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OPDO prevented a bloody clash between Muslims and Woyanne

The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), one of the Woyanne puppets groups in the ruling tribal junta, has intervened to stop a potentially bloody clash between Ethiopian Muslims and Woyanne security forces today in Addis Ababa, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources.

The Woyanne junta had given stern warnings to the Ethiopian Muslims to call off their unity gathering today (Sunday) at Anwar Mosque, but tens of thousands of them defied the warning and started to flock to Merkato in the morning. By late morning, as the Anwar Mosque area in Merkato was flooded with a massive crowed, the thousands of heavily armed Federal police troopers and soldiers from the Agazi special force unit melted away, leaving the Muslims to gather peacefully.

The Woyanne security forces withdrew after several OPDO leaders warned the Woyanne junta that they will not support a crackdown on the Muslims, saying that they will face serious consequences from their constituents in the rural parts of Oromia, a source close to the OPDO leadership told Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit. Some OPDO militia were prepared to block some roads to Addis Ababa to prevent reinforcement from coming to the Federal Police.

Had the Woyanne security forces tried to stop the Muslim unity gathering today, a violent clash could have erupted. The Muslims were ready to face any thing as they started to head for the Anwar Mosque.

The Ethiopian Muslims scored a major victory against the Woyanne junta today by asserting their right to peacefully assemble.

34 thoughts on “OPDO prevented a bloody clash between Muslims and Woyanne

  1. Let Almouldi save them now. Idiots, let the investors save them, we told them for the past 20 years to respect their citizen, they boasted, refused , totally walked on the citizen, they did not even from derg anything, just repeat the same thing?. Arrogance, ignorance comes before downfall. I have no much to say now; let history take its course.

    damo replies:

    The TPLF dog must be suffering from panic attack. He is endorsing Woyane attack on our Muslim population. Wicked Woyane

    raddy replies:

    We support our people and stand with them in support of their struggle for freedom, democracy and justice.


    Free Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage, Bekele Gerba ………

  2. i am sure they did it to prolong the baterial life. Remember if there is no woyane there won’t be no OPDO. I think there was no mascre becuase the muslim community showed their courageious determination to protect their religion. if our orthodox christian brothers and sisters were so determined like our muslim brothers and sisters woyane would have been gone long time ago. So the credit goes to muslim leaders not OPDO because ones a snake is always a snake.

  3. I think that it is far from the truth to say that it is only the OPDO that is preventing the clash. All EPRDF affilate parties including those of the Amharas and others are strongly involved in the prevention. That is also natural because of their basic livelyhood in that otherwise wretched country.

  4. A while ago One OPDO official was saying that his organization is duty bound to prevent any large scale ethnic, religious, etc. violences that may lead to deaths and distructions even if the tplf becomes incapacitated and powerless to act. As a majority based party he feels that their duty is peace keeping for all in case of need and dark times of desperation, otherwise unbcotrable genocide may engulf the country. What exactly he meant by that I don’t know. Good bless Ethiopia!

  5. It is inspiring for us christians how determined they are protecting their religious right. The question is when do we claim back our Synodos from TPLF cadre aba paulos or demand our relious right after all. I think christians start their protest by gathering at ab paulos statue to praise him.

  6. That is good of our Muslim Brother. we are always with u as our father and grand fathers did in the past. Nobody can betray our unity as Ethiopian; as Egyptians Muslims and Christians collaborated to overthrow Mubarak. We have to repeat the same story here.
    God Bless Ethiopia.
    Enshe Alah Our brothres

  7. Mot ena Cancer Le-Meles; Hodam betekerestian Yakatele; monekse yasere; yegedele; Muslim yasere yegedele; agases hodam tinish enquan edme yalastemarew ye-aiemero deha. Dinkem esun billo ye-africa meri; dedeb

