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Aba Diabilos to desecrate the Ark of the Covenant

By Hillel Fendel |

Ethiopian Orthodox Church leader says Friday, June 26, marks the right time to unveil the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, which he says has been hidden in his church for centuries.

Abuna Pauolos Aba Gebremedhin (aka Aba Diabilos), the illegitimate Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, was in Rome this week to meet with Pope Benedict XVI. While there, he told reporters that the time had come to reveal before the world the Holy Ark. He said that the holy container has been in the custody of his church for hundreds of years.

Paulous Ato Gebremedhin said he would make the full announcement this Friday, June 26, 2 PM local time (3 PM Israel time, 8 AM New York time) at a press conference in Rome.

The claim that the Biblical Holy Ark has been kept at the Church, in the city of Axum, is an old one, but this is the first time that the Church plans to actually reveal the actual container, or news of it. It is not known whether the Church claims that the actual Tablets of the Law are inside it.

Copies of the alleged Ark are kept in many other churches in Ethiopia.

The news of the impending announcement was first reported by the Italian news agency Adnkronos. Pauolos Gebremedhin told the news outlet, “Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses, and the center of searches and studies for centuries.”

Pauolos Gebremedhin said “The Ark of the Covenant has been in Ethiopia for many centuries. As Patriarch, I have seen it with my own eyes, and only a few, highly-qualified persons could do the same – until now.”

50 thoughts on “Aba Diabilos to desecrate the Ark of the Covenant

  1. It is really very sad. I think Meles and Gebremedihin has plan to sell it, may be they have tought that the remaining high valued thing in Ethiopia is The Ark of the Covenant and this is the time to sell it, what a shame is these wenbedeis doing. This is really killing the church, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhadio Church, and they are acting really like straight dealer instead of church leader. We ethiopians have left nothing in our land. If it would have been neccessary to reveal this secrete, the former patriarchs had been shown to the world. What a shame to weyane and that clique damn symbol patriarch. Death to all of them!!!

  2. Now we are realy gonna see the END of Meles/TPLF fascit tyranny.I do not mean that this diabolic regime falls apart by it self. If we all ethiopians are united to bring down weyane. So every one should& must support G7,EPPF struggle.
    Justice shall prevail & Ethiopians Victory is not far. Stand furmly against TPLF/EPRDF !!!

  3. ታሪክ በማድርግና ዝም ብሎ በማየት እየተሰራ ነው::እነዚህ ሰዎች በድርጊት ታሪካችንን እየሰረዙ የራሳቸውን ታሪክ እየጻፉ ነው:: እኛ ደግሞ በዝምታ(ኢናክሽን) ታሪክ እንዲሰሩ በማገዝ የታሪካቸው ተባባሪዎች እየሆንን ነው:: ጎበዝ ዝም አትበል:: ፎክስ ነኝ

  4. This man is not belong to the church at all. he is “wayane” politician. Believe it or not I know that he has a lot of girl friends in Addis Ababa. So he is outsider for the church of course evil. The same like “weyane”. Do you know that he and his priest guards shot dead a Monk while he was teaching in the Church of Sent Stefano’s near “Meskel Adebaby”. What do you expect from “Weyane”.

  5. They’re destroying what Ethiopia is all about surely but slowly…they have dumped themselves in the dirt bin of history! I think the reason that Abune Paulos was fighting with TPLF was because he was asked to expose the arc – I think he submitted to them before they throw him out of the church! They want to make money out of everything Ethiopia has! Ranging from the lives of the poor Ethiopian soldiers to Lucy’s world-wide tour and now the arc of the covenant! We need to join Ginbot7 and quicken their demise!

  6. What is the big deal- Let the world at last know and learn that the Arc is in the holy land- in its last resting place- Axum Zion Mariam-Ethiopia. It is not humanly possible to take it away, as it didn’t initially come humanly way.No Human being can at his disposal can show it to the world. It all came through divine power and now will be revealed to the world through the will of God. It will be kept and protected where it belongs- in Ethiopia -forever.

  7. For me, the whole action tells me what Meles is going to do to our country any time in the near future. When he thinks that it will be the end of his dictatorial rule he will find a means to bring an end for the existence of our motherland, Ethiopia.
    Because Aba Paulos is at the very end of his leadership and/or dictatorship of the church he has to make sure that church does not exist any more as a church he was a leaderof it. It reminds us the analogy of the donkey that did not wish for the grass to grow at all after its death.
    It does not need to be a prophet to conclude that sooner or later Meles will do same to Ethiopia as Aba paulos is doing to the Orthodox church. They are both/all from the same camp.

  8. i am afraid he will do that for the fact that the arc will burn him before he approaches,he also knows this as he encountered such punishment earlier when he tried to enter the room where the arc kept.

