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Ethiopians for Obama volunteering in Ohio

Ethiopians for Obama will be volunteering in Columbus Ohio to deliver a victory for Barack Obama in Ohio’s primary which is being held on March 4th. Ethiopians in Virginia, DC, Maryland, New York, Minnesota, and every corner of the United States are encouraged to join us in Ethiopia to make change happen.

For those living in the DC metro area, we will be meeting up in DC on Friday February 29th in the afternoon and then forming a caravan on our way to Columbus Ohio. For those who live in other cities, email me and I will send you the hotel we will be staying at.

The plan is to arrive Friday evening in Columbus Ohio and volunteer through the weekend. There is a large Ethiopian community in Columbus, so we will also have a chance to reach out to the Ethiopian community to spread Barack Obama’s message of hope and change.

There are hundred’s of Ethiopians who are volunteering and working for the Barack Obama campaign to ensure Obama’s election. Obama’s experience in bringing people together, passing sweeping Ethics Reform Act, standing up for the rights of hard working folks, and ensuring Universal Health Care coverage are messages that resonate with Ethiopians and all Americans.

Join us in our effort to elect Barack Obama the next president of the United States.

If you are interested in joining Ethiopians for Obama on our journey to Ohio, email us at [email protected]

Please include the city that you live in so that I could include additional information for those who live in the DC/MD/VA area.

4 thoughts on “Ethiopians for Obama volunteering in Ohio

  1. I plead to all Ethiopians in the campaign for this son of Africa-He is the Agent of Change.C’mon,let us help him to be the next and the best president America had for years.
    Go Obama,go all the way to the White House-there is hope!God bless you Bro!

  2. Please support Sen. Obama get the Democratic nomination and win the general election in November for all the people of America. Lets Keep HOPE alive for generation to come. Go and vote Barack Obama for president of the United states of America.

    As Barack Obama said, Cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom. So people lets belive in and mobilize for change.

    Yes we can!
    Fired up ready to go,

    Go Obama 08

  3. My friends let us contribute financial support for Obma’s campaign. which is desperately needed. His vision and hope for change is real. Let us have faith and give peace a chance.

    God bless us all

  4. Please cut and paste the above article and forward to all your friends and family. We need as much help in Columbus as possible. Remember, change starts with US!

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