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News about plan to further devalue birr causes anxiety

The Woyanne junta in Ethiopia has secretly printed over 50 billion birr in preparation for further {www:devaluation} of the Ethiopian currency, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit’s sources. News of the planned devaluation started to leak this weak, causing anxiety in the business community. Businessmen who have access to this information are now busy converting their money into hard currency.

Last year in September birr lost 16 percent of its value after devaluation. Since then {www:inflation} rate climbed to over 35 percent.

The expected devaluation of birr will be a double blow to people who have investments in Ethiopia. A few days ago the regime announced a new decree that will assert government ownership of land, significantly diminishing, in some cases completely wiping out, the value of real estate properties in Ethiopia.

10 thoughts on “News about plan to further devalue birr causes anxiety

  1. The infilation in Ethiopia now is more than 35%, and this further devaluation will rocket up the inflation to more than 60%. If this happens, I don’t think the Meles regime will survive.

  2. This will accelerate the collapse of the Nazi Woyane regime. The ethiopian and eritrean people are divided and are suffering from the evil Woyane and Shabia [little Woyane] regimes. These two regimes have the same [one] root so that they will colapse at the same time.

    funny replies:

    you are so funny yohannes. u are not following the news as i read your comment. Eritrean’s are the fastest growing economy in the world. believe or not. get over it….i am sorry about weyani but we Eritrean are doing good. thanks to the government and the Eritrean people.

  3. Hi Eliase I was wondering why you are not posting this information about the new report that is out about Ethiopia at the bottom of the world prosperity index, cause it shows clearly how the minority woyane click is talking about development in the one hand while destroying the country. plus it goes hand in hand with the story here you have put as far as devaluation of the currency. Am sure you have read the report if not you can find the link for it in thanks please post it so we can discuses the report.
    Best regards.
    Ye kerib Tazabiew

  4. you guys stop your day dreaming! Woyanes never never collapse for this. They got the virus (developed immunity)not to collapse. They never collapse rather they will eliminate their enemies systematically by making the currency valueless!!!

  5. መለስ ሌባው ከዶላር ጋር ያለንን ልዩነት አራግፈናል አላሉም ነበር እንዴ? ለነገሩ ራሳቸው መራገፊያቸው ደርሱዋል

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