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Three killed in Addis Ababa bomb blast

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ADDIS ABABA (AFP) — Three people were killed when a bomb exploded late Tuesday near the Ethiopian foreign ministry in central Addis Ababa, according to state-run radio.

The radio provided no further details but witnesses near the site of the explosion told AFP at the scene that the explosive device may have been placed on a minibus.

“I was in the area when the blast went off and this minibus was blown to pieces,” one eyewitness said, asking not to be named.

The explosion took place at around 7:30 pm (1630 GMT) and all streets leading to the foreign ministry area in the centre of the Ethiopian capital were sealed off by federal police.

When contacted by AFP, the Ethiopian authorities did not provide a casualty toll.

Three people were killed and 18 wounded in bomb blasts at petrol stations in Addis Ababa on April 14.

The authorities had accused the separatist Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which alongside the Ogaden National Liberation Front and Ethiopia’s arch-foe Eritrea, are routinely blamed for such attacks.

15 thoughts on “Three killed in Addis Ababa bomb blast

  1. Woyane has truly destroyed the nation. In the name of our people they wage a war that only benefits them. Our people now pay the price of the war mongering of these pests!

  2. TPLF kill, imprison and starve our people. Even get involved in killing and maiming people by exploding bombs. TPLF did it before a number of times and the recent one is just an extension of the old failed and cruel tactic of the TPLF.

  3. This sort of thing anyway should be taken seriously. I don’t think OLF would do that at a time where everybody is fighting terrorism. May God guard Ethiopia!

  4. Good timing to blame the new Ginbot 7
    sadly they use our poor people as a tool
    ofcourse this is nothing for the group who
    is resposible for the killing at Hawzen market
    for rubbish propoganda

    may god save Ethiopa

  5. When people are unsatisfied in their daily lives, and when they see no help is coming from their government, it is likely some of them will resort to violence and others to hopelessness and self destruction. Still others simply leave their country and seek shelters somewhere in Japan, China, England, America or South Africa. After the deaths of the three Ethiopians in Addis Ababa, life in Addis Ababa will never be the same to the innocent Ethiopians as well as to the criminal Woyanne gangsters.

  6. When there is some sort of unity among Ethiopians, wan yannes explode some sorts of devices and blame it onto peaceful victims.

    If you remember when AFD was formed such devices were exploded by this Terrorist regime of Tigrean Libeartion fronts. Then they blame groups that does not even have room in Ethiopia.

    Wan yane or Meles Zenawis Terror networks has fooled so many people and nations. Never trust TPLF of Meles Zenawi as government, they are Terrorists who could go any length to blame anyone including even god for dirty deeds they commit against the Ethiopian people.

  7. It has been long said again and again that TPLF is not and willnot be a governement,it still behaves like it is under DERG controlled Ethiopia,and them selves as Gorrilla fighters.So it’s inherent nature will never change.Ethiopians who love thier country must get united,this is the time to act for the unity forces

  8. this is the act of Weyane. they always do this at the time of election. They want to deviate attention from election to such evil acts. Weyane, it’s not far, you’re going to be penalized for this & all!!

  9. TPLF is behind this bomb blast that killed three people in the bus.Remember people nobody in Ethiopian owns guns,bomb,any kind of weapon today.When TPLF came on power the TPLF gov took away guns from the owners.Meles loves killing Ethiopians.

  10. My good friend Hezi Shoshani died on that bus. He was a visiting professor at the local University. He was in Ethiopia to study elephants, a life long persuit to try to help and preserve them.

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