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Al Amoudi Woyanne festival in DC a total failure (video)

The festival that is organized in Washington DC under the name of AESAONE by Al Amoudi and Woyanne thugs, in collaboration with a bunch of hoodlums, turned into total failure on its opening day this afternoon. After spending over $2 million to promote the event, less than 500 people turned out for the opening ceremony, and many of those who were seen in stadium are singers and Woyanne cadres who were flown from Addis Ababa in 3 Ethiopian Airlines planes. Every one who was entering the RFK Stadium today faced hundreds of Ethiopian protestors who are frustrated and angry at the corrupt genocidal regime in Ethiopia that is led by dictator Meles Zenawi. I am really proud of fellow Ethiopians in Washington DC who faced these hyenas who are looting and plundering Ethiopia. Promotion of the event is being handled by the notorious law/public relations firm DLA Piper. See the video below. – Elias Kifle

71 thoughts on “Al Amoudi Woyanne festival in DC a total failure (video)

  1. Thank you Ethiopian in DC and thank you to all Ethiopians who boycote this even organized by the shameless weyane thugs.naming and shaming should start soon.

  2. Well Done Elias Kifle that you put the true empty Stadium. Thank you to all Ethiopian for strong determination and dedication, yes we learnet from Elias Kifle, Abebe Gelaw and Millions of Ethiopians.
    Time for Action works persicley. We all are Proud of you and May God Bless You and Mother Ethiopia. Ethiopia and her Children will be free very soon from rebels and gangsters Woyane and M.F. Alamoudi.

  3. What a shame, this shows the Weyane regime is falling badly with his masters while the Ethiopian ppl is getting stronger and stronger. History will tell that the judgment day of the Weyanes and their juntas is not far. God bless Ethiopian ppl and be ready for action day. One push will destroy the weyane regime and his friends like Alemudin. In fact alemudin is the brain of the weyane regime so what do we expect from this blood sucker billionaire, our ppl are suffering bcs of them and he is acting like a good father for his kids, this is a joke. Let’s go for action all together, we have to pay inorder to succeed and make it short, our ppl is suffering too much. Weyane is not far from dying. action day, action day, action day. life is all about history. Thanks my all Ethiopian brothers and sisters. God bless Ethiopia.

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