  9. in my opinion it is not a problem the world to see the ark of covenant, i think it is a good way to attract tourists to Ethiopia; however, the problem is where will the money go to? – it goes to Gebremedhin’s and Meles’s pocket for sure. the other thing is did he ask the people – orthodox christians’ permision?, he can’t just do that without the people’s will. so, it’s not a good time for the ark of covenant to be revealed to the world at this time. i want to see it also, but i don’t want to see Gebremedhin’s face next to the ark of covenant because he is YEHUDA.

  10. Who want to know?I don’t want to know, No Christian Ethiopian want to know. That is what Faith in God is all about. We haven’t seen IYESUS alive or we don’t know who saw him, but we believe in Him because we chose to believe. ONLY the doubters want evidence. These doubters live in the west, not in Ethiopia. So why disclose it?. These is to divert the attention of the world as usual by dispiriting our holy mysteries. TPLF have no single functioning brain cell in their rotten head. Ethiopia is the country of faithful Christians who never questioned their trust in God through all the Wars, Diseases and Famines. These is a sad day for Christians of the world. Mystery should remain mystery because it is ours. Who ever see this wicked TPLF thug please break his leg, you will go to heaven. It is another SAD, SAD News from POPE Diblose THE TPLF DIVEL.
    Go G7

  11. The Ark is a trophy of Ethiopian Orthodox Church.Thanks to the late Menelik I the son of king Solomon of Jerusalem and Queen Of Sheba of Ancient Ethiopia,he kept this valuable religious memento in a very safe place.
    Now Aba Paulos is breaking the rule our historic religion and is gonna put God’s throne in a museum for public show.This is very sad.

  12. The arc of the covenant is the light of Ethiopia. Many tried to, illegaly ,steal or touch it. But died.Those who illegaly touch or see it will die. That is what we learn from The Bible. Let alone the original Arc of the Covenant , the replicas do have power. I think this man is playing with fire.
    But i think the so called Patriache needs this news just to testify that he is still the legal head of the church despite the recent veredict the synod did. I dont think the preiests and others who are elected to be guardian for the arc will alllow him to do so .
    But let us pray. This was the only thing we are left with. Now he is planning to do it, if at all God allowed that

  13. Let me tell you some thing!!!, this monster beast-(Diabilos) is ready to sell every thing, the same thing as his fellow bandits do.

    Look how they are (these yetigrai meferiawoch!!!!) in to destroying Ethiopia by team!!, in a very well organized way!!!.

    One team, lead by this chigaram Melese deystroys the phisical being of Ethiopian!!.

    The other team, lead by this Diabilos destroys the spiritual being of Ethiopia!!.

    Nothing will be left!!, no generation as Ethiopian will continue!, by their goal.

    I am sure the world will not see any thing, but only some kind of covered stuff!!. Why?, because they want to make money, they will say “come on!!, come see it in Tigray”. These people have no mercy, no spirit, no value!!!, just money, money!!, for them selves and Tigray (their Cave and berial place).

    We Ethiopian, need to make one and only one goal!!. Erradicate these beasts, so never they come back again (we can do it!!!!!!). Do not hurry, my fellow Ethiopians!!, just make sure we are all united and organized!!.

    God bless, mother land!!!.


  14. Diabilos Paulos you never believe in God or the Ark. Your god or ark is zar the demon of northern Ethiopians.

    If you believe in God or the Ark

    You wouldn’t call yourself Patriarch while the church is having God’s anointed holy Patriarch His Holyness Patriarch Merkorios

    You wouldn’t waste God’s money for your luxurious Patriarch Palace residence and bullet proof Mercedes vehicle

    You wouldn’t waste God’s money for making your meaningless statute and unnecessary electric expenses while God is in need of the money for church service expenses and church reconstruction, repair and construction expenses.

    Because your presence in Ethiopia or on earth the Ark even if it exists in Ethiopia can never have its original glory.

    If you are trying to attract the attention of the international community by exposing what they had never seen the international community has many questions for you like

    If you and your followers have connection of faith with God or the Ark why your region doesn’t have even enough food and basic necessities? what is the poverty your region is suffering for the past many centuries?

    I am inviting you to read below what the international community read about you

    Aba Paulos lost power at EOC
    Written on Thursday, May 28th, 2009 at 7:18 pm by ethioforum

