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Loving Ethiopia to death – the Doctors

By yilma Bekele

On November 11, 2011, Yenesew Gebre was driven to kill himself on behalf of all suffering Ethiopians. He killed himself out of love for his people and country. He made the ultimate sacrifice to wake us up so we can see what it means to be humiliated in your own home. Love can be expressed in so many different ways. Yenesew’s method was that of a teacher. That is what he was in real life. Yenesew was a shepherd and an example-setter to his people.

On March 24, 2012 Ethiopian Review reported about exiled Ethiopian physicians holding a meeting in Virginia, USA, to raise money to invest in a referral hospital in Ethiopia. A very {www:laudable} act you might say. They must love their country and people so much that even after being kicked out, exiled or driven off from their homeland they were willing to help. Isn’t that a sign of generosity and love? I agree. There is nothing like giving. Aren’t we such a blessed people to have caring individuals among us?

Wait a minute, let us not put the cart in front of the horse please. Everything has a {www:context}, otherwise it is meaningless. Our physicians ‘love’ for country has to be put in its context so we can really understand and appreciate their ‘selfless’ act. This is where the problem rears its head. They say the devil is in the details and it is nowhere true than in this instance. Our physician’s act is nothing more than a cheap trick to pad their bank account while looking selfless and honorable. Their act is that of a {www:charlatan}. They are trying to get advantage using deception. It is petty theft and nothing more than the act of a common criminal.

How sad coming from people of such high knowledge that have taken the oath to do good. Well they are Ethiopians aren’t they; the rules don’t work in the land of TPLF Ethiopia. Being a physician is a sign of high achievement. It requires sacrifice, dedication and plenty of work. It is an honorable profession. Doctors are held in high esteem and it is every mother’s dream for her baby. They teach you how to cure the sick in medical school. They make you a technician of the human body. The engineer build bridges, the architect designs house, the mechanic fixes engines, the chauffeur drives a car, the physician cures disease, the politician leads and the shoeshine cleans shoes. All are expert in their field. It is the contribution of each that makes a society work in harmony.

We put physicians on a {www:pedestal}. We ascribe a certain amount of higher intelligence to the doctor. That is more so in a backward society like ours. It is not healthy. We confuse education with common sense. One might be trained to be nuclear scientist but the possibility is there that the individual might be void of common sense or social grace. Those that have spent a major portion of their life pursuing a single goal can sometimes loose sight of the bigger picture.

When it comes to our learned compatriots we are dealing with two aspects of this myopic situation. There are some that are truly attracted to do good and help their people. At he same time there are those that will betray their people for thirty pieces. Isn’t that the situation we got here?

That is what I believe. In a country where one man surrounded with his ethnic group and lords it over eighty million others, in a place where one is judged by his blood line instead of his deeds, in a location where no none is allowed to speak or associate freely and in a land where the young and able are forced to leave due to lack of opportunity our esteemed doctors are collecting money to enable the evil doer.

None other than Ato Girma Birru — our Oromo Ambassador, called them into a meeting. I know it is rude to identify an individual by his ethnic affiliation, on the other hand, Ato Girma owes his position due to his ethnic identity. He was the token OPDO Minster in the TPLF cabinet and today he is the token representative in the US. Before his assignment to his new job he was Minster of Industry and Commerce in emerging democratic Ethiopia. Makes you wonder what he did all day doesn’t it? When you consider that he was a simple student like the rest of us before the arrival of TPLF and today he counts as one of the richest individuals in the country you know what he was busy at in his position. The well-dressed and manicured Ambassador is a picture of well-fed and modern Ethiopian.

Our physicians are the symptom of the disease afflicting our country. We focus on them because they are an easy target to identify. But this disease of discounting Ethiopia is nothing new. It has been going on for so long that it has become part of us. We all have become numb to being humiliated, trampled upon and discarded. No need to point our fingers at the greedy doctors when every house is a source of this virus of selfishness and greed. I do not mean to insult you my dear Ethiopian but isn’t time we reflect on our actions?

Tell me who buys stolen plots of land? Who flies Ethiopian Airlines? Who party’s in Addis among the starving? Who invests in hotels and brothels from Mekele to Moyale? Who turns a blind eye when the Anuaks are massacred in Gambella, the Amharas displaced from Benji Maji, the Oromos imprisoned in mass, the little girls sold into slavery in the Middle East? Don’t tell me you did not know. You knew but you choose to keep silent.

We choose to be upset because Hillary Clinton sat with the monster in Arat Kilo. We seethed with anger because the little dictator inserts himself in every international meeting, we blow our tops when Gambella is leased to grow rice, Professor Asrat was murdered, teacher Assefa Maru is gunned down, Kinijit is imprisoned and elections are stolen. It took all five minutes to cool as down. Our anger was not real. It did not come from deep. Surface anger is so pathetic don’t you think so?

