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Worldwide rally against U.N. sanction on Eritrea – update

Eritrean communities around the world are organizing a worldwide protest demonstration calling for the annulment of the ill-advised U.N. Security Council resolution against Eritrea that was passed in December 2009. Eritrea is being victimized for standing up on the side of the oppressed people of Ethiopia and Somalia who are being brutalized by the West-backed genocidal regime in Ethiopia. When some misguided U.S. Department of State officials were unable to get a bill passed in the U.S. Senate against Eritrea, they gathered some corrupt African leaders such as Uganda’s Museveni and pushed a resolution through the U.N. Security Council. The people of Ethiopia and all Horn of Africa countries stand with Eritrea in opposing the resolution, which will only serve to embolden the Woyanne regime to commit more crimes and incite more war in the region. Let’s stand in solidarity with our Eritrean brothers and sisters on February 22.

The Washington DC Rally
Date/Time: Feb. 22 starting at 10 AM
Place: Lafayette Park, in front of the White House

75 thoughts on “Worldwide rally against U.N. sanction on Eritrea – update

  1. Habesha: It is because the sanctions are aimed to all of us: Eritrean, Ethiopians, Somalies and Sudanees. Because Eritrea and its leaders are considered the bad teachers of reliance to African. They help the liberation fronts of the oppresed people and obove all they do not obey the west. If you think our people have to be free to determine their destiny and be free from the west’s influense, just joint the rally with your friends. We Africans and specially the horn have to unite and face the problems united.

  2. Let’s stand together against the unfair sanction against Eritrea. The UN and their western sponsord do not want to see a country and leader who stand a foot against them. Isaias is one and only one who stands for his people and what he believes. Meles, Museveni and many other African leaders are just a puppet slave pics of the colonialists.

  3. Eritrean/Ethiopian
    As a person with Eritrean heritage and was born and grew up in Ethiopia I plead to my Ethiopian brothers and sisters to be part of the demonstration with their counterparts.
    If the west has the nerve to come miles away to support the corrupt leaders of east Africa, we brothers and sisters should have the courage to help each other.
    LONG LIVE the Brotherhood of the East.

  4. It will be the most joyous sight to see my fellow Ethiopians join hands with us and proudly wave their green, yellow and red banner .

    Could you fathom how shocking that would be for the astounded and disturbed faces of the nay-sayers who tell us day in day out that we are doomed to dislike each other for centuries to come.

    Africans who were supposed to hate and despise each other, according to wicked plans and wishes from Washington, London and Addis, walking hand in hand.

    Indeed, the time is more than ripe. If we as a people, and in the future as nations, work together side by side nothing will stop us to be the shining light. This region has shown more than once in history that it is the place of outstanding people.

    Please, I encourage each and every Ethiopian, especially the once who are not ready to open up to Eritreans to come. Come and bring the proud flag of Ethiopia with you.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed.

    We won’t forget!

  5. Woyane will fail just as the UN continues to Fail.

    There will be freedom throughout the world and it will be spreadout throughout the lands.

    Soveriegn nations like Eritrea will MULTIPLY!

    “Soveriegn” means “Free to rule as we choose to”!

    Right now Ethiopians are NOT free to rule as we choose to.

    Meles is being imposed on us by Foreign Agencies, because Meles is a House Slave..he doesn’t question why he should take the orders of his Masters in the West, he just does them!

    Meles is a continuation of the Typical African dictator who is kept in power by the WEst namely Britain, the US, France, and the Russians (to some extent)!

    Nonetheless, Meles will fail..Woyane will be hiding in the hills of Tigray, not just from one ethnic group in ethiopia but ALL Ethnic groups in Ethiopia, including Tigrais!

  6. I would like to thank brave Ethiopians and Eritreans who are working hard to create understanding and harmony among our people. Thanks Elias for giving us the true information about our region and also for giving us a forum and the means to express our true opinions. I urge other web sites to follow the Ethiopian Review example and work to bring lasting peace and development to our region, so that we don’t have to leave in exile. We can live with dignity in our land and not be subjected to slavery in foreign lands.

  7. To mention some to why I partcipate with Eritreans in their cause:

    -In 2005 election, when all our brothers get killed and arrested, What US did? NOTHING
    instead Jimmy Carter blessed the rigged election as if it was fair. When European union was against it. Why? because they want
    their puppet to be in power.
    – We or better to say Woyanewoch, invaded Somali people, what the US and UN did? condemn? non at all,instead they encouraged
    Woyane to get rid of Sheik Shariff. And now put “sheik Shariff” in power.
    So are we stupid not to object this unjust activities against our people and horn africa?
    -Let stand togather for justice.
    -Let stand togather, for their misguided policy
    -Let stand togather, for the next already rigged election
    -Let stand togather against Woyanewoch and their supporters
    -Let stand togather, for those thrown in jail to defend us….

    Long live Ethiopia
    Solidaritiy for Eritrean brothers

  8. Definetly I will be in DC for Eritrean solidarity even though I live Minneapolis.
    For sure there will be a lot of fun, a lot of chicks too. Good hunt,ha ha ha

    Solidarity for Eritreans
    Long live Ethiopia.

