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Al Amoudi raises funds for Woyanne’s fake election campaign

Al Amoudi drunk as a skunk at a party

A group of businessmen in Ethiopia have raised over 20 million birr this month for the ruling junta Woyanne’s fake election campaign. Chief among the contributors is Ethiopian billionaire Ato Al Amoudi. Other businessmen include Tsegaye Abebe, president of the Ethiopian Horticultural Producer-Exporter Association, and Getu Gelete, owner GetAs International and Getu Commercial Center.

10 thoughts on “Al Amoudi raises funds for Woyanne’s fake election campaign

  1. Elias u need to watch the words u put on this page cos ur readers include children and adult and old Ethiopians who love their country so they dont want to see ur frastration by putting ghetto words like ” SKUNK” shame on u big dummy get a real life and be a man some times i wonder if u were raised by a single mother like these ghetto african americans who had no role model in their life, were u born in the ALLEY?

  2. Twenty million is a lot of money, and it could have fed more than 20 million hungry Ethiopians who have nothing to live on. The other money secretly stolen from the Ethiopian tax payers and secretly donated to Meles Seitanawi may be in a billion. The money contributed to Meles Seitanawi will help him to cover-up his plans to cheat during this coming election and to avoid the responsibilities for the two Ethiopians who were ruthlessly murdered recently because they were found campaigning against the Woyanne government.

    Of course, “money is power,” and Meles has both the money and the military power to intimidate the voters and to crash his opponents by any means even if it comes to that by selling his daughter to the prostitute Arab Muslims.

    Al Amoudi, Tsegaye Abebe, and Getu Gelete are telling Meles Seitanawi: “We are on your side, and whatever crimes you may have committed so far and going to commit some more, we will cover them up with our money, and our money will determine the election results, and you will be the winner. Depend on us.”

    Indeed, the picture clearly indicates al Amoudi very intoxicated perhaps with French whisky or wine, or with Ethiopian Areki or Tej. At this particular time, Al Amoudi can do anything he wants to do, for he owns the Ethiopian gold, the Ethiopian fertile land, the Ethiopian women, and the Ethiopian Arab Muslims, and, above all, he has Meles Seitanawi and Jezebel (Azeb), the two powerful individuals, on his side; therefore, Al Amoudi is the king of Ethiopia. Under his master, Meles Seitanawi, he has flourished and become richer than anybody in the Ethiopian history.

    My fear is he may be one day the prime minister of Ethiopia with over 40 million Ethiopian Muslims supporting him and the Saudis, the Egyptians, and the Sadness – all on his side. Ethiopia is trapped between two evil persons – Meles and Al Amoudi, and God the almighty is watching, and he is ready to act and deliver Ethiopia from the hands of the two powerful and greedy men.

    Any way, let Al Amoudi and all the other Woyanne criminals fatten themselves because the day of slaughter is at the corner.

  3. WUWU, you are one of those Ethiopians who have sold their souls to the devil to defend the looters of Ethiopia. Listen moron, you still think like backward uncivilized man, there is nothing wrong to be raised by a single woman; in fact, the super power of the world leader–President Obama was raised by a single mother. And your own idol Almoudi was raised by a single woman. My mother bless her soul, was a widow who raised and educated five law abiding citizens. Look at your master Meles, he might have been raised by both parents–but he has become one of the worst dictator in the world who has the blood of millions of innocent Ethiopians on his hands.

  4. This $20 million is blood money collected from the Amharas, Oromos,Somalis, Gurages,Gambellas and so on. These Blood Sucker SKUNKS are preparing to suck Ethiopians’ blood for the next — years – who knows? Just wait and see.

  5. WUWU: Please by any measure “SKUNK” is not a ghetto word. Your thinking process is a ghetto to begin with… having issue with Single-mom and African-American. You are one confused person who have no clue about life. Please keep quite if you have nothing better to say……

    Elias, please WUWU’s kind of comments should not see the day light. I am sure you believe in freedom of expression and please post one when you see.

  6. Every trash finds its own kind and Weyane found Al Amoudi!
    No doubt that you will pay back a million fold.

    Mot le weyane! Mot le Al Amoudi! Mot becha!!!


  7. “Ethiopian billionaire Ato Al Amoudi”
    According to Forbes

    Mohammed Al Amoudi
    Rank = 64
    Citizenship = Saudi Arabia
    Age = 65 10Rank Name Citizenship Age Net Worth $10.0 bil
    Residence = Saudi Arabia

    He is not ETHIOPIAN….

  8. “WUWU” seriously who do you think you are to judge african americans and people raised by single mothers, you don’t even know the reason you are just a coward with no principles….so what dò you do? You back up everything the strong says…nicely done wuss i hope you don’t find yourself on the wrong side when the time comes.

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