Ethiopia that has been there even while Zenawi’s grand, grand, grand, grand parents were not there. Long live mother land!

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