    EMF (29 May 2009) Abune Paulos, a political appointee of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, is removed from his administrative power, sources said.
    Aba Tekeste W/Samuel, now Bishop Samuel, ethnic Tigrean and former TPLF spy at Waldba Monastry is expected to be his successor. Our confirmed that there is longstanding rivalry and accusations between the two. Aba Tekeste has a very close relationship with Azeb Mesfin (wife of Meles Zenawi).
    Week-long session was held by the Holy Synod from 14 to 29 May 2009, which passed the resolution to avoid Abune Paulos from his power.
    Reports from EOC also confirm that Abune Paulos has eliminated many of his opponents. Among the bishops removed by Aba Paulos include Abune Matias, Abune Yoseph, Abune Petros and Abune Elias. They all are dead in a misterious way. Paulos’ bodyguards have also gunned down a priest inside a church in Addis Ababa.
    Under EOC’s rule, the legitimate patriarch of Ethiopia is the exiled Abune Merkorios, who is in USA. According to the rule, a new patriarch cannot be named while the incumbent is alive.
    Aba Paulos has been criticized to serve as an apologist for Meles Zenawi atrocities, including killings inside a church.
    He has also built a golden palace for himself in Addis Ababa using public funds.
    “Today is the day for killing Anuak,” both the military and militias used machetes, axes and guns to kill the
    unarmed victims, frequently raping the women while chanting, “Now there will be no more Anuak
    Extra-judicial killings, rape, disappearances, destruction of livelihood and the displacement of thousands of
    Anuak continued into late 2005 before finally subsiding when the same Ethiopian National Defense Forces
    were moved to the Ogaden area of southeastern Ethiopia and into Somalia where similar atrocities were
    and still are being committed. A subsequent investigation of the Anuak massacre by Genocide Watch and
    Survivors Rights International to determine who was behind the human rights crimes, documented the
    existence of a plan called “Operation Sunny Mountain,” that could be traced to originating at the highest
    levels within the central government of Ethiopia.

    ICC issues a warrant of arrest for Omar Al

  15. Well, if it is true that there is such thing as Ark of the Covenant, I’d be concerned what God might do for this act. However, as skeptical as I’m, I would be glad to find out if the so called Ark of the Covenant exists. If it is true, it will be a break through for all believers. If it is true, our country will be the Holy land. If it is not true, we will be called liars.

  16. The Ark of the Covenant – the manifestation of the Glory of God – the Shekinah

    The Ark of the Covenant had been the mercy seat of the Almighty God, which means the throne of God for centuries until it has finally resided in one of the most beautiful Churches in Ethiopia; then it may have lost its power of performing miracles and wonders, and if Aba Paulos touches it, it may not bring any harm upon him because the Shekinah – God’s visible presence – may not be on it any more.

    When the Israelites left Egypt, they didn’t leave by their own might or force; they left Egypt by the miracle of God that accompanied them until they reached the land that produced honey and milk – Palestine – the Promised Land.

    In their arduous journeys through the Sinai Desert, God talked to Moses face to face and gave him a road map to cross the desert, fighting his enemies, defeating them one by one, and possessing their lands.

    While in Egypt, Moses and his brother Aaron performed extra ordinary wonders and miracles using their staffs, especially Moses raising his hands into heaven, but after they left Egypt, God ordered Moses to set up the tabernacle of the tent and then to build the Ark of the Covenant from an acacia (grar) wood, and on this Ark of the Covenant, there was the presence of God that helped the Israelites throughout their long journeys (Exodus 31:2).

    The Ark of the Covenant had performed miracles and wonders for the Israelites as Moses’ and Aarons’ staffs performed great astonishments in front of the Egyptians.

    For example, the Ark of the Covenant helped Joshua, the leader of the Israelites after Moses, to destroy the citizens of Jericho. By carrying the Ark of the Covenant and marching around the City of Jericho for six days and on the seventh day, the priests or Levites blew the horns, and the people clamored, and the wall of Jericho collapsed instantly (Joshua 6:15-16).

    Again when the Israelites received many casualties while fighting with their enemies, the Philistines, they sent messengers to Shiloah where the Ark of the Covenant had been settling. When the Ark of the Covenant brought in, there was great panic among the Philistines armies; however, because of the great sins of the Israelite priests at Shiloah, the Israelites were defeated, and the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the Philistines and put in the temple of Dagon.

    During the presence of the Ark of the Covenant in the land of the Philistines, the people of the Philistines were hit with plague, different diseases, and their Dagon was found under the Ark of the Covenant instead of on the top of the Ark of the Covenant. Having known all these diseases had come to them because of the presence of the Ark of the Covenant, the Philistines finally decided to send the Ark of the Covenant with costly gifts back to the land of Israel after seven months in the Philistine land.

    The Ark of the Covenant then lived in the house of a God-fearing man, Abinadab, for twenty years (1st Samuel 7:1-2).

    Later when David became king, he went to Abinadab’s house with multitude of people to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. While David was bringing the Ark of the Covenant, suddenly a man, from his servants by the name Uzza, touched the Ark to straighten it up; instantly he died for touching the Ark of the Covenant, and his death terrified King David and the rest of the people with him (2nd Samuel 6:6-7).

    Nevertheless, with great rejoicings and music, and David dancing naked in front of the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark entered the city of David (1st Samuel 6:14).

