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Woyannes say ‘ESAT belongs to terrorists’

It seems that Meles Zenawi and gang are terrified by the launching of ESAT, an independent Ethiopian satellite TV. On top of trying to jam ESAT’s broadcast, they have launched a propaganda war against it. The following article is posted today on Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon’s web site, It accuses ESAT of belonging to terrorists. The only one ESAT terrorizes is Woyanne that tries to keep Ethiopians in the dark by jamming and blocking all independent media.

History repeats itself: ESAT, an emerging terrorists’ media, and its owner Berhanu Nega will be a threat to developed countries like Osama Bin Laden

The people of Ethiopia knew why and how the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) was set as they have experiences of such incidents for years. No matter what a pretext was given to its establishment, Ethiopians wouldn’t be misled as they have read those terrorists who have targeted Ethiopia like a book. As a result, the society never accepted it.

That is why its major objective of instigating severe conflict in the aftermath of the election fell through. It set an agenda of creating grounds to disrupt the election and to wind it up with bloodshed among the various nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia.

That major agenda failed. No one determine to serve as an instrument for the agendas of those terrorists abroad. The people of Ethiopian knew how open political space in their countries is. They know that both their democratic and human rights have already respected. Nix compelled any Ethiopian citizen to reside abroad for his/her political difference.

In Ethiopia multi-party governing system has already flourished. Around eighty political parties are running their political agenda peacefully and without any imposition.

However, there are a few groups that have been continuing their terrorist activities to disrupt the stability of the country. Those individuals have been doing that because they determined to poison unity of the people thereby jeopardize development efforts in the country. ESAT belongs to those terrorists setting its agenda to misinform the international community
and Ethiopians abroad about issues in Ethiopia. Berhanu Nega and Ana Gomez are major partners of ESAT. Their close partnership began in the 2005 election and continued conspiring against Ethiopia.

Brehanu and Ana Gomez have continued to work closely in destabilizing Ethiopia. The former has a strong bond with the Eritrean government and international terrorist groups and the later is a parliamentarian in Europe. Their agreement was to bring resources from both sides and destabilize Ethiopia by creating a bloody conflict in the aftermath of election 2010.

However, that was a failed strategy. The people of Ethiopia have already learned from their past experiences. Above all, their political rights have respected. They have already identified who is who? As a result, their aim to instigate conflict has just melted. That sole aim of destabilizing Ethiopia and creating disharmony among Ethiopians fell through.

Recognizing the failure of their first agenda, they planned to jeopardize efforts made in ensuring sustainable development in the country. It has begun hammering those media determined to promote peace, democracy and development. Its recent report about has emanated from this fact.

Despite the accuracy of the ideas raised in that report, the irresponsible terrorists’ Television has attempted to mislead the international community and Ethiopians abroad. The report concerning the preliminary statement of the EU-EOM is appropriate. It has now become public secrete as the chief observer also appeared in the same television and repeated what those terrorists have been saying for years.

Ethiopia is a peaceful country and its people are famous for their hospitability. There is nix that threaten the chief observer. But the people, by no means, accept such biased and destructive report so that they use their right to reject the unfounded stories in his report.

There is one saying that goes like “tell me your friend; I’ll tell who you are”. It’s crystal clear that this television is funded by the Eritrean government and international terrorist groups aiming not only to destabilize Ethiopia but also developed countries particularly America.

It would be possible to equate this with what Osama Bin Laden has done. It is inevitable that history will repeat itself. What Osama Bin Laden responded to the American people will certainly be repeated by Berhanu Nega at the end of the day. Berhanu has a strong bond with the international terrorists
and Eritrea, known for sponsoring terrorist. Although his media, ESAT, has a short term objective of destabilizing Ethiopia, its objective in the long run is backing international terrorists. Currently, some people may doubt this idea but will ascertain when the history repeats itself.

Osama Bin Laden was trained and supported by the Americans until he turned his aggressive merciless attack to them. Berhanu along with his accomplices is currently harbored in America. They will also turn their merciless terrorist attacks at America and other European countries; no guarantee at all to prevent that from happening.

