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Editing war over Ethiopian dictator’s net worth

The net worth of Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi is listed as $1.2 billion in, the most referenced encyclopedia in the world. Meles is also listed as the 11th richest head of government in the world. (See here.) This has caused the Adwa Mafia (a clique within the ruling Woyanne junta that is mostly composed of close family members and friends of Meles) to scramble and remove their boss from the list. After several back and forth between those who wanted to keep Meles in the list and members of the Adwa Mafia who are terrified of the exposure, Wikipedia editors stepped in yesterday and “called off” the war until December 20.

One may wonder why Meles Zenawi’s clique is scrambling to suppress such information. First of all, the information is correct. Secondly, the Adwa Mafia has amassed such incredible wealth during the past 18 years while most Woyanne cadres and fighters, particularly those who are not from Adwa Awraja, have gotten only frifari (crumbs). Such disparity in wealth is causing friction within the Woyanne hierarchy.

Currently, the Adwa Mafia (a.k.a. the Meles Crime Family) controls 60 mega corporations through an organization named EFFORT (Endowment Fund For Rehabilitation of Tigray). These companies — doing businesses ranging from mining to transportiaon — are estimated to worth over $15 billion. EFFORT, which is currently headed by Meles Zenawi’s wife Azeb Mesfin, has never been audited, pays no tax, and is shielded from inspection of its books. All the profits from EFFORT go into offshore private bank accounts of Meles, Azeb, Sebhat and the other members of the Adwa Mafia.

24 thoughts on “Editing war over Ethiopian dictator’s net worth

  1. I am glad this information is coming out in full force. Delete or not, Meles is the richest African leader, and the people at the bottom are crying foul, and there may be impending second revolution of within the Weyane. So much so, the war within is about to go public.

  2. Elias:

    thanks for this great post. Most opposition look great when they fight TPLF instead of eachother.

    This one was a great post. I will probably end up a regular here if you keep up with such heroic act instead of fighting eachother.


    This lier said that he doesn’t have money to open a small public library.What a crook person he is.Oh!the international community should investigate the source this huge amount of money.It should be taken into a serious matter.Meles Zenawi is asking financial support for the famine though he is the 11th richest head of government in the world with 1.2 billion dollars.Both Europe and the Western world have to think twice before donating to Meles Zenawi and his mafia group.

  4. This is amazing, I can’t believe Meles is listed as one of the richest leaders. He humiliates his country infront of the world as the poorest country in the world that can’t survive without foreign donations but he has accumulated this much wealth enough to be listed as one of the richest people in the world during the heaviest recession in the history of the financial world, I can imagine how much wealthier he could have been should the economy was at its peak. Its easy to guess how much more he has that is shielded and hidden in Banks without disclosure policies, like the Cayman Island banks . Yigermal.

  5. Thanks again Elias for sharing this news with us. My jaw was literally hanging as I was reading this news, hard to believe. It hurts to know for sure that our country Ethiopia is being run by armed robbers. How can Melass and his gangsters get away with this? I am ready to throw up.

  6. There is no question that Meles Zenawi is a thief and a murder. One day he will be exposed like Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines and others. I believe the information on the website is correct.

  7. Guys:

    Money is power. That is why it is so important the opposition have to be organized that way.

    Weyane are sucking the country like crazy that by the time they left power the country is going to go bankrupt.

  8. $1.2 billion?
    This money could be used to feed, build a shelter, open up a school, provide an informal education, build vocational training center for 500,000 street children for 100 years.

    Legesse (Meles) Zenawi must be return all his assets like brother Aba Dula Gemada. Aba Dula was return back atleast his house.

    Legesse must be face Geneva criminal court like brother Milosovic.

    YES HR-2003!
    God Bless Ethiopia!

  9. These wretched people, cursed to be the poorest on earth, are now trying to avoid the curse by stealing money from the good people of Ethiopia.

    The midget should be made to pay down to the last penney of what he stole from our people and should be brought to justice for the genocide he committed against the Somali civilians.

  10. That is why the western countries adore Meles for he is extremely rich! He is eating the flesh and drinking the bloods of the Ethiopian peasants – their hard-earned money.

  11. #13 we are not talking about Haile Selassie; at least Haile Selassie was in power for fifty years and if I remember right his net worth was 42 million dollars. Haile shouldn’t have had that much money running a poor country and now, there is no good enough excuse for Meless to become a billionaire in just nineteen years while millions are expected to die from famine.

  12. If the Wikipedia rating is accurate, Meles’s Net Worth is 100 times that of President Barack Obama. This means Ethiopia has the richest dictator and the most starved people in all of Africa at the same time.

    Even by Hollywood’s horror standard, in less than 20 years the west has underwritten the most barbaric human contrast in the history of the planet earth.

    God save Ethiopia! Amen

  13. What if he has sheltered more than 1.2 billion in Al-Alamudin’s acccount which has not been discovered yet? They were working hands and gloves for so long on looting gold and vast tracts of land.

  14. The countries who give Aid to Ethiopia should be aware of Woyanees account. Well, on the other hand, in this corrupted and complicated world, who knows, may be Meless is paying them off under the table and giving them land to keep quiet. It is very disturbing to know that Ethiopia is under professional criminals. Since US helped Meles to get in to power, now, they should take responsibility for their mistakes and take this criminal out of power.

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