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EPRDF becoming a tinderbox

A delegation of the ruling junta in Ethiopia, Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), has secretly met with acting prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn over the weekend in Addis Ababa to negotiate TPLF’s role in the new regime.

It is not known yet what was exactly discussed at the meeting, but observers speculate that the TPLF is trying to pressure Hailemariam into agreeing with their demand to keep the current government structure intact, or else stand down and help pave the way for the new TPLF leader to become prime minister.

Abay Tsehay, Arkebe Ekubay and Debretsion Gebremichael are in the short list of candidates for the TPLF chairmanship, Ethiopian Review sources reported.

The TPLF leadership decided to start negotiating with Hailemariam to avoid confrontation with the ANDM, OPDO and SEPDM (member organizations of the ruling coalition, the EPRDF) before the 180-member EPRDF council meets next weekend.

Bereket Simon did not accompany Hailemariam during the negotiation with TPLF leaders. He was busy meeting with ANDM members over the weekend.

Former chairman and co-founder of TPLF Sebhat Nega is taking an extremely hardline position. It is reported that the 81-year-old Sebhat is prepared to call for the nuclear option (Article 39) if necessary and declare Tigray an independent country if TPLF fails to secure the premiership. Sebhat believes that TPLF will be back to square one — back to where they started — if power slips from their hands. TPLF members inside the country and abroad are expressing the same concern.

Major, potentially explosive, development is expected between now and next Sunday.

9 thoughts on “EPRDF becoming a tinderbox

  1. Let the Cancer go.Thier will be peace.The old gezared do know article 39 is buried he and all his kinds can go to hell.Ethiopia will never be like their dream with out them.They should be gone 21years ago.think how many .Ethiopian died.then again they killed so Many of their own.The land from gonder and Wolo is not Tigre.

  2. Hailemariam becareful from Woyannes, You are religious person, you have to take responsibility to help Ethiopians (people) and gives a great respect to the country. Do not be a Dictator like Meles Zenawi and his group

    God Bless U!

  3. Well,… then alas, it appears that they missed the new Ethiopian new year by a few days to make a spectacular fireworks to replace the Al-amoudi’s extravagant fireworks, which is not going to be going down this time because of the death of his ‘right-hand’ man.

  4. Did’nt TPLF intend from the outset to create an independent Tigray? If TPLF members choose to go square it is their right. That should not at the expense of other Ethiopian who have cowed to submission guns.

  5. i wish sebhat nega previals to see how extensive his explosion would be – him and his article 39 would not move an inch – the tplf gang is too used to easy living and no one in tigray would let them get away with it – please tell him to try it

  6. Tell Sebehat Nega if Tigray will be independent of Ethiopia , you will go to hell like you never before! why do you think Melese didn’t want this to happen? the rest of Ethiopian will be happy as they never before!!! . Please! Sebehat Nega do it! and the rest of Ethiopian will kick you out like your Eri trian full brothers ! Do you have any resours to live on?

  7. I’m sure that the majority of theTigray people will never agree with Sebhat Nega. Therefore, he will never succeed to break Tigray from Ethiopia like Eritrea. I’m Oromo and I’m ready to fight for Ethiopia! We will nevet let this happen!

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