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Saudi Arabia warned its citizens not to travel to Ethiopia

RIYADH (SPA) — The Interior Ministry has warned citizens against traveling to Ethiopia.

The warning came after a cable from the Saudi Embassy in Addis Ababa about the tense situation currently prevailing in Ethiopia, including violence against Muslims and the arrests made by the federal police on a daily basis. Some Saudi citizens were among those arrested.

The warning will be in effect until the situation calms down, the ministry said.

2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia warned its citizens not to travel to Ethiopia

  1. Let’s not forget that the Saudis recently deported our sisters for having practice their Christianity faith at their own home. They prison them, humiliated them and due international pressure they decided to deport them. I wish my Ethiopia have nothing to do with these immoral Saudi’s who practice nothing but immoral doctrine on daily basis. So Elias Kifle, next time you decide to share some thing with us, at least have the decency to tell us both side of the story. You seem to be good at it hiding the truce. Sometime I cannot tell which side you are on.

  2. Woyane will lose a lot if Saudi stop trade relation with Ethiopia since Saudi is number one country to which Ethio export it’s stuff.
    Second, what made Ethopian Airline the most profiting and secceful in the world is that the short, expensive and many weekly flights it is doing to and from Saudi Arabia.

    Woyane has to be careful the way it treat Saudians, otherwise Ethiopia would lose it dearest trade partner and as a result it’s banks and Airline will dry out of dollars which humper badly it’s economy growth.

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