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ESFNA rocks Dallas

The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) opened its annual soccer tournament on Sunday, July 1st, in Dallas, Texas, with a big fanfare. I have been to several ESFNA events in the past, and I am sure many people would agree that this year’s is the best organized, and the most exciting event in the Federation’s 29-year history. On top of that, it feels like a genuine family event where Ethiopian patriotism is once again fully embraced. A horse galloping into the stadium with the rider carrying an Ethiopian flag while Teddy Afro’s Tikur Saw was playing was a particularly fantastic and emotional scene. The only thing that tempered my excitement was when some one informed me that the Woyanne-operated Ethiopian Airlines was among the sponsors of the Dallas event. After ESFNA’s patriotic Ethiopians successfully expunged Al Amoudi servants and Woyanne thugs from the Federation, apparently there are still some who are lurking around trying to cause trouble. ESFNA has come a long way in cleaning up its house from Woyanne thugs, but the fight must continue until all remnants of Woyanne are fully cleared from this great Ethiopian institution. The ESFNA event will continue until next Saturday. I urge you to come with your family and enjoy. I am told that the horse will make an appearance again on Wednesday, July 4. Watch the video below. – Elias KIfle

ESFNA 2012 Dallas Opening Ceremony

24 thoughts on “ESFNA rocks Dallas

  1. How on earth wayane succeded to advertise its cash caw Ethiopian Airlines (Weyane Airlines) in which the number of Ethiopian staffs deliberately removed and TPLF members are installing every day…..

    Not good ESFNA for that matter, you must check for those reminants of DONKORO weyanes in the commitee…

    Death to weyanes and its leader Meles!!!!!!!!

    By the way did Meles return to Addis from Brussels, where he is taking medicalcare???

  2. I can not imagine what the ring leaders of the weyane thugs, Melesse/legesse/abebe, his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot, and their finacier al-mouares, will feel like ones they see the gathering of all Ethiopians together for a common cause: the cause of peaceful co-exixtence and just being Ethiopians.

  3. የሃቅ መንገድ ጠባብ ነው። ምድረ በጥላቻና በቅናት የተንጨረጨረ ሰርቶ ማሳየት ሲያቅተው መቃወም መቃወም። ሰው ባለው ይሰለፋል ምንም አይገርምም። ቁም ነገር ሰርቶ ማሰየት ነው እንጂ ጭፈራማ የኛ ሰፈርዋን እማማ ትርንጎ የሚያክል የለም። ኢትዮጵያ አድጋ እንደገና ኢትዮጵያ ለመገባት እስክትሳል ድረስ አንዳንዴ ሻማ እያበራህ ሌላ ግዜ በባዶ ሜዳ ላይ ጨፍር። ኢትዮጵያ ገና ብዙ ያንተ ብጤ ጨፋሪዎች ከጫንቃዋ ወርደው እዛ ከብጤያቸው ጋ ቢንጫጩ ትመኛለች። ዘመኑ የስራ ነው። ወሬ ጥላቻ ክፋት የ ኤክስትሪም ዳያስፖራ መደበሪያና ለዝብርቅርቅ ህየውቱ እንደማጣፈጫ ጨው ነው።

  4. compared with the dc event this was a total success showing ethiopians are saying enough to divisive policy of epdrf. Seriously the DC event was a total disaster. Not even 500 hod ams were there in that big stadium.
    good job. ESFN Dallas.

  5. ESFNA did a good job to be free from WOYANE influence,I am hoping that it will be free in the future too.ESFNA used as a tool to strength Ethiopian solidarity by making it self free from politican parties influence.I am not sure it is a stand of ESFNA to engage BOYCOTTING ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES the only HIGH tech the county got.

    I hope ETHIOPIAN REVIEW will not take this comment off as it did this morning.

