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Ethiopia’s dictator in a coma

Reliable sources have informed Ethiopian Review that Ethiopia’s long time dictator Meles Zenawi is in a coma and may have died earlier today.

Meles was transported to Belgium 3 days ago and has been receiving treatment at Saint-Luc University Hospital in Brussels.

Tonight, Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) has reported that sources close to the ruling party have confirmed the dictator’s death.

64 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s dictator in a coma

  1. elelelelelelele dAMN, THAT FELT GOOD! PEACE IS AROUND THE CORNER FOR US ALL! thak you elias.

    gkkkkk replies:

    Don’t celebrate yet. This is what aiga post about meles
    To our readers… On PM Meles health!
    Many of you have asked us about PM Meles absent from public view the last few weeks. Here is what we have found out: The primier is well and has been resting to recover from exhaustion with a much deserved “forced” vacation. The wild rumors about his health by the extermists aside, the primier has been the most healthy hardworking prime minister Ethiopia has had. The infromation we have is the doctor has given him a relatively clean health for his age and we expect him to continue work shortly. As expected some of the international news meida have started to cover the news of his absense from the AU meeting. But, all is well! (aigaforum 7/15/12)

    GB replies:

    gkkkkk;let us say what you have said is true, so why the government does not give any news to break the rumor that has been in country for several weeks? The deadth of the evil would be good for all peace and equallit lovers in the country, including, the woyane juntas.

    Anonymous replies:

    Tariku, can you explain how Meles’ death, if true, means peace ?
    It is also possible that chaos might break out because of the power
    vaccine, and the power struggle that might follow.
    I hope the tr
    ansition will be smooth…

  2. Woyane very much imitate Eritrea and they might do the same thing as they did with Isayas. unless you put a dirt on the dead body never trust.

    Anonymous replies:

    i totally agree with you.They probably are disseminating false information

    abbuo replies:


    you are great. although we rejoice at the removal of this cancerous fascist from our land , we should be wary. may the devil give the fascist meles, agonising death.

  3. Comma does not mean death.

    We want him to be tried while he is death casket……in addition, Azeb must be buried with him….I think that is their culture.

    Helen replies:

    Azeb will be dealt with harshly!

    Belachew replies:

    By whom?

  4. So, is he in a COMA or Dead?

    Aster replies:

    Clinically dead!

    Anonymous replies:


    abebe gelaw what kind strong voice do you have i wish you did it 20 years ago ethiopia will be in peace by now your voice is like thounder lightning you shake his dedebit brain.i hope any country with a dictator they need you.

    Anonymous replies:

    ….there is no a term called “clinically dead” in medicine.

    Jegnaw replies:

    Yes there is a term clinically dead(vegetable state)or unresponsive to any command..

  5. Don’t start celebrating yet people. I live in Belgium and heard from the hospital, which Melese is attending, that he is recovering well from an emergency surgery. Opps, Ethiopian review check back with your reliable source, if they are really reliable, because I am pretty sure that my sources are real.

  6. Here is your fantacy again.When your night mare Meles come back fully fro work tomorrow I don’t know what you are going to say for your naive followers.But the truth is what ever lies non of your followers are going to ask you because they are just like you.

    tariku replies:

    is michael jackson coming back? nope!
    neither is the little mountain frog.
    who’s fantasizing now? lol xcept for you and
    about 2 mil hodam cadres across the world.

    Anonymous replies:

    Egzibher yafendah

  7. How come azeb is not by his side if he really is in coma?

    Anonymous replies:

    She might even be happy and say good I’ll have more. once again not used to anything.

  8. Mr Belgium, are you really sure about your sources? Cause someone on chemotherapy for cancer and needing emergency surgery after coma CAN NOT recover, if at all, in these short days! The worst prognostic signs are there on Meles and I dont think he will come out Live

    dawla replies:

    what kind of ,ethics,profession a kind of secrets as a DR. talks like this. This the so called DR. is going to losse his licence if he is really a DR.

    dr sam replies:

    Dawla, what a name you have!! Your parents were prophets!! DAWLA

  9. Hi Elias Kifle the GREAT (keep it up)
    GREAT NEWS SINCE YEARS. TPLF must leave totally.
    Let us go back home and rebuild our Ethiopia.