    Many times King David wished to build a temple for the Ark of the Covenant (2nd Samuel 7:12-17); however, he was unable, but his son Solomon built the temple and put the Ark of the Covenant in that magnificent temple, and it remained there until Menelik I, the son of Queen Sheba of Ethiopia and Solomon, king of the Israelites, brought the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia.

    The Ethiopian Kings, Queens, Bishops, Archbishops, deacons, priests, monks, and nuns have venerated the Ark of the Covenant for thousands of years and never thought the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church will have such undignified, gluttonous, antichrist, and iconoclastic Patriarch, Aba Paulos, who journeyed to Rome instead of to Alexandria to discuss about the reality of the Ark of the Covenant or the price tag of this miraculous Ark.

    First of all, what the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has to do with the Roman Catholic Church that this fatty, womanizer, worldly person, Aba Paulos, went to consult with the Catholic Pope who believes in the two natures of Jesus Christ! Has he forgotten that the Catholic Church gave its blessings to one of her sons Mussolini to invade Ethiopia, destroy our churches, kill our people, and loot our books and monuments?

    I understand why he went to Rome: one is for money, and the second one is that he wants to get permission from the Pope of Rome to convert the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians into Catholicism. Shame on him! I’m sure, the Alexandria Patriarch Aba Synoda, the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Malabar Orthodox Church in India will laugh on him for his subservient behavior and for kowtowing to the Roman Pope who thinks himself as an infallible Pope – a pope that never makes a mistake.

    I hope the Ethiopian people, especially the Axumites, will resist him from looking at or taking the Ark of the Covenant to Rome and desecrate the hallowed Ark of the Covenant there. As soon as he touches the Ark of the Covenant, it is my prayer the fate of Uzza will fall upon him. Of course, in the old days, the Ark of the Covenant had protected itself from being profaned by the Philistines by making them ill and by crashing their Dagon.

    By now we know the Glory of God has departed from the Ark of the Covenant after Aba Paulos became illegally the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, so let him open this grar-made box built by two skillful crafts men, Bezaleel and Aholiab (Exodus 31:2-11). In this Ark of the Covenant, Aba Paulos (diabilos) may find nothing except the two tablets of stone Moses, by the commandment of God at Horeb, placed into the Ark of the Covenant. He is not going to find the Cherub, the manna, the Aaron’s staff, and the mercy seat; if he does, those articles will be priceless.

  17. For most Ethiopians Abba Paulos is Considered and known as not as a religious leader, but as An influential Heavy weight T.P.L.F(Tigrean People Libration Front )poltical Cadre .And this Political not religion decision on his part proved us again,at the moment When his Political party (TPLF)Suffers from Shortage of Forigen Exchange,hoping to genrate Forigen Exchange.

  18. “As Patriarch, I have seen it with my own eyes, and only a few, highly-qualified persons could do the same – until now.”

    So, now all the world is qualified to see it? On what merit? What is your biblical ground for it?

    Um! All the “mysteries” of the “Orthodox Tewahido” are now out in the open for the world to know.

    I thought one of the qualifying covenants of the church officers was to keep the mystery. Interesting! An extremely daring move! But think of the consequences. And what is the motive? Why this time, after 2700 years? Why do you announce from Rome/Vatican? Are you not the current President of the World Council of Churches which encampasses all churches but the Roman Catholic? What is the deal?

    This is one of the most sensational reports I have ever read on Ethiopia. The world will soon be touring the Ark at Aksum where it (the money-genrerating object) might eventually be a public property. What a blasphemy to the Judaeo-Christian religion!

    On a more serious note, I think the Abuna should not rush to make his announcement until the country is at peace with itself and its neighbors. The move seems either diversionary from the prevailing political debacle or simply a provocative nuissance to the Tewahido Church.

  19. What Ethiopians never did throught centuries of their history under successive rulers, not even under the communist Mengistu, the treacherous Tigrean tribal mafia under Meles and his vagabond “Patriarch” have done it: Desecrate the Arc! The Woyannie mafia knows no shame, nor pride or honor. Mark my word: They will soon sell the Arc to Israel, just in the same way they sold the Falashas for weapons.

  20. WoW great news from a “beloved” holy father TO Ethiopians. I think the time has come for the judgment day on those who dare up on the almighty-GOD like ” Aba Paulos”. We all should remember that God says He will start the judgment from his own home- the church. Take care “father-priest!!”- papulos- sorry TAGAY PAULOS!!!!

  21. ጳውሎስ ደጋረጉ እሰይ! የሙሴ ጽላት ተቀብሮ ከሚኖር ለዓለም ማሳየታቸው ክፋቱ ምኑ ላይ ነው ጎበዝ?!

    ደግሞ የተከበሩ ዋና አዘጋጅ: ለሰው ልጅ ተገቢውን ክብር እንስጥ:: አሁን “ዲያብሎሰ” ብሎ መጥራቱን ምን አመጣው? እርስዎ ወሬውን ካበሰሩን የሰውየውን ማንነት ፍርድ ለእኛ ቢተውልን የሙያ ግዴታዎ አይሆንም ብለው ነው?

