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Ethiopian civic group in Las Vegas endorses Boycott TPLF

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An Ethiopian civic group in Las Vegas, Nevada, named Raey Association has issued a resolution endorsing the call by Ethiopian media groups to boycott businesses that are owned or controlled by the TPLF apartheid regime in Ethiopia. Read the resolution here [pdf, Amharic]

41 thoughts on “Ethiopian civic group in Las Vegas endorses Boycott TPLF

  1. WOW, this is a great news.this should be duplicated all over the USA,Canad and Europe,the middle east and in some parts of Africa..

    And now we wait for the news from our spiritual leaders EOT.
    and perhaps from our Muslim brothers and sisters.
    Ethiopia is calling all hear children to gather in one voice in one purpose.
    Ethiopia will be free from this mercenaries bay any means necessary.

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Jegnaw, you are on your own, son!! Of all the Ethiopians institution, groups, organizations, civic this and civic that, it is only Raey Association that supports this call for boycott? I can see how minority you are, son.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto A.K.A. Hodam Amhara

    Jegnaw replies:

    Dud you are very funny..insanity is to do the same thing again and again expecting different result——feel the rest DUD..
    and i am never lonely man i have 90 million Ethiopians with me..
    I love Ethiopia…but Ezana can you say I am Ethiopian with pried? i did not think so..
    and go get a life this forum is for a true Ethiopians not for banda and and Boot liker.

    this is what you said on other post you wrote..
    “who is mamma Ethiopia? do you still believe in the fairy tell”?

    Mr. Ezana if you don’t believe in Ethiopia way are you heir in this sight?why don’t you go back whatever shit hole you cam from.or you just sick puppy like the rest of your woyanne family. i think the solution is for you to go jump in Limalimo and plant your self on the air with out heating the bottom of limalimo may be that will empress me.otherwise nothing truth comes out of your stinking. woyanne mouth..

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    you are just laughable individual you are lost in time.there is nothing you can say or do will distract us from over throwing woyannes from Ethiopia ones and for all.but every man is a legend in his Owen mind,so you are not any different from any other unity Ethiopian that have com in the past. that includes your boos Melese and his banda the end they will day disgracefully like any tyerent before them…

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Ere Jegnaw!!

    Your song is really getting boring, because your vice is getting rough. I guess to much beer and smoke? I can understand your frustrations.

    You have 90 Million? You wish, the most you and your Neftegns are about 200. Now, answer my question: why didn’t the rest of Ethiopian organizations support your call for boycott, if everyone is with you. Budy, you are minority even in the diaspora.

    Can I say I am an Ethiopian? No, I cannot say. According to the current Ethiopian laws, when one picks a citizenship of another country, one loses his Ethiopian. I became Canadian about two years ago, hence I lost my Ethiopian.

    While the above is literal observation of your question; i would say I am Ethiopian in other ways. I love the nations and nationalities. I support their call for self-determination. I am not going, like you, to impose on them Imperial Ethiopia where you and few of your Neftegna relatives will be on the head. I love Ethiopia for the people; not for political power or for the land, like you and your alike.

    Good day, sir

    Ezana From Toronto A.K.A. Hodam Amhara

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Ere Jegnaw..

    Not many people have dreams like you. You really believe you have 90 million people with you? You wish. The most, you and your alike can be around 200, I am just being generous here.

    I am not sure what to make with most of the things you said. I really, really advise you to go to get some education, ESL that is. However, what you said about Citizenship, i will try to answer: So funny you ask if I can say you are Ethiopian. Well that depends on what you are asking me, a birth right or legal right. Legally, if you have picked other countries citizenship, such as USA or other countries than Ethiopia, then you are not Ethiopian according to the new laws of the land. But, aside the law of the land, if you were born in Ethiopia, I guess you can call or consider yourself Ethiopian by birth.

    I picked ‘Mamma Ethiopia’ from your article. I guess you are attempting quoting from my previous note. Yea, I repeat, “do you still believe in that fairy tell?” I suppose you are too old for that, not necessarily mentally.