  8. Now there is no government in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is now an islamic state; They over-rode the law; they make a fake Sadaka using thier religion and now they are the kings. They chased the police like rats. Who is going to stop them now. I told you this is actually nothing, the worse will come with no mercy. They will hunt woyane and cut thier heads. Meles Zenawi worked so so so hard for that. Now the innocent Ethiopians have to pay the price. What begged begged them day day in and day out, they even chased us and banned from their websites for three years. Can you believe guys I have been banned for three years by Tigraionline and Aiga? All I said was please listen, please listen, please listen,… but no ears, no eyes, nothing. You call Indians, you gave land for free and you remove the owners of the land and put them in refugee camps. Yea, there is a man above all men on earth that see everything that happens under the sun. When People removed from their land, he sees their hurt, their downtroddenness, he watches from carefully, nothing escapes him, you can do it under the darkness, nothing is invisible to him. He will come in many ways, may he is coming through Wahabism. This is what God to Israelites, they refused to obey the law of Moses, and God brougtht in Dictator Nebuchardnezzaer from Babylon, what did Nebuchadnezzar did, he killed many of them, he arrested the elites of Judites and took them to Babylon to be slaves there. God said you will be slave in Babylon for 70 years, after that I will bring back the remnants.That is really what happened to the Jews. Every time to break the covenants they were bannished from the promised land and subjected to humiliation and killing by Nazi, by the Cosacks in Russia, by the Polishes in Poland and anywhere else.

    The fact that Ethiopians shipped to Saudi in broad-day light for slavery and modern sex trade is designed by God for disobeying God. You see, my people, God is not going to Punish only mark my words, God is going the whole land. This is the beginning. No Berhanu Nega or no Elias will spared or any other. There is no discrimination God, He will punish the land. NebuchadNezzar is now in Ethiopia. The worest is coming, Nebuchadnezzar will kill the land and he will ship them Saudi Arabia more. Then there will be more Bilals coming from Ethiopian mothers who went as slave or maid, they will tell us they are the sons and daughters of the slave Ethiopians. This is the beginning. Disobey God, thinking we are too clever, hmmmm, TPLF too too clever, it came with ideology equating the Ethiopian church with wahabists? TPLF getting crazy every year. OMG, this is the lot, do not be nervous now. We told you, may be it is because we speak on the web and everything we say on the web is nonesense. But it is real, many bloggers told the story long ago, but no one heard them. That is it, you got it. God above everything, this does not mean God is bring good to you, but punishment. Did that ever thought he will get sick? no, he did not think we get sick and or die,… this the little and dangerous power of man under the sun. Meles good luck you are leaving with this.

    tumayota replies:

    You comment is vague,make it clear. I am chrisian but I condemmen woyne interferene in all religen.TLF is stupid muslem has right to choose their leaders.death to all woyane groups!

  9. For the last six or so months Muslim Ethiopians have been showing that PEACE is the underlying principle of ISLAM even when some bothers and sisters are killed with injustice accusations. I have nothing to be proud than the patience and defiance of the Muslim Ethiopians in peaceful way against the corrupt officials of TPLF! Go Muslims Go! May Allah help you!

    ABAB replies:

    The Ethiopian people are patient, courageous unlike the corrupt, looting, fascist ethnicist woyane junta.

    the woyane regard our patience as a sign of weakness, they have been pissing on the head of our people out of their foolishness and arrogance. It is time to say NO, ENOUGH, BEKKKA!

    United we stand.

  10. Significant number of our Christian brothers and sisters were also attended to show their solidarity to Muslims.

    Mohammed replies:

    I’ve also heard that our Christean citizens have expressed solidarity using different means, including some physically going to Anwar mosque and sitting as quests. I’m very very proud. If we continue like this, no dictator is going to divide us. The Muslim organizing committee have shown strong leadership by repetitively making it clear that we are never against non-muslims, we are only against Muslim puppets who are forcefully using the Majlis.

  11. Terrorist Meles and his mouthpiece ETV are pathetic liars. No one in his/her right mind believes what terrorist Meles and his TPLF terrorist militia say. It is too late and the game is over. Wake up the terrorist TPLF group. The number of days you are terrorising the Ethiopian people is coming to an abrupt end. The whole of the Ethiopian people are uniting to chase you out of the country to your foxhall in dedbit. Go and bury your dead terrorist ringleader Meles instead of killing and terrorizing the Ethiopian people.

  12. To my childhood friend Aziza, where ever you are, I’m with you in spirit and prayers. Death to the Devil possessed hateful Woyane hoodlums who are in Ethiopia to rob the country and kill innocent Ethiopians. Ethiopians from walks of life must unite and defeat these coldblooded, Godless woyane thugs. Death to the hatemonger Isayas, Meles and TPLF thugs!

