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Woyanne receives $755 million from ‘donors’

Woyanne receives $755 million from its international backers for a job well done of torturing, raping and murdering of Ethiopians and Somalis.

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia The Woyanne beggar regime secured a total $755 million in development loans and grants from its international donors in the last six months, the finance ministry said on Tuesday.

The government also had debts worth $94 million written off, a statement by the ministry said.

“The $755 million fund secured from Ethiopia’s Woyanne’s development partners will be used to accelerate agricultural development, hydropower generation, health, education and sanitation including development of portable water in rural areas,” the statement said.

Getachew Admasu, the ministry’s head of public relations said that $414.2 million of the amount was in loans, while the rest was grants.

China, India, the Netherlands, the European Union and the U.N. development agency were among those that advanced loans for development, he said.

Institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the African Development Bank and the European Investment Bank gave grants and also cancelled debt, he said.

(Reporting by Tsegaye Tadesse; editing by Tony Austin)

8 thoughts on “Woyanne receives $755 million from ‘donors’

  1. As I understand it about Woyanne, getting money is not bad, the country is well known for this. Do they use the money for the purpose?

    There are things I do not understand, do the donners give them without any understanding of what is going on in the country (Ethiopia).

    If they ask for the money, they get, if they do not ask, the do not get. To me, this issues is not woyanne issue,
    it is DONNERS’ solid issues.

  2. The weyanne regime is borrowing large sums of money as if there was no tomorrow. Everyone is benefiting from these huge sums of money, everyone but the Ethiopian people. The enormous sums of money will not be directed toward alleviating hunger and poverty in Ethiopia. Meles and his cohorts are using foreign aid and World Bank/IMF loans to buy weapons and enrich themselves. The sad part is that someone (the Ethiopian people) must pay that bill at some point.

  3. Plenty resources and plenty of food shortages in Ethiopia, a land of everything plenteous

    The government of Ethiopia is an institution ran by a donation from wealthy nations. The reality, however, is when these donations stop at one time or another, the Woyanne regime would die out unexpectedly, never to reconstitute itself again.

    The problem facing Ethiopia, as many people from outside or inside well know, has never been food shortages but management of the resources and the priorities for the allocations of these abundant resources. It has been confirmed that the Woyanne regime’s priority has been financing its wars with Eretria, Somalia, and the Ogaden region, and its second priorities, if not its first, have been to enrich its personal businesses and the businesses of his political advisors and supporters: the army generals, the business tycoons, and, perhaps, the Church officials , such as Abune Paulos. Therefore, the Ethiopian resources squandered in such a way by its rulers for wrong priorities have brought uncalled for food shortages in Ethiopia and have put the Ethiopian people in a precarious way.

    The blame for the food shortages in the country has always been blindly attributed to Mother Nature: draught, flood, locusts, hails, and other natural disasters instead of to the poor management by the Woyanne regime and to the wars it has been conducting since its inception.

    A wise ruler like Joseph of Egypt predicts what will happen to his country ahead of time, and in the time of plenty collects the grains and stores them in huge granaries (kirchat). When the time of plenty is over, he opens the granaries for his people, and by such human wisdom, he saves his people from starvation. Of course, far from this reality, Meles Zenawi is not Joseph of Egypt, or an economist, a historian, a prophet, or an astrologist. What is he then, a scientist, a psychologist, an aerologist, or witchcraft? He is simply, in a layman terms, a plunderer, a war monger, an extortionist, and a defender of Mekelle town. In addition to the billions of Ethiopian money Meles has been pilfering from the Ethiopian people (surprise!), he is getting extra $755 million from donors’ country; do the donors know where Meles is going to spend the money? They may think the poor Ethiopians will get the money and use it to improve their daily lives. Once again, the donors are wrong for believing the money they give will go to the common people; the truth is that whatever donation comes to Ethiopia, it will directly go into the pockets of Meles’ trusted clicks, never to the needs of the Ethiopian people. The donor nations have not committed crimes for donating millions of money to the Ethiopian government. The criminal for taking the donated money and for using it for his personal interests is Meles Zenawi only; he, therefore, is responsible for misappropriating such a huge amount of money.

    I wish the donor nations sent their experts to Ethiopia and with the money they send built a project that would hire thousands of Ethiopians instead of putting this cash money into the hands of Meles and his criminal friends.

    Scripture says: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1Timothy 6:10). And as the donor nations continue donating money to Meles, they are prolonging the sufferings of the Ethiopian people and at the same time helping Meles to stay in power for an indefinite time. Meles loves money, and from his love of money comes evil acts against his own people and against his conscience and imaginative thinking.

  4. One of the methods by which the murderous and lotter regime of that Meles Naziawi’s crime family and associates enrich themselves and leave the rest of Ethiopians to pverty is that getting a good amount of money in the name of donation and keep as much a prtion of it as they could and fatten their pockets.

    Woyanae crime family has sucked the blood of the citizens and always does what it does until it is removed from the surface of Ethiopia.

    No single Ethiopian trust the suckers.Period.

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