    Good day my Semitic Negro brother

    Ezana From Toronto A.K.A Hodam Amhara

    Dahlak replies:

    This DOMA-RAS as you call me i took to school and broad you back to
    your deflated ego..
    and Mr.Ezana you don’t have think in principle. not in personality..

    so all ways put principle before personalty.and you don’t have that..
    and second it is good to know that you don’t know.
    third a man needs this 3 qualities
    with this 3 there is nothing in the world will stop you from learning.and try to learn from every one..
    and finally i thought you were the best thing scene Albert Stine but i was are not as smart as i thought you were.
    and writing good English it dos not make you educate man.
    and i admit your English really good.but your philosophy is bad..
    so learn from DOMA-RAS Mr HODAM not amahara…
    i know you going to tell me go ESL school.but i am taking you to school Ezana.
    respectfuly from DOMA-RAS

    Jegnaw replies:

    what is nefteniga you keep on saying that word?is that the source of your heat “Nefteniga” are you sick? get help dud.

    and one more thing Why are you supporting the Current Woyanne junta?
    why not support any other government that stand for all Ethiopian.

    and why do yo like TPLF?

    This is what Ambassador Donald Yamamoto said about TPLF..
    “Upon taking power in 1991,the ruling Tigrayan Liberation Front(TPLF)Liquidated non-military assets held by the movement(ETHIOPIA) to fund a seres of companies whose profits would be as venture capital:” in other word your Woyane/TPLF master that your supporting are nothing but looters of a nations..

    Ezana- No mater what justification you use in telling us how good the Economy of woyane is, how better they are no one will listen to your fabrcated Economic merical of TPLF..go some wher tell that laies to woyanne like you ..there is nothing you say rings any truth..

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    What is the point of responding to you, you will never get it, you are a DOMA-RAS!! Go get some education, ESL that is, and I will make sure to answer your questions.

    Good day, my semetic negro brother

    Ezana From Toronto A.K.A. Hodam Amhara

    Jegnaw replies:

    Ezana the hodam,
    Let me see how honest you are?this is an honest question from me and i need honest answer from you. and i don’t need philosophical explanation simple?
    1-why not support any other government that stands for all Ethiopians?
    2-why do you like TPLF?
    3-why do you keep-on saying “Nefteniga”when no one agrees with you on this website.?

    i am sure you will give me the run around,but i will ask .this is as you called me from “illiterate man”

  2. This is the way to go. We have to take concrete and practical measures such as these to dry up the money supply which is being used to repress. gag, torture and kill poor Ethiopians by the ethnicist Tigre people liberation front.

    There is no point weeping and protesting about woyane repression if we do not do anything about it. This is an opportunity FOR ALL OF US to do something useful.

    There is power in our wallets. we do not even have to go out to the streets to demonstrate.

    Whatever power we have, if used collectively, could have much impact on woyane’s ability to terrorise the people of Ethiopia.

  3. Most Ethiopians around the world want to follow the footsteps of the Ethiopian civic group in Las Vegas, Nevada. All we need to know is how to create a civic group so we can make sure everybody knows our opinion.

    Most Ethiopians around the world want to follow the footsteps of the Ethiopian civic group in Las Vegas, Nevada. It would help a lot if we know how to form civic groups.

  5. Thank very much Raey, we deeply appreciate what you are doing for our poor country. We will do every we can to help you. Let us all hope it will have an impact to make changes. All we are asking is equality of all and democracy.

    Free the political prisoners now, all them Oromos, Amharas,Somalis…etc
    Free our journalists who stood for the truth and their people
    Meet the demands of the Moslem and Christian people
    Give the farmers back their lands if you are not feeding them
    Secure jobs and don’t discriminate people based on their ethnicity

  6. Hey you Yemane Tesfayi!!!

    Who are you calling devil? Meles is the most deistic leader our country has ever seen. You must be one of those EPLF knuckle-heads who does not stop making noise since we kicked your ass in 2000. If you call our revered leader such a vile name one more time, I will ask the US Government to deport you back to your loser leader. So shut up!!!!

    Waka replies:


    Zenawi is not even an individual to be taken serious ,he wears a hand made suit with kravatte and lies, lies, lies, and decipt, decipt
    decipt, he is not even normal humanbeing in his 60 who can not raise kids let alone Ethiopia.To show you how backward and primitve this individual is he reads too much Machiavelli and practised it on Ethiopian people and make all decisions in his kitchen with his wife
    and bring it to the rubber stamp to his hand picked cadres with no objection by the way some of them can not even read and write,at the end of the day it is your very right to worship him but not in the name of Ethiopian peoples that reject the mellese gang in 2005 election.

    Tekle replies:


    Would somebody show or teach this guy how to effectively express himself or his ideas? You see folks!!! This is what we are dealing with. So-called opposition does not have the skills even how to eloquently present its ideas or plans, if any. Down this, down with that will not hold water. Waka, if I were you I would find a lonely corner to hide because people may think you are just on heck of hum-drum of so-called OLF or Gimbot XXX. So shut up!!!

