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69 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ethiopian Review publisher on ETN

  1. If some of you think Elias is an Eritrian but fight for justice in Ethiopia , woow you make me love Eriterians for the first time since they no longer part of Ethiopia. While those the so called Ethiopian originated from Tigray did not even speak out the crime committed by the woyane aginst the rest of Ethiopians why do we have to criticise other from different countries speak out the truth. We love Elias he is 100% more Ethiopian than those bandas and hodams. Well done Elias keep up the good job telling the truth exposing corruptes individuals and killers.

    The interview was great Elias successfuly challnged the challanger what can I say wooowww!!!!!!

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    BIG UP!!
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    I personally don’t agree with you calling the soldiers “woyane”. The people don’t have choice. The military might be the remaining choice for our poor men in Ethiopia. All your views about our country and suggestions are good.

    But I felt very bad about the ETN interviewer. ETN should do some thing about such ignorant people. He should entertain the questions as a journalist rather than interfering in all the questions with his own opposite ideas. It is not surprising to understand he does not like how Elias approaches the Ethiopian politics but he is free to his opposition in America. He should do his journalists job. I appreciated you Elias how you were calm until the end.

  4. The Woyanes are bleeding Ethiopians and are gambling with the lives of innocent Ethiopians , for how long!! We should get rid of them .We need more like Elias who can speak out the truth.

  5. Dear Elias,
    Don’t listen to those who sit and do nothing and only criticise you. I am proud of you and your work to save our country. I do also hope the G7 group will appeal to all Ethiopians in USA, EU and MidEast to make financial contribution. I have just returned from Ethiopia and I have never seen the people so poor and hopeless. It really is a sad situation.
    If you ever get a chance to go to Ethiopia please find the text book that is being used to teach Ethiopians English, created by USAID – title English for Ethiopia. It was really sad. As you would expect it only talks about AIDS and Malnutrition. Instead of inspiring you it makes you sad. There is nothing in the book that is positive and these are the books used to teach students across the country. It just shows how TPLF is playing with anything that is Ethiopia.
    I will make my financial contribution as much as I can.
    God help us all,
    Save Ethiopia

  6. Elias u great person and open proud of ur thought and u said on ur intrview yes ethiopia and our nation are in not just extrime situtian,
    but disaster.u right could not be compromise with tplf since they dont have the will and interst for our country.the donkys are donky ….etc

  7. Yes, ELias, the movement towards union comes first. Then starts the process of securing freedom and justice—hard earned by the scarification of the courageous Ethiopians. Thanks for becoming one voice that touched the hearts of multitudes of brutally oppressed people. God bless you. Would to God make you become successful in your endeavors.

  8. After watching your interview with the ER, I created an email to have my say. It is good that I have read some of the coments of your liteners in order to avoid repeating same issues.
    First of all, I want to thank you for creating this cite and bringing people together to talk to each other about issues concerning Ethiopia.
    Immediately after your first interview, I just got angry how your interviewer was conducting the interview. He was just like a fault finder. His mission seemed to undermine your work and teach you about the respect you should give to high office holders in Ethiopia. He seemed to teach you about journalism, etc. He lost his locus. If I were in your place, I don’t think I would concentrate on the questions that were asked by him and others. He was a constant distractor. I think he was more interested to look superior to you in every aspect than focusing on the issues he brought up. He seemed unable to sale the knowledge he gained from course work he had taken may be in college. Any way, you handled yourself well, and thank for sharing your views with the rest of us.
    In the mean time, I would like to ask your readers to be civil to each other. It is only through respect for others that we learn from each other. If we avoid name callings and focus on issues of concern, it would be worth reading all the posts posted. I especially thank you for bringing Eritrians to this forum. We were one people and we lived peacfully with one another. It is my belief that one day we would realize that we are one people and live in harmony. Thanks.

  9. One of the caller want us to have respect for the office? Hahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahhahh…Shouldn’t we have respect for human being first??? I don’t think so according to the caller…we will have respect for the office when and only when people get in that office by our choosing..

    Elease Extrime ? I think his mild ; we want not just Eleas but every ethiopian who love his or her country need to me extrime!

  10. I am very happy to be Ethiopian after heard Elias interview. He is not only true Ethiopia hero and also good teacher . Elias can teach all who want to be a leader in complex Ethiopian poletics. Finaly thank you Eli to enlight this MORON interviewer At Gomez.

    Good work Elias

  11. Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    New breed, new generation new spirit of revolution.
    Go ahead Elias. This is the struggle between Malcolm X and M.L.K. Junior philosophy difference. “By all means” and “peaceful struggle.”


  12. What a hero ! you stood up for your country I always read your article one of the 15 thousdands daily readers. Right on !Woyane and their hodam supporeters will be distroyed soon .Excellent interview Elias Bravo !

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