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37 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ethiopian Review publisher on ETN – Part III

  1. This guy is a breath of fresh air to Ethiopian people and a nightmare to Wayane. I just can’t wait to listen part 4 of the interview. By the way, I can’t help but to notice that the host either had some feeling to Wayane or scare to offend them to protect god know what??

  2. Aschalew is Andargachew lol

    Elias…weldone, you did good. except one time the interviewer cornered you regarding the question he raised on peaceful struggle you wrote recently.

    all in all…we said

  3. Elias , you just made it clear and get it right. That is all what we need. How do you respect some one who kills your kids, sisters, brothers.. all the time? The other so called journalist was completely out touch from the realities existing with in the TPLF camp. He really does not know TPLF to say the least.

  4. thank you Elias for posting the rest of your interview and we will look forward to see the last interview. beside all this you have done a great job.
    Death to all woyane!

  5. This interview proves Elias is a new brand politician, who thinks outside the box-the old thinking that failed Ethiopians for decades. His answered all those, mainly rumour and gossip, questions with calm and collection. Welcome to the new era. Just the interview, in sight into the disparity of thinkings of interviewer and interviewee, is evidence enough in showing the difference in thinking of Ethiopians across generations. Elais likes mark a Welcome to the new era in Ethiopian politics.

    Well done Elias! Some still want to stick to the old methods and thinkings that produced NO result so far. And we cannot get a new result banking on the failed thinkings and methods. There lies the core problem in Ethiopian politics in opposition.

  6. Ki….Ki…Kii…..Woyane….Woyane…Foolish.
    Always the right poletical system and democratic part is the winner. We are are now celebrating Ginbot too know that Ethiopia is progressing well but you are blind you can not see. Long live EPRDF!!!

  7. The interview was a kind of hard talk like BBC.But in a way it was good to clear ppl opinion they have about Elias.There will be no more question about elias being a patriotic Ethiopian unlike weyane trying to convince us that Elias is Shaebia.We can’t have civilized politics with killers.Weyane has to go by anymeans!!!

    thanks Elias!
    May God bless you!

  8. Is it just me or the interviewer sounds like a weyane sympathizer? Nevertheless Elias gave him honest and wise answers.
    I learnt a lot about you today Elias and I must say I’m impressed.

  9. በጣም ይገርማል :: አሁን ኩማ አህያ ተባለ ብላችሁ ነው እንደዚህ የምትንጫጩት ??

    አህያ ማለት የማያስብ እንስሳ ማለት ነው :: አህያ የሚበላውን ከሰጡት ስራውን ያለምን ማመንታት መስራት ነው መብቱ :: እናም አቶ ኩማ ወያኔ ምግብ እየሰጠ እንደ አህያ የሚያዘውና የሚያሽከረክረው እንስሳ ማለት ነው ::

    ስለዚህ የታዘዘውን ያለተቃውሞ የሚሰራ ከሆነ ከአህየዋ በምን ተሻለ ?

  10. Again i want to say to Elias, keep on going. The interviewer is in denial but he is still woyanne. He is not only an interviewer but he talk about hi idea, his view. He got angry about positive the comments about elias. Journalist in disguise

  11. Elias
    I watch the three intervews and they are all awsome you are the right person of Ethiopia. Keep it up! looking forward to watch the last one.

  12. TPLF agents campaigned the most against Elias. Maybe no Ethiopian in diaspora sufferred negative character assassination TPLF gangs campaign against him/her as much as Elias has to grow through. He survived it all and still standing tall. Many would have given up. Stars in our diaspora politics against TPLF gangs and their hired guns shined now and then, including with print and web publications. But none stood so long and thriving as long as Elias has done. Although we may not agree with some of Elias’ opinions, his commitment and determination are deeply admirable.