  9. I believe this is AN opportune time to inform the American homeland security to pay close attention to the Eritrean diaspora particularly to those who frequent in sending money to the Eritrean government that is used to support the Islamic movement in Somalia. I also believe in forwarding some of the comments posted on this link to the authorities at homeland security so they will have a clear picture that Ethiopians has no intention of participating in this so called world wide demonstration against united nations sanctions and yet it is the Eritreans who are begging the Ethiopians to participate in this wicked demonstration.
    In addition, the American public through the homeland security should and MUST know that the Eritreans are using the Ethiopian flag as false symbol deceiving the onlookers as if the will of Ethiopians participation.



  10. Elias, I am proud of your courage and firmness. You have opened a new chapter between Ethiopians and Eritreans. Keep up the good work.Try to mobilize more Ethiopians to attend the rally. I will be behind you if the Meles puppet Alamudi decides to do anything against you.

  11. Ato desalegn amare,

    Ante kebero, hodam, achebchabi, tultula, maferiya. No one is begging me and I am going. Go and bow to your Woyane masters. Or screw urself as Elias like to say.

    Other readers…pls forgive me for my language. It is just that i can’t stand evil ppl like Desalegn.

  12. desalegn amare, if all you have listed above failed you could send your AGAZZI killers to the dimonstration. Poor weyane hallucinating. Long live Eritrean & Ethiopian friendship, and thank you brother Elias. give them hell. i got your back.

  13. Commentator # 60, Mr Kefange Kezene.

    Why are you sniffing here, don’t you have AigaForum or This is a site for genuine Ethiopians and Eritreans. You made a big deal about Eritreans carrying Ethiopian flag to confuse American public. Don’t you know Ethiopian flag is also Eritreans flag? Long before you recognized Ethiopian flag at Bademe war, Eritreans raised Ethiopian flag. Read history of Zerai Deres, the Eritrean patriot who gave his life in honor of his beloved Ethiopian Flag, could not resist the desecration of Ethiopian flag by Fascist Italy. The best you could on Feb 22, wage a counter demonstration supporting your point, it is free country. As to the other junk, you wrote I do not want to respond. Stay away from this site trying to spread lies and divisions. Unity of the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia is restored forever. Thanks Yared

    Hebret Abebe

  14. Do people ever wonder why people like #60 who write things against Eritrea are most of them use Amhara’s name? Personally I don’t wonder about it, because I know exactly what their intention is. No matter what the majority of Ethiopians and almost all Eritreans, except the woyenne ass kissers, knew this ill advice UN/US Sanction will not benefit the vest majority of Ethiopians and Eritreans. Therefore they oppose it vehemently . Mr #60 thinks Eritreans are like those, mischievous woyanne supporters, , and he is telling us that the Eritreans will use Ethiopian Flag on the rally. How low can those Woyanne’s jero Tebi can they go. there is saying in Tigrigan “natas nihamata” he is besically telling us what they do.

  15. As a proud Ethiopian i will be there to support my Eritrean brothers. The only people and government in the world stood with us while we were killed by meles Weyane Agaze.I rather be dead that work with the killer Wayane.

  16. I will be there with my ethiopian flag. Eritreans are the true friend of the ethiopian ppl and our struggle against ethnic dictatorship of weyane. Weyane is afraind of any genuine friendship b/n the two ppl. And i urge my fellow ethiopians to be there. To join our eritrean friends in voicing our condemnation of the misguided sanction.

    Long live Eri ethio friendship!

  17. ሰላም :ለሁሉም :ለኤርትራ:ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ::አንድነት :ሃይል ነው!! ታሪካችንን እናድስ:ማንነታችንን :እናስመስክር:ለ አንድነት አፍሪካ:እንኩም ::ከ ኤርትራኖች ወንድሞቻችን ጋ እንኩም:አለምን የ ኢስት አፍሪካን አንድነት እናሳያት::አንድነት ለኤርትራ :ኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ይሁን!! the time is now the moement is now we must partspet in all demonsrtion aginst UN ,AU antiunited africa and neoconelaise . victory to all peopel of eritrea and ethiopia . god bless to horn africa

  18. It’s like commentator #60 that make me want to go to this rally 100 times, if I only could. Ato Elias, thanks for your tirelss efforts in bringing the two sides together. I look forward to seeing Eritreans and Ethiopians marching side by side against the unjust acts of US/UN and thier slaves like the woyanne junta. I can hardly wait for that moment!

  19. we, Eritreans, want to be a part of a new beginning, to leave the history of hate and bloodshed behind-us and start anew. This demonstration is the first occasion where Eritreans and Ethiopians are to stand together side by side for a purpose in DC and tell the world that we are not enemies; and we will never be. We are brothers and sisters capable to work together. We are united for a purpose and that purpose is to live together side by side as partners; for our successes and interests and not at the expense of each other. That is what we are determined to achieve; what we are striving for and, that is what we want to tell the world.Awet Nhafash

  20. Elias a very good job . u r the true son of ethio.

    ”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Marthin Luther King

    I, with my 3 friends will b there with ethio flags

  21. Sanction on Eritrea is sanction on Ethiopian freedom Fighters. basically on Ethiopian freedom. It means woyanne will live forever and he will continue to commit crime on Ethiopian people. So it is your call.

  22. From now on we will be together solving our problems. First remove the stoogee Weyane then help the horn to live in peace. After, face the long march to eradicate poverty from our countries. United, we will accomplish our target and live in peace and prosperity without the handouts of the looters of our continent.
    If we fail, we will be damned for ever and live under the mercy of white supremacy.
    Let us start united with this march our long journey.

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