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Ark of the Covenant Being Unveiled? – update

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following update was posted today by New Wineskins blog:

It should have happened an hour ago. Not clear yet what’s going on, but I’ll update this post as often as I can throughout the day. Nothing scheduled on Vatican TV.

WND, at least, is picking up the story, beginning Wednesday as well as in this extensive top-story article they posted last night. It quotes Bob Cornuke at length, along with other scholars and investigators:

Bob Cornuke, biblical investigator, international explorer and best-selling author, has participated in more than 27 expeditions around the world searching for lost locations described in the Bible… Next week, Cornuke will travel to Ethiopia for the 13th time since he began his search for the Ark. He told WND he believes this artifact may be authentic.

“They either have the Ark of the Covenant or they have a replica that they have believed to be the Ark of the Covenant for 2,000 years,” he said.

“The Ark could have been taken out of the temple during the time of the atrocities of Manasseh,” he said. [link added] “We have kind of a bread crumb trail that appears to go to Egypt, and it stayed on an island there for a couple hundred years called Elephantine Island. The Ark then was transferred over to Lake Tana in Ethiopia where it stayed on Tana Qirqos Island for 800 years. Then it was taken to Axum, where it is enshrined in a temple today where they don’t let anybody see it.”

Cornuke said he traveled to Tana Qirqos Island and lived with monks who remain there today.

“They unlocked this big, four-inch thick wood door,” he said. “It opened up to a treasure room, and they showed me meat forks and bowls and things that they say are from Solomon’s temple. When the History Channel did this show, they said it was one of the largest viewed shows. People were fascinated.”

He said Ethiopians consider the Ark to be the ultimate holy object, and the church guards the suspected artifact from the “eyes and pollution of man.”

“In Ethiopia, their whole culture is centered around worshipping this object,” Cornuke said. “Could they have the actual Ark? I think I could make a case that they actually could.”

However, he said reports about Friday’s unveiling are somewhat perplexing because Ethiopia has traditionally shielded it from public view.

“That’s the surprise for me,” Cornuke said. “I have always thought that they would keep it under wraps.”

He explained that a special guardian lives inside the church [Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Ethiopia] and never leaves. Once a guardian is appointed, he stays until he dies and another man replaces him.

“We know for a fact that there have been 30 guardians in history who have never left that enclosure,” Cornuke said. “I know the guardian. When CNN and BBC went over there, he wouldn’t see anybody but me. So I went and talked to him, and he’s getting very aged. He told me they have the real Ark and he worships 13 hours a day in front of it. When he gets through, he is covered in sweat and he’s exhausted.”

He said he met a 105-year-old man who claimed to have seen the Ark 50 years ago when he was training a replacement guardian.

“It frightened him to death when he got a glimpse of it.”

Cornuke is also featured on the Koinonia House podcast series I linked on Tuesday. Although he doesn’t say a lot more in it than is outlined above in terms of the evidence itself, the podcast provides more Biblical context. I found it useful.

As several of our Ethiopian brothers have pointed out here, the unveiling is not without controversy, skepticism, disgust and fears of cascading consequences as a result of its unveiling. The Ethiopian Review writes, in a Thursday article that:

Abuna Pauolos Aba Gebremedhin (aka Aba Diabilos), the illegitimate Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, was in Rome this week to meet with Pope Benedict XVI.

The claim that the Biblical Holy Ark has been kept at the Church, in the city of Axum, is an old one, but this is the first time that the Church plans to actually reveal the actual container, or news of it. It is not known whether the Church claims that the actual Tablets of the Law are inside it.

Copies of the alleged Ark are kept in many other churches in Ethiopia.

This clip, out of Belgium, translated from the Dutch by Google doesn’t break any new ground, however it does give a glimpse as to how the world is likely to view this. In perhaps one of the greatest understatements of all time, they write: “the relic has major cultural-historical value”. And that’s all, in their view. The secular world insists on putting God (and His box) in their box. He won’t fit.

41 thoughts on “Ark of the Covenant Being Unveiled? – update

  1. Wow,
    Woyana open another front against God…Evil is leading in that country…wow…had haileselassie or mengistu done it, it would be considered a great betrayal of tigray, or for that matter Ethiopia.

