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Historic EPPF meeting in Washington DC

The Washington DC Metro Chapter of Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF) is hosting a meeting for former members of the Ethiopian armed forces to discuss current political developments in Ethiopia.

This is the first meeting of its kind. For several years most former Ethiopian soldiers have been demoralized and were staying out of politics. Currently, the soldiers are increasingly rallying in support of EPPF. It is a big boost to the resistance group as their experience is needed to instill discipline and professionalism in the organization.

Let’s not forget that the Ethiopian soldier did not lose the fight against Woyanne. The corrupt and incompetent leadership at the top is squarely responsible for the loss.

The Saturday meeting is organized in collaboration with Former Members of the Ethiopian Armed Forces Committee to Support EPPF.

EPPF’s mission and its current activities, as well as how former soldiers can join the movement, will also be discussed at the meeting, according to Ato Demis Belete, EPPF-DC spokesperson.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 12, starting at 4 PM in Washington DC at the Unification Church.

EPPF-DC and Armed Forces Committee are inviting all members of the Ethiopian armed forces to come to the meeting.

In a related story, representatives of EPPF chapters in the U.S. and Europe held a meeting on Sunday, Nov 29, to brief members on the recent conference that was held in the field. The October 17-18 conference passed a 7-point resolution that rearranged EPPF’s activities in the Diaspora. Accordingly, EPPF’s International Committee has been disbanded and all chapters have been instructed to report directly to the EPPF main office.

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5 thoughts on “Historic EPPF meeting in Washington DC

  1. What EPPF doing is marvelous and has to be encouraged. Efforts to create understanding and coordinate its diplomatic and military struggle against Wayane with other opposition parties and Nationalist organizations should be scaled up as President Esayas reminded.

    If our goal is to overthrow TPLF and let democracy reign in the country we have to leave not stone unturned to achieve cooperation among opposition forces. This effort is a multi-way street, therefore, every group relentlessly should try to achieve it. Disunity with in or between parties is a constant source happiness and strength to TPLF. Cooperation requires compromise and overcoming arrogance and hypocrisy that “My way is the only way” or trying to settle old scores. This cooperation includes compromise on the outcome of the straggle as well as the means of achieving it. I do not think there is a one best way or one best party in all accounts in this kind of situation and there is no way of knowing it even if it does exist. Wayane is a bid force with huge outside support fighting with oppositions in disarray. What ever success our heroic freedom fighters achieved on the ground will be permanent and resilient that spreads to other parts of the country, if we can achieve cooperation among all true oppositions regardless of their positions at all front, military, intelligence as well as diplomacy.

    Long live EPPF

  2. Wow! Where can I start? It brings tears to my eyes knowing that these true sons and daughters patriot Ethiopians are willing to put their lives on line for the sake of all of us. I can not thank them enough, they are my hope and inspirations. Thank you, EPPF, may the angels and the souls of those who have scarified their lives in the past for their beloved country Ethiopia guide and protect you as you travel on this journey. Long live EPPF!!!

    My great-grand father, like so many other Ethiopians was decapitated by Italians and it hurts me deeply to see what Woyanees are doing to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  3. It is good news to hear that our Former battle hardened war heroes are going to give the much needed moral boost and their battle field expertise to their seccessors the EPPF. If all opposition groups unite and start to fight as one people, I guarantee you weyane wan’t last a day, let alone to rule the country with impunity.

  4. I wish those brave soldiers all the luck. United we stand,divided we fall. Long live united Ethiopia, down with the tyrant Meles Zenwi and his genocidal regime. Thank you Elias Kifle for your dedication and hard work. God bless you and your family.

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