    And you and those like you use ‘Ethiopia’ to look so passionate about our people. Don’t worry. That name would last for long. It would change to Axum Federal Republic. The word ‘Ethiopia’ was coined up by those early Amhara knuckle heads in setting up their repressive dominion. In the next 10-15 years those Amhara adventurists who now live in the towns and villages of Menz, Bulga, Mijar, Yifat and Tegulet will be ordered to go back where they originally came from, Amhara Saynt. Then and only then, the nation’s nightmare will be over, gone. Boy, I hate those Shewan Amharas!!!!!

    Meysaw replies:

    Teklay Bandaw!! You ignorant banda Tigre your father and forfather were boot lickers of the solatos and your mothers and grand mothers were PASTA QEQAY YESOLATO GEREDS, when the great Amharas were building and protecting the present Ethiopia. Now sons and daughters of pasta qeqay and boot licker bandas are in power; thanks to their solato and arab masters. You talk too much because you have no history. If you have one ask your father and he will tell you the size of his masters boot and ask your mother she will tell you the amount of pasta she cooked for her masters -that is your history yebanda gered lij.

    Tekle replies:

    Hey you Meysaw!

    Who you calling Bandaw? If you want to talk about bandas in reference to those who remained passive to the Italians occupation in the 1930’s, then I highly suggest to you to read the history of that very brief period. First of all Tigrayans were not the ones who became collaborators with those occupying Italians. They were more Amharas and Gallas (Now Oromos) who not only submitted but joined the local militias set up to fight the insurgents. Your father or grandpa could be one of those. But we Tirgrayans did not collaborate but had any sensible alternatives except to remain indifferent. The people of Tigray were disarmed and submitted to very harsh suppression by your Emperor Haile Selassie well before the war with Italy began. The entire Tigray was ransacked by your marauding army on its way to the war front. And when Badoglio kicked your ass, we were totally without any means of defending ourselves. Even our leader Ras Siyoum was no where to be found. He cut and ran for his life abroad with your Emperor. Just like he was with us today and by tomorrow he was in Djibouti. But Badoglio gave us our arms back and also dignity. So we let him go by. And we went back to our villages to tend our farms. You can verify yourselves by going to the Italian Government Archives to see the names of those bandas. They are like a slew of Debalkes, Nekatibebs, Ordofas, Gemechus and Samatars. If you come across a name such as Tekle or Mehari, they were not Tigrayans but rather those sell-outs from Eritrea. I am sorry to cram you with so much history. I am not sure how my tutoring is going down with you. From your writing, you seem to be wanting in the ability to absorb and keep a new lesson. So I am telling you to shut up!! You hear me!!! Shut up and do not disturb because our infallible leader will be in town for a very important task. Otherwise, I will ask the Immigration Office to deport to Antarctica so you can freeze your ass and mouth!!! Again, Shut up!!!!!1

    Waka replies:


    You are not worth of any respond to say the least,you are planing for another 15 years oh boy i would be a woyanne if you survive the next one and half years kkkkkkkkk, unlike your dreams i see too much dark in your future or existence, but what wonders me most is how ignorant collection is woyanne,if you take the wildest and dangerous animal takes home you can make it just as loyal house defender in 20 years you might need probably a century for woyanne jungle boys to join civilized world and i mean it seriously.

    Anonymous replies:

    Hi Bandaw Ezana again,

    I read your “teret teret” posted above and we all know these days a lot of bandas like you write garbages what they call books, but nobody reads them except the bandas themselves. In your piece of garbage you listed fictious names of great Amharas and great Oromos. These names might have been mentioned in your “teret teret” books written for the bandas kids to read not for the great Ethiopians. If I had to mention names of Amhara and Oromo heroes I would need Trillion Gigs of Memory on this Website. Therefore I would leave it without mentioning any. And I was more interested by the sentence you wrote above and I quote “….But Badoglio gave us our arms back and also dignity…” showed me your real BANDA picture. If your master Badoglio gave you your dignity with rotten stinky boots to lick and a left over pasta, how on earth would you tell me your banda ancesters fought against their masters? Does your sentence make sense? May be for those liar bandas not for the great Amaharas and the great Oromos. If you want to read your banda parents history I would recommend you to read the book writte by a witness Chech called Adolf Parklaz “YEHABESHA JEBDU” and a piece written by a Tigrean son of Arbegna G/medihin Araya posted on Ethiomedia beginning of April 2012 titeled “TALAK YETARIK KEHEDET KE’FENOTE GEDEL”. I wouldn’t try to tell you to read books and writings written by great Amharas and great Oromos, because you have fobia towardes these great People. And the other thing, do you know the name Shumbash Asres Tesema? Ah! No? You should know that boot licker of Badoglio who is the granpa of your master Banda Meles Zenawi Asres Tesema. And thanks to Mr Araya, he posted the picture with his writing on the piece I mentioned above. Find this picture and check it out (don’t tell me you already have it in your bedroom above your bed), you may find Shumbashes and Murkumbshes of you whole family behind Shumbash Asres waiting for their turn to lick Badoglios boots. Now it is your turn to lick Arabs’ and Ferenji’s boots. I wish you a happy licking!