  13. Elias good interview……
    However I disagree one thing with you…and you said ” Shabia is working for ethiopia aendente” so if shabia is working for one Ethiopia..then why do shabia Support all anti-Ethiopia Such as O.N.L.F. O.L.F. etc etc could you answer me that please

  14. በጣም ጥሩ ነው ጥያቄና መልስ ነው ያደረግሕው ኤልያስ::

    ጎብዝ:: በርታ ቀጥልበት::

    ቂቂቂ ቂቂቂ ቂቂቂ

    ጠያቂው ኤልያስን ኮርነር ለማድረግ ብዙ ቢጥርም ኤልያስ በአሽናፊነት ነው የጨረሰው::

    ጠያቂው በመጨረሻም ኤልያስ የሚያራምደው/እያራመደ ያለው ትግልና የትግል አቋም የኤልያስ ብቻ ሳይሆን የበርካታ ኢትዮጵያውያን መሆኑን ሲያውቅና ኤልያስ በርካታ ደጋፊ / funs / እንዳለው ሲያውቅ “ኤልያስ ብዙ / funs / አለህ ማለት ነው ብሎ አመነ::

    ቂቂቂ ቂቂቂ ቂቂቂ

    ኢትዮጵያውያዊው ሁሉ በወያኔ ስራ እንደበገነና ቆሽቱ እንዳረረ አላዎቀም ማለት ነው??

    ጎብዝ ኤልያስ

  15. Elias,

    Thank you for pointing out Woyanes former skills, of shoe shinning for shabia. That was the bottom line truth and they need to be remided their servitute characters. Woyannes are unabashed, unrepentant enemies of Ethiopian people.

  16. If some of you think Elias is an Eritrian but fight for justice in Ethiopia , woow you make me love Eriterians for the first time since they no longer part of Ethiopia. While those the so called Ethiopian originated from Tigray did not even speak out the crime committed by the woyane aginst the rest of Ethiopians why do we have to criticise other from different countries speak out the truth. We love Elias he is 100% more Ethiopian than those bandas and hodams. Well done Elias keep up the good job telling the truth exposing corruptes individuals and killers.

    The interview was great Elias successfuly challnged the challanger what can I say wooowww!!!!!!

  17. w t f
    this has to be one of the worset interview i ve seen…. you kept not answer questiion wow…this joke elias u out did you self

    peace in the mother land

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  19. Good job Elias!

    I personally don’t agree with you calling the soldiers “woyane”. The people don’t have choice. The military might be the remaining choice for our poor men in Ethiopia. All your views about our country and suggestions are good.

    But I felt very bad about the ETN interviewer. ETN should do some thing about such ignorant people. He should entertain the questions as a journalist rather than interfering in all the questions with his own opposite ideas. It is not surprising to understand he does not like how Elias approaches the Ethiopian politics but he is free to his opposition in America. He should do his journalists job. I appreciated you Elias how you were calm until the end.

  20. The Woyanes are bleeding Ethiopians and are gambling with the lives of innocent Ethiopians , for how long!! We should get rid of them .We need more like Elias who can speak out the truth.

  21. I watched part II of the interview. Marvelous! You became instrumental in joining us together. I am expecting you to do some more miraculous job in narrowing down differences and bringing about a working platform regarding HIBRET and Ginbot 7 political parties. Yes, we have to change but without break.

  22. good job Elias.For the frist time one ethiopia guy understand Eritren econemy problem.On thing i would like to say the about the repoter,you are so Amater reporer,if u are sick stay home and take keep saying(gunfan yezogale)you said on time(bemenaweke)what kind of quistion.stupid.go to school pls.

  23. Elias gegna Ethiopiyawi!!!!
    We Eritrean don’t have problem with the ppl of amhara,oromo, even tigray, our problem is the invaider of our country like Meles Zenawi and his woyane.

    If Meles Zenawi and his woyane staying in power, then in the feature it is difficult to se a unity of Ethiopia.

    I my self I’am not Ethiopien, I am Eritrean. I pray for your Ethiopia peace love and unity.

    Eritrean from Sweden

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