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Ethiopia’s popular singer may be jailed because of music

Teddy Afro is one of Ethiopia’s most popular singers. Afro, whom fans call Ethiopia’s Bob Marley, is in prison. Many are convinced that his legal troubles are related to his music. Some of Afro’s songs seem critical of Ethiopia’s government… [more]

3 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s popular singer may be jailed because of music

  1. Gwen Tomkins- Thank You!! You are good at heart, so you told the truth. We Ethiopians live in constant fear of persecution, torture and unlawful detention. Injustice is all around us and our tears drain inwards in fear of crying outwards. Please Gwen – don’t forget to report on the shackled heroine- Birtukan Medekessa. Unlike many of us, she refused to be muzzled; she spoke out against injustice; as it happens often she ended up in jail for life. No body but only her teenage daughter and her old mom could ever see her. I pray that her light keeps flickering to the outside world through real journalists like your self Sincerely

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