  6. The 29th ESFNA festival in Dallas is successful beyond our wildest imaginations. Thank you so much all the organizers, the participants and all who made this possible. The utter failure of the Mullas/almujadin (meles/almoudin) smokescreen orchastrated in Washington, D.C. makes our success doublefold. Almujadin (almoudin) is serving as a condiut for the covert operation of TaLiFan (TPLF)in the Diasopra. The real name for the TPLF is TaliFan. The ‘P’ has been misplaced and it should be taken out because this terrorist TaLiFan group does not represent the proud people of Tigray in anyway, shape or form. The joint TaLiFan/almujadin operation of dividing the Ethiopian people has been dealt yet another devastating defeat after the one on May 18, 2012. The good has conquered the evil. Unity has won division. Let us work even harder to celebrate the 30th one in Addis Ababa by conquering the main base of the dying Meles regime. Cheers!!!!!

  7. Janmeda

    ለቅሶህን አዳመጥኩኝ አገር እያደገ ነው የሚለውንም እሮሮህ ገባኝ። አልፎም በአማርኛ ልትነገረንም መፍቀድህና መጻፍም ማወቅህም አላስደነቀኝም። ኢትዮጽያዊያንን ማንቓሽ መስደብም ፈረንጅ ልሁን ወይ ያደገብህ ብልግና ጠባይህ ይሆናል ብዬም አልገረመኝም።


    ‘ኢትዮጽያ ገና ብዙ ያንተ ብጤ ጨፋሪዎች ከጫንቀዋ ላይ…….’ ስትል የሀገር ፍቅርህ እንዳለ ሆኖ ‘ዘመኑ የስራ’ ነው ብለህ ሌብነትን ስራ ውሰጥ ስትመደበው ደንግጬ አለፍኩህና ‘ወሬ ጥላቻና ክፋት’ ስትል ወያኔን ማለትህ መስሎኝ ቀጠል አድርገህ ‘የኤክስትሪም ዳያስቶራ’ ስትል እንግሊዘኛም እንደምታውቅ ተረዳሁና ታዝቤ ሳልፈው ‘መደበሪያና ለዝብርቅርቅ ህየዉቱ እነደማጣፈጫ ጨው ነው’ ስትል ወያኔ ያሳሳተው ደህና ኢትዮጵያዊ ሰው ትሆናለህ ብዬ የታገስኩህ ለካስ ቅሌታም ወያኔ መሆንህ ሲገባኝ አዘንኩኝ።

    መቸስ ሰው ሆኖ የማይሳታት የለምና ወያኔ ካሁን ካሁን ይገባወል እያልን እነደ ዝንብ ጠንጋራ ሲጋጭና ሲገጭ ስንታገስ ኖረን አልበቃህ ብሎ እነደ አንተ ያለ የወያኔ ቡችላ እንደኔ ተጠናገሩ እያልክ በሸጥቃት ሀገርና በገደልከው ዜጎቿ ስም መልሰህ ልትኮንነን ስትፎክር ምን አይነት የማይገባው ፋንዳያ ነው ብዬ ታዘብኩህ።

    ስማ የኔ አፈ ከፋቴ ወያኔ በቃ ስትባል ገደል አፋፍ ላይ ቆመህ ብትጮህ የራስህን ድምጽ ነው የምትሰማው እንጂ አትድከም። ከዛሬ ነገ ማንነትህን የማታውቅ ጉጅሌ ቀልድህን ተውና ቢሆን ጠፀዳዳና ሰው ምሰል አልያ የዘረፍካትን እያኘክ ኑሮህን ግፋ። አካኪ ዘራፍ እያልክ ያቃጠልከውን ባንዲራ ብታውለበልብ ጣልያን ትቶት እነደሄደ ኩባያ ነው የምትቆጠረው።

    በመጨረሻ ስትጀመር ያልካትን

    ‘የሃቅ መንገድ ጠባብ ነው። ምድረ በጥላቻና በቅናት የተንጨረጨረ ሰርቶ ማሳየት ሲያቅተው መቃወም መቃወም።’

    ትልቅ አባባል ሆና ታዲያ ለምን እሳከሁን ወያኔ ሆነህ ግዜህን አቃጠልቅ?

  8. It is very exciting event!!! God Job YeEthiopia Lijoch. I am a bit disappointed that I have never seen very good quality pictures and videos from this beautiful crowed. Where are the professional cinematographers? Come out and show us your work of art in this historic event. God Bless Ethiopia. Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinure!!!