The agenda of ESAT has emanated from this fact. No matter who funds it, it will serve terrorists who could threats to the entire world at the end of the day. But as for Ethiopia is concerned, there is no crack at all. Neither do those media that promote development, peace and democracy restrain from their tasks due to such empty shouts.

There is nothing wrong with the recent news on concerning the EU-EOM Preliminary Statement that the team came with self contradictory ideas. One typical example could be the fairness of the election. In its first briefing, the chief observer congratulated all Ethiopians for the peaceful and efficient election they held. It also brought the facts about the national election board saying that it performed its duties and tasks efficiently and competently.

However, the team has changed its mind two days later. In briefing the preliminary statement the chief observer addressed that there were no even playing fields, which was in contradiction not only to their own previous briefings but also to the reports of other observers: the AU and the CSO. AU observers said the election meets the will of the people and is in line with AU guidelines for democratic elections. The CSO Election Observe had more than 46 thousand observers. They had at least one observer in every polling station. This team witnessed that the election was free, fair, democratic and peaceful in any standard. The EU-EOM came with a contradictory report with only 170 observers for more than 46 thousand polling stations. This is one of the fallacies in the preliminary statement.

The EU-EOM has put its boot on the wrong foot for the second time. The first one is its unbalanced biased report to instigate post election conflict among Ethiopians. The second one is its appearance on the emerging terrorists’ media, ESAT. It is public secrete that ESAT belongs to terrorists targeting Ethiopia in the short run and America and other developed countries in the long run. Financing this media may not disrupt Ethiopia’s efforts for sustainable development but will be a severe risk to the financers themselves. History will certainly repeat itself. There is no guarantee for America and other countries backing ESAT its owner to restrain from challenging developed countries themselves like Osama Bin Laden.

28 thoughts on “Woyannes say ‘ESAT belongs to terrorists’

  1. why are this woyanes talking too much….the easiest way to fight Birhanu and his collegues is to prove that they are terrorists in the court whereever they are living.

  2. LoL, berihanu nega might attack America in future!!! especially at the end of the article i was laughing hard…but what is the purpose of this idiot article!! this written for who ?? to inform Americans (cia) or ethiopians…. behind this article i see someone (the writer ) writing this article with the influence of vodka..chate…and i also hear crying baby “eheeee momy..hehee”

  3. Why the TPLF led Ethiopia is afraid information flow to the public?

    This is my view about how the beginning of Ethiopian Satelite Television (ESAT)abroad has frustrated the ruling party and an article was posted in the Walta Information a center run by the ruling party.
    A mr(mrs) Balcha Huressa has written it but he/she could be one of the prominent members of the ruling party because the wording are mot theoritically analysed but propoganda based and one can outright see it from the topic ” History repeats itself:ESAT,an emerging terrorist media and its owner Berhanu Nega will be a threat to developed countries like Osama Bin Laden”.
    My critic begins with the words spoken by Berhanu for the fund raising occassion what he said was “my generation is aging and dying without hearing a sinlge truth “.
    What we have to focus should be why we need an independent TV station that serve Ethiopians?
    The first reason is that i myself being a man in the early fifties have never heard balaced news except the names of the Majesty,Mengistu amd Meles do this and that and visited, discussed with x and y etc.
    The other basic issues to be raised is that throughout my life my freedom of expression, association and organization is red lined and the only source of news were the domestic government owned or affiliated news papers, radio and TV and the other sources were the radio stations broadcasted fron Duetschewelle and the Voice of America and BBC.
    There were also eager Ethiopians to avail information sources by investing their wealth according to the law in Ethiopia but none except the affiliating members to TPLF had got the licence but not those thought will transmite balanced news.
    Ethiopians have tried to avail balanced news through the benefit of the 21 technollogy for the able by openning web sites but all are blocked and are sensored.Moreover the TPLF led government is afraid of crutial information flow due to that they invest the tax payers money or laon taken in the name of the people to jamm radios such as Deutschewelle and VOA prior the 2010 election (for me the right word is Deprivation through election).
    As far as any normal person could understand the founding motto of ESAT is to dessiminate balanced information to Ethiopian from either sides and anyone is invited to appear in the program with its visions and goals to tell the people and the end result is the voice of the people.