    ቸር ያገናኘን!

  22. Haleluye= Ha, Le, Lu.. ye…eegz.ia..b..hee..r Qal …..
    Meaning in Amharic Qal starts with the letters ha, Le and so on.

    Amen=Amen in Amharic. Meaning I believe. Emen=you believe. And so on.

    There are many words/phrases/values we did give to the world.

    What is going on with the Ark is God’s answer. It is beyond human Judgment going on here.

    I just say God speaks with his powerful voices and exact

  23. For the record:

    The Ark was first arrived/kept safe in the Lake Tana Islands for more than 800 years before Ezana took it to Axum to declare Christianity as the State religion in 333. Time After time when its safety was in danger, the Ark returned many times in Lake Tana and stayed there for many years. During the Ahmed Gragn era, it was not present in Axum. That is why it survived when the Tsion Mariam church was burned down. The last time was taken from Axum during the Italian occupation and fret era. It was also kept many places in the country including in Gonder, caves in Semien mountain, in Shewa, Zeway Islands and elsewhere. Our ancestors where so committed unlike the present few that are ready to give away/sell/humiliate their nation for material/power reward. We have to pray. God has teh best answer for them. we have to call him to show them in order to stop teh very crime they are doing including in the name of his name.

    The Ark also was not stolen but taken by the King Solomon’s only son (a 20 years old Menilik at the time). King Haile Selasse is the 111 descendant of King Solomon and 110 of king Menilik. There fore the King Haile Selasses family have the primary duty to guarantee the Ark’s safety in the name of Ethiopia. This ark belongs to nobody but all Ethiopians and the world who believes in it.

  24. I don’t even consider this story as a fantasy of enemies of Ethiopia, let alone a news item. It is absurd for people of intellect to beleive this to be true.
    Fine. Let’s assume that the Aba is crazy, money hungry and a ethnic fanatic zealot etc. But, lets not forget that the people of Tigray are one of the most religious, orthodox christian people on earth. I don’ doubt that anyone in his right mind around the Aba would let him utter such nonsense let alone destroy the Ark.
    Lets not get carried away.

  25. I think this is directed at certain Tigrayans by Weyane especially in the region where Mariam Church is where the Ark of the covenant is found. Somehow it is a war in Tigray to weaken their unity with Ethiopia? Who knows.

  26. All of you are playing with fire. The Ark of the Covenant belongs to the Jews. It was given with special instructions to Moses for the Israelite Nation. We are grateful to the Ethiopian Church for having taken care of it for centuries but there is a spiritual dimension between the Ark and the Jewish Nation. It belongs to Israel and to be in Jerusalem. The Covenant is eternal and with the Jews. We Catholics have no say in the decisions but we are God fearing and hope that Ethiopia will do the right thing, return it to the Jews as it was not supposed to have left Jerusalem in the first place. God help us all.

  27. Greetings brothers and sisters,

    Peace and love to you all !

    I must agree with Daniel,
    “# Daniel says:

    What is the big deal- Let the world at last know and learn that the Arc is in the holy land- in its last resting place- Axum Zion Mariam-Ethiopia. It is not humanly possible to take it away, as it didn’t initially come humanly way.No Human being can at his disposal can show it to the world. It all came through divine power and now will be revealed to the world through the will of God. It will be kept and protected where it belongs- in Ethiopia -forever.

    June 25th, 2009 at 6:12 pm ”

    Please study history,
    This is what i’ve learned, from many old books concerning
    Abessinian/Europian relations……
    The italians, supported by the western powers in that time,
    (England, France, Germany) tried to conquer Ethiopia.
    They (europe) wanted them(italians) to make infrastructure there, they planned in conspiraty to then take over the situation. Meanwhile fascism was taking more and more ground in Europe but because of the desire to conquer Ethiopia, politicians closed their eyes for all the war crimes being committed,

    ( if you are Ethiopian i dont need to tell you, if you are not i will tell you that poisons like musterdgas was widely used to kill soldiers, civilians, catle and greens leaving locations that were allways green dry and wittered upto this day ….
    Haille Sellasie spoke out at the leage of nations ( wich is now the UN ) and said “You have lighted a match in Ethiopia, that will burn down Europe” …just before the 2nd World War started of

    The vatican is in Italy
    Pope knows the holy ark is in ethiopia
    So he blessed the Mussolini army to go and fight in Ethiopia
    Wanting them to steal the ark to take to Italy

    The foolishness is this: Since it says in the bible that who has the ark of the covenant rules the world, materialistic minds think: “lets go and get this thing, so we will be the earths rightful ruler”

    Still, now in the new millenium, no one who is not totaly pure of heart can even get close to the ark, so go ahead,
    try and die

    In loving memory of The Conquering Lion of Judah, His emperial Majesty Ras Ta Far I Eternaly,

    Ras Ibo Jacob

  28. Dear Monica #35,

    Be careful here! You have no business to tell us to send the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. The Catholic Church always wants to destroy the history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church since the defeat of Emperor Susinios, a Catholic convert from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. Historically the Catholic Church has been very angry with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church for not accepting the Pope of Rome as the only supreme leader of all the Christians in the world. Second, it was Pope Pius XI who blessed Benito Mussolini’s invading army to invade Ethiopia. And Mussolini destroyed 2,000 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Churches, burned 525,000 houses and killed over half a million Ethiopians.