  10. Elias,
    If this comes out true, Ethiopians will celebrate,but if it turns false,then you are in trouble,my friend. We really don’t need rumors and gossips on this kind of news. It will be cruel for all of us,to hope for the end of the dictator and opppps he come back on our tv screen,God forbide that.You remember,Saif -al -Islam after reportdly captured turned out on the shoulders of his hystrical supporters? Yehh what a disappointment for those who suffered so long!I know he ended up in jail,and I know Ethiopia will prevail. Please don’t get too excited before the dream comes true.Give us only confirmed reportes,not gossip. I am reading ER every now and then to see if he is gone,so tell me only the truth.

    yihedal replies:


    Yes, I am also somewhat disappointed to learn that Meles Zenawi may still be alive even though in poor health.

    However, remember Belay, no other news agency has not provided information that Meles is sick other than Elias’ Ethiopian Review. His Intelligence Unit (IU)information may not be accurate 100% of the time. But Elias’ IU smells the news much better than any other news that I know of.

    Thank you Elias for letting us know that Meles is sick and being treated for an illness. We would not have gotten that information from any other source.

    Belay, have you received the news that Meles is sick from any other source, other than the mentioning of Meles’ absence from the AU NEPAD Summit by the President of Senegal?


  11. ayiii… is my initial reaction. Meles is a poison, he poisoned us to be divided on our differences for selfish reasons. Religion being one of the tools he used, which also have global implications at this moment, i don’t see this for better as other foreign players will try to seize this opportunity. There is a chance we could emerge on top but it would cost many christian-Muslim brothers and sister’s lives. Another religious war in the pretext. Many probably wish this won’t be an issue. But many radicals succeeded in doing so on the back of of the devoted and i think we have those in both sides. 20+ years of ‘ divide and conquer’ will have its consequences. its is a full generation and half after all. i wish ppl will be vigilant on this issue, i can only pray. God/ Allah bless to all Ethiopians.

  12. I HAAAAAAAAAAATE Meles with a passion for what he stood for, for what he did, but if what is being said is true, about him being “seriously sick”, “in a coma” or ” dead”, people please let us not gloat!!!! That is not the Ethiopian way. He is in God’s hands, so let us leave it at that. If not for anything else, let us remember he is/was a father. Imagine what his kids must be feeling right now (I am not putting his wife deliberately) It is not their fault their father did what he did. “What about what he did to the fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers of millions of Ethiopians” might be the counter argument.
    But we CAN NOT correct what happened under Meles’s rule by trying to do him. Our country has been in a vicious circle of revenge politics. History has presented us with the opportunity to break this circle. Let us not squander this. The time for calm heads to prevail in our politics is NOW!
    The way we can actually WIN our FUTURE is by doing the OPPOSITE of what he did!!!
    * HE humiliated so many Ethiopians; WE should avoid the temptation of doing just that
    * HE is/was very vindictive; WE should avoid the temptation of being so
    * HE worked hard to divide us, and to turn us on each other, WE should be mindful of not repeating the same mistake.
    * HE focused on destroying what unites us; WE should focus on building just that
    * HE wanted to create resentment towards the Tigrians (which he exploited in the 2005 election by creating siege mentality), WE should be smart by differentiating the ruler from the people
    If we repeat his mistakes, or the mistakes of other dictators for that matter, He wins!!! We should focus on WINNING our future! Let us talk about what kind of a country we want.

  13. Dear Ethiopians,

    Christian or Muslims,

    I have no opposition if the corrupt leaders like Meles get hanged live in Addis Ababa.

    But you will regret handing the country to Saudi Arabia. I have been saying all along stop land grab to Arabs by taking away the land from the owners. While removing, irresponsible , corrupt leaders is our responsibility,giing hand to the islamist is another irreversible mistake we are doing.