    Based on the above background i will try to pinpoint what Balcha Huressa want to smear ESAT by bringing Osama Biladin and terrorism is due to that TPLF has played the Situation of Somali to stay in power during their lose during the 2005 election to decieve international community while the reality was seen in daylight and now is TPLF telling us that if the EU-EOM did not shut up that they will invite Osama Biladin to Somalia? As to me it is possible because why such name cropped up in such article to frighten the western allies.
    to be continued…

  4. Woyannes say ‘ESAT belongs to terrorists’?

    Qiqiqiqiq… A rusty old clay pot calling stainless steel kettle black. :)

    TPLF is hiding itse monumental crimes against humanity, blatant and flagrant human rights violations as well as its barbaric promotions and stregthening of the ONE MAN dictatorship and power monopoly by suffocating indpendent media and the voices of the oppositions and ordinary suffering Ethiopians.

    Any independent source of information and free media offering factutal information, pluralistic and democratic news and views will surely terrorize the genocidal dictatorship flourishing in darkness and tightly controlled Mafia clan secret society.

    The advantages of 21st century technological and information development is in the fact that it can cros oceans, skies and airs inorder to penetrate even in to the darkest corners of any secretive mafia clan and expose them to the broad day light for attaching accountability for their crimes against humanity.

    All those down right cheap and spinless dictators have discovered great gold mines after the september 11 tragedy where by even long standing rightful democratic political oppositions were being asigned the self serving convenient label”terrorist” for bolistering blood thirsty mass killers like the TPLF who came to power through terrorism and mass genocide itself, but now singing its make believe fake anti terrorist swan songs. Dumbest of the dumb as TPLF is this approach amounts to insulting the intelligence of the national and international communities

    Thanks mother nature, even President Obama became clearly aware of such gross lies and stated recently that he is going to define terrorism as violent actions and intentions exclusively directed against the interests of the United States.

    That is peace building and promotion of democracy in practice.

  5. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    ere motku

    They are scared of free speech like hell.Dr. Berhanu is a smart Ethiopian who is a pain in the arse to dictators,terrorists and all that hate freedom.


  6. Hi Dummy Berekt,
    If you wrote this article before 5 years, you would got someone (the west) to hear. We Ethiopian under the TPLF “ETHNIC LOOTOCRACY” know you from the very beginning, but we were alone. You lied the whole world for more than 15 years. Since you are mentally disabled you couldn’t analyze this. Actually you are too dummy to analyze time and space concept. Thanks God, now everybody knows about TPLF/EPRDF. The wests are no-more scared of your ridicules article. “A man who lives in a glass house doesn’t throw stone”. By The way is bereket born human or Melse made him from Laboratory?

  7. Isn’t Berket from Ertria why He afraid Ertrians like This . Berket Semon Don’t worry about Berhanu we know him better than we know you He is real Ethiopian Son . Berket Simon if Berhanu is Terrorist what will be your Name can you help me with that

  8. The power of media is scary.That is why Ethiopia,a population of 80 million is confined by its media phobic leaders to ONLY ONE TV STATION in the 21st century. Deceiving the people and the international community now on is not easy.ESAT will air not only your crimes against humanity in the future,but what you commited in the past in Gambela,somalia,Ogaden,Harae,Gonder,Gimma,and including Addis Ababa,and other places.Esat has the pictures,videos,and testimonies by the victims themselves.
    Hey Meles and cohorets you are going to be exposed.You stated crying even before watching your crimes? You will watch it soon with the international community your ruthless murders.

  9. The idiot article is not targeted to the Ethiopian audience guys.

    ESAT —- Birhanu Nega — Eritrea —-Somalia terrorist —- Al qaida —–Osama.

    That is the picture Woyane is trying to draw for some possible dummy westerns…. Got it ??

    Why Woyane is trying to play this card ?? Because ESAT and Ginbot 7 made him shit on its pants.

  10. I can’t believe Bereket Simon rants this kind of absurd lies…. among the lies they have told, this is the most ridiculous.

    How come a Government sufocate its people by denying free media? The government of Ethiopia jailed/killed/exiled journalists, essentially killed free press, JAMMED THE VOA, GERMAN RADIO etc.

    Who is then the enemy of America? A government who jammed the Voice Of America or freedom loving people who strive to give an alternative free media?