  2. For all the known history treasured by almost all EOTC members, it is considered to be the original, true and ARK of the Covenant. Although most of us have heard or known Ethiopian visitors who had been eye-witnesses to the general aura, secrecy, legend and scared presence of ITS MYSERY past Lake Tana in Akum, the most recent documented account by an Ethiopian is noted in Rebecca Haile’s, Bio… “Held At A Distance. Apparently, as usual, as a woman, she was forbidden to enter St. Mary’s church, and the husband was allowed entry at least to the church.

    Although the keeper priest is not replaced until he dies, the Aba Dr. Paulos as a “Patriarch” might have had to release on topics as to who is being “trained” to replace this “very old keeper” of this highly regarded Holy church. Instead, the news is being released in international news media that he will reveal the Ark of the Covenant.

    Ethiopians who have in depth experience in the EOTC need to release their opinion as well as official press release of their response on this news (if well confirmed). Aba Paulos might bee adding fire to the the large segment of EOTC members who despise him.

  3. God almighty help us all. this ark has been passed through generations and protected more than anything for centuries. it is the core of our orthodox church. why this fake patriarch want to do this to the Ethiopian nation and all orthodox Christians, the Ethiopian people are not told this will happen. what is going on politics is one thing but Religion is very sensitive subject this might cause civil unrest b/c Ethiopians are highly protective of their identity and belief and this ark is the base of the church system. Let’s just pray this madness is going to stop as soon as possible.

  4. ER,

    You are the only Ethiopia news breaker in Ethiopia and abroad. The rest are just serving with copy and paste retarded/last hand news all the time.

    Thank you for your 21- century news service.

    About the Announcement:.

    I’m not sure they are that much smart for something good but bad and worst, the delay could be because of the M. Jackson death that is 150% occupying the Global news all over the world and the Ark story could not be interested to the medias and viewers. Meaning waiting the best time to get publication.
    May be they are listening/respecting Ethiopian all over the country/world that are in disbelieve and very angry about the reveling of the Ark secrets with out the nation saying about it. The Ethiopian people keeping/worshiping this Ark for more than 2500 years and they cannot just expose this secretive gift just like that in foreign soil and worst than that in a hotel where many legal and illegal businesses are conducting there including money exchange for sex.

    The Ethiopian people must know and agree first about it. If they do this without the Ethiopian people knowledge, really they are making a very very grave mistake. What they must understand is that the Ark was first arrived and staid in Tana for more than 800 years. It is the Ethiopian and world most valuable gift from God, not their evil thinking telling them that as if it is their. They are really sick and making me sick too. .

    However, I don’t care what these creatures are doing. There is nothing to stop them. There is nothing they afraid, respect and making them to behave as human beings including God. So, we know what to expect from devils.
    They are like the worst wild and bad animals look like human being. They have no human behavior at all. They seem are empty with soul. They seem are living life after death with skeleton. I hope God who is disrespected by them time after time, this time would get enough with them and he will show us his power on them.

  5. It is time for the signs and wonders, after things like this are revealed anyone who still rejects God will have no reason to not believe and those who still don’t, well we’re outta here anyway. See ya there.

  6. Jeremiah prophesied of days when the Ark of the Covenant would be of no consequence to the people of God. Jeremiah 3:15-17

    It seems that the devil’s messenger, Tagay Paulos, who would turn it into inconsequential by desecrating it.

  7. Maybe the Patriarch received a message from God that now is the time to reveal the Ark to the people.

    “All of the people of God may see the Ark of the Covenant in God’s temple in heaven.” Revelation 11:19

  8. This is so sickening, and it is imaginable that it is a disturbing news to Ethiopians of all ages, gender and walks of life who are ingrained in the “belief”, and especially in the doctrine of Ethiopian Taw- ah -edo Orthodox Church; and select few dedicated Ethiopian and International historians who prefer it not revealed this way.

