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ENTC denounces assassination attempt on Abebe Gelaw

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It has been reported in the news that TPLF/EPRDF hatched plot had been foiled by the US FBI office and the suspects are under investigation. ENTC strongly denounces this shameful act. It is a recent memory that following the 2005 election, the fascist TPLF foreign ministry drafted and disseminated a 52 page document to all its embassies around the world. This document, aimed in targeting and weakening the opposition forces has been leaked to the public.

The regime has continued its terrorist acts of killing and kidnapping individuals from neighboring Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Uganda and other refugee camps and submit them to the inhumane tortures in the Ethiopian prisons. Now it has expanded its terrorist operations to the United States unashamed.

Not only this shows the true nature of this regime, but also the disregard and total disrespect for the laws of the United States, whose government is shedding billions of US tax payer’s dollars with the disguise of ‘fighting terrorism’. Nothing different is expected from a mafia group that has been recorded as terrorist in the US state department books for multiple killings and genocides from 1975 to 1991. Not much is expected from a regime that jails journalists, vilifies millions of Muslims fighting for their freedom as terrorists, commits genocides on its own people (Angwak, Oromo, Amhara), kills innocent civilians and children. We believe this blatant action of the TPLF/EPRDF should prompt the United States government to re-assess its relationships with the regime.

ENTC urges all opposition groups and country loving Ethiopians in the diaspora to exert continuous pressure in making sure that he United States government investigates and takes swift actions. We need to expose the TPLF agents and spies that are serving as the instruments of the terrorist regime to the proper authorities around the world.

We would like to express our respect and admiration to our hero Abebe Gelaw and clearly say to the junta government that we will be committed to create thousands of Abebes and eradicate this mercilessly brutal rule.

ENTC leadership

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