  9. Ambaw + Janmeda,

    Can be a go between the Janmeda, If you guys allow me I can chair a discussion and we may hammer out something? Because we have to start something somewhere because we cannot afford to keep on recycling hatred. I am not siding with either of you. But I will comment at the end if you guys are willing to allow me to be a go between the two tightings? Waiting

  10. Congratulation ESFNA

    Once I was a palyer myself in ESFNA, It is a pride of Ethiopian, Oh boy this year is the great one. Just Ethiopian Airlins is also the pride of Ethiopian it just temporary hijacked and is any one realy wants the airlines to disapear just because the government in addis is a rober? our land is robed, Our sea port is robed, so doese the purs of Ethiopian airlines, for the Ethiopian to sponsor the event of Dallas is a great legacy not a shame.

  11. Gezaee

    ምንው ወንድም Gezaee ገላጋይ ልሁን ብለህ ስትቀርብ ማንነትህን ሳታሳውቅ ሆነ? ደሞስ ወያኔው ባማርኛ ሲሳደብ አንተ በእንግሊዘኛ ገላጋይ ልሁን የምትለውስ እንደ እንግሊዝ መሆንህ ነው ወይስ እነደ ወያኔ ሽማግሌዎች። ተው እንጂ ወንድም፤ ትግስት እኮ ጨዋነት እንጂ መቀለጃ እነዳይመስልህ።

    ሌላው የደነቀኝና የተሳሳተከው ‘ጥላቻን አንለዋወጥ(ሪሳይክል)’ ስትል አህያውን ፈርቶ ዳውላውን አይሆንበህም። እባክህ አትድከም ወያኔ እከኮ እራሱን ጠልቶ ሰው መጥላት ከጀመረና ገድሎ ማስገደል ከጀመረ ስንብቷል ታዲያ ከወያኔ ጋር ገላሃይ ልሁን ማለት እኮ እኩል ናቸሁ ነው የምትለን። ስለዚህ ዳኛ ልሁን የምትል ከሆነ መልካም ሆኖ ጥያቄ የሚሆነው ንፁ ዳኛ ነህ ወይ? እስቲ ስለማነነትህና ለዳኝነት ብቃትህ አስረዳን።

    አደራህን፤ ሳከብርህ እነደወያኔ ወራዳ እንዳትሆን በኢትዮጽያ አምላክ አደራ እልሃለው

  12. Gezaee

    ምንው ወንድም Gezaee ገላጋይ ልሁን ብለህ ስትቀርብ ማንነትህን ሳታሳውቅ ሆነ? ደሞስ ወያኔው ባማርኛ ሲሳደብ አንተ በእንግሊዘኛ ገላጋይ ልሁን የምትለውስ እንደ እንግሊዝ መሆንህ ነው ወይስ እነደ ወያኔ ሽማግሌዎች። ተው እንጂ ወንድም፤ ትግስት እኮ ጨዋነት እንጂ መቀለጃ እነዳይመስልህ።

    ሌላው የደነቀኝና የተሳሳተከው ‘ጥላቻን አንለዋወጥ(ሪሳይክል)’ ስትል አህያውን ፈርቶ ዳውላውን አይሆንበህም። እባክህ አትድከም ወያኔ እከኮ እራሱን ጠልቶ ሰው መጥላት ከጀመረና ገድሎ ማስገደል ከጀመረ ስንብቷል ታዲያ ከወያኔ ጋር ገላሃይ ልሁን ማለት እኮ እኩል ናቸሁ ነው የምትለን። ስለዚህ ዳኛ ልሁን የምትል ከሆነ መልካም ሆኖ ጥያቄ የሚሆነው ንፁ ዳኛ ነህ ወይ? እስቲ ስለማነነትህና ለዳኝነት ብቃትህ አስረዳን።

    አደራህን፤ ሳከብርህ እነደወያኔ ወራዳ እንዳትሆን በኢትዮጽያ አምላክ አደራ እልሃለው

  13. ምነው ወንድ Gezaee ውይይት እኮ አስተሳሰብ ልዩነት ካላቸው ጋር እነጂ ከወንጀለኛ ወያኔ አይደለም ተሳሰተሃል፡፡

    ዳኛ ልሁን ካልክ የወንጀለኛውን ወያኔ መረጃ ሳቀርብልህ ግን ፍረደ ገምድል እነዳትሆን አደራ እላለሁ

  14. Dear, my brother,

    I will try to find a common denominator that can allows to make peace.

