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VIDEO: ONLF kills or wound 159 Woyannes; EPPF kills 50

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ONLF kill or wound 159 Woyanes; EPPF kill 50. Woyane instigated ethnic violence in Angerna and Dedesa region of Ethiopia, killed 400 people, women and children included. Plus recent interview with 3 Ethiopian MPs that defected to the UK.

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: ONLF kills or wound 159 Woyannes; EPPF kills 50

  1. It is always good news to see Woyanne getting hounded from every corner, the Somali issue will be settled when Woyanne tuck their tail between their legs and run back to Ethiopia proper, even then there won’t be any more respite for the hapless Woyanne mercenary army, they are getting killed in bunches by the ONLF and hopefully the OLF will strengthen their military wing and start fighting like the ONLF to make Woyanne weaker by the day.

    What is killing Woyanne from inside is the strength of EPPF, Debub Hizboch front and TPDM, they thought they can finish off these patriots by making a deal with Sudan and giving them land to deny these fronts manouver but it didn’t work. No dictatorial force can stop people determined to free themselves from tyranny. The more ominous aspect of all these Woyanne manouver is that no matter what they do they are getting any tactical or strategic advantages anymore. This looks like the late 1980s when Dergh couldn’t make any difference no matter what kind of manouver Menghistu ordered, his army was getting defeated with each passing day, week and month and now it is a matter of time before Woyanne is finished off.

    My Ethiopian brothers and sisters I have one advice for you, true freedom doesn’t come by talking about it or having slogans or declaring yourself as a humanitarian or a democrat, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT AND IT ONLY COMES THROUGH THE BARREL OF A GUN. No tyrant or colonialist will give you freedom on a silver platter, real freedom is the result of people who are willing to die for their cause, built with precious lives of heroes.

  2. This is what a true reflection of the Ethiopian politics under the woyane’s. I am happy to see and hear the young generation speaking of Ethiopia in general. I observed the three interviews which are the members of The Oromo National Congress speak mostly about the entire Ethiopian people as well as the Oromo’s. The devil wants us to divede and fights each other so he can buy time to destroy our country. We, as a people of the same blood, should unite and fight back.

  3. There is no remedy for weyane’s brutal rule other than to coordinate attacks and thus weakening his military capabilities. The barrel of the gun, is the method weyane has used to try and subdue the Ethiopian people. Consequently if force is what is keeping him in power than he must be met with a far greater force to reckon with. ONLF, OLF, TPDM and EPPF have been causing considerable damage to weyane militarily and psychologically as well. If we were to take this one small step forward and unite these forces then that would, without a shadow of doubt, bring this tyrannic regime to its fledgling knees in no time.

    What is even just as pleasing is the interview I watched with the 3 MPs that defected from weyane to the UK. These did teh right thing by conducting a timely interview exposing all the inner workings of a dying regime. The rest will soon follow and weyane will be left with nothing but its bare naked lies and nothing to show for.
    The wrath of the Ethiopian people will soon descend upon his bald head, and meles will be caught with his pants down in Minilik Palace.

    God be with the Ethiopian people!

  4. It`s just a matter of time before TPLF is defeated throughly both in Somalia and in Ethiopia.Their down fall will be hastened if the rest of oppressed Ethipians fight like the ONLF.Their inactoin is very mind-boggling.

  5. Ethiopians should join ONLF and other struggling forces to defeat the Woyanes.

    ONLF should also end its seperatist tendencies, as there will never be greater Somalia after all.

    If all Ethiopians in every corner raise arms, join insurrections, the Woyanes could be defeated and weakend.

    From Gojam, Gonder, Wollo, Wollega, Benishangul, and every where there is great resentment to the Woyanes.

    I think this is the best opportunity while their forces are strectched in Eritrea, in Somalia, in Ogaden.

    The insurrection has to be well organized and implemented so that it does not fail.

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