Our esteemed physicians came to the west because they could not serve the people that paid for their training working under the existing regime. Unfortunately they forget why they were driven away. They are just showing us how self-centered and idiots they are. Doctors without borders are in Ogaden tending to the deliberately starved, they are in the rift valley helping the intentionally marginalized and our doctors were assembled in Virginia to serve the less than one percent. Shame is an understatement. When did we loose our moral compass is a valid question?

You know what it took me along time to push send after I wrote this piece. I was worried offending you. I felt like I am not a good ‘chewa’ Ethiopian, rude and confrontational is not our style. Then the picture of the displaced came to me. I saw the children from Benji Maji left to be homeless. I remembered my sister Alem Dechasa alone and helpless in Lebanon. I thought of my people in the jungles of Central Africa to be eaten by wild animals or drawn into harms way in other peoples’ conflict or imprisoned in Yemen and I said enough is enough. I have no reason to please no one.

I have bad news for you my people. Freedom cannot be outsourced. The Americans, the British nor the Norwegians are going to liberate you. Liberation comes from deep inside. It comes from being true to your self. It comes from caring for other as you care for yourself. How could you save others when you are sinking your self? As for our physicians that are deluding themselves about helping our people I have one message for them-kindly shove your PhD’s where the sun does not shine and take two aspirins for the pain. The physical pain will go away but the mental anguish caused by your betrayal will never leave you, ever.

As for me my friends, I am working overtime to bring this nightmare to an end. I support Ginbot 7, I am energized by the new OLF, I help ESAT and I am always there to expose Woyanne atrocities every chance I get. I teach people on the goings in my homeland. I write my Congress representative to remind them of the plight of my people and I will never rest until this cancer is wiped out from my body politic. Sometimes the going gets rough, the road seems impassable but no one promised me a jolly ride. The fact that some individuals or groups betray our trust is no reason to resign and go home. I just reengineer and thrust on because the liberation of my country and people cannot be dumped onto others. What about you are you just complaining insistently, blaming others or are you becoming part of the problem like our educated but reality challenged physicians? It is a choice you have to make.

61 thoughts on “Loving Ethiopia to death – the Doctors

  1. Ethiopian Review knows exactly what it’s doing in this regard and who it’s after precisely! Kudos to that! Mr. Yilma Bekele, on the other hand, does not make sense. I am sorry but the gentleman’s arguments have become increasingly out of touch and in this case he has actually managed to damn-down the original power of the Ethiopian review list. It is totally irrelevant to compare Yenesew Gebre with these people. It is beyond irresponsible to misuse the name of an Ethiopian hero for vanity in such an unnecessary manner. Is the so called intellectual incapable of saying a simple thing in a simple way? He needs to think beyond Woyane at this point. Thanks to Ethiopian review in large part (not alone), Woyane is out of gas and could be gone at any minute and without notice it could crumble in-front of our eyes. It could be disorienting the morning after if we are not mentally prepared for the change that will surly come and soon. Yilma Bekele needs to rewire his thoughts or risk becoming outdated fast. In reality, there are more Ethiopian doctors in the the mid-west region of the U.S. alone than there are in Ethiopia. Those numbers will become important when Woyane is no longer in charge. So now the response to this fiasco has to be prudent and measured like what Ethiopian review is doing is “expose” to discourage these doctors from blindingly (knowingly or unknowingly) aiding woyane. That’s very different from the the kind of reckless and Stalinist propaganda that Yilma Bekele is engaged in against educated people in general. I am sorry, but it reminds of Mengistu Haile Mariam’s radio zena. Scary as hell!

    Anonymous replies:

    Wow, what a prophacy! It sounds like you already are packing to go back hoping your prophacy is real. Wake up and pour some cold water on your face.

    Andnet replies:

    Time will tell! W’ll see in due time who needs a cold shower.

    Gizachew Achame replies:

    My father has contributed as Leul Mekonen Hospital was built. I have inherited his recipt. We knew at the time the contemporary opposition (the educated, the enlightned) were telling my poor father and other poor Ethiopians not to contribute for the Hospital that will be erected in memory of the sun of the aristocracy.

    Just few years latter, HS I is overthrown and the Hospital renamed Black Lion. The statue to commorate Leul Mekonen is gone forever. My poor but non-educated father knew that it will be built for Ethiopian not for HS and his family. Black Lion still among the places that is struggling to keep alive the health, education academic and reserch ambitions, aspirations and of many wonderful Ethiopians and treating 1000 of Ethiopian by day and by night. Black Lion survived two governments and countless oppositions.

    In the same tocken, the new generation people telling Ethiopian doctors not to built a hospital in the era of Zenawi. History is repeating it self in amazing ways. We have not moved an inch. I am loving it how shortsighted we could just be due to hate, hate and hate.

    The hate and the action it is calling are so beautifully narated as above by Ethiopains who happen to master the western language. It could nearly convince all of us to sing ERE Goraw.

    Let us build a sky, I mean could that at least unite us because actually we know we can not do it.