    I’m very disappointed the illegitimate Patriarch of Ethiopia has gone to Rome to visit the Pope of Rome and, perhaps, to sell the Ark of the Covenant to him. But the Pope of Rome is not financially broken like the thief Aba Paulos, thanks to the American Roman Catholics.

  29. the ark does not belong to the so called “jews”. they have never had, and it doesn’t belong to them no matter how much they pay for it.

    please don’t be so ingnorant. askenazi are not real jews. (bereshith 10, genesis) they are not even shemites much less decendants of ysrael! they are converts from the khazar empire (the 13th tribe. author kessler) don’t buy that zionist lie. turkey is their land. about 275,000 so called jews died in germany not 6 million (red cross.) that 6 pointed star, their badge of shame, is the talisman of saturn. (act 7, amos 5) the leaders of the state of israel are the synogogue of satan. (revelaton)

    they own the entire spectrum of your experience. you are probably mad at what you just read. you have been manipulated to never think of them jews in a negative light. they are not shemites. anti-semitism is hating a shemite. jews are anti-semetic and hate shemites: african, hebrews, arabs.

    the ark belongs to the real children of ysrael. the hebrews include africans and decendants of slaves brought to N. America sold by the same so called jew responsible for 90 – 100 million deaths on boats and arrival, the true holocaust (debarim 28, deuteronomy) you cannot discount the shemite hebrew languages and customs found in africa including the land of canaan also known as the kingdom of israel and the kingdom of Yahuda.

    yosep, moshe, dawid, shlomo, Yahushua HaMashiah (Jesus The Messiah,) shaul (paul) all blessed black hebrew men. (the holy bible: the law and the prophets + the REnewed covenant.)

    Yah willed the ark to be there. one day it will brought from beyond the rivers of cush to mount zion. yeshiyahu 19 (isaiah).

    unite and fight . . . against the enemy not each other. (ephesians) wake people! even some of the elect will be deceived. don’t be one.


  30. Some wires got crossed on this story. I went to the Adnkronos website and found that the original story was posted June 18…and there’s a follow-up story dated Jun 19, which (I presume) is the information from the Patriarch’s press conference. Here’s a link to the stories published on Adnkronos under “Arca” = “Ark”

    So anyway, the press conference seems to have been last Friday. Here’s the latest article on it. Can’t translate all now, but here’s a key passage:

    “All that which is found in the Ark–explained the Patriarch, responding to the curiosity of journalists–is described perfectly in the Bible. The state of conservation is good because it is not made from the hand of man, but it is something that God has blessed.” “There are many writings and evidences of the presence of the Ark in Ethiopia. There is no reason why someone [would] dare to affirm to have something that he doesn’t have,” explained the Patriarch. “I am not here to give proofs that the Ark is in Ethiopia, but I am here to say what I saw, what I know and I can attest to. I didn’t say that the Ark would be revealed to the world. It is a mystery, an object of veneration.”

    Roma, 19 giu. – (Adnkronos) – “L’Etiopia è il trono dell’Arca dell’Alleanza. L’Arca dell’Alleanza è stata in Etiopia per 3.000 anni e adesso è ancora lì e con la volontà di Dio continuerà ad essere lì. E’ per via del miracolo che è arrivata in Etiopia”.

    Il Patriarca della Chiesa ortodossa d’Etiopia Abuna Pauolos conferma quanto aveva anticipato due giorni fa dall’ADNKRONOS. Lo fa in una conferenza stampa tenutasi all’Hotel Aldrovandi a Roma, cui ha partecipato anche il principe Makonnen Haile Selassie, nipote dell’imperatore. “L’ho vista con senso di umiltà, non con orgoglio, come quando si va in chiesa. E’ la prima volta -ha proseguito il Patriarca Pauolos- che dico questo in una conferenza stampa. Ripeto l’Arca dell’Alleanza è in Etiopia e nessuno di noi sa per quanto tempo ancora. Solo Dio lo sa”.

