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General Asaminew Tsige is arrested in Ethiopia

The rounding up of active and retired military officers by Meles Zenawi’s regime in Ethiopia is continuing in connection with the alleged coup and assassination plots.

It is reported today that the latest arrests include General Asaminew Tsige (Ret.) of the Ethiopian Air Force; Col. Demisew (?), head of the Amhara Region Security Bureau, Col. Fantahun Muhabe, Shambel Azeze (?), Shaleqa Adamu Getinet, and Shaleqa Sisay (?).

Among civilians who are arrested include Engineer Mengistu Abebe, Engineer Asmare Wale, and Health Officer Yeshiwas Mengesha.

The {www:Woyanne} regime is unwilling to release the names of all the prisoners who are being held as suspects in the alleged assassination plot by {www:Ginbot 7} against high level government officials.

Initially, the allegation was a plot to overthrow the regime. A few days later, the Woyanne regime’s propaganda chief, Berket Simon, changed the story to ‘assassination plot.’

Ato Tsige Habtemariam, the 80-year old father of Ginbot 7 secretary general Andargachew Tsige, is still being held in the notorious Maekelawi as a suspect.

So far no family member is allowed to visit the prisoners and their condition is unknown. Some family members are contacting the Red Cross and international human rights organizations to find out the prisoners’ health status and whether they are being tortured… [MORE]

15 thoughts on “General Asaminew Tsige is arrested in Ethiopia

  1. Tribalism = the woyane doctrine implemented the first time ever in human history only in Ethiopia. It is like slavery, Feudalism, capitalism and communism. They passed the Albanian stile communism and grown to become Tribalism in Ethiopia in the 21-century
    Tribalist(s)= all woyane members are Tribalist. Like feudal, capitalist or communist. From now on we have to call them the Tribalists and their govt system; Tribalism.

    Woyane is started the fire with false/miscalculated alarm keeping in mind to burn down the oppositions before the general election with in a year from now. They taught that was the best shoot to eliminate the oppositions in Abroad and silent/weakened those at home.

    However, they badly missed the target. The fire they stared is turning on them. They let the world know about their weak and venerable position in the country and the same times the world get knowledge about the genuine, well organised and trusted opposition parties such as G-7, Birtukan’s, Hailue shawel’s and Lidetu’s parties.

    This is the best time, the oppositions that are in the name of united and one peaceful Ethiopia, to intensify the fire started by woyane not to cool down. Woyane is feeling the heat deeply. The next general election preparation must be in place starting from now on. It is very important having very close and constructive relationship with USA, EU and others that have interest in Ethiopia. We are living in a Global world. We all have to keep in mind that no one prefers the Tribalist govt in Ethiopia to lead the second biggest nation in Africa this way for 18 years. They also know how was conducted and rigged the 2005 election and the crimes committed by them afterwards in front of the world.

    All Ethiopians living in abroad must stand with committed oppositions in order to force the woyane govt to give guarantee for free and fair election environment in the next election. It is also important the oppositions having contacts with china, India, Russia and others that woyane is using them as covers to get some advantage from the west.

    Destroying their foreign relation without affecting the nation is the biggest weapon Diasporas have to do right now. If not all of them, most of them have families living and studying in USA, Canada, EU and elsewhere. It is very important to combine exposing them abroad and confronting them inside the country. The next election has to be free and fair. To get there; things have to be done today; working together with those financing the woyane govt for 18 years to turn their back on them.

    We have to believe in it that those keeping the only Tribalist Govt in power by financing woyane have enough wit it since 2005 election. They know that woyane is not elected but committed coup Deta against the people voice. If a visionary, committed, reliable, wise, democrat and trusted opposition approaches them based on mutual benefit, they would automatically dropped woyane from their shoulder considering them as human remains.

    So, oppositions need to be smart and know the game of the politics. Instead of confronting woyane only with gun and enka slekantya that they like very much, destroy their foreign relation as far as they get nobody to talk them. I think, Diaspora must come together once again as it was 2005, finally to finished the Tribalism era in Ethiopia. We have enough with them. 18 years is enough for an organised criminals came from dedebit with gun in hands and hate towards Ethiopia in their head.

