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Dallas, Texas Ethiopian Review town hall meeting – January 15

Ethiopian Review will launch a North America tour in January 2012 and its first stop will be Dallas, Texas. Editor-in-Chief Elias Kifle and Board member Meseret Agonafer and I will hold discussion with patriotic Ethiopians in Dallas on Sunday, January 15, 2012. The discussion will focus on: 1) Building the capacity of Ethiopian Review and other media that are instrumental in bringing change in Ethiopia; 2) Forging partnerships with groups who have similar goals, and 3) Intensifying the civil resistance against the Woyanne brutal dictatorship by deploying tactics such as economic and social boycott. To participate in the discussion, please contact us at [email protected]

70 thoughts on “Dallas, Texas Ethiopian Review town hall meeting – January 15

  1. Elias please don’t forget to collect money for Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Thank you in advance.

    Ethiopian replies:

    Comment no 1, I never knew woyannes got some sense of humor too, i thought you guys only got sense of hostile animal instinct. Anyways, if you ‘re talking about collecting money for some renaissance bullshit, the only renaissance program Elias would have in mind is Ethiopian Renaissance minus woyanne armadillos

    Waka replies:

    Woyanne air force you are burning inside out with fear when ever Elias comes out in action and your crime minister is running to the rest room of minilik palace to make it dirty and some times loose his concious on the floor and here his ferfari lekami from looted Ethiopian resources and very primitive tries to make humor that you can in no way as you are only born for lies and deception and the time of hunting your types is not far if Ethiopians join Eliases 2012 transformation plan (real one) not woyanne like child play like we have witnessed in the last 20 years on our capital and beyond in dedebit jungle from its former commrades the real Ethiopian G/medhin and asgedom

    hey replies:

    hey you must be either woyane loyalist or one of those losers out there.We will ruthlessly identify,pursue and hunt you down like mad dogs.There will be no Mr in betweens. Ethiopians are in a position where they will be forced to take a stand these days.Either you demonstrate loyality to that country by words,deeds and action,or be branded a traitor to it.If you choose the latter,you will get your desert for foul treachery that is DEATH BY HANGING.Thanx.

    Anonymous replies:

    Woyanes only think money 24/7, even at the cost of human life.

  2. Elias it will be an honor to meet you. Welcome to Dallas

    nahome replies:

    we will come and see what you need but tell as the place and we will arrange same good thing you now what i mean OK good luck

    Anonymous replies:

    If I were Elias, I would take what this shameful Nahome said as a threat …

    Meaza Beyene replies:

    You are not welcome to Dallas, Please don’t try,

    Anonymous replies:

    Mozaza Beyene,
    Ante maferia lezzabis aferyasbelhae, Dallas doesn’t belong to that Hannibal Meles.

    Nini replies:

    Elias, we love you here in Dallas.

  3. The campaign to organize the people should go ahead. With more info technology, it is gonna be much easier to kick out weyanne if we are ready enough. The most important thing at this stage is to keep the message flying to the Ethiopian people. That information campaign (with well-articulated political goals) leads to a unified demand from the people. With such a unified approach, it is will be possible to get rid of this tyrant. We should be able to reach each person in each village in Ethiopia and tell him/her what should be our political goal. Keep up the hard work and we are on board too!

  4. Elias sorry u got bankrupt after you were hammered by Alamoudi ..any way i will be there to help you out of your financial crisis

    weyGud replies:

    Some cadres give us a drop out visit to remind us that Elias is bunkrupt. Elias needs only to keep his conviction in tact, in order to maintain the good work that he is doing now. However in the weyane metallity, money is at the center of everything and anything.

    Dear cadres, if you want to talk about looting here, you are on the wrong place, cordially invited to log in to AIGA FORUM instead.

  5. Our mission is to establish a democratic Ethiopia;we need to have unity and synargy among ourselves;then,we will use the energy we built to attain our objectives towards achieving our goals.At the same time we have to continuously examine our weakneses and strengthes and measure them against the weaknesses and the strenghtes of the enemy.We have to focus on meeting our goals while we are weakening the enemy,and at same time continue building our strength.This has to be done again and again until we have more and more strengthes built that eventuallly weakenes the enemy and crush it to its complete defeat.

    1.The enemy is a cost on us and on our country.
    2.The enemy is a waste on us and on our country.
    3.The enemy is a treat to all us and to the security of our country.
    4.The enemy doesn’t represent our people and our country.

    We have to eliminate the waste.Remember,waste costs us;for instance,stealing 11.5 billions of dollars from the people and the country is a waste resources.When we defeat the enemy,we will be able to use resources effectively and efficiently to meeting our objectives,(quality education,health care,and etc.)