    My people, I am telling you the truth; I am not telling you because I am supporting woyane. Let me tell you, people like Abraha Belay, ABEBE Gelaw,… et al. are ignorant about geopolitical affaires. All they know is shouting democracy democracy,… only. They do not all those secrets underlying democracy and islam. You accept what I say or not, I am warning you will regret. Neither Islam nor democracy pushed from outside will ever ever serve the interest of Ethiopian.

    You will regret for what you are doing. You are gona tell me I am saying because I am trying to save Woyane, I do not about Woyane, I have been telling the truth for the past 5 years non-stop. They think I am non-sense. Because we talking online, everything we say is non-sense. But I have been saying this all along to TPLF, respect your citizen and work with your citizen, these are all what I have been for the past 5 years non-stop. But for the past 3 years they have permanently banned me from their websites and they even threatened me to kill me? can you believe it? I am very friendly opposition to them, but they refused to listen for the past many years.

    As I said many times, I have no problem with Ethiopians Muslims,I danced with them, ate with them, lived with all my life. One of the thing I can not forget my muslims friends waking up in the evening to eat with them during Ramadan and Ed. But that is only Ethiopia, Ethiopia is completely a different world,Ethiopia is really Utopia. I know we all taking for granted and even we leave our home in droves without knowing the outside world. But Islam from outside is completely different.

    Let me tell you a story, do you know the Kurd Muslims in Iraq and Turkey can not go to Arab Mosque. No matter what, a Kurd Muslim will never go an Arab muslim mosque. This is life experience. I lived with Kurd Muslim in thier own house,… very kind, very nice, very wonderful muslim. But they will tell you the truth about the nature Arab Islam. I have learnt from my Somalians friends whom lived for 30 , 35 years in Suadi Arabia; you may not believe, Somalians who really know what Islam from Suadi Arabia do not believe the way they believed before.

    I have no problem if the opposition like MEDREK take over power immediately. I would be very happy. This is my prayer if that is the case. I have been very disappointed the land of my people given to Arabs at no cost, to Indians at no cost, to Americans, to Britishs,… all them the outsiders are there for thier own interest. Neither muslim nor European are there for Ethiopia. They are for thier own interest. I know Almouldi is the artichect and engineer of this. This is not coincidence, this has planned for many years by the king in Saudi Arabia using Almouldi’s connection with Meles. Meles an aethiest money is everything and he has been equating the wahabits with pious and selfless Ethiopian orthodox believers.

    My warnings are based on truth life experiences. If you are fanning and helping the islamists, wow, woe woe to your life. This is warning warning, woe woe, … you will lose everything before your eyes. You will not be allowed to dance Oromignea, Amharignea, Tigrignea, Gonderignea, Gojammignea,… etc. They will be gone forever. I know you hate Woyane; I do not hate woyane, I loved them and but I opposed them unlike Abraha Belay who served them for 7 years. I opposed them from day until today. Abebe Gelaw, Abraha Belay have been working with them. I never worked single day or single hour with them. I rejected them form the day they declared they want to landlock my country by force. This is who I am; I am a friendly oppositon to them and I was telling them the truth. They never listened.

    But hating Woyane is one thing, but supporting and handing Ethiopia to Wahabits is much more big mistake than what Woyane did. This is another Betrayal of your own counttry. Are you going to share power with the wahabits? well, if that is what you want, if it was only for you, I could say, oh, just try it, but you mistake will make the majority including muslims suffer injustice they never had before.

    We want more freedom, accountability, responsibility, transparency, equality,impartiality, but we do not want less than that. Arab Islam and democracy are like water and oil they are immiscible. Do not make grand mistake. I do not want Ethiopia to be another Suadi Arabia or another Somalia. Having Almouldi controlling the entire country, Ethiopia will immediately transit from the Ethiopia we know to Suadi Arabia style, islamic state. If that is what you are aspiring, good luck. But that is what is waiting for you if support wahabists, you practically supporting Almouldi. It does not matter how you think. Almouldi is a devil. He has two face. One is Ethiopians face that corrupts Ethipians and the other face an Arab face that is allows Arabs to control Ethiopia.