  2. Thanks and well written. I have good reasons not to support G7 because of the political history of the political leaders and doubt that they are Amhara friendly but still they are the choice of the WEST and potential successors of fascist Meles when the love affair of Meles and the West is over. Ethiopians have suffered a lot until now and hope G7 will stick to its promises and MELES will be the last undemocratic “leader” of Ethiopia.
    But the leaders of G7 should learn from the failures of the “Young Officers Movement” which saw only the downfall of Mengistu and their succession to power but did not know the hidden agenda of their masters/supportes which was to eliminate all the nationalist forces in the Ethiopian army i.e. the Masters were supporting the initiators of the Coup but also had also a plan how to make it fail and that resulted in the elimination of the nationalist forces in the Ethiopian army and at last to its disintegration.
    G7 should also work hard to bring Ethiopian forces (EPRP, EPRPd and EPPF) also into the struggle instead of relying only on LF`s to make sure the territorial integrity of Ethiopia. Otherwise when fascist Meles retreats to Mekalle and declare the independence of Tigrai the rest will also follow the same and then Ethiopia will be history.

  3. You people can not listen information about the country and what weyane is doing. Please read only the story of Teshome Tenkolu and the pilots at the air force who refused bombarding the people demonstration 0f kinjet at Addis Abeba in 2005.What happend to these people ? Where are theY ? are you additional new killer? after you give the service like the air force people it will be your turn .I advice you to read the history before you become like the two educated air force.weyane does not need reason to harm you only not being his tribe IS ENOUGH. MEKEREW MEKEREW EMBI SIL MEKERA YEMKEREW

  4. WOW, time spent to write this, could have been spent to help and invest in your people back home. I am proud to do so.
    I am helping my country and people by investing. You think aid and charity is the best way to help? nope,
    You think the current regimen has to go away before you start helping your people, Nope.
    You think all the people investing right now and own private business in Ethiopia are pro the current regime, wrong.
    You think the doctors group (EAGD) is a pro government institution, wrong again. to your surprise, the majority of the members (at individual level) might have a sentiment against the current regime, but the organization it self is not a political institution.
    Are you trying to stop us from helping our country and people in the name of politics?? Are u telling us not to invest, but do charity? are you telling us do what ever you want, but do not talk to government officials? I truly do not get your point.

    One of the Docs

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    yes you are investing on Tyrone, you are investing to enslave Ethiopian, you are investing for TPLF hodam to get reach. so really your Investing for 80 million Ethiopian to loss their ancestral land and to enslave young Ethiopian women to Arab. but don’t do it in the name of investment to Ethiopia.we are not folled by that big word and your doctreat digress you can shove that deep on your hodam ASS.

    Zerihun replies:

    One of the docs
    Are you trying to tell us you are helping the people by establishing referal hospital in the world’s poorest country? You can do whatever you want with your money to make more money, but do not try to play games with the public. Only brainless people do that. I hope you are not one of them.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    and just read what Yelma are a doctor it dos not need any explanation,ether you are for Ethiopia or your not.but don’t use the name of Ethiopia to do your evil..

  5. Yes, every body must know the Woyane drama for divide and rule over the Ethiopian people turning blind eyes.TPLF is not a responsible party to even for the Tigrian people but it deserves for theft,murder and detaine the majority Oromos and Amharas who constitute 80% of the ethiopian mass. They have made mass slaves while they represent 6% of the total populace of the Ethiopian people.The Army,the police and the National Security Service of Ethiopia fully occupied only by Tigreans who decended to loot ,kill and detain and arrest the 80% of the country’s mass.The plan is to kill and arrest including depriving farm land and other resources in order to make mass ethnic cleansing over the long term then the TPLF remain dominant over the mass for the coming centuries if the mass keep silent and forcfully until death cooperate with them for this devil plan devised by TPLF merderious policy.
    We wish Ethiopia to be free from TPLF domination and ethnic cleansing.

  6. Yilma,
    BS!!!!! Your bla bla is nothing but BS!
    I know for fact that Ato Girma Birru didn’t call the meeting but its the doctors initiatives!!! Even seeing thru ur mind, Ato Yilma, saving 1% of the population is still a commendable job and i make clear for every one that the physicians cause goes beyond the writers mind and pray to God to bless these physicians and ask the Physician as well not be DISTRACTED by the NAY sayers for everything good or bad thats done in Ethiopia.

    P.S. Common sense 101: Had the motive been to make money, they are making big bucks already and continue to make it here, therefore please everyone, gov. comes and gov. goes but try to see the big picture.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    you are so blind how could you see a big picture even if it files on your lap..?you mean common sense 1111 kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

    Abera replies:

    MD, You can call one of our beloved brothers what ever you like but that will never make you smarter and bigger than him. Because he has made up his mind. He is working for his country tirelessly. I don’t know him personally but I know what he is saying and I like it so much. It is a true Ethiopian voice. I can hear him loud and clear. As for you I don’t know what you are going to do once the dictators and their ambassadors are gone.The motive could be anything that is not the can eat your common sense for breakfast when you wake up from your nightmare. Just pay attention and listen to what people are saying. Do you work at the Ethiopian Embassy? Why are you so upset?

