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TPLF federal police savagely attack civilians (video)

The ruling party security forces in Ethiopia brutally attack peaceful Muslim civilians – 10 August 2012

3 thoughts on “TPLF federal police savagely attack civilians (video)

  1. I am telling you, they want civil war to shake up the country.

    If anyone did not know the detail of Khamer Rouge, I would see every detail of the story if I were you. TPLF has implemented some of it. The rise of EPRP, TPLF and OLF is the copy of Khamer Rouge. Khamer Rouge said urban dwellers are the problem, and there fore sstopped every productive society of the urban professionals calling them elites therefore the peasantry should rise up against them. They killed every professionals, people who worked hard and got wealthy from bottom-up in honest, every religion they went after demoslishing the church and temples, they said school is based on their own indoctrination, etc, etc. EPRP, TPLF, OLF etc especially TPLF today appointed those with no experince by saying those urban dwellers are Neftegnas and even the grid lock today going on for disunity is exactly that those few in the rural area who have now benefited under TPLF are creating problems what they don’t know is that it is pulling the country backwards by appoiniting inexperinced people for the sake of ethnicity and cronyism and loyalty. Anyways I suggest we all learn about Cambodia’s story and we are heading that way with slight diff version. This type of ignorant system definitely will be accepted to pull the country downward so that foreigners will come to take over and say they are the rescuers but beleive me, they will turn their head away when chaos happens in Ethiopia.

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