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Environmental destruction in Ethiopia (video)

For the next few days the eye of the world will be focused on the City of Copenhagen, Denmark. Leaders from 192 counties will gather to discuss how to protect the earth’s climate from heating up. African leaders thieves and murderers have appointed one of their own, Meles Zenawi, to represent them at the Conference. The minute he was named to represent African despots, Meles has started to accuse developed countries of producing climate-warming pollutions and demanded billions of dollars in compensation. Transferring blame is second nature to Ethiopia’s genocidal tyrant. In 2005, after he ordered his death squads to gun down pro-democracy protesters, he blamed the massacre on the opposition party leaders and put them in jail. The following 2-part film shows the environmental disaster that is being caused by Meles Zenawi’s regime at one of Ethiopia’s many lakes. It is a must watch documentary for all the participants of the Copenhagen Climate Conference.
Part 1 (see Part 2 below)

Part 2

8 thoughts on “Environmental destruction in Ethiopia (video)

  1. The UN negotiating process has been gradually moving forward for the past two years – but so slowly that officials and government leaders began to acknowledge that a legally binding treaty would not be reached. The same is true for Ethiopia regardlessb of woyanees woe in Copenhagen

  2. As a post-graduate in Environmental Science in Ethiopia, I wasn’t surprised to see this documentary. This is nothing new to the Ethiopian Environmental situation. The PM and his followers are environmentally ignorant and have no clue about environmental sustainability. Just to mention some, we have lost Lakes (like the vanished Abijiata then shala and now Koka Lake) and unbelievable amount of indigenous forest mass since the EPRDF came in to power. We don’t have to be surprised about lake pollution, since the PM is giving away virgin forest land for agriculture to foreign investors, which I am sure is without any end-term control over land degradation. It will leave the fertile soil beyond the range of rehabilitation. They have no clue of what Sustainable Growth is nor do they have the ears to hear from someone one who pleads to explain. I can only cry for my countrymen and women as they pay for the environmental “tragedies” committed by illiterate and ignorant leaders in power. I fear we will lose far more than we can recover by the end of this regime. I just want to ask… will the PM quantify the lives of these innocent citizens who are dying from the Environmental disaster resulted from his neglect and arrogance to listen?

  3. Better argument is coming out supported with exactly what is going on.

    Another one is, Meles having known the deal with investers, would it not be legitmate that they spend some money as well for the damages?

  4. Addis is so congested and over populated; it is suffocating and no longer what it used to be. Why not expand development into rural areas with out current suffocation and also reduce environmental hazard concentrated in the capital city.

    The Ethiopian man who said building development at the cost of environment is not welcomed makes some sense, although he did not elaborate the choices. His prediction that, I love my country very much, but we could all be extinct is something to be considered. The Koka dam condition will be ultimately costly if not managed urgently.

    Diaspora might have to go into rural areas and create/invest/build their idea of a balanced town/city and environment.

  5. Thank you Elias.

    I am angered by what has happened although it is natural for the Woyane (TPLF) to be careless for the Ethiopian people (For sure this would not happen in Tigray).

    The “Nechachiba” denied that one source of the pollution is the Tannery. Well, just as “investors” do create jobs, industrial growth etc, if unregulated they can be bloodsuckers. When Woyane the other bloodsucker is governing then looting the country is just a golden opportunity for such callous embezzlers. What counts for them is profit and therefore at whose expense that profit comes does not concern them. What ever employment, foreign currency etc they claim they brought and especially the profit they make are made of all the deaths of the poor people, the surviving victims and environmental and other social calamities they caused. Melese does not have the moral capacity to talk about global warming that is said to being caused by developed countries that led to the suffering of poor nations’ peoples while he, his policies, and machineries are causing such havoc to Akaki and Koka people.

    I fee that professionals from Science Faculty of the Addis Ababa University should take the initiative to try to establish who is responsible by how much as much as and as soon as they can. It is national and professional responsibility.

  6. “I fee that professionals from Science Faculty of the Addis Ababa University should take the initiative to try to establish who is responsible by how much as much as and as soon as they can. It is national and professional responsibility.” Nechach ( commentaor #5)

    This is a good option, and advocates in the diaspora need to form a collective net working with such higher institution research in the country.

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