  7. Dear Yilma,

    Even though it is well said, I think there is really lack of communication even within our community in the diaspora. Our silence is not only in Ethiopia, it is here in the free land of opportunity, the West. Again as a non supporter of TPLF, I would like to say, I think we are discussing this out of emotion. We need to do our observation and continue to be investigative before we jump to conclusion. Indeed our problem has always been if we resent something then we pour the criticism. Even if it is true. I think we all have to learn how to be cautious. ER posted this information. I can speculate many things. I also know that we have been duped by TPLF several times. For instance everytime TPLF is throwing campaign, we just have to observe, what it the campaign for? Once the project starts in Ethiopia… we need to investigate for what ever happen to the result of the project. Yes, Yes, we can never expect anything positive from TPLF. However we need to still be careful that despite the obstruction of TPLF, if the project through the hard work of the diaspora Ethiopians if it has come to the fruition or not. Even we are falling thousand times, we need to attempt to get up 1001 times. So we should never give up to attempt development and empower our people. For instance, Weyane has been campaigning funding for the Nile dam, where are they now? Has Weyane started it? If not why not? We need to learn such educated approach. Despite our doubt and resentment of TPLF, there are times we need to evaluate before hand not for TPLF’s sake but for our people’s sake. I think there are times, TPLF is directly communicting with us the diaspora by throwing revenge on our people everytime we do something threatening in the diaspora. We havve to be cautious that is what I am saying.

    From drawing the conclusion of the doctors’ intention. before I go out and criticize, I will ask questions secretly, investigate by my own, why the interest, who is going to benefit, etc… Of course again there is never guarantee what will happen, we will know a year or two from now the intention of this hospital project. If we are lucky, we will find out the truth that is not tainted from someone because we know TPLF is never transparent and is very much disconnected from Ethiopians as a whole. That is why they are succeeding by not letting the beans spill every time. I know for sure, if the majority of doctors invited are from Tigray region, then this tells me it is something that benefits only TPLF and Tigray. I will say let it. If the project is going to benefit only the rich then ok let it. Because until there is change, there is nothing we can do anyways. We didn’t do anything about the land grab but complained only. What I am thinking is for long term. Dcitatorsh unknowingly build roads for their own benefit but eventually when they are gone, it becomes useful for the public, so I am thinking for the long term. However if it becomes news that these doctors are doing inhumane things in Ethiopia, then that is when we have to act.

    god save Ethiopia.

  8. My dear brother Yilma, thank you very much for all your efforts for making us proud of people like you who are dedicated to their country and people. You have pointed all what needs to be done for a country like ours called the poorest of all but the one who made us proud. I just want to say few things of my own.
    Human beings are used to living under laws and patterns that are dictated to us by society, but following those patterns does not make us good citizens. To be a good citizen first you have to be a good person. By that I mean that you have to be full of values, principles, ethics, etc. When joining all these aspects together you will find out that there is nothing else to be needed.
    When a person belongs to a particular country whether the country of his birth or the country that he has adopted due to a long stay, it is to be remembered that, the country has nurtured him.
    Every right that a human being enjoys in any sphere of life, there are his corresponding duties that go hand in hand with these rights. Thus, on the one hand are the rights of the citizen and the other side are his duties.
    The first duty of a good citizen is to understand his rights and enjoy them but, with wisdom and an analytical mind. He must be loyal to the country that gives him all that it has, to enjoy and grow.That fact is also true to the country of birth that did the same for him. It is impossible for any one born and raised in his country to give up everything he had experienced as a child.
    He must consider the country of his birth, as his own mother, for, just like the mother helps a child to grow, so does the country provide for him all that he needs to grow in every way, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    Then when a country gives so much, is it not its right to demand loyalty from the individual? How can the country ever expect or accept disloyalty from a man it helps live and grow.
    How can disloyalty to a mother be accepted? Such breach of faith and loyalty, to my mind should be considered as a grave offence. Besides, can we ever disown a mother? Thus a good citizen is one who is always found to be proud of belonging to his country – whether of birth or after living.
    I have said it before and I say it again.The doctors from Ethiopia, if you are interested of helping your people there are many other ways of doing it within your profession. Defend your sisters in the Arab countries, be their shields from abuse, mental breakdown and humiliation. Even your status in society as a doctor helps you to heard. There are so many charity organizations you can be part of to help people inside Ethiopia.

    Saba replies:

    MD’s not PhD’s

    melakamu replies:

    first of all Saba does not reply to Saba. So correct that. Second of all your comment does not make sense. What does MD’s not PhD’s mean ? There is no discussion in Saba’s comment regarding MD or PHD. Obviously she was talking about doctors of medicine(MD) i don’t know why you brought up phd.

  9. Correction – the doctors do not have PhD’s. Almost all of them have MD’s – Big Difference!

    Anonymous replies:

    Please try to see the Bigger Picture!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    A correction will only make the big picture BIGGER!

    Aklilu abebe replies:

    I looked up on the Internet and found out that A medical doctor may have a PhD, especially those that perform medical research, but most do not. having said that our friend Yilma is right, may be among the MD’s there might be some who have both academic credentials who went to the meeting.