    The problem is Janmedda also think he is doing right? You also think you do the right thing? so my experience with Ethiopian, my own people, and others is the following.

    I lived with people from diverse society, culture, and citizenship. What I found out is non-Ethiopians listen to each other. They never start attacking each other. But Ethiopians we forget the issue and find ourselfves fighting each other.

    I had a conversation with my own close friend recently. He is m life long friend who is more than anything. He worries about Ethiopia and asks me why is your country so poor? I did not try to cover up and deny that we are poor. I give him some background what went wrong. I even told him about the current situation. He can never be biased. But do you know what he told me. Gezaee I believe that you told me must the real cause of the poverty. Yea, that is why the country is so poor.

    Look, my brother Ambaw, let me remind Neway Debebe’s song, hulum betebaber yet yderes neber? that is really what is missing. We are not committed to solve our problems but we are committed to fight each other and we pay for it. But the thing, when two bull fight? it is the grass that get trampled. It is the Ethiopian people who bear the brunt of the fighting.

    I hear what you are saying and share some of your concern. Who would think Woyane will end up selling Ethiopia on garage sale? but the problem is still ignorance? they think what they do is right and good.

    So We can tame JanMedda without attacking him. There is no any creature that can not be tamed. You can tame a snake/ you can tame a lion? you can tame a hyena? you can tame a wild bird? you can tame everything? why we do not tame woyane? if we unite? yes, we can. do you think woyane will have choice if we say no together all of us? Woyane will have no choice but to surrender to the people of Ethiopia. What is missing is unity based on good faith and fraternity, based on selflessness and genuine love for Ethiopia. Loving Ethiopia must include all the bad apples too. Ethiopia must mean all Ethiopians including those snakes or selfishes or dictators. The only wise way of bring prosperity is based on wisdom and love. Anything that is driven by hatred, rage, revenge,…force, coercion,… do not bring peace. Healing and education is the best way to change the course of history.

    About my amharic, I just do not have the geez software on my computer. I have no problem using our language. Since you can understand my english, it will still work.

    I hope I make sense.

  15. one more,

    I also strongly believe in reconciliation and healing. I even believe Mengistu Hailemariam should be forgiven and go back home and teach the new generation not to do what he did. I do not see the point of keeping him outside until he die. Even if we kill him or take him to ICC, we will not get anything. I see alot of benefit in forgiving and healing and sowing the seed of love and peace.

    If I have a plot of land today, if I want a good harvest next year? I must plough the plot of land many times and put manure or compost on it sow the seeds I want to grow. After sowing, I must do a follow up and do the weeding of the weeds and lookafter the growth and at this time next year, my harvest will be great. I will not ask UN to feed me. I will have enough harvest to feed myself. However, if I do not do the ploughing? If I only curse my plot of land for not producing good harvest?

    If I do not the ploughing, manuring, and sowing and weeding? I will not harvest anything anything good next year at this time. What you put today is what you get tomorrow. You put good to day you get good out tomorrow. GIGO, Good in good out? GIGO, Garbage in Garbage out? What is happening in Ethiopia is Garbage in Garbage out each year. That is why we could not feed ourselves almost for a half a century?

    The TPLF cadres are even now preaching new thinking? They are saying unless they sell our land? we are doomed to die. So they do want to us to plough the ourselves? They want us to be slaves of foreign citizens in our own land and country?

    We need do soul researching brothers and sisters. Ers bers menakor tikm yelew. if we blame each other day in and day out, and keep on fighting? we will stay on the same threadmill machine.

    Even if opposing has to be done in a civilized manner with mutual understanding and without scaring people. Otherwise, everyone is going to be defensive until the end and the people of Ethioipia will continue to pay the price of suffering.

    New way of formulation is needed here.We need to indentify the problem like x1, x2, x3, x4,… variables and set up a formulation and solve them theoretically and implement them practically on the ground. otherwise, we keep on the same road.

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