  13. I think, this is TPLF calculated move intentionally to take attention from Meles’s sickness or death to find a place to run to and hide their assets, while Ethiopians and the outside world are focusing on the peaceful Ethiopian Muslim civil disobedience.

    peace replies:

    I think so. I believe this could be a sign that Meles may have learned his days are numbered that by staging this he will not be back. Of ocurse many bad people have declared themselves “dead” and they change their identity and live in least suspected place. Azeb was trying to sneak out but she is caught. Is anyone witnessing this? Sudan is also uprising already and the protest is growing. What is very dangerous when it comes to Ethioipa is though, there must be someone telling the Muslims to rise up. How is it it is caluclated, at the same time the rise of Ethio Muslims is happening? There must be Arabs telling them to do this. When it comes to Ethiopia, it is now very very dangerous because the Muslims: supported by Somalia, ONLF and OLF could take over any moment. I don’t trust the West also since the goal is to destablize the region so that they will have the opportunity to control.

  14. To the contrary, this shows that there are full and complete democratic and human rights in our country. Muslims, Christians and Animists can worship freely and when applied for and permitted they can peacefully demonstrate in the streets. The country is hushed peaceful. You can carry a 20lb. gold bullion and walk from Moyale to Adigrat day and night safe with no one bothering you. That is called Paxa-Axumana!!! There are more 30 independent news papers in the country with no interference by the government. Examples include
    1) Addis Zemen
    2) Ethiopian Herald
    3) Walta
    4) Addis Fortune
    5) Capital
    6) Ethiopia First
    7) The Reporter and many others who are writing anything they want and nobody bothering them. So what is the problem?

    Shewarega replies:

    Don’t be stupid. We heard that during the time of the Emperor too.
    Sixty years of peace, you can buy one chiken with a quarter, one
    lamb with five birr. Ethiopia at the center of Africa, and the non aligned countries. Hamsa beweled yaw Hamsa new gudu, Ye Mekonen lij
    yebekkanal andu. Menew Kkedemo bihon yante mewelede Asmera Mittwa Djibouti sayhede etc etc. And he did bring back Asmera and Mittwa
    without firing one shot. But the underlining problems persisted.
    His inability to reform the land system, total lack of freedom, his
    obsession with his own grandeur, it all expolded in 1974. Learn from
    that my little Woyanae, you are not even an Ethiopian, rather a hateful
    occupier, thief, secessionist looter. Your master is in the coma, so will you be, soon, very soon.

    Tekle replies:

    You Shewarega!!!

    How dare you compare PM Meles, the most intelligent leader of our ERA and who ever came out of the Horn of Africa with the most despotic ruler ever ruled any nation in the world, Haile Selassie? How dare you? Have you watched the most recent AU Summit held in Addis? It was written that all of the leaders missed our Benevolent Leader so much that they cut it short. A lot of them were caught sobbing because they missed him. He is not only working for the betterment of our peoples’ living standards but for the entire African Continent. He is who can be called the perfect leader. I mean 100% and perfect. Except you, everyone likes him. Don’t be surprised if he is awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics and all for Peace. As far as I am concerned, he is someone sent down by the Almighty to save our people and the entire people of Africa. He is the Hannibal of Carthage when it comes to conducting wars and he is the 13th Disciple when it comes to peace. SO eat you hearts out Shewarega, he is coming right at you soon riding his white stallion!!! Stay tuned!!!!

  15. I am not sure what to say about this news. This is the first time I have disagreed or objected this web sight’s news, first of all what is the benefit for our struggle to know this news unless it is done to mislead us from the reality. I am sure even TPLF members might have been surprised with this news because it has given a credit to TPLF that it takes in to consideration its puppets objection or idea. I do not believe the idea that the TPLF idiots will listen to its puppets input. This was not well thought posting. Because I know for the last 20 years the relationship between TPLF and its puppets was and is still a master and servant relationship unless your web sight has a new breaking news to tell us that TPLF is changed for good so let us stop our struggle because our root cause of the struggle is solved which means TPLF’s undemocratic has been changed for good. therefore if TPLF has started to listen its puppets I am sure it will be ready to listen the Ethiopian people. More than the news itself I am shocked with the poster’s of this news lack of political wit because this poster had missed the political consequence or the effect of this type of newses because all visitors of this web sight do not have the same level of political wit or understanding of TPLF. If it confuses you Elias or whoever posted this useless news that person posted this news she or he did not do his or her homework well it was a big F grade you should get. What is hard to understand the benefit and the harm of this posting. I do not think you saw the side effect. More over if you are serious about this news you must have been fed a false news by TPLF smart agents.