    Lema replies:

    MD’s in the US are paid five times more than PHDs on the average across all professions.

  10. Dear Yilma,
    You wrote the right thing,I really appreciate you.Thank you.’Those who dosen’t struggle for their freedom slavery is not enough’who said this? I don’t remember.We should not expect somthing comes from the sky we should sacrify our self.

  11. “welad bederbab tehid” Thank you, thank you very much Ato Yilma for ariculating what I felt. I have been on the saddest time of my life, lost trust on my fellow Ethiopians who are not showing interest on what is happening back home,on
    the people who are going and coming ,on the so called investors, new farmers, the people who lost self worth ,forgot where they came from, the new milliners of Ethiopia who get out of their mansions to see mothers begging to feed her hungry children on her back and around crying for her to get them something to eat to no avail. Those people with new money try to tell us Ethiopia is prospoering with new buildings all over,the restaurants,the night life, Sheraten Addis woooow ….. Life goes on . We are all poor people don’t lie to yourself and your kids and stop helping the looters. By the people, that mother who is begging to feed her kid is equally Ethiopian like you, the monster Meles, the Killer Bereket, the looter Girma who was telling you to invest on Abay Bond. The day will come. God help the people of Ethiopia get out of the colonization mentality.

  12. Does it really matter if they have MD’s or PHD’s? To me it doesn’t really matter if they work @ 7/11 or gas stations or work as DRS or whatever.What matter is these guys chosed to sit down and meet TPLF gang member MR Biru.What kind of people sit down and meet with TPLF gang member? what do these guys want from TPLF? what do these guys want TPLF to do for them.what can TPLF can do for these guys inside Ethiopia? What does TPLF want from these guys.These guys went to meet with TPLF member Biru didn’t go to them.These guys have choices not to meet with Biru.These guys live here in U.S among us >i call it the paradise <Can these guys do so much good back home without involving TPLF gang members? What they said is true the more educated you are the greed you get they more you get the more you want.DRs to TPLF"You do something for me I do something for you".

    Anonymous replies:

    I dont understand the word you said. I guess that’s why it does matter that these guys are educated. On a different note, what paradise are you talking about? Please read it before you submit your comment. One more thing, “chosed” is not a word!

    Shola replies:

    You are just the stupidest person ever. Why do you even waste your time to write this two stupid comments? I was not going to say anything, but some people do not know they are morons until someone else tells them and you must be one of them.Who cares about spellings here? You need to see your family physician quick or one of those MDs Your brain needs fixings

    1111 replies:

    …next time bring you dedebit dictionary with did you speak English before you spoke English and understood English? if you can answer that you could have understood what Bilissuma was saying.

    Anonymous replies:

    I hope non-Ethiopians do not visit this site and conclude that English is allergic to Ethiopians. What a soup of nonsense collection of mis-spelled vocabularies.

    bebebe replies:

    don’t worry we will teach them Amharec we are not hear to pleas English speaker like you.we are hear to pleas Ethiopia.but if you want to volunteer to teach us i will be your 1st about that…

    Shola replies:

    WOW, look who we have been talking to all this time. Some one who hasn’t got confidence in himself. Why are you so insecure? Elias Kifle and his friends started Ethiopian Review site mainly for Ethiopians and he said it many times we own the site as his brothers and sisters. So who cares about if foreigners laugh at us or not? We will not be ashamed of trying to speak their language.We do not insult them when they try to speak Amharic or other Ethiopian languages. We are proud people. I don’t know about you. If you are ashamed of what you see here don’t even visit this site.Go to CNN, NBC, Or others.
    Here are some misspelled words not for you for the foreigners you are afraid not to see.

    Weyane, Woyane, Melese, Meles, anonymes,

    Are you happy now little boy?

  13. Thank you, Ato Yilma for the excellent article. This article is well reasoned and to the point. Obviously there are those for whom an article like this is an inconvenient truth. And these people would do anything to detract our attention from their dastardly deeds.

    These so called investors, willfully ignoring the truth and filling the pockets of the kleptomaniacs need to understand that the land is not their to give or sell. Like Yilma said, everything that you are buying from TPLF is a stolen good. The city lots, the swath of land that Jemal Ahmed boasts of investing in, these are properties that are stolen from real people in a broad day light and one day will revert back to them.

    Obviously the tragedy with the doctors is, we really expected them to know better than fall prey to a TPLF propaganda trap. Every time we are attending TPLF meetings, every time we are financing their dodgy schemes like the hidase dam, we are prolonging the agony our people back home, by giving the looters a semblance of legitimacy. We are null and voiding the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters, that are sitting in prison even as you read this, for speaking truth to a dictator.

    To those who say we need to sit down and talk to Woyanie, we have wasted 20 good years being fooled by these thugs. True Ethiopians would rather prick their eyes with pins than talk with these faceless idiots.



  14. Please, don’t compare people of undergraduate degree (MDs) with people of terminal degree (PhDs). After all, most physicians (MDs) are not emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence is rarely obtained through formal education.