    What keeps the enemy going? If the enemy keeps us weaken,it will continue suppressing and oppressing all of us,and will continue to wste resources and lives.We hav to dry up the economic sources of the enemy;the enemy has multiple sources of incomes.Remittances,selling bonds,selling imported goods,selling manufactured products,and selling services.We don’t buy goods and severvices from the enemy.We must identify the goods and services that the enemy is selling to us;once,that is done,we have to stop buying them,and informing others to do the same thing,so that all us will be aiming at multiple targates to achieve our goals of weakening the enemy.This cycle of doing and acting must continue until the waste is completely removed.

    Helmi replies:


    Ican not say it any better God bless

  6. hey pseudo jounalist, I am sure you are going to dallas to ask those poor ethiopians for handout since you are jobless. What else could be the reason. Would you like to visit JFK’s place of death. It’s a tourist attraction in downtown dallas.

    weyGud replies:

    Weyanes are serving as a mercenaries for the west in so far. Recently though, they have found another way of pleasing their masters in London. I heard there was a gay conference in our beloved and otherwise morally upright city.

    Mr Rule of Law, isn’t it better to ask for alms than to be rich through such evil ways?

    Wagadougou replies:

    Rul of law (Rule of jungle or dedebit)

    20 years begging as that is your tradition and 20 years looting seems to blow your head and cactus filled belly turned to kitfo changes your behavier from bad to worse and tries to tell Elias about his journalistic knowledge and Ethiopians whom you loot day in day out put as poor that only shows and proved the saying that your likes if they are bekkyful only thinks about a drum (kebero) for ember ember

  7. Hi Elias,
    I do not live in Dallas, Texas, but if you come to my State I may take you to the police station for questioning. If necessary you may spend jail time therefore, better you stay in your place.

    Do not move.
    Do not travel.
    Stay in your place.


    Anonymous replies:

    You’ve spelled your name wrong, it should be spelled the same as the cancer causing agent DDT. I doubt it, but if you can sit and think for a few minutes, ask yourself why you hate an Ethiopian like Elias, that never loot, torture and kill a single human being, speak for the voiceless Ethiopians, and at the same breath you support a heartless illegitimate self appointed leader who is responsible for incarcerating, torturing and killing tens of thousands of Ethiopians, robbing 85 million Ethiopians, chasing Ethiopians from their land and has sold and given their land to foreign billionaires…? DDT, do your soul a favor, stop following SATAN!

    joro replies:


  8. EET why do you want Elias to be taken in by the police he is not responsible for your loose Ends?loose mouth and loose End.Ethiopian Enemy Termite will be checked by the Orks man.

  9. When people show so much hate towards Elias and staunchly support dictator like Meles, I often wonder, why these people admire and support evil dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mubarak, Gaddafi, Melese and others like them that have caused so much harm, unspeakable cruelty on innocent people and robbed the citizens of their countries? Could it be that the supporters of these evil men, suffer from lack of conscience, insights, commonsense, reasoning or simply these people have the same kinds of cruel mentality a coldblooded heart that is unable to love and have compassion for others as their inhumane evil masters?

  10. I will have you arrested for inciting violence in Ethiopia if you set a foot in Toronto.

    Anonymous replies:

    Dedeb gujile woyanne

    dag replies:

    Really? are you guys try to scare people here in the west too?? if u love your master this much, then i guess u are here because you hate Ethiopia or you hate double digit growth

  11. Wait a minute…Since when has Toronto fallen under the control of the blood-sucking-wayane-alulas led by Meles Zenawi? The good thing is that all Elias needs to do is go to Toronto not leaving one of his feet behind.

  12. EET, where are you living? I guess you are not in the US . If you were,you would know the difference between American police and woyane breed animals(the federal police ). I know that you either don’t have mind or left it at dedebit,but “what do you feel if somebody kills your mother or sister on the street without a reason?” sorry ! I forgot with whom i am talking with. Anyhow ,did you watch EAST’S interview with Atom gebremefhin? See it you will know how coward your master is. I can witnesses that myself.During the the 2005 election he ran to Debrezeit when the riot started. If something stronger starts in Adds,he will die shitting on his pants.

  13. Alula ,how are you? Where have you been ? I never heard from you after your heroic demolition of the dedebit music birgade . Surprise ! How did you get to Canada ? We were all afraid that they have caught you. Your next mission is Bereket simone . Gin sitayew ,yehabtam wusha aymeslim ? Ber lay tegnito yemitebik Aymeslim? sikolamrt degmo …..bere …

    Waka replies:

    Icould not stop laughing kkkkkkkkkkkk Allula an inspiring bird we will build a statue after we get rid of the shifta gang

  14. Sorry Elias , I forgot something. Woyanes sense of humor alachw lalkew mejemeriya lay, may kehager kewotah silekoyeh kalhone besteker ,arada honewal eko. Maksika yagnikalu,yeketema set lemetbes yimokiralu ,metete bet…”double”…minamin eyalu hulu yazalu Alula eko ..hotel yizew eko firashun meret awuridew new yemitejmut …telat endayayachew..