    “Tutto quello che si trova nell’Arca -ha spiegato il Patriarca rispondendo alla curiosità dei cronisti- è descritto perfettamente nella Bibbia. Lo stato di conservazione è buono perché non è fatta da mano d’uomo, ma e’ qualcosa che Dio ha benedetto”. “Ci sono molti scritti e prove evidenti sulla presenza dell’Arca in Etiopia. Non c’è ragione perché qualcuno pretenda di affermare di avere qualcosa che non ha -ha precisato il Patriarca-. Non sono qui per dare delle prove che l’Arca sia in Etiopia, ma sono qui per dire quello che ho visto, quello che so e che posso testimoniare. Non ho detto che l’Arca sarà mostrata al mondo. E’ un mistero, un oggetto di culto”.

    Il Patriarca Pauolos ha anche parlato della costruzione di un museo ad Axum, una struttura che dovrà accogliere e conservare i tesori costruiti per secoli e secoli ad Axum. Nel museo, finanziato dalla fondazione del principe e che dovrebbe essere costruito entro due anni, potrebbe essere collocata anche l’Arca dell’Alleanza, ma per questo ha spiegato Abuna Pauolos “c’e’ bisogno di una decisione che spetta al Santo Sinodo, l’istanza suprema della Chiesa ortodossa etiope”. Il patriarca Pauolos, presidente del G8 delle Religioni, ha preso parte dal 16 al 18 giugno al G8 delle religioni che si e’ tenuto tra Roma e L’Aquila. Poi ieri il Patriarca e’ stato invitato dalla comunita’ di Sant’Egidio dove ha partecipato a una giornata di studio sulla storia religiosa d’Etiopia, e sempre ieri ha incotrato in Vaticano il Pontefice Benedetto XVI.

    “Nell’incontro in Vaticano Benedetto XVI e il Patriarca hanno discusso di molte cose e sua Santità ha rivolto al Patriarca l’invito a tornare a ottobre”, ha precisato il principe Makonne Haile Selassie.

  31. In respect of God, we should be careful not to intervene in what G_d,s plans for the Ark of the Covenant are. More importantly, the tables of stone contained there-in necessarily; any party holding custody to this HOLY furniture, that contains the mercy seat of God and the Tables of The Law, must also uphold ALL the LAW OF God. The Children of Israel are God’s caretakers of this Holy Furniture. Ultimately supreme ownership is; it is The Holy Living God, who lays claim. To all who read, I remind you of Uzzah and his fate, of goodwill trying to steady the it on the cart pulled by 2 oxen, so it would not fall. He was struck dead immediately! The Ark of the Covenant is a sacred object, it was entrusted to the Tribe of Levi, the Priesthood of Israel. The prophet Jeremiah hide it in a cave and sealed it up some 600 years BC, before the fall of Jerusalem. His is the final eye-witness account, recorded in Biblical history.
    There are several divine revelations from differnt sources that near the end of time the Ark of the Covenant and the Tables of stone containing G_d,s law will be discovered. REMEMBER IT WAS GOD’s OWN FINGER THAT WROTE ON THOSE TABLETS, THAT MEANS IT IS UNCHANGEABLE. The question is ; DO I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN OBEDIENCE TO God’s HOLY LAW, as Moses commanded the children of Israel? Or like Joshua said; WHO IS ON THE LORD,S SIDE? This is not some fancy toy to be messed with and, God will make his own judgments if HIS MOST HOLY FURNITURE IS DESECRATED; also MORE IMPORTANTLY HE IS ASKING FOR LOVING OBEDIENCE TO HIS LAWS CONTAINED WITHIN THE SACRED ARK OF THE COVENANT. IN HUMILITY I DIDN’T THINK I, A SINNER, AM WORTHY TO BEHOLD THE ARK OF THE COVENANT AND LIVE. DIVINE INSTRUCTION HAD STRICT INSTRUCTION AS TO MATTERS, AND IT WASN,T EVER INDICATED THAT IT WOULD BE ON PUBLIC DISPLAY IN TIMES PAST, ONLY THE HIGH PRIEST WAS TO ENTER INTO GOD’S PRESENCES ONCE A YEAR ON , THE DAY OF ATONEMENT. If any man who is not consecrated to God, does against HIS will, any act to the Ark of the Covenant or the TABLES of the LAW contained there-in ; he shall come under the judgments and mercy of God.

  32. Well, this is good to know!!
    As a matter of fact Ethiopian’s history is full of legendary histories that are colored by the orthodox Church and I believe Nothing could ever happen whether he reveals about the Ark or not!! Because he ain’t from God!! He considered himself as a very qualified person who is able to see the Ark –What the Hell is Going on Guys!! Who Gave him the authority? If the Ark is really there everybody should be able to see it, it’s God’s property that is Given to every individual who believes in him—OFFALL, and Honestly, if he (The damn Patriarch) is able to see the truth Ark, everybody could!!-No Doubt about it!!
    At last I’ve one Question/ Opinien for everyone who is reading this!!
    Who Believes in the Ark? Do you Believe it is in Ethiopia??? If so, why do you think you are not able to see it or to know where it is truly found??