  16. By the way the reason for the success is not OPDO rather the determination of our firm and fears Muslim brothers and sisters unwavering stand for their religion. Instead of guessing let us give the credit to the deservers of this hard work wich is the muslim people of Ethiopia. I know 100% what was going to be OPDO’s job it might have been digging a grave for the dead by TPLF so on the decision making process and killing skill leave for the master race or TPLF OPDO and the rest have no a place on the decision making table. So do not be a false witness.

  17. Dear Ethiopian people,

    You better take Muslims rise up very seriously. This is not what you used to hear about Kinijit candle burning. This is volcano will shake up weyane for good. Weyane can not play tribe card anymore because there are millions of Muslims in all tribes. OLF itself was founded by Muslim Oromos recruited by Arab educated Somalis movement in Yemen. The first OLF attack was in Garamuleta east of Ethiopia. During ethio/somali war 1977 Muslim Oromos from east collaborated with Somali militias guns distributed abundantly, tens of thousands of Christians massacred. Egypt is changing tactics the old way supporting tribal Liberation Fronts is not working anymore instead religion game the most effective. and muslim brotherhood is in power. This is not easy to stop by arresting few leadership of kinjit, these are millions of muslims supported by oil money with the agent Alamoudi.

    peace replies:

    This is exactly what I am worried about. I beleive most people are commenting by giving green light to the Muslim uprising. Once again, without a pro Ethiopian christian support from outside comes, the rest are too weak. OPDO would rather support OLF and Muslims rather than the weak Ethiopian christians as the most population in Oromia are Muslims.

    Mohammed replies:

    Hey, there is no perfect history, although historians want to paint it some color so that the side they support appears colorful. The truth is, every side is prone to commit some historic mistake under the leadership of crazy rulers. You are mentioning some (true or false) example from the Ethio-Somali war. How about a Muslim mentioning some past biases (I can mention several) where some members of the Christean population participated? Is it fair if I generalize all Christean? One of our neighbors that I consider as my second mother is a Christean, should I take her as an enemy because of King Yohannes? No!! Let’s be smart enough to be able to see a brighter future than that. You make me sick when you advocate that only certain tribe and certain religion members are protectors of the nation.

  18. You will not post this opinon,and I know it too.If per chance you do it is yet to be seen;if not I am considering to gather evidence about you. Just in case ,may be,there is a possiblity here of you being a hired gun.No one is here being pro governement or abetting a recklless regime.I criticized the regime’s policies;I criticezed it because it is anti democratic none nclusive and a closed system;I criticeze it because the government media mostly reports mere propoganda and lies. For the same reason I oppose theregim’s policies I also question the autenticity of your reporting over this news.

    According to your wish and reporting, a new phenomena is taking place in Addis Merkato:OPDO and the Muslim movement are merging in to one. And it appears that there is an OPDO take over so much so the federal police is pushed out from the scene by the order of OPDO. One thing is clear ,though, the Ethiopian people are not divided or confued about their core vlue as you are.It is still true,however, that there is unbreakable bond between the pople of Tigray and the rest of Ethiopans,even though you are out of touch with realty here.This I know it all attitude is setteld in Ethiopia since the days Mengistu and you are an imbodyment of such attitude.

  19. The ugliness of Woyane is boundless. Questioning our people motive just because they are Muslims is additional crime against Ethiopians. For some reason Woyanes think we will question the motive of our people to give up their country for Woyane/OPDO is an insult to all of us.

    Game is over Woyanes live with it.

  20. FOLKS! There wouldn’t have been all of those successive Ethiopian Kings, Queens and none kings like Mengistu if it were not for the majority patriotic and loyal OROMOS bent on keeping Ethiopia together and in peace through out historical times. Their current protection of peace from their angle, however unpleasant to the rightful opposition, is only part and parcel of the Oromo tradition of democracy, honesty and loyalty both to the country and itse rulers.

  21. I have never think of OPDO doing some thing like this. Opposing to the TPLF? It is a great job OPDO, your are coming up to the reality of your power. WELL DONE. With your people (oromo) you have the ultimate power in Ethiopia, but if you ignore your people you will be like a hungry do, wagging your tail for scrambles.

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