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OBEDIENCE to Tyrants due to indifference

Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Many people obey simply because the cost of not doing so seems at that moment to be more trouble than it is worth. Some also declare that they have no more interest in or association with politics. Nonviolent movements need to find ways to show the public that indifference actually contributes to their oppression and the erosion of individual liberties… [Read more. Also watch video here.]

One thought on “OBEDIENCE to Tyrants due to indifference

  1. This is infact at the heart of the Ethiopian problem. The people have been terrorized for so long, they have become apathetic. As a result there is a real misunderstanding of their situation and even when they understand it, they tend to leave it up to God to sort it out. Most people have no idea what TPLF has in store for them.

    Sensitizing the people to the “issues” through provocation is one way to turn them from apathy to sympathy.

    Making most “issues” of a sensitive type can be tiresome and unproductive but choosing issues where the people can be victorious and develop some sense of confidence, requires careful selection and a lot of political savvy. That is where leadership is important.

    Another way to do it is to be leaders by example and showing involvement and courage that inspires.

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