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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: TPDM attacks Woyanne forces in Adwa

  1. Woyane’s downward spiral started a decade ago when it decided to bite the hand that fed it and waged a devastating war against the Eritrean people. It didnt stop there it turned its evil machination on its own people and intensified its apartheid rule. It killed and maimed Ethiopians in broad daylight and is now engaged in the most brutal and diabolical acts of burning bodies to hide the magnitude of starvation prevailing in Ethiopia. That is beyond EVIL!
    Be that as it may its also comforting to watch, on the video, people like Bereket get interviewed in amharic and show their true feelings of their hope and dreams for the 2 sisterly nations of the horn. Bereket is a musical genius who has managed to transcend political and cultural boundaries with his creativity. I hope everyone will click and listen to the interview, which i’m sure they will get to see the viewpoint of an Eritrean who ( i can safey say) articulates the feeling of the Eritrean nation towards their neighbors and the high prospects of peace once Woyane is removed from power.

  2. This proves that Woyane doesn’t represent even the people of Tigray leave alone Ethiopia. The MAFIA group is just Mafia group which represented few god fathers and followers who serve them. You see, the people of Tigray are starving and Meles and his followers embezzled millions of dollars and stash it in foreign banks.

  3. There is no safe place for Woyanne anymore, TPDM is hitting them in the middle of Tigray, even the home town of Melles is not safe for him and his stooges anymore. Woyanne is not supported by the people they consider their own, the people of Tigray are just as tired of this barbaric regime and siding with their brothers and sisters in the rest of Ethiopia, the TPDM is not just hitting the hapless Woyanne stooges in by theselves, they are coordinating their operations with the Debub Hizboch front, the EPPF, the Benishagul front and even in solidarity with OLF and ONLF, they are showing their solidarity with the rest of Ethiopian opposition groups and working for the unity of Ethiopian people. Woyanne is reaping what it sowed and will be burned they fire they started.

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