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3 thoughts on “CNN on terrorism accusations against Ethiopian journalists

  1. Abiy is one of the brave journalists fighting for democracy,rule of law and basic human rights. The Zenawi regime falsely accused Abiy and other journalists because they exposed what the Ethiopian government is doing to its people.

  2. The west must understand that Ethiopians are dealing with animals in day in and day out. A group which calls itself TPLF is nothing other than a mercenary organization that perfected the trade of murdering and killing people in a jungle called Dedebit. Their leader, Crime Minister, Meles Setanawi, does not understand the meaning of terrorism. As the wikileaks cable reaveled, the worst terrorist organization in the horn of Africa net to Allshabab is TPLF. Therefore, the US and the West must stop aiding and abating the mercenary group that knows nothing other than killing and looting. Ethiopians have suffered a lot for the last twenty-plus years under these savages. It is time to support democratic forces in Ethiopia to bring about a legitimate government that protects the interest of the people. TPLF was a terrorist organization from its inception, and the world will be a better place without the mercenary group.

  3. There is unrest in Zinawi’s mind and regime.The fear of being overcome by the power of people,the worry that keeps Zinawi awaken with a knocking headache,the inability to listen to the people,and just listening to only his talk,the complete detachment from the reality and the truth,and the fact that his being a dictator,all and otheres added to the layes,cause Zinawi to act irrationally.

    Ethiopians will definitely retaliate Zinawi with justice and victory.

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