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Cooperative Behavior – Transformative Reconciliation (Series 2)

By Sioum Gebeyehou

Fighting Evil with Evil Breeds more Evil

Change Your Behavior from Adversarial to Cooperative for a Transformative Reconciliation.

If you act like their adversary– they will respond in kind by being hostile to you.

If you behave in a cooperative manner– if you show them that you respect their interests– then they will respond by respecting yours.

If we redirect the energy that fuels our thoughts, feelings, and actions from adversarial to cooperative we will achieve a win-win satisfaction with the outcome.

The choice is ours.

Solutions lie in wanting solutions.

The exhibits below show the solutions / strategies to change our behavior from adversarial to cooperative. (Click here or on the image below to start the slideshow)

One thought on “Cooperative Behavior – Transformative Reconciliation (Series 2)

  1. In the final analysis working for restorative justice, forgiveness, creative conflict resolution and negotiating with the adversary giving each other exit strategy is a win win for all. I believe that there is an exact productive time for such reconcilliation, although, it may take a lot of energy once ‘polarizaqtion peak has been reached”. There are people who redicule this idea, Ethiopia cannot sustain the level of polarization that comes from every corner. I like for my Ethiopia to progress without blodshed. Everybody has to make a concerted effort to come together and reflect on our failings. It is not reasonable to live in poverty and constant polarization even between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Through unity they can develop like Europe. That genuine unity and dialog among adversaries comes as a result of constant reflection and soul searching. Artists and intellectuals are raising this issue now slowly, although with not a speed I like. I sincerely believe in reconcilliation, progressive learning and restorative justice. I am nobody’s slave for those who question my motive. Every person who raises this isuue is seen with suspicion. Isn’t reconcilliation better than conflict? Isn’t love better than hate? I know it is difficult to have peace with those who persecute you. Then what is the alternative in this globalized and and infinitely proximate world with uneven diplomatic equity. Think about it! I wish well for all Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora.

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