    To those of you who associated the incident to POLITICS. It is very believable that it is politically motivated. To those of you who are in the habit of identifying Human right violator and architect of article39 Meles Zenawi:In my humble opinion, to ALL THE TIME magnify one person’s name as a threat, or as destroyer, while he is as well in position is to maginify his importance in an indirect way

    I think very well covered team politics in the name of Aba Paulos and including his “Patriarchal power” under this regime, is taking place in the name of guardian of culture, system, religion and legend

  9. If the reported story is indeed true and the world accepts the article as the genuine ark of the covenant, than the real implication is that the temple to house it will be rebuilt in Israel, after thousands of years of it being absent. Not to mention the fact that its original site is now partly occupied by a muslim mosque.

    My feeling is that since the catholic church is already involved, the pope will try and benifit in some way from this as will Jews, and Muslims. However for all those out there who believe in the Bible, know that these events portend the appearance of the anti-christ, and the return of the Messiah.
    Is it coincidence that this should happen at a time when the nations of the world are on the brink of a global conflagration, world leaders are pushing for global government, and technology now allows for the impimentation of a global aplication of the mark of the beast system.
    Be ready for the emergance of a world religion and government whose center is among the nations of the west (Revived Holy Roman Empire). An empire such as this is not far off, all that is neaded is for Europe to tranform in to the leading economic, military, and ecclisiastical authority in the world. This can be done in a short time by either merging with the U.S or if the U.S. collapses due to economic or militarisic/terroristic means. All of the elements for this to take place exist at this moment, it is merely a matter of choice for those with the power to make it happen. Again for those that believe the Bible, God has given this ability over to them as it is all part of the plan.

  10. Today is the saddest day for me, personally: The death of Michael Jackson and the desecration of the Ark of the Covenant by Aba Paulos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church are unforgettable events.

  11. I think the Ark of the Covenant is performing its miracle by confusing the languages of the reporters involved in these ecclesiastical affairs. So, Aba Paulos has stopped revealing the Ark of the Covenant to the world as I have heard the news from other sources.

    Is this true, dear Elias?

  12. I could be wrong, it is possible the Micheal Jackson’s un-expected death took over the head line. This could be a bad day for them to show the world. Most of the planet is mourning MJ. God must’ve responeded with its own mystery. They will be back another time, who knows they may reaveal it at the White House for the right price.

    It is a sad story.

  13. I am guessing it is pure political reasons. They are probably thinking it will benefit Tigray from truism boom. It is Meles’ work not aba daiblos work. Diablos is just doing what he is told to do; to be an agent. It is really sad.

  14. I am a retired Englishman residing in Spain and have been researching the ark since 1991.

    It seems that the Ark disapeared somewhere around the 10th century BC at the time it was placed in King Solomon’s Temple.

    I believe that it was then stolen and was being taken to the wealthy governer of the Bahrian Oasis (which is south west of Cairo). According to my research he lived there at that period.

    Apparently he was collecting treasures and would have wanted the Ark more than anything else, especially as he was also the High Priest of Egypt.

    I recently discovered a cave in the vicinity of the oasis which fits a description of where the ark had been taken to en route to the Governer.

    However once it is uneartherd it might prove to be the Ark of the Exodus or an ancient copy.

    The first thing would be is to have the arcacia wood of the ark , radio carbon dated to determine when the arcacia tree was cut down. If the date corresponds to the time of the Exodus then it is more than likely the original ark. If it is later then its surely a copy.

    Would the Etheopians be prepared to submit their ark to that test?

    I have written a 400 page manuscript about my 19 years search which I am submitting to be published. It will be called “Arkquest”. It describes what the ark would have looked like and also tells about the role of the Ark when it is found.

    Feel free to contact me at; [email protected]

  15. Tagay paulos has revealed himself with this act very well as he has no faith that makes him to be considered as a patriark of that church and nation. Rather he is a glove for meles to distroy Ethiopia.

  16. Anything and everything that is evil is expected from Weyane, but I have not expected this at all that Diablos will do. However, it was understood that once they think that their end has come the Weyanes primarly Meles and this time Aba Dibilos would destroy whatever they have in possession. Because, he knew his end has come for Aba Diablos he has to destroy the church before he is destroyed himself. Similarly Meles will make sure the country is destroyed before he is destroyed. The analogy of the donkey which wished no grass should grow after her death applies for them. the desert locusts.