  2. Kaldeferese Ayteram,

    well said, you have put it clear and defined loud. This is the time to unite and get ride of Wayane. Mass killing, widespread arrests, and other human rights abuses are taking place through out Ethiopia, especially in Amhara State, as we speak right now. Earlier, it was Oromia and Ogaden. Woyane has bypassed all human rights laws and doing whatever they think right to advance their tribal role. This has to stop once and for all. However, this wont stop by just talking and begging the Woyanes, we need to stand up and act. Woyane knows nothing but the barrel of the gun, the only language they understand is violence, this regime is inhumane and every act possible to overthrow must be used.

  3. Dear Editor,

    Is it just a coincidence or that there is a relationship between “Andargachew Tsige” and “General Asaminew Tsige”?

    Thanks for the info,

  4. Wolkait-Tegedie, march forward, cross the Kaza River, the Sanja River, and drink from the Kaha River by taking the Gondar City, and from there gather your strength and be ready for a full march to the capital city of Ethiopia – Addis Ababa – and proclaim freedom to all Ethiopians!

    As I have said before Meles Zenawi knows very well who his enemies and who his friends are: the Amhara people – the Wolkait-Tegedie, the Thelemt, the Armacheho, the Wegera, the Denbia, the Belesa, the Quara, the Farta, the Gaint, the Wollo, and the Gojam people – will bring him down as they have enthroned him in order to get rid of the Mengistu Haile Mariam regime. These people are now his nightmares, and that is why he has slaughtered so many heroes of the Amhara people, especially those who were from Wolkait-Tegedie regions. Meles has thought by destroying certain Amhara people from certain Amhara regions, he will remain in power forever, but he is wrong because the Amhara people are not confined to certain regions; the Amhara people are every where and their spirit is the spirit of all Ethiopians. It doesn’t mean he loves the Oromo people,but he hates the Amhara people more that the Oromos. He may completely eliminate the Amharas from the Woyanne military and Air Forces by incarcerating them and finally by liquidating them; however, there are millions of Ethiopians who have the Amhara blood; they will fight him and finally remove him from his power he has been abusing for almost twenty years.

  5. Ethio & Tusge,

    Your emotion is understandable but not acceptable. This is what the Tribalist woyanes are looking and working ever since they came in picture. This is their satanic bible. They know very well that the only way to stay the way they are is dividing people with Ethnicity and keep them in kilil. Making the innocent Ethiopians living in Tigry fear and close to them for safety thinking others will hurt them is the evil soul they have. The Tribalist PM has announced in national and international medias Interhwme (Rwandan massacre) to blackmail the oppositions in order to frighten some part of the society to elect Woyane. The Ethnic issue is their only evil idea to keep doing what they are doing against all Ethiopians. Remember, Mengistu was called as an Amhara govt by them while he was badly affected the Amharas. The wayane issue in Tigry is also the same. Only few evil cadres that have no respect for Ethiopia are playing dirty games with all of us.
    In order to defeat woyane in an easy and quick way, we have to stop following their evil path. We need to stop calling each other with Ethnicity but as one Ethiopian people. Of course there are some evils in Diaspora defending woyane such as AIGA and the likes. We have to be vigilant to isolate the bad from the Good.

    Take for Instance the Tigrians and the Amharas. They eat the same food, they drink the same drink, they dress the same cloth, they have the same tradition, custom, habit and everything they are having and doing is all the same. Naturally, they are looking like the same. They have lived always together. They were speaking the same Language(Geez). In general, they are the same people; even closer than differences between inside one Ethnic group. If you are talking about language, blacks and the rest of the world are speaking English. But, not that means they are English people. But we look naturally the same people.

    So, 95% Ethiopians with so called Tigry Ethnic category have nothing to do with woyanes evil act. They didn’t as and get permission when they started a Gorilla war and committed numerous crimes against eth nation ever since they took power through Coup Deta. They are victims of woyane with fabrication and well-orchestrated crimes against humanity. Remember: woyane has more hodam and servants from other Ethnic groups than from Tigry. These hodams are keeping woyane to commit crimes against all of us.

    The point is that, the Ethnic thing is the woyane satanic bible to affect all of us. We, Ethiopians boarder to boarder have lots in common than the woyane Ethnic and kill trap. For our country sake, we have to know how to confront these barbaric Tribalists. And that is to have close and honest relationship with all Ethiopians whom are believing in one, united and peaceful Ethiopia for all of us.

