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8 thoughts on “Portrait of a sellout (video)

  1. Yeah ! this guy must be exposed and sent to jail.It is new world order now.Guys like solomon can not live in comfort with the money they ripped off from poor country like ours.

    One way or the other,authorities will get him and I think evidence against him concerning his corruption is strong but one of us has to tip him off and the sad thing is that woyane didn’t take him seriously and that they messed him up.

    According some credible sources….,Woyane got him (Solomon)well drunk …and took his pant off and they brought a gay person to have sexual intercourse with him….and this action was video taped by woyanes themselves….and that way they can control and blackmail him with this evidence and he has no choice but keep his mouth shut. He said nothing against woyane after his return from a trip to Ethiopia some three years ago. Any one noticed that? Because if he does, they (woyane)will make this record public.That is probably why he sang a song praising Ginbot 20 and even more about Meles.It is unbelieveable he turned out to be a disgrace.

  2. Thugs like Solomon Tengaraw who speak on both sides of their mouths should never be trusted. This idiot has sold his soul to the mighty dollar and the devil. What a disgrace!

  3. Check

    He paid off the house he purchased under his wife in 2005 because his credit score was 504 and no one could let him borrow. The house was purchased for just a little over 190k but right now it is under water (as Ferenji says)$$$115k. It is paid off thanks to the money stolen from the poor by his lord Al-amoudi. BUT REMEMBER JUSTICE IS NEAR. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE. EVERYONE WILL PAY THE PRICE.

  4. Solomon is a prime example of those who live life in the two worlds. He has no any chance again to switch side therefore he must be content where he is now. His Banda Boss who was fathered by a Banda and Yeselato Enkulale amelalashi father, according to Tamagen have no problem accepting him when he decided to switch side.Melese can understand his own family as well as extended families have lived in their entire life in the midst of Arbengiouch hearing and listening disparaging statements about their servitude to the Italian occupiers.

    At this time we know what to expect from Selomon; he must, by necessity, live by scratching the back of Melese. What we really need to be concerned now is some in the midst of us who come up with diversionary messages and unsubstantiated rumors as in the likes of Mr.Tolla. We need to be aware and even suspect if they are playing divisive politics or if they have a double life.

  5. Hey folks We need to hand him over to the FBI now and not only him but also others like him hiding some where in spider hole.I bet there are so many Woyane loyalists out there are freaking out both in and outside Ethiopia.May be busy by now trying to launder millions and billions.We ought to be on the hunt to identify their names and their where abouts like Solomon…that way we can easliy tip the authorities off when it is time and I believe time is up for Solomon.He should have been behind bars by now. I bet there are 100’s of them out there if not 1000’s living like rats some where out there.It is just a matter of time.We will find you and they will hand cuff you and read your rights.

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