  17. Indeed the devil is trying our church.
    Why do we allow this guy desicrate the holy object that we kept dear to us for Millenia?

    Nothing is left sacred to the woyanes. They probably saw a possible gain of money from this.

    For time immemorial, holy people devoted their lives gaurding the ark. Now we have Gebremedhin going for European Catholic visit…….People do we remember what happened in the 16th century when Atse Fasil went catholic?

    Are these people gonna get a free pass doing this?

    Who knows what God will do to these evil people as they dare desicrate the holy ark of the covenant!

  18. If Ethiopians wouldn’t die for this, woyane will rule forever. We have to do something about it. this is our identity. what has left for us? Or are we already dead?

  19. woy gud says:
    “Indeed the devil is trying our church.
    Why do we allow this guy desicrate the holy object that we kept dear to us for Millenia?

    Nothing is left sacred to the woyanes. They probably saw a possible gain of money from this.

    For time immemorial, holy people devoted their lives gaurding the ark. Now we have Gebremedhin going for European Catholic visit…….People do we remember what happened in the 16th century when Atse Fasil went catholic?

    Are these people gonna get a free pass doing this?

    Who knows what God will do to these evil people as they dare desicrate the holy ark of the covenant!”

    No that is wrong; Atse Fasil never converted to Catholicism. His father Atse Susnios did and ended up assassinated, and actually Atse Fasil then expelled every single European out of the country and none had come to Ethiopia for about 150 years(Closed door policy).

  20. This is sheer survival tactic of woyane to buy international support to remain in power.May be the deal had been concluded long before the news break out.

  21. Some wires got crossed on this story. I went to the Adnkronos website and found that the original story was posted June 18…and there’s a follow-up story dated Jun 19, which (I presume) is the information from the Patriarch’s press conference. Here’s a link to the stories published on Adnkronos under “Arca” = “Ark”

    So anyway, the press conference seems to have been last Friday. Here’s the latest article on it. Can’t translate all now, but here’s a key passage:

    “All that which is found in the Ark–explained the Patriarch, responding to the curiosity of journalists–is described perfectly in the Bible. The state of conservation is good because it is not made from the hand of man, but it is something that God has blessed.” “There are many writings and evidences of the presence of the Ark in Ethiopia. There is no reason why someone [would] dare to affirm to have something that he doesn’t have,” explained the Patriarch. “I am not here to give proofs that the Ark is in Ethiopia, but I am here to say what I saw, what I know and I can attest to. I didn’t say that the Ark would be revealed to the world. It is a mystery, an object of veneration.”

    Roma, 19 giu. – (Adnkronos) – “L’Etiopia è il trono dell’Arca dell’Alleanza. L’Arca dell’Alleanza è stata in Etiopia per 3.000 anni e adesso è ancora lì e con la volontà di Dio continuerà ad essere lì. E’ per via del miracolo che è arrivata in Etiopia”.

    Il Patriarca della Chiesa ortodossa d’Etiopia Abuna Pauolos conferma quanto aveva anticipato due giorni fa dall’ADNKRONOS. Lo fa in una conferenza stampa tenutasi all’Hotel Aldrovandi a Roma, cui ha partecipato anche il principe Makonnen Haile Selassie, nipote dell’imperatore. “L’ho vista con senso di umiltà, non con orgoglio, come quando si va in chiesa. E’ la prima volta -ha proseguito il Patriarca Pauolos- che dico questo in una conferenza stampa. Ripeto l’Arca dell’Alleanza è in Etiopia e nessuno di noi sa per quanto tempo ancora. Solo Dio lo sa”.

    “Tutto quello che si trova nell’Arca -ha spiegato il Patriarca rispondendo alla curiosità dei cronisti- è descritto perfettamente nella Bibbia. Lo stato di conservazione è buono perché non è fatta da mano d’uomo, ma e’ qualcosa che Dio ha benedetto”. “Ci sono molti scritti e prove evidenti sulla presenza dell’Arca in Etiopia. Non c’è ragione perché qualcuno pretenda di affermare di avere qualcosa che non ha -ha precisato il Patriarca-. Non sono qui per dare delle prove che l’Arca sia in Etiopia, ma sono qui per dire quello che ho visto, quello che so e che posso testimoniare. Non ho detto che l’Arca sarà mostrata al mondo. E’ un mistero, un oggetto di culto”.

