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Ethiopian National Transitional Council spreads its message inside Ethiopia (video)


Members of the Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) are currently carrying out an awareness-creation campaign in Ethiopian cities about the need to establish an all inclusive transitional government.

ENTC believes that as long as the government in Ethiopia is controlled by the TPLF/EPRDF regime, or any other dictatorship, the people of Ethiopia will continue to be denied a government they elect. Due to the TPLF regime’s anti-Ethiopia policy, our country is also sliding into chaos, and as some international observers predict, Ethiopia is endangered of becoming a failed state. Every patriotic Ethiopian has the responsibility to help prevent this danger. On our part, we at ENTC believe that the creation of a transitional government is imperative in order to have a smooth transition to democracy in Ethiopia.

With this goal insight, ENTC members are actively working to inform and mobilize the people of Ethiopia by distributing flyers, posting slogans in public places, and writing messages on walls, as shown in the video below:

ENTC members in Ethiopia have been encouraged by the reaction of the people who have seen and heard about our mission and many are expressing their interest to help.

As ENTC prepares for the July Conference that is called to discuss the formation of a transitional government in Ethiopia, its leaders and members inside Ethiopia and around the world are also busy giving voice to our people by engaging in diplomatic, public relations, and other activities.

Join us. Let’s save Ethiopia. Let’s fight for our freedom.

The Executive Committee
Ethiopian National Transitional Council

Contact info:
Tel: 1-202-735-4262 or +44-7958-487-420
Email: [email protected]

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