    Anonymous replies:

    No. 17, I agree with you! (see No.10). The readers should know the difference!

    Anonymous replies:

    Medicine in the US is not undergraduate study, you need to have first degree before you to go to Medical School.Again after finishing Medical School you have to go through residency and fellowship program which can range from a minimum of three years to ten year.For a young man in the US who is from a rich family and affords to go in to medicine we are talking about 4 years undergrad, 6 years medical school and internship, 3-5 years residency, 2-4 years fellowship.

  15. Yilma,

    It is well written article. I have no doubt of your love and dedication to Ethiopia. I am afraid you are too serious in Ethiopian affairs that makes you at times emotional.

    It is premature to know what exactly happened in that meeting. Who called the meeting? Who did organize the meeting? Why some of physicians whom we know personally as ardent supporter of TPLF didn’t show up in the list?

    Please, don’t be judgmental before you get your facts straight.

    Anonymous replies:

    mr.not TRUTH
    can you writ that your self your full of it..” i am afraid you are too serious in Ethiopian affairs” he could not be any other ways than Bing series.i think you are mixing conviction for emotion.i think you have emotional problem.not Yilma.

  16. MILLION and million kinds of Views reflected here. However…which one are really true/helpful? which one will lead us to meet/satisfy our common goods? One can’t teach another how to use common sense if he/she already knew a common sense. One can’t teach another how/where/when to spend his/her money if he/she already knew it as well. BUT…. one can tell another if he/she is Wrong. With our diverse ideas…. let us separate the goods and bads AND try to merge to one direction in the END.

  17. Mr.One of the Doctors,do you really know well the word sentiment is?First impression matters;not only from the point of view of personality,body gesture,and style.Words matter too.If I may say so,I don’t have doubt in first and quick judgment on that you are quake doctor.You see,again,no doubt this regime of zinawi is suitable for those of you and those who attempt to keep the regime alive;yes,yes Zinawi’s regime is hooked on life support;obviously,it needs to attend and give attention to the near-dead system to help it go through the day.The true sons and daughters of Ethiopia will dismantle and build one and only one democratic system for all;then life will continue by its own energy and momentum.

    long live Ethiopia!

  18. Yale-N.U.S (National University of Singapore), which is in the news recently, is a full replica of Yale of New Haven, Connecticut. Yes, America has been franchising top schools, specially medical, to the likes of Singapore, Quatar and the rest of Middle East. The last medical school to open in the U.S was a school of pharmacy in Georgia back in the 1980’s. The U.S steals poor countries’ doctors and create an unnecessary class of rich doctors who abandon their own countries, and children of rich parents domestically, instead of keeping the margin of health care cost down. All the Ivy Leagues* listed below now have satellite colleges in Arabia which they call partenership. Africa, or other poor places where they are needed? Foreget it. Perphaps, the Meles regime had offers from one of the American institutions to set up a school in Addis, not Mekele, but he naturally would refuse. Doctors were once considered the people on your side like priests and the police. They are now a feared breed who might bankrupt you. The networks have Dr. Oz (Turkey), Dr. Gupta (India) (who by the way turned down the position of Surgeon General offered to him by Obama – not a patriot obviously), to showcase the new breeds of doctors the world to emulate.

    *The eight Ivy League institutions are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

    chernet replies:

    guys i don’t think our doctors doing zis. becouse they knew how our people suffuring under this government.

  19. You are too small to provide comments, suggestions or inputs for the wonderful and highly educated Ethiopian doctors. Sorry, you need to work hard to think like them. They had been studying hard medicine while you are doing plumbing and spending time to fabricate ruthless fictions.

    Ethiopian are extremely happy what is happening in the country. Please take a great care for yourself. No worries. Work hard for yourself. You cannot liberate a country without liberating your self.

    truth replies:


    What are u talking about?. What does ” highly educated” means to you?.

    A “highly educated” doctor may have no clue what a human suffering is. He/she read Human anatomy/physiology at his comfort home with one thing in mind- being rich or famous. On the other hand, a Tigray/ framer may have witnessed or endured misery inflicted upon him by other human being.

    Who do think is better educated on human misery, the farmer or the doctor?

    Truth~ replies:


    What are u talking about? What does “highly educated” means to you?

    A “highly educated” doctor may have no clue what a human suffering is. He/she read Human anatomy/physiology at his comfort home with one thing in mind- being rich or famous. On the other hand, a Tigray/ Gonder framer may have witnessed or endured misery inflicted upon him by other human being.

    Who do think is better educated on human misery, the farmer or the doctor?

    Truth~ replies:


    What are u talking about? What does “highly educated” means to you?

    A “highly educated” doctor may have no clue what a human suffering is. He/she read Human anatomy/physiology at his comfort home with one thing in mind- being rich or famous. On the other hand, a Tigray/ Gonder framer may have witnessed or endured misery inflicted upon him by other human being.

    Who do think better understands or educated on human misery, the farmer or the doctor?