    Il Patriarca Pauolos ha anche parlato della costruzione di un museo ad Axum, una struttura che dovrà accogliere e conservare i tesori costruiti per secoli e secoli ad Axum. Nel museo, finanziato dalla fondazione del principe e che dovrebbe essere costruito entro due anni, potrebbe essere collocata anche l’Arca dell’Alleanza, ma per questo ha spiegato Abuna Pauolos “c’e’ bisogno di una decisione che spetta al Santo Sinodo, l’istanza suprema della Chiesa ortodossa etiope”. Il patriarca Pauolos, presidente del G8 delle Religioni, ha preso parte dal 16 al 18 giugno al G8 delle religioni che si e’ tenuto tra Roma e L’Aquila. Poi ieri il Patriarca e’ stato invitato dalla comunita’ di Sant’Egidio dove ha partecipato a una giornata di studio sulla storia religiosa d’Etiopia, e sempre ieri ha incotrato in Vaticano il Pontefice Benedetto XVI.

    “Nell’incontro in Vaticano Benedetto XVI e il Patriarca hanno discusso di molte cose e sua Santità ha rivolto al Patriarca l’invito a tornare a ottobre”, ha precisato il principe Makonne Haile Selassie.

  22. weye tegab….ye weyane tegab is limitless.
    Meles started it all by reducing our forefathers’ beloved flag to nothing but “a piece of rag” and affixed that ugly blue star on it. And now, Weyane’s blind arrogance has reached this pinnacle, where this weyane appointed patriarch, aba diabilos, has arrogantly availed to himself the disrespecful task of revealing what century after century of our church leaders have seen fit to keep hidden.

  23. Dear Editors,

    In the name of the God father almighty peace be upon all Ethiopians in the name of Jesus, giver of life and destroyer of death & In the name of our mother Zion who is called Ethiopia.peace be upon all my brothers and sisters.

    please don’t get disturbed on any news concerning the Ark as the time is about to be unleashed that we will be center of the world.
    personally let me tell you a little something which I know about the Ark by the holy insight of the holy spirit of the father.

    what makes this ARK of the covenant the most powerful object in the world is because the holy and most mighty names of God have been inscribed on every conrner of this object and 24 gem stones with inscription of the name of God and some images are on the gold plated Ark which gives it the divine power to do anything in the name of God Lord Sabaoth.having said all these by the profecy of our fore fathers is that the one who is going to come to the nation to lead with the rod of moses is the one who is going to use the wisdom associated with it which is called the divine wisdom and which ultimately lead this impoverished nation to a super power role not by attacking nations like others do it by their weapon but by being a nations of priests and praisers of God’s holy name which will eventually lead to the becoming economic superpower of the whole african nation and that particular land specially.

    Now, please children of God in the holy covenant, please listen when God is speaking, you are not supposed to fight one another, as moses said to the children of Israel, “have faith and stand still, don’t fight the lord will fight for you & you shall see the salvation of the lord sabaoth”
    so please the new Israel (spirtual Israel) don’t fight, your new leader is arranging himself with the divine wisdom and he will march soon and after that like you heard it in our forefather’s tales, Ethiopia will be a super power nation to the disbelief of the whole wide world.