  33. Dear reader, the Ethiopian Iscrotos Baulos goes beyond his limit.

    I am very sorry and sad to hear and see such a crazy game and great blasphemy from Patriarchs and politicians of the global pattern up on the glory of our GOD in small chamber of ROME, the Vatican. On the other hand, I believe that it is the last time (minute) to complete the moment that GOD gave us.

    I know, I have no authority and power to affront the Ethiopian Iscrotos Baulos (Yaskorotosu) but I would like to say the some last words; Really it is the same act like that had been made upon Jesus by Judah the Iscrotos before 2000 years;

    The Dagon and the Pharaoh II of the Ethiopian religion-politics leaders (Baulos and Meles) should know the history of Fareas-Tekel-Betel (in Book of Daniel);
    The history of the Palestinian Dagon and the HOLY TABOTH that brought a great calamity on the people till they gave it back to the owners;
    and the Moses and the Karon (Haron) calf in the wilder.

    One thing, that any true Christian should know is DONT WORRY Bollus and his clique’s step towards irreverence act it is not unusual in Biblical history.
    Our Holy Father, the HOLY GOD of Israel will perform His miracle as he made in the entire history of bible and Talmud.
    The Holy GOD knows the act of the Ethiopian Iscrotos Baulos exposition of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant as a simple object as earthy material before the creation of time and space.

    We all have to leave this issue to HOLY GOD


  34. The Patriarch has stated the media mis-understood him and his only intent was to solicit funds for a museum to be built near the Ark (not FOR the Ark).

  35. In my opinion i think it is a good thing that Paulos is taking the action he is because he is exposing himself as a pirate & politician. The almighty will not allow such a blasphemy to happen if you are aware of the scriptures it states that he/she who is unworthy to look upon the ark shall feel God wrath. nuff said….bless Ahadu Amlak

  36. It is interesting to note the comments here in December 2009. That Ark cannot be given either to the so called jews who are not, Rome or her allies. As that would be certain death for the population of those countries and where their people resides. It is odd that some will say that the Ark is only viewed by the elect when it is evident that she was brought out on certain occasions and in time of war all of Israel and allies were able to she her. Monica for example foget that Moses was a king of Ethiopia and even the film Moses testify to the fact when making reference to Ethiopia. Gods pleasure with Ethiopia could be seen in Amos and other books where he stated I gave Saba, Ethiopia for you Israel. God is concerned for Ethiopia like the rest of his sheep that knows his voice and thinking. The main thing is the Ark has become the focus of much talk across the Earth, that it is apparent that we are in the end of days for a Earth dying under the present abuse of the Rich industrialised and mitrary powerful nations, who have clubbed together, to their own folly for they that destory the Earth shall themselves be destoryed and whose armies is no match for the living God and his armies. He said to Noah first water and next time fire. It is ironic that the planet is heating up to the point of global warming and those who profess to be a follower of christ will do all to oppose him when the time comes under the pretext better the devil you know than the one you don’t. Meaning they are certain under the present arrangement to rule bgut cannot be sure when the one world system is finally brought to an end as stated by Daniel, Matthew and st John the divine’ s revelation. Ethiopia’s suffereing has not gone unnoticed nor that of his beloved Earth. We are reminded of the Lazarus and the Rich man. But God like his beloved son merely desire that all men came to the realisation of loving their neighbour, keeping the commandment and when they break it to atone for the wrong doing and move on. For they knew that the consequence will be dyer and that is the Pit and the second death, that no man who have understanding would wish even unto their enemies. Remember when solomon was asked if your God be the creator of all things, why did he create wicked men. Solomon answered for they have yet to taste the day of evil. Let us be active in the protection of the vulnerable, the poor and the needy and leave the wicked to their day when they shall be made a living example of for all to see what happens when God say don’t. Be heartly Ethiopians for the Devil, his host and the kingdoms he showed our lord and savour both then and in the future in which we live if he would bow, have but an even shorter time to rule. Do not be tempted to let those who call themselves Jews but are not to have design of ownership for the Ark, as they have fulfilled Ezkiel chp 38+39 as Jerusalem still remain a thorn in the side of present day nations that have taken her up and have trampled her under foot. It is odd but remember God saw that great nation coming and embodied it in that which was and is holy to Him that nation being America in the form of JER.USA.LEM that he refeered as the spiritual Babylon, Sodom etc. He has not forgotten Rome when he the son siad render unto ceasar what belong to ceaser and shall punish them accordingly for taking advantage of his people governed by those who took their orders from the Gentile. May God bless Ethipia as a people and the Imperial house of Ethoipia with a stake in his future for the Earth and his faithful. But for now let us be about the business of administrating too and being a part of the poor and needy whose cause almighty God intend to champion through his Archangels and celestrial host in the last days Amen

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