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North Korea’s mad dictator Kim Jong Il died

(VOA) — North Korea’s official news agency reported Monday that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il has died at the age of 69.

Kim Jong IlThe Korean Central News Agency said the {www:reclusive} dictator died Saturday of a heart attack while on a train for one of his “field guidance” tours. The agency attributed his death to “physical and mental over-work.”

KCNA said his funeral will be held on December 28 in Pyongyang. A period of national mourning was declared from December 17 to 29.

Kim Jong Il came to power after his father, North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung, died in 1994. Reliable biographical information about Mr. Kim is scarce. He rarely appeared in public and his voice was seldom broadcast.

He may be best remembered for defying the international community and boosting North Korea’s nuclear program, while millions of his countrymen and women were starving.

Late last year, Mr. Kim promoted his youngest son Kim Jong Un to the rank of four-star general, in what was seen as a bid to extend the world’s only communist family dynasty to a third generation.

The KCNA on Monday urged people to follow Kim Jong Un, who is believed to be around 28 years old.

6 thoughts on “North Korea’s mad dictator Kim Jong Il died

  1. Thank God, now the world is one less evil.

    elisabeth dakak replies:

    I do not uderstand why the Koreans would cry over the death of a dictator. Of course, they now they will have another one since they did not rebel against the previous dictator, but did Germany cry over the death of Hitler? Did the world cry over the death of the fascist Mussolini? Will we cry over the death of the ruthless dictator of Iran? Are we so stupid?

  2. It is not bad news at all. I hope North Korean people enjoy this great opportunity & stand up for their rights & freedom.Since 1991 over 80 millions Ethipian people is expecting to hear such overwhelming joyful news where fascist dictator Meles Zenawi face similar fate like Gaddaffi or Kim Jong II or Saddam Hussein. Enough dictaroship!!! Enough Meles!!! Enough Tplf!!! God Bless ETHIOPIA!!!

  3. Is it ok to compare the people north of the 28th Parallel, better known as North Korea, to Ethiopia?
    Both countries have non-existent freedom, rights or democracy of any kind, except, thanks (or no thanks) to ABC Nightline’s Ted Koppel who had Mesfin Seyoum promised on the nightly show, 20 years ago, to permit Ethiopians to travel as they please thus the term Mengedun Cherq Yadergelachew undeservingly associated with Woeyane style. The North Koreans do not witness some 35 countries come into their country and devour their heritage alive. The North Koreans do not feel like occupiers and outsiders misrule them or plunder them or sell them with no resistance or opposition of any kind – the North Koreans do not feel like sheep being helplessly slaughtered. Both Ethiopia and North Korea are starving despite Nuclear Power in Korea’s case or the perpetual economic development lies of Ethiopia. Both regimes are hardcore communists at heart. Both satisfy the definition of evil regime. If Woeyane had their way, they would upgrade themselves to North Korea’s level in which case not only power would be transfered to the next generation within family if they could, but an exclusive one tribe domination as well. It is true that all countries pose unique scenario and Ethiopia’s is not different in that it faces dangerous enemies other than Woeyane, nonetheless, Ethiopia still out-evil North Korea. And yes Meles would have aquired Nuclear weapon if he could and yes the comparasion of the two countries is fair.

  4. Hi everyone, I am an american habesha. I left ethiopia at a young age and only know ethiopian politics to the extent of my father / uncle’s political opinions. everyone i know doesn’t like Tplf, so i am wondering how do they keep getting elected? and who is in favor of them???

    keep in mind i dont mean to make this a political debate, i just want some other people’s perspectives other than my family.

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