    Note: Arab islam works underground in darkness. They do not work day time. They do not publish their aim. Their aim is only shared among muslims, not with infidels. It is only done after hours in the mosque under the cover of darkness. Nothing is announced on radio or television,everything is done through mosque and medersa networks. That is about islam.

    I am warning warning warning, you will regret it.

  14. Ayeeeeeegud betam aznalehu! I wanted that cockroach to get Gaddaffi’s fate! I wanted his evil body dragged down on the streets of all Ethiopian provinces and spitted and peed on. There is a God! Hallelujah! The heartaches, cries and prayers of those monks worked!!!!!!

  15. Ethiopian opposition leaders need to stop being power hungry and must unite to give necessary peace to the Ethiopians who have suffered needlessly for almost 40 years. Ethiopians need a leader that respect and love the people and the country. Ethiopians don’t need another dictator that looks out only for his or her family members and ethnic group or a madman like Mengestu. Ethiopians are mixed people and need that looks out for the good of all people. Ethiopians do not need a man or a woman that is filled with hate and racism that was brainwashed by the Evil subhuman Issays and Meles. It is time to heal. May the loving God/Allah help our beloved country and people!!!!!!

  16. Hi folks it doesn’t matter if it is false. You already tasted the joy and optimism imagining our country with out Meles. Let’s make it reality no matter what.

  17. What is the point of this story unless it is true? THis reliable stroy noinsense sounds like tablloid news. If it is not true this report will give ENTC a bloody nose. That it is not fair and will make a vig dent on the struggle. Please have patient before rushing to report here say news.

  18. those who banking on the death of single person for poletical benefit, obviouslt their poletical process has no life on its own. death or alive of this person aside of its emotional hype, nothing would change till thier poletical process breaths on its own lungs.

  19. I don not know what you all talking about. This kind of roumers are always fabricated from wishefull thinking. Last month was Isayas who died and now it is meles. Lets say he is dead, so what??? Who is ready to take over and lead our country in the wright path. Dont tell me it is the opposition. The opposition that can not be united and work over minner thing can not take the leadership and lead our country. The oppostion has enough jobb quarreling with each other.

    Anonymous replies:

    dear Abebe I agree with you one man´s death is not a solution or it doesn´t matter. i know it has some impact he was the pilar for the party and has a good toungue beside other potential. About the oppositon, who are they? hulum seletikmachew niw. no one has storng political cpacity or devotion. as you said they are busy quarrling each other. do you know why? it is because their ambition is personal. “to be somebody” let us pray and God will decide. by the way there is nothing to celebrate. who ever he is we dont have to be happy by his death. no one will be benfited by that. endeseraw egzyabher yestew.

  20. Wish him good health, Ethiopians never get such a wonderful & dynamic leader who dedicated his life for his country.

    Anonymous replies:

    I hope you aren’t talking about Meles.

  21. It is sad to read articles in this site. If Meles is not dead as stipulated by the web site then reads should know with how serious this web site is. On the other hand reading some of the comments, one can guess the site is a mad house where all “Kollegnas” can shout out their “40 kollos”. I can only refer to these old bad traditions we had in the country sides where people were obsessed by the so called Kollo. How in the whole world can one explain such hatred to one man otherwise? Some in the diaspora are really getting crazy and need psychology treatments. If one is engaged 24 hours in hating Meles and EPRDF, I cannot imagine they have any time to do Any Thing else in life. Why not put this energy in reading politics, national economy, political psychology, etc and become a good politician instead.

  22. Gezaee H.
    What does Gezaee mean? Is it Agazi?

    You ignorant whore, what does your gutter story had to do with Ethiopian Muslims.Where did you scavenge this ‘Tikimirki’ you scum Adwa peasant. The last days of your master is near. We do not need your advise. Send that to Woyanee ETV. There is no problem of extrimism of any religion in Ethiopia. The problem we have got is the cancerous Woyanne and people like you. Get lost.

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