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Ethiopia: ONLF fighters take over military base in Dufan

The Ogaden Liberation Front (ONLF) officials yesterday said that they took over control of more Woyanne regime military basses in eastern Ethiopia.

Abdukadir Hassan Hirmoge, deputy chairman of ONLF, claimed victory over Woyanne forces following clashes in the past few days.

Abdulkadir said that ONLF forces attacked Woyanne-controlled areas such as Dufan and Dudume Adde about 20 kilometers from Dhagahbur and many other military targets. He said that the ONLF fighters took over the Woyanne military bases in Dufan and other areas that they attacked in the recent fighting.

11 thoughts on “Ethiopia: ONLF fighters take over military base in Dufan

  1. I don’t believe this story especially the one they claimed to capture a military post just 20 kilometers from a major town of Dhagahbur. Deja Vu Galbed!!! My Issa kin and kits will laugh at this story telling. What is next? Jigjigie?

  2. Hi, Abdurahman
    My friend in Dhagahbuur,ogadenia told me that the ONLF are very close to capture the city of dhagahbuur. He asked me money to get out of the city.

  3. But there is a sober way of fighting your opponent when we have democracy in place.It may not be perfect but we can still use it as a spring board to achieve our goals.Let’s stop the killings,destruction and misery.

  4. ONLF has been engaging militarily the terrorist TPLF for the last 16 years. This is not a new news. What is new and remarkable is that they simultaneously carried out well coordinated attacks on seven different and distant woyanne bases. They over-run five of them and disabled the remaining two.

    Now TPLF is busy counting their human and material losses.

  5. It is good news for Ethiopians. ONLF movement is one of the many Ethiopian gurella fighters who are fighting for equall right. If they believe for one ethiopia I think we should be symphetatic to their cause. We should learn from Eritreans. We never told them that we are on your side during their struggle. This is time to handl with greater care for our Ogadenian brothers
    Victory to victims of Woyane

  6. I just read news to the same effect on BBC. I congratulate them as long as they establish practical democratic institutions and will never try to be despotic over my Issa kin and kits as WSLF tried to do in the late 70’s. If they decide to do that it will be a grave mistake for them. We will stand ever defiant having Djibouti covering our back. Now they have to make sure they keep and maintain what they captured.

  7. Abdurahman(#1),whether you and your Issa kins will laugh or not,the Woyanes and their Somali stooges in Ogaden had their noses bloodied by the ONLF.In Cobole near Dhagahbur,yucub near Wardheer,Xamaro,Galadid,Qabrijerar.These places are very close to Kabridahar,Fiiq and babili if you know the area.They are very scared in Jigjiga.Try to get information in Jigjiga now and they will tell you that the place is almost in a lockdown.

  8. Wow:(:-) Impressive, if your rights are being denied by the woyane terrorist self claimed democratic regime, what do you do? Crush them and claim your right “get up stand up, stand up for you right don’t give up the fight” by Bob Marley. GO GO ONLA.

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