    ESAT is established by freedom loving people and is owned by all Ethiopians who are hungry of free media in Ethiopia.

    America, please know your enemy is tyrants like Meles Zenawi who jammes the VOA and essentially killed freedom of speech in Ethiopia.

    Long live ESAT! Long live freedom of speech! Free Media! Free Media! Free Media!

  11. There is a saying, “Yelushene Balsemaeshe Gebeyame Balewetashe”. Even the Saudi tyrants whose eighteen hijackers destroyed innocent lives on 9/11 did not accuse their Saudi Diasporas as terrorists. TPLF accusing the hard working Ethiopian Diaspora as terrorists is insane. Bring your make believe story and let us see each other in front of open court who is terrorist and who is not ? Fighting tyrants and criminals if it is terrorism let it be.

    Haven’t we heard from Meles Zenawi accusing VOA as hate media in par with Hutus genocidal radio station. How could such person now comes in defense of USA from Ethiopian terrorists ? Meles Zenawi is working under the influence of a narcotic “Khat” and he needs medical help before he blows up himself and blame it on Diaspora Ethiopians.

  12. What a shame Bereket! Your article explains very well who you really are to the world. Keep exposing your self. I want you to write an article on “The definition of terrorism”.

  13. TPLF and its heartless and cruel collaborators of criminals have been continuing their malicious gossip and insanity as usual. This is nothing to Ethiopians who knows meles and bereket from the start. Meles and his stupidity will continue while more and more truths comes to oppressed and suppressed Ethiopians. Moreover, this is the real manifesto of meles’s real stupidity in his thinking and his infected RD institutions! Imagine how much damage meles has been brining and long prevailed negativity on his own integrity in particular and in all institutions in general. All acts of Meles and his collaborators are a clear indication of their collective flawed thinking and ignorance of democracy! Finally, let me tell you what is going on inside Arat Kilo Palace after Megistu left the Palace Read this and you will get a surprised answer for your unanswered ” But the unclean spirit, when he is gone out of the man, passeth through waterless places, seeking rest, and findeth it not.
    Then he saith, I will return into my house whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.
    Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more evil than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man becometh worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this evil generation.” Matthew 12:43-45

  14. Now the “terror card” is almost worn out.Woyane , don`t be stupid while USA it self is limiting to use the word to few.
    If terriosm is killing innocent people is there any group that clearly fit this catagory than woyane in this world.
    From the begining of looting public property to genocidal action nobody is compared to Woyane on this earth.
    The real terrorist woyane !

  15. I agree with #14 (Bahilu). Look at the the choice of the key words. The purpose is to mislead some pathetic western doonors by painting this and that as a terrorist. We called the lair for two decades and now they are accustomed to both lying and what we have been calling them. Lying is not a problem for them.

    The other target is the internet itself. Search engines will surface such misleading descriptions whenever someone searchs for ESAT and so on.

    So pathetic. It is the most humiliating moment in Ethiopian history that such creatures are still alive with such outright lies. Above all, how those pathetic “donors” do keep financing these criminals???

  16. It is the funniest article ever that is written by the TPLF terrorist group. The entire article is not only surrounded by endless lies and fabricated accusation but also trying to fool others with no single substance. By now every one knows that the current Ethiopian regime led by a few TPLF terrorist, racist and criminal group, as a result regardless of TPLF falsified accusations on others ESAT will continue to operate with the help of many great Ethiopians to reach Ethiopians who are banned to get a free media.

    No one wouldn’t get surprise by this TPLF propaganda since this is expected from totalitarian dictatorship regime like TPLF. Dictators like TPLF exactly know that media is powerful. As a result aside from other crimes that they carry against their people they make sure that they control every media in order to stay in their power. Now TPLF is highly known by their endless crimes including killing, harassing , abusing as well as carried out a number of genocide throughout the country.

    TPLF didn’t understand that history has already told us who is a terrorist not only being terrorizing its own citizens but also a threat for westerners particularly to the US and other developed countries, it’s no one but Osama Binladen and its terrorist network in Ethiopia led by the current Ethiopian regime TPLF.

    Go ESAT go!

