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Ethiopia’s pop music star Teddy Afro released

ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopia’s most famous singer Tewodros Kassahun (popularly known as Teddy Afro) has been released today after spending 16 months in jail.

Teddy was sent to jail on trumped-up charges of hit-and-run accident and manslaughter, but the real reason for his arrest is that Meles Zenawi’s Woyanne tribal junta in Ethiopia did not like his songs that promote Ethiopian unity.

Teddy was sentenced to 6 years in jail, but the high court reduced his sentence to 2 years.

The Woyanne security released Teddy one day earlier from the scheduled date of August 14 so that there will not be any crowd awaiting him outside the Kality prison.

The Woyanne-controlled ETV greeted him outside and interviewed him. The interview was aired tonight on ETV.

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38 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s pop music star Teddy Afro released

  1. It is funny this gov. or collection of pirates plays a drama on us. It them that make us happy or sad, unpredictably. Now they are making us happy by releasing our dear son, so people only think of his release not to count the deepen crime they did on him. Actually we deserve to be treated like this, we are the one that gave them the right to make us sad and happy as they want to. Society gets a leader that deserves!

  2. Thank God almighty Teddy is free! He shouldn’t be imprisoned
    to start with. I want to be happy for him but I am not. I am sad. I am saddened because they took his innocence from him. He won’t be the same i am afraid. May God send his angels to
    heal his wounds as he believes in God almighty.


  3. Extremely delighted by the news!!!

    How many more including Birtukan might be still in jail? Though wise men teach that the world is not a fair place whatsoever, it is still very difficult to explain some human actions.

  4. Wow, finally all i can say is THANKS GOD i know you are strong. Remember you are srounded by AN ANGEL.

  5. Congrats!Teddy.
    Teddy has to thank the people of Ethiopia
    by releasing a new album and setting a concert.
    I cann’t wait listening to his new song or attending his public musical performance.

    take care,Teddy.

  6. That is great news but he was not supposed to be there for such long time. Any how is better to be free and he should run away from that dictator admnistration. I hope one day the Woyane govt’ will get the price of all those costs. And God will do that not the people. Satenaw

  7. Change Zimbabwe, your are a smart man. That should be only in the mind of a good thinker. the thing is we are very few so it requires miracle to change the society. I think the problem is not the fact that Meles and co are either smart or strong rather it is because the people of Ethiopia is not changed in the way human beings should think at the 21st century.

    Any ways he need to leave that nation now. Otherwise it will be like “If a stone hits your foot the second times, it may be cuz u r the stone….”

    Get out Boy! you are surrounded by Evil “leaders” and a never changing society

  8. Woyane what happen that is unbelivable. Woyane even if you release him, we will not forget what you have done to our ppl. By the way Woyane doesnot mean tigre. There are hodam other ethinc group who are close to dictator Meles who is nither Ethiopian nor Eriterian. We love the Tigraian ppl that are not Woyane. Woyane is a group of ppl lead by Meles sucking the blood of poor Ethiopians.

  9. Congrat Teddy,


    Dear Ted congra, and we STILL ARE WITH YOU !

    Do not forget that by your music you helped us to speak our thought. Thank You.

    No one can tell what they did to you. But as far as i know
    Ethiopian people loves you and care about you.

    Remember bro, Ethiopia loves you.
    May God be with you.

  10. Teddy an ETHIOPIAN HERO congratualtion my brother, i know you look good & strong don’t stop singing about (WOYANE), you are true ethiopian kid. So many of as looking forward to see you in US, God bless Ethiopia & Teddy.


  11. It is rare for a person to be a patriot for their country. I truly admire and appreciate Teddy for all his strength. On top of that, I am grateful for our Dear God that he protects him from all this scandal. However, there are many innocent people inside a jail, we need to remember and pray for them too. Moreover, I want to hear or see soon Teddy’s creativity because I believe he will be smarter than he will ever been before. May God be with you Teddy and with all Ethiopian too.

  12. Thanks to GOD that Ted is out side kaliti, weyane is playing political game , it has taken revenge against our beloved singer and again it will attempt to tell the international community that the judiciary in Ethiopia is free that is why Tedy Afro who is known for unifying
    Musics contrary to the TPLFs tribal politics is released.

    Tedy!!! You are a great Hero, history will remember your deeds, be proud of that.

    The time for TPLF group face serios consequences will not be people who came from the bush they are very comfortable with the palace and they need to be swept out from it through united struggle which currently seems to be dead but which i belive will erupt out suddenly as volcano and eradicate them before they finish our country

  13. Hail Tedy Afro!

    The day will come when the rogue TPLF junta will have to account for so many crimes, including crimes against humanity and genocide in Watter (Harerghe), Gambella, the Ogaden, and Addis Ababa’s massacre of protesters in the hands of Meles zenawi’s Agazi forces.

    The ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) junta is a nothing but a bunch of primordial, savage, devious, vile, wicked, crooked, riffraff, duriye bandits!

  14. My comment for #8 wuro talkin about she is sad for teddy cos they took his inocence from HIM? what do u mean wuro? teddy aint no VIRGIN they did’t beat him down what the hell u are talkin about? STOP SMOKING THE WRONG HEREB wuro Ethiopian jail aint like american jail ok? it might be bad sanitation but no one is takin inocence from no one.hahaha

  15. hi teddy w’r glad to hear that thx to god we love you so much we hope you would be smarter than than befor and never stop singing god bless you and watch you back don’t cxcpect that could not be hppens agian ok boy bye we wish you a wonderful time the rest of you life .

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