    Kuta-Al , Lewuwat :- we are great! our hearts!
    oh, Lord, arise that our enemies may be destroyed and that they may fly, that those who hate you may be scattered like smoke, drive them away.As wax melts before the fire, so pass away all evil-doers before God, for God has given you the kingdom. pour out Thy wrath over them,Thy wrath seize them. you shall stand upon leopards and adders , & you shall subdue the lion & dragon. With God only can we do great things, He will bring them under our feet.
    You that are & was & will be in the old & new covenant! Eternal Jehovah, Jesus christ, Messiah, All-beautiful, All-true, All-holy! All-loving & All-merciful, you have said, Heaven & Earth shall pass away by my words shall not pass away. You have said:- I came not to destroy the old covenant but to fulfil it. You have said:- He who sees me sees the father. You have said:- If you have true faith, you can perform the wonders which I have done, Yea, you will perform yet much greater wonders than I have done. Come also to us Ethiopians ( spiritual Israel) for the sake of our faith, come also unto us Ethiopians for the sake of moses, Thy messenger of faith, Reveal also to us Ethiopians Thy mysterious name from Jehovah, as you once said to your fire prophet moses in solitude, come & say unto us Ethiopians in love, Through the heart of Moses & with the tongue of Aaron so that we may reveal your honor to the world.

    my fellow compatriots be strong in the lord Jesus Christ, king of zion & kind of kings of Ethiopia & in our Queen Virgin Mary, mother of God.
    I shall come! Schebual!

  24. It is apparent why this man chose to create this fiasco in the first place. I believe it is rooted in 2 recent crises that has threatened his rule of the church and the atheist tribal regime that appointed him.

    Cause #1: The state of Woyane’s regime: A dying regime ripping in its death bed has been known to be the most barbaric dictatorship even by African standard. The final death march heralded by economic standstill, a humiliating defeat in Somalia, internal defection threatening to implode the fake union of its party, the intensified opposition parties, the vanquishing of foreign reserve, the Obama election, the global recession, the disappearance of Diaspora dollars, the 2010 election making Ethiopia the next Iran all add up to the most desperate period of this evil regime.

    Seeking to find money where previous rescue were delivered via the unlikely partners Sheik Ala Amoudi and Aba Paulos, today neither parties can deliver the same nor protect their own interest. Earlier investigation ordered by Azeb Mesfin herself into the church treasure and of Mahebere Kidusan turned out all moneys of both entities were stashed away only in individual names and the Woyane regime was left bitterly without these resources. At this point Aba Paulos was forced to take over the lavish high rise built by Mahebere Kidusan in Addis Ababa and exile its top leaders of the organization outside the country where they are now busy condemning Aba Paulos with hope of getting a new lease with the power contenders. See

    Cause #2: Power struggle within the Synod to unseat Aba Paulos. Most recently the news of the dethroning of Aba Paulos from the patriarchal duty is indeed a true development. Aba Paulos has been stripped of all his power except to give a religious service. An Ad hoc committee consisting of 7 archbishops is now in charge of the Synod. Apparently the rebellion was orchestrated by Aba Samuel Tekeste who is a native of Wolkait and believed to be a family member of of Azeb Mesfin. Ever since that time (4 weeks) he is relegate to simple church duties by decree of the Synod and further ordered not to engage in any administrative functions except religious services, (as if anyone is left in Ethiopia seeking blessing from this man). In return the decision of the Synod has created the most explosive power struggle ever to be witnessed in the history of the church. Deje Selam web site owned by Mahebere Kidusan has further elaborated on the unfolding crisis inside the Synod, they seem to have inside source than the rest of us:

    Last week the power of the patriarch versus the 7 archbishops came to head when Aba Paulos decided to accept the official invitation of the Roman Pope representing the Orthodox Church and traveled to Italy. Before the dust even settled about his travel, he staged this bizarre media stunt about the Ark of the Covenant to show who really is in control of the church. It is made from start to finish for internal consumption about a pending 12 month ruthless campaign between Azeb Mesfin Vs the Adwa camp led by Aba Paulos to finally determine who will hold the absolute power in the only remaining viable institution in Ethiopia. In the meantime Woyane’s true virtue desecrating any thing Ethiopia by any means necessary; to ultimately hold power for a purpose of looting and pillaging will continue to such time when they all vanquish in un-mark graveyard where you and I will walk on.

    Long Live Ethiopia, Amen.

  25. Anxiously hopeful, like many Christians I hope that the “rumored” Ark is genuine. Unlike non-believers, it is not for the sake of validation but revelation in the positive impact it may have on a world that is in desperate need of help.