    Meysaw replies:

    The above message was actually for Bandaw Tekle AKA Bandaw Ezana. Each side of the same coin. Both sides of the coin can respond.

    Anonymous replies:

    man i was laughing my you know what…

    you should contribute more often.
    great work…

    Tekle replies:

    You Anonymous,

    Why are you concealing your name? I am not. You can say anything you want which is all baseless anyway. But one fact is so glaring that it will be all told for the next millennia. We fought the blood thirst Mengistu regime tooth and nail for 17 years and liberated you in 1991. We are history bound to be reciprocated with 25 years of leadership for each year of our struggle. That means, whether you like or not, we will play leadership roles in all facets of that nation’s affairs for the next 425 years. With an upgraded value of 2 it becomes 850 years and 1,000 years in a round up figures. I hope you are not dazed with the calculations. I tell you what!!! Lets you and I come up a time capsule. What we will enclose in bottle is this: ‘On this date of Lord, May 10, 2012, genius descendants of the great Axumite Empire are in all leadership role of this nation. This bottle is to be open exactly one thousands year from this date’. And we will bury the bottle at a location around Arat Kilo or if you may under my property in Bole. This I promise as assuredly as Joe Namath’s Super Bowl promise/prediction. No ifs or buts.

  7. All my peopla around the world it is easy to get them one by one this dogs Weyane Tigria groups.
    Sibhat Nega are now in USA to make clear bussinnes for Weyane and his first jobs are to support by our Ethiopians monay like Col Yitbarik Amare,Amare Bisrat,Asgede G.sillaise,Amsa Aleka Teddese Telia Salivi,Mimmi Sibhatu,Zerihun Ashanafi,Dr Aregawi Berhe,Siye Abrha and others so becarefully my country men of those whom sold their cheap life for the gang of Weyane.
    Here in Sweden we know all who is who.

  8. I do not understand why the AMHARA and OROMO people are using the TPLF services? to facilitate the killing of Ethiopians and Ethiopia or what?????????

    Tommorow Meles will appear on his TV (former ETV) to say as shintam, wake up! stop singing andinen, yekedimo tarik….. deal with Tigrean only after democracy is stablishe in Ethiopia!!!!!! Untile then they are the enemyyyyyyyy!

    Boycott TPLF
    Boycott Tigray
    Boycott TPLF
    Boycott Tigray
    Boycott TPLF
    ….. ….
    ….. ….
    ….. ….

  9. Elias,
    Economic boycott by Ethiopians against Ethiopian businesses is as self defeatist as shooting one’s own leg and it’s unlikely that Ethiopians are going to consider this desperate measure therefore, you are beating a dead horse. I am sure you are going to continue this type of brazen misinformation even after Meles is gone but I wonder what you are going to write about.

    Jegnaw replies:

    we only boycott Wyanne Owen business and there hadam supporter nothing else..

    Tekle replies:

    You Jegnaw and his photo copies!!!

    How in this day and age you preach economic boycott? How dare you? Do you know how many people are employed by these merchants who import grocery products from Ethiopia? Do you? I can tell you they are in their thousands. And most of them are the only bread winners for their families. You are so mean!!! You must be one of those Shewan Amharas who are pissed off because they had lost their ‘rists’ and so dumb they don’t know how to make a living any other way. If you keep calling for such senseless economic boycott that will hurt only the poor, I will ask our Holiness Abune Paulos to excommunicate you if you are a Christian; if you are a Muslim, I will ask our Grand Mufti to do the same. You are banished from Axum Federal Republic. You hear me? And I want you to not ever use the word ‘Ethiopia’ to call our country. You must start using ‘Axum Federal Republic’. You want to wage a war on this one? Bring it on boy!!! Bring it on!!!!!

    But in the meantime, the door is not sealed tight on you. If you contrite and ask our Blessed Leader PM Meles Zenawi and the people of Axum Federal Republic for forgiveness and you are honest about that, you may be pardoned for such folly. We can work together and your life will be much better. So, what do you say? I am serious about this.

