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CNN’s Erin Burnett blasts U.S. foreign policy on Ethiopia

Erin Burnett of CNN’s Outfront seems to be one of the few Western journalists who have not received DLA Piper’s talking about about Meles Zenawi. In her commentator last night she blasted the U.S. anti-human rights policy in Ethiopia. Thank you, Erin, for speaking the truth. Watch below.

16 thoughts on “CNN’s Erin Burnett blasts U.S. foreign policy on Ethiopia

  1. She blast Melese as a dictator not only US foreign policy regarding Ethiopia. She backed up her blast with her experience while she was in Addis July 18. I suspect she might know the death of was July 14. Other wise, I do not see the point why she is in Addis in July 19? Just curious.

  2. All she talks is pure truth. But sometimes I feel it was hidden from foreigners or people are just blind supporters and lying. Anyway, Thanks for the truth. There are many many truth the people of Ethiopia wants to be seen but ?????

  3. Every body needs to watch her reporting again and again to keep the story alive in the press. I also recommend thanking her for her fair reporting and to do more stories in suffering of the people

  4. Erin,
    Thank you for your honest and quite professional reporting. You said it as it is, and said it all. Mellesse was a die hard dictator who terrorized Ethiopians for more than twenty years. Because of yours and Anderson’s objective and insightful analysis CNN is now my favorite source of news.

  5. Liyu
    Anybody who wants to see can see the truth. You don’t have to be invetigative journalist. Meles was blood thirsty dicator who lies, kills, cheat, imprison, sell land, keep the country land locked, etc. to stay in power.

  6. the article should be sent to ambassador Rice, state department and the white house – should stand with the people rather with a meat head murdeous dictatorial regime –

  7. Erin,

    Thank you and God bles you.

    You have special place in our heart because you spoke for us when no one else would In the time when we are felling helpless because the cry of so many poor Ethiopians is somehow muted. Even in his death they are forsed to mourn his death by wearing black and pretanding to cry.

    You saw, you heard you spoke. Good job .

    You are our HERO

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