  20. Ethiopian’s /our way of Conflict Resolution: irrational and ineffective

    I was discussing with a group of Ethiopian friends about the existence of conflict, effective resolution and its negative and positive outcomes. It was a heated discussion. All of the 1970 Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann
    Theory of conflict styles were explored from one corner to the other without giving attention to each other’s opinion: Competitiveness, Collaboration, Compromise, Accommodation and Avoidance. One of the participants stood up and raised his voice and said “we have been talking in vain for the last few hours how can we resolve rationally and effectively the national problem of split and destroy sickness?

    The man from the far corner angrily said “you are wasting time to understand the wish list of others it is better to take strong action to deter their goals”. The other said I agree, to get a respect “eye for eye”. The most vocal one stood up and said” it is ridiculous to assume people and problems are separate”. Everybody clapped to acknowledge the statement was fabulous. One of them furious with the groups attitude and said “listen first, talk second.” Young lady quietly stood up and said “it might be a good idea to collect facts and explore the solution with mutual respect.” Wow, from behind, here we go mother Teresa.

  21. @ yilma,
    Are you one of those who are hardheaded ” my way or no way” thinkers from the 70s politics? As an individual who lost family menbers by the ruthless Derg and Wayne, you would think I would be sympathetic/supportive to the cause you claim. It is people like you who are evil, distorting the reality that creats a smooth environment for the dictators like meles and mengistu. U guys divide, demonize, and manipulate us worse than the people that u profess yourself as fighting with, from the comfort of your bed. Learn how to disagree before labeling those inocent people as “those guys”. I don’t think this country will get anywhere until those like you, residuals from the failed old ideology of the 70s and 80s leave the young and progressive alone. Ethiopiawinet kenanite beker lasar. People like you from diaspora, Meles and his group from with in are the one bleeding the country. Interestingly, some of you are not even good enough to lead your own life let alone a country. But u r quick to diminish those who achieved at least something and willing to help. Do you know any of these doctors in person? I know some of the. And those I know are good citizen like you are with out hidden agenda. Do not bark and bite every citizen that does not agree your way with your poisoned ink like a rabied dog. For those doctors, saving one poor person life is much more satisfying than anything else. Hope you will direct your attack to the politician not to those who genuinely wants to help.

    yilma replies:

    Ato Me,
    Where did I ever say ‘my way or no way’ isn’t that what I am fighting against,I am sorry about your loss during Derg and TPLF, there is no family that is not affected by the two regimes. You called me the devil because I am working hard to put a stop to that kind of abuse so our next experience will be pleasant for our children. You accuse me of creating the environment to bring such dictators whereas I am trying to expose what the regime is doing for all to see. There is no free press in Ethiopia for people to express their ideas and air their opinions. I use the free press we got here to give my opinion. You are free to give your opinion as long as it is rational and fact based. Calling fellow Ethiopian names is not considered rational nor wise because I spoke my mind. I am perfectly happy with my life and I don’t remember asking you for help. I never diminished the achievement of the doctors I just did not agree with their attempt to side with the dictator and his gang against my country. I do not agree the diaspora is as bad as you make us to be, and I am sure the vast majority of your friends and associates are Ethiopians, we are good people. If you knew any of these doctors in person you should have written the rational for their actions and enlightened us on the subject.For your information I do not ‘direct my attack’ at no one I just give my opinion and you are free to agree or disagree. Name calling is very rude and not adult like. May I suggest anger management course so you can be able to disagree with out being rude. I would like to thank you for reading my article. I am very concerned if I left such a bad impression on you. I am seriously going to try harder to write in such a way that my message comes thru a little clearer. I will continue to expose the wrong doings of anybody that will negatively affect my people. Those in Ethiopia are not free to articulate their concerns because of the TPLF regime. The doctors and a few individuals support to the regime adds to the misery of our people. I am not going to keep silent because some refuse to see or pretend not to hear. Don’t be afraid it is a free country and you can write your name and stand behind what you said otherwise the action is considered that of a coward. Happy Easter.

    Anonymous replies:

    I am glad my ill selected words caught your attention. My apology for calling you names.I am tired of hearing people attacking our God given freedom just because they can write. If you are indeed fighting for democracy and freedom, why/who are you to ask those individuals what to do with their hard earned money? Is it not part of the blessing in a free society? What is the point of posting all those guys name? leave me your contact and I am happy to tell you who i am if that is what matters for you. Or, If Elias updates the list, you will find it there in few weeks ( if I find the group’s plan helps even one poor fellow Ethiopian back home ). For your information, your and Elias’s attack on those individuals did encourage others to join the group ( at least grew close to 100)

    Anonymous replies:

    I am glad my ill selected words caught your attention. My apology for calling you names.I am tired of hearing people attacking our God given freedom just because they can write. If you are indeed fighting for democracy and freedom, why/who are you to ask those individuals what to do with their hard earned money? Is it not part of the blessing in a free society? What is the point of posting all those guys name? leave me your contact and I am happy to tell you who i am if that is what matters for you. Or, If Elias updates the list, you will find it there in few weeks ( if I find the group’s plan helps even one poor fellow Ethiopian back home ). For your information, your and Elias’s attack on those individuals did encourage others to join the group ( at least grew close to 100). Thanks for suggesting the anger management class. Just want to mention one last point, can you read your reply above again and see how many times you contradicted yourself? You tried to be gentelman and did not last longer than finishing a phrase before you revert back to your true peronality.