    Jegnaw replies:

    I thought you say your Tigryan you Owen are very powerful,you will be running Ethiopia indefinitely you could not figured that out.oh i forgot you woyannes have self inflated ego.

    and i used to know your ABONE SATENAWE when he use to live in San Diego,ca. and he is not even Qualified to be cashier let Alon ABONE so i am not worried about my Orthodoxy, i am very comfortable in my Faith.

    and i think you are a clown and a frog like your banda Melese. the son of banda……..
    and you are invited,I am going to have a frog pageantry. and you are welcome to comp-it to be a frog Queen i think the winner will be meles. and you will be a runner up..

    Ahadu replies:


    It seems that you are a a real circus clown with a very small knowledge praising a bigger clown whom Ethiopians call as a funny goat
    but dont worry as the train starts running faster and faster and even reach your hiding rat hole with a looted Ethiopian money wont be long.

    Boycott is the very minimum and stay tuned to hear or be ready to join your boss as the next action would be more taff.

    Tekle replies:


    Go ahead and do your boycotting. But remember that we have the financial means to stimulate if any of those patriotic businesses suffer any loses. Why do you have to burn your valuable energy in such a senseless effort? Why don’t you rather join me and start serving our people like me? They are very grateful people and they reciprocate for your valuable service to them. You don’t have to worry about yourself or family. I have become so successful since serving the people because it is rewarding and the right thing to do. I am blessed financially and spiritually. I have a house here in Maryland and also in Addis and Makele. It’s all up to you!!!

    Meysaw replies:

    Tekle Bandaw you are blinded by the blood money you got!

    -Why do you have to burn your valuable energy in such a senseless effort?

    Is it burning a valuable energy to fight for democracy, equality and justice?

    -They are very grateful people and they reciprocate for your valuable service to them.

    Greatful because you sucked their blood? Is your service blood-sucking?

    -I have become so successful since serving the people because it is rewarding and the right thing to do.

    Your uncle is Agazi; your brother is Joro Tebi, your sister is Nefse Geday; your father is a torturer; your mother is a slave trader -then who would get that temporary “success” if you don’t get it?

    -You don’t have to worry about yourself or family.

    I don’t get that, you want to eat them all alive. Once they have been eaten, no worry.

    -I have become so successful since serving the people because it is rewarding and the right thing to do.

    What you call “success” is our blood and flesh and that is temporary.

    -I am blessed financially and spiritually.

    Do not bluff buddy it is only a stolen money.

    -I have a house here in Maryland and also in Addis and Makele.

    You are smart; the money you used to buy the Maryland house is part of the 11.3 billion stolen from the hungry people of Ethiopia? You may keep the houses in Maryland and Mekelle, I do not know about the one in Addis, because it is somebody’s property.

    Tekle replies:

    You wrote this: “Your uncle is Agazi; your brother is Joro Tebi, your sister is Nefse Geday; your father is a torturer; your mother is a slave trader -then who would get that temporary “success” if you don’t get it?”
    You really hurt me man. I did not go to your loved ones in my comment and I will never do that. Didn’t you what our blessed son President Obama said? He said family members should be off limits during the campaign. You don’t know my uncle, my brother, my dearest sister who is a loving mother of four, my father and mother both not with us any more (RIP). You killed innocent people and in cold blood!!! You can say anything you want about me because I am the one talking to you. How dare you do that? You really hurt me man!!!!

  10. I couldn’t agree more. The best move so far. Boycott anything from TPLF and HODAMOCH.

    And I have heard the airlines boycott has started hitting its target and they have started lowering prices. please please please please, do not be deceived by lowered prices. No more deceiving by Idiot woyanes. It is over. your days are counting down, nowhere to hide.

    Meles the school dropout idiot filled with inferiority complex, I am the one who is gonna drag you on the streets of Addis (from Meskel square, to all over ADDIS)till ur flesh disappears on my fingers.

    we have been bulled and slept for 20 years. Boycottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!

    Dahlak replies:

    Good job Eyob
    boycott woyanne in everything even in your circle of friendship!!

  11. It has been many years since I began boycotting product of Woyane/TPLF . My family and I never used Ethiopian airline to travel. Sometime we paid extra for the ticket so that the Woyane/TPLF regim do not get any of our money. One can fly Lufthansa, kLM etc. Let someone list business names of those dealing with Woyane/TPLF products in every state. Boycotting is an easy step to take .we can go further to hurt Woyane/TPLF regime.

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