    Woyanes are using Tigry as raw material to make a living. They will be finished when Tigry is finished, by being hostile against others in order to keep woayne on power. Because Woyane get elected in Tigry. Tigry may get some material gains because of Woyane. They are doing this to use the innocent mass Tigrians as raw materials against Ethiopia. But, emotionally and physiologically, they are badly affected, deeply they know it. Woyane is making their life very difficult. However, no single Amhara would do anything bad against them because of he/she is a Tigry. Instead they would die for them if anyone rises hand on them. The vast majority Tigrians also know this fact. This was then, now and will continue in the future. We are the same people 100%. The woyane 18 years crime will not change our thousands years living together and the same natural creation.

    The woayne cadres are not Tigrians/Ethiopiuans. These are the people enemies. The ordinary people have no voice but accepting what these criminals are saying and asking.

    Stop being trapped by woyane Tribalism system.

  6. To be united you have to recognize first the full right of each nationality up to including to independence; then talk and work for united front against any oppressor regimes. Please don’t cover it up; (atshefafnut-amharic). Currently there are a lot of forces on the field, Oromo, Tgray, ONLF, Gibont and some other who are not well known; if these combined their army and the intelectual ability they not only liberate ethiopia but also the entire African country.
    First is first; ie recognition the full right of othes without any precondition. (Who are are after all to put precondition?)

  7. To Woyanne officials:
    I am begging you in the name of God,please leave the old individuals alone,let they enjoy the rest of their life.Think of yourself, you will experience exactly what those brave people are facing right now.
    Oh my God! why woyannes are doing such ethnic targeted,dirty business?This is a very dangerous strategy that can lead into rough relatoinship among different ethnic groups and finally may result in civil war.Once clash starts among tribes and clans that is the end of the story,it never resolves and never ends.
    Please Woyannes, have a mental picture of Rwanda.You will pass away but again have in mind what will happen to your children?What you are doing is very inflammatory and destructive,It will lead the country to endless conflict.

  8. I don’t think the question should be if the arrested people are being tortured, it is how severe they are being tortured. These sub-human woyanes have been torturing innocent Ethiopians ever since they have taken power and they are an expert when it comes to torture. I can’t even imagine how badly these innocent people are being treated, what a nightmare!! My thoughts are with the innocent arrested people and their families. May God give them comfort and strength.

  9. This is a good news. The more paranoid and afraid we make them the better. Making the criminal nature of this governement very clear to everybody, is critical. It is good that they are getting harsher and harsher to the people. So as they will reach a point of no return.

    And that point, I believed is now reached. Let them keep on killing our people, the time for retribution will soon be here.

  10. My fellow Ethiopian Asnaku, I share you sadness and frustrations.
    Woyanes don’t know God! It appears as if woyanes are doing good deeds while they commit tortures; Woyanes are the true servants of Satan. May God have mercy on Ethiopia.

  11. KG:

    The following is your word which is known from which side is coming.

    “To be united you have to recognize first the full right of each nationality up to including to independence;”
    You are contradicting with yourself. United and them independent. You mean we have to be united to fight woyane in order to dismember Ethiopia? This is a bad nightmare. And will never happen.

    First of all Ethiopians must have Equal right with no Ethnic and kilil boundary. Every one must have the right to live, work and feel at home all over the country as it is happening in all nations worldwide.

    As far as the idea of independent; it is not clear what from what and why? Ethiopia is not like other African/Asian countries. She has a well-documented and international known history at least the past 3000 years. I’m sure you know very well about the Akshumite era that was one of the only African civilization during its time and was known with its sea and ocean trade world wide.

    Atsbaha later on became Ezana who declared Christianity as a state religion was born south from Addis Ababa at the end of the 3 century. He and his well-educated friend Abraha together built the first ever-stone chew on earth (washa Mikael-Near Addis Ababa) in 320AC. The reason why he decided AKSUM to become the place to declare Christianity as a state religion is because of Aksum was the centre and secret place to all Ethiopians. He and many others with him walked days from shewa and on the way they took the Ark from lake Tana that was there for 800+ years.
    All kings and queens Ethiopia has are always ruling Ethiopia with sea and ocean coasts. The Sidamas, Hadias, welitas, Guragees, hararis and the rest are always part of Ethiopia since recorded History. Queen Eleni who is born in today’s Hadia zone was the well-known and powerful queen we Ethiopia have along side with queen maqeda. The centre of the major battle against the Amhed Gragn war (religion war) against Christians was happened south of today’s Nazret the place called Shembraboura… The first Entoto mariam was built in 1365 before destroyed by Gragn during the war (1529-1543).