    In the U.S., lust, envy and greed have become socially acceptable in both the private and business sectors and in the latter, contributed significantly to the economic downfall that has spread far outside our borders. Terrorism and fanaticism is growing in leaps and bounds. The time is right to have an event as monumental as the unveiling of the “true Ark”, to capture attention and restore hope and morality to all.

  26. The Great God of Heaven must adore and respect the Ethiopians, who have respected the sacredness of the Ark of the Covenant.

    With satan moving forward through the media, and now a One World Government of a New World Order, which seek to close down our Churches and Temples and take away our scriptures, perhaps; just perhaps, God is using the Holy Ethiopians to cause a spiritual renewal through the ushering in of the public viewing of the sacred Ark of the Covenant.

    Regardless, all Christians should bow in respect to the Holy Ethiopians for guarding the Holy Ark of the Covenant.

    Back in the late 70s and early 80s, I spent three summers in Turkey, looking for the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat; I do feel our Heavenly Father and Jesus The Christ have their own Holy Timetable, and in Their due time, many wondeful things will be revealed.

    On the the other side, perhaps, keeping the Ark of the Covenant out of view is more Holy; why submit it to the scorn of those following satan?

    God, in His own way, appointed the Holy Ethiopians as caretakers and guardians; just like in our on personal lives, as we fast and pray, and make covenants of sacrifice, the Ethiopians too, will know what path God would have them take with the Ark of the Covenant.

    May God Bless the Ethiopians for being a light to the world.
    Kyle in Flint, Michigan

  27. @ #30 moses – Do not EVER call the name of God “Jehovah”. A kult called Jehovah’s Witnesses spreads this terrible name worldwide. Jehovah is a name created to mock the name of God, which is unspeakable.

  28. Thank you Kyle for your sweet words; yes, it has been a particular divine gift of God to the Ethiopian people to keep this holy Ark of the Covenant for such a long time, and I think because of the presence of this holy Ark in Ethiopia, the Muslims were unable to defeat Ethiopia, the only Christian country in Africa. In fact, some foreigners call Ethiopia “An island of Christianity.” But I do not know for how long Christianity in Ethiopia will flourish while the number of Muslims is growing every day in Ethiopia because the Muslims marry 3, 4, and 5 wives and produce multitude of children, and they have a chance to go to Saudi Arabia and get rich there and come back to Ethiopia and produce children.

  29. There is no update to the unveiling of the supposed Ark from the time of Moses, and there may never be. Someone at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church made big mistake, or participated in a big sham – as in “a false show of something”.

    I will be surprised if the Ethiopian church officials unveils anything except, perhaps, more false promises and execuses. The way I see it, as long as the church keeps the mystique of the Ark aflame it has something that attracts attention and can be used to raise funds. If they show the supposed “Ark” and experts denounce it as a fraud, the mystique carefully cultivated over the decades and centuries vanishes – and so do the funds and worldwide attention. Putting it plainly, showing ithe “Ark” is not competible with telling the truth.

    I don’t know where the Ark is located, but my website, King Solomon’s Astonishing Temple Secrets provides two articles that anyone may read
    and which explain what the Ark actually is. These are new, eye-opening and may suggest something about its possible location.

    Tony Badillo

  30. Thank you Bertu for your good observation:
    Cause#3: On May 9, 2009, Aba Paulos was also expelled from the Ethiopian Jerusalem Monastery and came back in disgrace to Ethiopia.

  31. This is sheer survival tactic of woyane to buy international support to remain in power.May be the deal had been concluded long before the news break out. paulos is mixing religion with politics. the world has nothing to do with the ark of covenant,that covenant was only for isrealites not for us(gentiles). jerusalem and the temple destroyed by the chaledians in 607 B.C, 70 years later the jews returned back from exile and rebuilt the temple and restablished their worship. according to the prophecy the messiah(christ) came at the begining of the 1st century, in 33 A.D Jesus made a new covenant with his disciples during the lord’s meal. in 70 A.D jerusalem and the temple destroyed by the romans, the unfaithful jews died, some scattered, some became slave, jesus’s disciple survived and the ark of covenant maybe lost. but in the book of revelation john saw the ark of covenant in the heaven.

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