  17. Wow!!! What a rubbish Walta info has become. They really think Americans will buy that?

    True, they are terrified, and it is a very good indication that the struggle has to strengthen in that respect.

  18. Woyane the grand terrorist himself is conducting good business in the name of combating terrorism, and getting hefty sums of dollars from its gullible masters. this time woyane is accusing the patriotic ethiopians abroad who may just be getting it right this time around to expose and bring his ultimate demise through a powerful consolidated media in the US.
    I say, keep exposing the lie the misleading propaganda of this two faced devil that has ridiculed and continues to ridicule and punish anyone in the way. Ethiopians, there is only one way to get rid of the snake, by repeatedly striking him in the head with out any let up!

  19. This article on ESAT is crafted a backward political fossil from the past. It reminds me of the “Addis Zemen “articles against students in Addis Abeba University in the 60’s. Any opposition against the then government in power had to be some how connected to terrorist from out side. This is a dumb and archaic method that Bereket Simon did learn from the past. We are in the cyber age. Meles is running an old program in his robot. What can we do? We need amusement don’t we?

    Since ESAT is such a pain for you, I would say now the diaspora has a good means to get at you again and again. Here is what I would do. I will stop going to Star Bucks and my daily out of pocket expense will go to supporting ESAT. I am tremendously confident that there are thousands like me ready to support ESAT. Finally now there is a punishment for you coming down from a satellite. Bereket and Meles , such cry babies ! Scared of TV program ?! Not really I know what scares you. It is the truth.

    Who is the terrorist?

    The response is: TPLF. I repeat TPLF. There should not be confusion saying EPRDF. EPRDF is a shell. It is the cover not the content. This organization has blood dripping from every one of its parts. If not TPLF then who can be a terrorist better than TPLF? A terrorist is hateful so is TPLF. A terrorist is vengeful so is TPLF. A terrorist is secretive and murderous so is TPLF. A terrorist spreads falsehood so does TPLF….A terrorist rules by spreading fear. Fear is the bond holding even TPLF together. Not ideology. Greed of course! Immorality is the mark of terrorists. TPLF has no sense or capability for morality.

    TPLF from the beginning until it perishes at the hands on the Ethiopian people will continue committing terrorist acts. It is a demented secretive organization that is a terrorist. It took a long time for the west to wake up from the spell that Meles put it under. Not any more Bereket Simon-the robot! The dumb fool! The west knows you for what you are! Simple immoral, blood thirsty greedy tyrants! I need not take up cyber space to list evidence here. In seventeen years you have shade so much blood, looted and destroyed a lot. A generation is lost!. Thanks to you it is not shameful to tell a lie, cheat, kill and deny. Even during this last fake election how many times did Bereket and Meles come out faced the media and told blatant lies? I am waiting for another article from Bereket accusing the west it self of terrorism. If Meles tells him he will come out and say it.

    Why is TPLF a terrorist? What evidence? A terrorist targets innocents and kills them without remorse. Lies or admits depending on what gains him most. The evidence in Ethiopia is: Murder of innocents during the 2005 election. The Anuk massacre in Gambela, The killings in Ogden. The killings in Harar. The killings in South Ethiopia, the individual killings and disappearances. The countless youth refugees spread across the glob-those that had a chance to escape the TPLF terror.

    Neither the Ethiopian people nor its allies should be afraid of anyone as a terrorist but TPLF alone. It has the experience, the means and the will to engage in terrorist activities. ESAT is just a TV program, a means to reach the Ethiopian people. Just because TPLF censors what 80 million people listen to, watch and read -is any alternative source to TPLF’s rubbish propaganda machine a terrorist source? This accusation comes only from a backward, crooked mind within the core of TPLF. Where is the evidence? What really establishes the relationship between the organizations, state and individuals mentioned in the article? This article reads like a TV or a news paper editorial then an article for consumption at the international level. Since Ethiopian audience knows about TPLF’s lies nobody gives it ears.

    ESAT “Le woyane ye egir esat” !

    Shame on you Bereket Simon-the robot !

    Look in the mirror and what you see is the terrorist!

  20. I hate every word TPLF dictators wrote in this article. They want to fool the americans once they thought that they already fooled Ethiopians. At the end of the day it will be a zero-sum-game for them.

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