    I can go on and on mentioning about the Ethiopian historical facts. The Ahmed Gragn war is well recorded (read his own memos saying about the people lived in today’s central, southern and Easter Ethiopia back then). It is different that you are talking today about based on fiction stories.

    Before agreeing about independent, first we have to make clear at least the last 500-year our common history. The Mass Nomadic Galla Migration, which is well documented, by domestic and international historians, travellers and scholars including Portuguese, Arabs and Italians must be clear. As we know, the Galla Migration took place between 1550-1850 for 300 years. During this time, the people are mixed with each other and it is difficult to say who is oromo and who is not inside the Oromos. Many of them have the same natural look with the rest of Ethiopia such as the shewa Amharas.
    Having said that all Ethiopians must have equal right today in their country. But the idea of independent is just a kind of foolish idea standing on fiction stories to make it history. Ethiopia has about 70+ Ethnic groups. Only OLF and Ogaden are demanding for independent despite the vast majority members of their Ethnic group didn’t elect and accept them.
    Where is the boundary? you mean the tribalist woyane fake boundary? This so-called Kilil boundary is a fake one and will never ever accepted. Take for instance the so called oromya. All disputed territories are inside this kilil. Somalis, Sidamas, Amharas, Afars at that matter all Ethnic groups have disputed territory with Oromya.
    There is another very important issue. There are 29 clans and hundreds sub clans in the Oromo group. The majority are Muslims and there are Christians and none believers, too. Somalia has 5 clans and one religion, yet look how they are living, failed state. They managed to become a state for less than 30 years; after independency till end of Siadbare.

    So, think about what happened latter rather than saying independent now. The central, west and shewa Oromos have lots in common with others than oromos in Deep South and southeast.
    I’m telling you. United and one Ethiopia equal mother for all is the only best answer to all of us. You mentioned Tigry, independence. You are wrong. Ethiopians living in Tigry are the natural people to Ethiopia from north to south and east to west. Abraha a scholar, monk, traveller and historian was born in southern Ethiopia in the 16 century. He wrote yeGalla tarik in 1595 from his birthplace in Geez and now is translated in to Amharic and English. If you read this eyewitness wise man testimony, you will know who lived in the south/rest of Ethiopia before and during his time.
    So, Tigrians will not take the smallest room in the corner while they are the main part of the big, old and respected house. The woyane idea of independence is not accepted by Tigrians. They know, they are Ethiopians for thousands years. They cannot imprison themselves in a cage while they can run in the fields. It is a bad dream of OLF and the likes to have them around to help them for so called -independent.

    Modern Ethiopia after Zemene mesafint that was caused by Ahmed Gragn war and Galla invasion was created in the 1850 as the only independent African nations. The rest of Africa is created after 1950. Today’s Saudi Arabia is created in 1934. Other countries in Middle east, Asia, Europe and elsewhere are created After Modern Ethiopia was settled down and was part of the League of nation, UN and the likes as the only African/black nation. So, the idea of independency from one or two Ethnic groups in Ethiopia will not be accepted and there is no legal and historical ground to support it.

    Ethiopia is for all of us equal with no kilil and Ethnic boundary.

    For the record;

    Democratic Congo (unknown), Sudan 597, Nigeria 550+, Cameron 250+, Tanzania 120, Ghana 54, and other countries in Africa have the same numbers of Ethnic groups. In Egypt and other countries in North Africa are living together as a nation not only different Ethnic groups but races such as blacks, Arabs, Turks and the likes. India has thousands, Russia has 300+ and in western Europe, USA and elsewhere you can find all Ethnics and races living together. So, your idea of independent based on Ethnicity in Ethiopia is baseless and it makes you are from the barbaric era thousands years back.

    Selam and Selamta!

  12. N0#13. My hat is off for you! You have spoken the truth.
    Your arguments are historical facts. The Ethiopian people are mixed. Even by the standards of the ‘ruling class’ slogan, the Oromos were in the Gondar Dynasty. The Yeju, Raya, Adal and Sidama horse riders were mixed with the Solomonaic Dynasty. menelik was partly Oromo, anthithetical to OLF FATWA. Haile Selassie was partly Ghurage.Lij Eyasu had many Somali children. One upon a time from central Africa, Cosat to Coast to Babylon , modern Iraq there was Ethiopia. The tribal idealogy of ethnicity is false and asenine. I do not see any difference between talibans, ethnicits, terrorists and extremists with closed mind set.

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