    Aster replies:

    Thanks.Well said.

  22. I am really really saddened to read this article and the different responses
    I used to think that Ethiopia is poor because of bad governance and dictators,I was tired to Mengistu,then Meles regime
    But i now realized that it is not the the only problem,the root cause is all the people themselves
    Look at the guy who is portraying himself as a patriot trying to denigrate the deeds of the physicians.Who the hell are you first of all? What exactly did you do to your people other than talk and write your blind hatred?
    Seriously,How are we going to come to reconciliation? tolerance,peaceful struggle
    not everybody has to be politicians,W
    We are doctors and business people,We don’t know when and how the system is changed.But we need to do something tangible there.We have the right and capacity to invest anywhere in the world.but we feel more comfortable to do it in our motherland.No one can take that right from us.
    and we all have our own opinion,we know there are a lot of mistakes done by the government but some of us still believe that we have to be closer to our people to be successful in the struggle to a better tomorrow
    Let me tell you something
    KE AGERU YEWETA BEMINIM WAGA YELEWIM(IF you are out of your country you are useless in any kind of struggle)
    I have never thought that Ethiopian review will be helping the woyanne regime this much.
    I was expecting a very matured and better alternative ideology and discussion from the so called “opposition” wings but seeing this type of trash argument and childish blind hatred i came to conclusion that a lot of moderate independent like me who are looking for the better side are inclined to the ruling party.
    Please try to see into yourself
    Ask what you did for your country other than talking and spreading hatred among the people

    Alem replies:

    I am so tired of listening to the same old play list.

    I am planing to buy a house in Ethiopia – You must be supporting the government

    I am planing to invest – Are you from Tigray?

    We have a second soccer federation – They are pro-government

    Doctors want to open a referal hospital – They are pro government

    What is wrong with you people?

  23. No. 22. You said it well, “highly educated doing hard medicine”. You see this is the problem. I can tell you dozens of them with naked thinking. Let us not indulge into something else and divert our discussion. The issue is; what is the sign of being educated? Doing hard science? Absolutely not! You are educated when you also live for others. Hodaminetin, sigibgibinetin indihum rasi wedadinetin mekenesi mechalina le lelawum, biyansi tinish menori malet new educated malet. Otherwise, it is mere passing through a University. By the way, joining a University is not a guarantee for to be educated.

  24. this is realy sad. no wonder why many ethiopians stay away from politics. ato yilma lets say you or your child ill, would you tell your child to wait until weyane is over-turned and there is “democracy” to get medical help????you say its only for 1%, well lets participate and make it for 10% 20% 40% how about that? by the way what makes you think all the doctors are “driven from ethiopia”, do you even know them, what if some of them left to the US on their own, because they got the opportunity like many others????you people have all the signs of mengistu h/mariam…
    this is what you said
    “Tell me who buys stolen plots of land? Who flies Ethiopian Airlines? Who party’s in Addis among the starving? Who invests in hotels and brothels from Mekele to Moyale? “….
    wow you basically condemned all ethiopians for not living up to yours “ene kemotku serdo aybqel” principle.according to you life in ethiopia should stop at where it was in 1992.

  25. We need the likes of Doctors San Frontiers (without boarders) and not the likes of hoodwinked cadres of certified criminal woyane. Please for the moment woyane cheer leaders get the… of this website and let’s reason out with the Doctors trying to build a refferal hospital under the auspices of the woyane cadre Ato Girma.
    Please re-read what the honorable Yilma wrote in the first place to refresh your sense.
    A lot has been said and can be said in this forum – thanks to the honorable Elias Kifle who provided it. Even Aiga forum cadres and scum bags are freely foaming here.Thank Elias again.
    One small request for these Doctors to make::
    Please Please make adamant request before laying any foundation in your enterprising hospital there will be a Burn Department Center or Wing.
    Insist that the Burn Center should be named after YENESEW GEBRE.
    I rest my case:: Arat Netib ::

  26. U doctors, u tried use your ink to paint your crime by fictitious words, and some time grinding your illusion as if you were an intellectual for people through your bleeding pen, WHICH IS EQUIVALENT TO throughing a bomb on the people of Ethiopia. I do not blame those of you who are ties with Woyane and benefited from the regime corruptedly. If so, you are not only partners of Woyane, but also you are accountable for the destruction of Ethiopia and the gross massacre of the people of Ethiopia when that bright times comes through our struggle.

    Those of you who are not in the partnership of Woyane, is it the proper way to copporate even participate in the meeting which was arranged by fascist regime who is anti Ethiopia and Ethiopianism? At this time around 90% of the people of Ethiopia is against Woyane regime WHO STEAL THE VOTE OF THE PEOPLE IN ELECTION 2005 AND STAYED IN POWER BY FORCE, etc

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