  15. The ehnical fascist TPLF leader Meles Zenawi fears Ethiopians like ato Elias Kifle because they are determined and devoted. The end of ethnical fascism is the goal of all country and peace loving Ethiopians. The Tigrayans and Hodams from the other parts of Ethiopia serving the fascist and racist Meles Zenawi are not better than dogs who bark at the true Ethiopians like ato Elias Kifle. The anti-Amhara teachings of Meles Zenawi have been effective in mobilizing and rallying the people of Tigray. The grand and inclusive vision based on Ethiopiawinet is more appealing and can defeat the racist and fascist rule of the Tigrayan ethnic warlord Meles Zenawi.

  16. Hi,elias,when are you comming to seattle? We can’t wait to see you brother.we love you.we have fight weyanes until death.

    Elias replies:

    Yonas, it’s not decided yet. But it will be some time in mid-April.

  17. Ethiopian Federal Police a bunch of idiots, who are paid to carry AK40, intimidate the population and would shoot at anyone who is educated enough to know weyane is distroying ETH.

  18. to bandas reply:DDT,Alule all of are hodam and ass of shembash zenwai aserse( meles banda).
    And bravo elias will waite you in Dallas!!!
    ethiopiaw tigrai
    God bless ethiopia and down bandas( meles-DDT-Aulule!!!

    Samuel replies:


    I am an Ethiopian with a tegrwi blood flows in side ,and fight against shumbash asres (an Italian banda and traitor)grand son born from a father who had the same function like his father and now the son following the foot step of his ancestors does in no way represent the Tegreans whom he has slaughtered for his political agenda ,one thing that we should know for other part of Ethiopians is tegray is in an iron fist administration with the guys who are serving the tyrant for their own survival,and on the other side dont hesitate the brave tegreans who are fighting day in day out because of their love to their mother land Ethiopia.

  19. MORE power to you elias,but i have one question,when is the revolution going to start man.I am tiered of all this meeting, collection and all the hoopla..20 years of talking while ETHIOPIA has completely changed for the better, so you have now 20 or more years to figure out what you want.YOU had your chance in 2005 and you all screwed it and now you need to deal with reality period.

  20. Elias,

    You are the most confused ye menze amhara (Numero Uno Neftegna). I watched a portion of your interview on ESAT. You said PIA agreed to be Ethiopia’s president but Meles refused. The is the most childish statement I ever heard. PIA is repulsed by anything Ethiopian, he abhors the Amharic language and Ethiopian convoluted political system a necessiates very talented politican like Meles Zenawi.


    abyssiniangirl4life replies:

    You say Menze Amhara like it is some kind of insult. Amharas can walk with their heads held high unlike you and your banda and ye-Italy askari ancestors. Meles a talented politician? HAHAHAHAHA! The only thing Melese is good at is shitting in his pants and hiding like the coward he is every time there is a problem, both during TPLF’s terrorism days (watch the interviews by his former comrades) and recently, 2005, when he hid behind the agazis (animals like their name indicates). The only positive outcome of the melese experiment I see here is that he has made Tigrians the most hated group in the whole region (not just Ethiopia BTW). They deserve this and much more for nurturing and unleashing such a monster on the rest of us. What is it they say about payback?…

    PS: Who the hell cares what Isayas has to say? He has got a shit load of problems to last him several lifetimes. I know you a*%&#@s worship him. Remember that is an agame syndrome…not Ethiopian.

  21. How about southern california? There are enough of us out here in San Diego county.Is Ethiopian review considering to show up here too? Thank u.

    Elias replies:

    We will be there if we find individuals who can help us organize the event.

  22. Elias I can not wait to see you. I am your fan. I just want to let you know Dallas has astong woyness supporters. Like capiat Abby. Tekula so on. our church, our ethiopian community are destroyed. It is good to have you.

    Samuel replies:

    Rather than waiting for Elias you have to destroy woyannes from the church and your community dont be afraid there is no agazi dog in dallas.

  23. Positive Change Coming from Elias? That would be interesting to hear. May be you’ve changed a bit and started thinking about positive things for Ethiopia. I hope you are not referring to cutting Elecrtic power lines as a positive change.

    Good luck.

    weyGud replies:

    You putrid flesh weyane cadre get out of here.

    Anything against weyane is positive by default. your rotting brain doesn’t know the right from the wrong, so don’t talk, just listen.

  24. I cannot wait to hear how the meeting went. Elias I wish you and Meseret all the best. You are an incredible brave, intelligent, wise and courageous man and a true son of Ethiopia that cares for his fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters who are being muzzled and abused by the illegitimate, unruly woyane regime. My family and I are very proud of you. God Bless!

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